Story takes place between 1993-Present

Two girls are bound together by friendship, each keeping a secret.

Missie Ellington comes from a well to do life, her father a huge music producer. Her mother died when she was only six, and her father never talks about it. When she is just 15, they move to Boston Massachusetts, were Jim Ellington takes over a floundering band.




April 15th, 2013 was a day the city of Boston stopped, but for two lives, it is a moment that will change their lives forever.


The Moment you Leave Me


The sound of the crowd hit her as she stood on the platfrom that was right under the stage. Her assistant was clipping the microphone to the back of her short mini skirt. She let out a breath of dread. She was getting burnt out on this pop crap, feeling as if she sold herself out. The job was thankless, the hours were long and it was costing her a relationship.

“You look nervous.” Margert, the current assistant to Tori Heart. Known for her bitchy behavior, she had trouble keeping help around her. She smiled at Tori as she adjusted the top.

She was dressed in a black corset top, leather mini skirt and stiletto knee high boots. Her blonde hair was left long, a few braid throughout. Her eyes were heavily lined and dressed in black eye shadow. A black leather choker completed the outfit.

“Got my flask?”

Margert frowned and handed Tori a sliver flask with a diamond cross on the front. “I don’t know why you insist on this.”

Tori Heart was the member of the hot girl group, Atomic Kitten. They had been together for four years and their popularity soared. Tonight’s show was at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas and it was sold out. Tori was the more adventurous one of the two girl group. She was considered a wild child. Never afraid to express herself or speak her mind. Guys loved her. Wanted to be with her. But only a select few were allowed. She was very picky of the men she chose.

She put the flask to her lips, the steel cold on her red stained lips. The whiskey went down and she grimaced.

“Ten seconds!” George the techie yelled at them.

Echos From the Past


When Dean Winchester recieves a call from his mother about his dying father, he is thrust back into a past he was hoping would stayed buried. Now, he is face to face with a brother who is still pissed about their last meeting, and a women he vowed he would never hurt.

Sweet Chaos





When Dani Ellington puts her painful past behind her, she becomes a successful Bakery Chef and opens up the small café she had always dreams about. She focuses on her career and being a good mother to her two kids. But she is blindsided by a handsome man that waltzes his way into her life and she begins to have feelings that she thought died along with her marriage.With the help of Jeni Mack, Dani slowly learns to love once again.

Her intense relationship with this man, thrusts her into the limelight and also the target of her jealous ex husband who wants her for his self. This jealousy will bring out the worst in Joshua and thrusts Jensen into his dangerous web as he finds himself fighting for the woman he has grown to love.



And So It Begins

It was 1970 when two girls were born in the world who would change the face of the music industry for life. Jenifer Michele Mack, born May 15, 1970 had a beautiful shade of blonde for her hair, blue eyes that every boy wanted to swim in and a personality that was killer.

Jeni’s parents, Gloria and Earl Mack, live just on the outskirts of Boston, Worcester to be exact, one of the worst neighborhoods you could have gone into. Gloria stayed home and raised Jeni as Earl worked as a mechanic at Al’s Wrecks. The job was steady as was the pay, but they couldn’t live anywhere else but Worcester.

When Jeni got into junior high, she wanted to change her life. She was bussed with kids that were black, white, jamaican, puerto rican, but they were all pour like her. She always got teased on the bus from having her blonde hair in pig tails. She would close her eyes on the bus and wish for something to big. She needed out of this town, she needed her parents out of Worcester and she wanted to make a name for herself.

In her junior high class that year, changed her life forever. As they were rehearsing a play, she was lead as she could sing really well. The teacher took her to the side after the rehearsal and she shook the mans hand, “I’m Johnny Wright. You have an incredible voice.”

Jeni smiled, “Thanks. Just practicing though.”

He handed her his card, “I want you to come by my place on Friday. Bring your parents. I think you are going to like this.”

Jeni smiled, “Okay sure.”

The black man walked away and the teacher looked at Jeni, “Wow what an honor.”

“Who is that?” Jeni asked.

“The one and only. Wright Entertainment. HE’s always around here searching for some talent.” He put his hand on Jeni’s shoulder, “Convince your mom. You won’t be disappointed.”

That was when Atomic Kitten was formed. Three ladies, all with unique attitudes and personalities. Jenifer Mack, Skylar Harris and Heidi Miller would take the world by storm with their incredible singing, dancing and song writing.

And The Band Played On

Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Jeni Mack grew up together in a small town in Texas. After Supernatural takes off, the boys leave Jeni in Texas and go off with their careers. Jeni finds an audition and calls on Jensen for some help. While their, she meets up with another girl, Mikalea Ellington and put together the group Atomic Kitten. Mikalea’s father is James Ellington is the CEO of a major recording studio and sign the girls right away. This is a story filled with heart break, love and sorrow.

The Heart Wants what It Wants

It is the Summer of 1997 and after her mother and father divorce, Bella Hunt finds herself in the town where her mother grew up. She is just about to start her senior year and meets a young girl named Jenifer Mack and they two strike up a great friendship. As they go to their senior year, both girls aren’t expecting what the year has in store for them.

Love thy Will be Done



Skyler’ Morris’ life was turned upside down when her parents die suddenly in a car accident, leaving her alone. Her only grandmother is in a nursing home, so Skyler is turned into the child care system. She is bounced from home to home when her behavior rockets out of control. She is then sent to Boston to live in a foster care home. There she meets Jeni Mack and they become good friends.



The Coven Sisters Part Two


Missie Ellis. Rich girl, who’s real father died when she was just ten years old. Current Step father is abusive. Her mother is wrapped up in her own turmoil.


Dean Winchester. Old brother to Sam. Works in his Uncle’s Auto Body shop. Bad boy, loves his Scotch and his women.


Sam Winchester. Enrolls in school after having to live with his Uncle Bobby after their dad disappears. What their dad does, is secretly guarded.

enifer Michelle Mack  Researcher for the Winchester boys. Physic and harness the power of sight. Grew up with the boys, her parents former hunters. Little does she know, she harnesses Sam’s romantic interest

enifer Michelle Mack, lives on the wrong side of the tracks. Rumors at school that she is a witch.

After Missie is critically wounded, Castiel sends the foursome to a different time. Everything is not the same. WE find the girls in high school, in different circles. Missie is the rich popular girl, growing up in a horrible home life. Her step father is an abusive drunk, her mother could care less. Jeni comes from the other side of the tracks, being called a freak for who she is.

Dean and Sam are thrown into a school after their father takes off, leaving them with their uncle. Dean works in the car shop with his Uncle, Sam enrolls in school