Story takes place between 1993-Present

Two girls are bound together by friendship, each keeping a secret.

Missie Ellington comes from a well to do life, her father a huge music producer. Her mother died when she was only six, and her father never talks about it. When she is just 15, they move to Boston Massachusetts, were Jim Ellington takes over a floundering band.



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  1. After the ambulance arrived and Missie was taken to the hospital, Jeni rode with her. They got to New York General hospital and was admitted right away. She had cuts and bruises on her body, her eyes swollen almost shut and she was having trouble breathing on her own. They put her on life support and just waited.

    JEni phoned Jordan telling him that Missie was in the hospital and he told her to stay, book a hotel and get some clean clothes. But to stay until MIssie was okay. She kept him updated daily. She missed her little boy, but her best friend in the world was in danger and she held her hand day and night hoping that she would wake up. It didn’t happen.

    A week went by and Jeni walked into the room after having a shower and changing her clothes to see Castiel wearing the long tan trench coat sitting in a chair next to Missie, “What are you doing here?”

    Castiel looked at her, “I am an angel of the lord. I must make sure you two are safe.”

    She sat across the bed from him, Missie between them and she looked at him, “If I asked you a question, would you answer honestly?”

    Castiel nodded, “Yes of course.”

    “Can you erase everything? I want to go back to my life with my fiance and my child. Look at Missie? She is on life support. She was possessed. How much more is this going to go on?”

    “To be honest Jenifer, forever. You two have been chosen along with the Winchester to save the world.”

    Tears coursed her eyes, “I don’t wanna save the world. Please is there anything you can do?”

    “There is, but there is no turning back.”

    “I just want normal Castiel. Please.”

    HE stood up, “Are you sure about this? You will remember nothing.”

    JEni nodded as she gripped Missie’s hand, “Yes. I know this is what MIssie will want as well.”

    Castiel nodded, “Close your eyes.” JEni did what she was instructed too and she felt Castiel’s cold finger on her forehead. When she opened her eyes, she looked at MIssie who was coughing and holding her throat. She was awake. Jeni pushed the nurses button and got up as they rushed in, pulling the tube out of her throat.

    • “Have you had breakfast yet?”

      Missie heard the shower shit off, then the hiss of the door as it was pushed open. “No. Meet me at Delias in half an hour.” She pressed the phone shut, and turned when she heard the bathroom door click open. She sucked in a breath as she looked at Joe. “Joe…please. Can we talk about this?”

      “Nothing to talk about.” Joe brushed past her as he heard to his dresser. “Have you forgotten something?”


      Joe shook his head as he clasped on his watch. “I’m not raising some other bastards child.”

      Missie flinched. “’s your baby.”

      Joe snorted.” You really are delusional. I can’t have kids remember? I got snipped. So it’s your call. Fix the problem or get the fuck out.”

  2. Jordan was at rehearsal and that is where Joe was going when JEni called. Jordan and Donnie were the ones that reunited everyone and with the most vocals along with Joe, they were in control. Jordan had a great solo career, but getting back with the boys was something he had wanted since they broke up.

    Donny was 15years old and looked and acted like Jordan everyday. Jeni and Jordan still weren’t married, but that was okay with both of them. They knew they were meant for each other and no piece of paper was going to tell them how they should live.

    Jeni ended up getting a job at a local record company in Boston, but she was on vacation with Jordan as the nkotb reunited. It was well deserved.

    She was at the Hilton when she called Missie who now was residing in Los Angeles married to Joe McIntyre.

    She got dressed after showering and headed out of her hotel room to the room next door. She knocked on the door and Donny opened it up, “Brekafast?” Jeni smiled.

    “Heck yes. I’m starving.” He grabbed his hotel key and the two of them headed out of the hotel, hailing a cab and heading to the restaurant.

    As the cab stopped, Jeni put her sunglasses on her head and paid the cabbie and the both of them got out. Donny was now about a foot taller than Jeni and he held the door open for his mom as they walked in. They chose a booth in the back and sat down. JEni ordered coffee and Donny ordered a coke and they waited to order till MIssie got there.

    • Missie sat in the drivers seat, the visor flipped down and she was doing her best to clean off the eyeliner on her cheeks. She let out a sigh as she saw joe red her eyes were, and opted to put on her sunglasses.

      She opened the glass door and quickly walked to the booth where Donny and Jeni were sitting.

      “You look like crap!” Jenis mouth fell open as she saw how red Missies nose was and from the sunglasses, she knew she had been crying. “What’s wrong?” Jeni looked at Donny, who nodded and slid out of the booth, heading outside.

      Missie removed her glasses, pushing them in her head. ” I’m pregnant.”

  3. JEni smiled and put her hands across the table and put them into Missie’s hands, “This is great news.”

    Missie looked at her, more tears falling from her eyes, “Joe said it’s not his. He’s the only one I’ve been with. Told me he got fixed cause he knew that I couldn’t have children.”

    JEni sighed, “Typical Joe. I’ll talk to him after we have breakfast. HE’s not going to run away from this.”

    MIssie nodded, “Okay.” She looked up at Jeni, wiping the tears from her eyes, “You are such a great friend to me. Thanks.”

    “Anything babe. For better for worse right?” They both laughed.

    Jeni signaled for Donny to come back in and he sat next to Jeni, “Aunt Missie you are glowing.”

    JEni put her arm around Donny’s, “She’s expecting!!”

    • “Thanks.” Dean huffed out as he took the shot glass that was filled with Whiskey. He let out a sigh as the burn hit his theist, knowing in a few minutes, he would be numb.

      Ten, long years had passed since Cas disappeared with Jeni and Missie, their memories wiped fresh. The angel, after stern instructions from Dean, was not to let them know where he took them.

      Each case the two brothers took on, Dean hoped it would led her back into his path. But he would never admit this to everyone.

      He searched countless newspaper, checking every obituary, checking out the ones that could possibly be her.

      Dean shook his head as he tipped his head back and swallowed the liquid.

  4. JEni, Missie and Donny all ate their breakfast and Donny left with Missie to take her home. She needed companionship and Jeni took a taxi to the hall where the boys were rehearsing. She got out, paid the cabbie and walked into the building. Security was tight and still some girls stood outside waiting for the boys, making the past come back full force, almost deja vu, accept these girls were older.

    They recognized Jeni and yelled and she walked over and shook their hands and took pictures with them. She was a fan person, always giving them a smile and her attention.

    She walked into the hall and showed her badge she kept in her back pocket and heard the music coming from one of the large ballrooms. She walked in to see the boys dancing, fake mics in their hand and all of them super sweaty. They stopped as Jeni walked in and Jordan walked over and kissed her, “Hey what’s up?”

    “If it’s okay, can I speak to Joe for a second?”

    Donnie interupted, “Make it quick. We got a lot to do.”

    Joe took a bottle of water and followed Jeni into the hallway. He took a sip after the door was closed and Jeni slapped it out of his hands. The plastic bottle flying down the hallway. Joe glared at her, “What he hell was that for?”

    She pushed him in the chest, “What the fuck do you think you are doing? Your wife is pregnant and you are telling her it’s not yours. Who the fuck do you think you are?”

    Joe glared at her, “Who are you coming up in here talking to me about my business?”

    “I am your family Joe. Missie is my family. Whether you think you got fixed or not, obviously something didn’t work, cause you knocked your wife up. Only takes one Joe.” She pushed him with her finger in his chest, “Listen to me, you step up and be a husband or you will never be a man again cause I will rip your appendeges off and stuff them down your throat.”

    AT that, she turned around and walked out the door. She didn’t stay around to hear anything of what Joe was going to say. She said her peace, Joe always seemed to understand Jeni and go with her advice, but she wasn’t sure on this. She got in the cab and headed to Missie’s house.

    • She had her eyes closed, the curtains drawn tight, and lying in the fetal position. Since coming home with Donny, this is where she retired.

      She heard a light knock on the door, but she didn’t answer. A few seconds later, she heard the door click open, and a sliver of light from the hallway shone on the bed.


      Missie opened her eyes, took the wash cloth from her eyes to see Joe standing in the threshold. “Hey.”

      Joe awkwardly scratched the back of his neck. “I, uh, got some take out. Pad Thai, tofu right?”

      Missie nodded her head as she sat up on the bed. “Thank you.”

      “Um, yeah. Jeni and Donny are still here. We’ll be in the living room watching a movie. Take your time.”

      “Thank you Joe.” Missie felt weird, this was the first time in months they actually spent time together.

      “Yeah.” He slid her a smile, then shut the door behind him.

  5. After Joe walked back down after talking to Missie, he looked at Jeni, “Can I talk to you privately for a moment?” HE looked at Donny and smiled, “Gonna steal your mom for a sec.”

    Donny opened one of the chinese boxes and smelled the food, “Take your time. I’m gonna start eating though. I’m starving.”

    Jeni got up and laughed, “Guess that huge breakfast that costs me a fortune wasn’t very filling.” She leaned over and kissed him on top of the head, “Be right back love.”

    Jeni followed Joe out the back to the patio and she shut the door behind her, “What’s up?”

    HE turned around, running his hand over his rustic face, “Thank you.”

    Jeni walked over to him and put her hands on his shoulders, “LIsten you are my brother. I love you. I would never rip your appendges off and stuff them down your throat without your permission.” She smiled.

    HE laughed, “I know that. I don’t know what the hell my mind was thinking. I love Missie. Yes I have ya know….been with someone else, but we were seperated at that time. It was a long time ago.”

    Jeni ran her hands up and down his arms, “Hey let the past be the past. Stop lying to each other.” She turned her head as she heard footsteps coming up from the front of the house, “Be strong. Be yourself.”

    Jordan popped his head around the house, “Room for one more?”

    JEni smiled, “Absolutely. We better go get some food before Donny eats it all.” She laughed as Jordan walked over to her and kissed her, “HE’s having a growth spurt I think.”

    Jordan slapped Joe on the shoulder, “Finally becoming a dad. I heard all about it. Congratulations man.”

    Joe smiled, “Thanks.” They walked to the door and Joe opened it, letting Jeni and JOrdan walk in first and as he got in he slid the door closed. HE looked in the living room, “DAMMIT DONNY THAT WAS MINE!!!”

    Donny laughed and held up the plastic, ‘I saved you a fortune cookie Uncle Joe!!”

    • Jeni noticed that Missie was very quiet durning the movie, hardly touching the food. When the final credits began to roll, Jeni asked Missie for some help in the kitchen.

      When the two girls walked inside, Jeni closed the sliding door. “Okay, so what’s going on here Missie, the real truth.”

      Missie sighed as she began scraping leftover vet bits of food into the trash. “I did a very stupid thing Jeni.”

      “What did you do?”

      Missie turned from the trash, tears in her eyes. “About 8 weeks ago I found out that Joe had been cheating on me. So. I ah went to a club got throughly trashed, hit on this gorgeous man, took him home. We had sex. Next morning he was gone.”

      Jeni sighed. “Hell girl. What a fine mess your in! You have I clue who it was?”
      Missie shook her head. “No. He was playing pool . We hot on each other and that’s all I remember.”

  6. JEni shook her head, “Have you ever heard of birth control?” She cleared her throat, “Use a condom.”

    Missie looked up, “Okay he didn’t have one. The only thing he used was me and dammit it was good.”

    JEni laughed as she put the rest of the cartons in the trash, “I think you need to come clean with Joe. HE’s trying ya know.”

    Missie sighed, “HE’s trying because of you. I know how you are with Joe. You probably told him you were going to rip off his appendeges and stuff them down his throat.”

    Jeni laughed as she took the towel and wiped off the counter, “You know me too well.”

    Joe walked into the kitchen, “Okay another movie girls?”

    Jeni nodded and put the dishrag in the sink, “I’m game.” She looked at Missie, “I think we need a comedy.”

    Joe smiled and walked over to Missie as JEni exited the kitchen and he took her in his arms, putting his hand on her lower stomach, “I love you Missie.”

    MIssie put her hand on the side of his face, “I’m glad you shaved.” She leaned in and kissed him, he put his arms around her and deepened the kiss, pulling her up on the counter.

    • Missie wanted him to stop, but the moment he slid her legs open, she knew what he was wanting. She felt his lips on her neck, his right hand forcefully grabbing her right breast, his thumb caressing her nipipple.

      “Joe..” Something was off about him. He smelled different. His fingers slid into the hem of her shorts, this thumb grazing over her clit. As he moved his fingers in and out of her, he kissed her again, swallowing her moans. He pumped his thick fingers faster, as he slid his thick ararousal out of his pants. He spread her open and with a grunt, slid deep into her.

      Missie threw back her head as Joe pinged into her. For a brief second, a man with green eyes was gazing down at her, his rugged face streaked with sweat, his plump lips open into a moan.

      With a final grunt, Joe came undone inside of her, and with out saying a word, they both got dressed and headed into the living room.

  7. After the movie, Jeni, Jordan and Donny drove back to their hotel. JEni yawned as she walked in the door, “It’s been a long day. I’m heading to bed.”

    Jordan shut the door, “I’m right behind you.”

    She pulled the blanket back on the large bed, adjusted the pillows and put on a pair of shorts and tank top and hopped into bed, turning the light off as she pulled the blankets up.

    Jordan slipped into bed, wearing only his boxers. She snuggled to him, “Hi.”

    HE kissed her on the lips, “Hi. Long day today. I’m gonna be sore tomorrow.”

    Her hand disappeared under the blanket, “So is Thor tired?”

    Jordan closed his eyes as she rubbed him through his boxers, “He’s never tired.”

    He opened his eyes and leaned to her and met her lips, their tongues dancing with each other, the passion never left this couple.

    He ran his hand up her tank top, running his fingers over her taunt nipples. She moaned against his lips as he moved on top of her. HE pulled from his mouth, “HOw about another baby?”

    His hand pulled her shorts off, then his boxers came off. She pulled her legs up as he settled between them, his erect cock teasing her hot wet pussy, “I’m always ready for that.”

    HE pulled her tank top up and left her lips and ran his tongue over her hardened nipples. His hardened cock slid inside her and she arched her hips, pushing her had back, running her fingernails over his back, “Ohhhhh.”

    HE pumped in and out of her, making her more wet, cumming over and over again, his lips and tongue went from her nipples to her neck to her lips. Their bodies moved in unison. HE lifted up as he looked down into her blue eyes, their noses touching. Jordan was a true romantic. Always had been, always would be.

    He spit his liquids deep inside of her as he climaxed hard, grunting. HE pulled out of her and laid to the side and she cuddled up against him, “I love you Jordan.”

    HE kissed the side of her head, “I love you Jeni Bean.”

    They both fell asleep in each others arms that night, feeling love, hope, romance.

    • The next morning, Missie woke up to find Joes side of the bed was empty. With a huge yawn, she walked into the kitchen to see it was empty. With a frown, she noticed that her fridge was empty. That meant she had to go to the store, which meant she had to get dressed, Pluto n make up and do her hair. Thanks to her being married to Joe, she was a favorite among the media.

      She ran back up stairs and opted for one of Joes tee shirts, a black pair of yoga pants, a Boston Celtic ball cap, and flip flops was was her chosen outfit.

      She grabbed the keys to her Range Rover and drove the few miles to a local bagel shop. She found a parking spot right on front of the shop, locked her car then went inside, the bell ringing above her head.

      She was looking at the display case, when she felt a tap in her shoulder. “Excuse me, but you dropped your keys.”

      Missie turned around to face the man, and ended up looking up to see A very tall, handsome man. In his large hand was a set of keys.

      “Oh thank you so much! Let me repay you!”

      The man smiled. “It’s okay. Really.”

      “Let me at least buy your order, to say thank you.”

      “Sure. Thank you..uh..” He extended his hand.

      Missie smiled and shook his hand. “Missie..”

      “Thanks again Missie.”

      She watched as the man took his bag, held it up, than walked through the door. There was something oddly familiar with that man.

  8. Jordan went to rehearsal as Jeni and Donny grabbed a cab and headed into town. There was a bagel place they had eaten at a week ago and it was pretty good and it wouldn’t break Jeni’s bank with Donny’s humongous appetite. He definately had Jeni and Jordan’s metabolism, he was thin, never gained any weight.

    As the taxi stopped, Donny pointed, “Aunt Missie is here.”

    JEni paid the driver and they got out. As they walked to the door a very tall man walked out, a bag in his hand and Jeni looked up at him, “Hi Sam.”

    She kept walking, then turned back to see he was gone. Was she going crazy? She turned to Donny, “There was a guy there right?”

    Donny nodded, “Yeah, he booked around the corner. Weird guy.”

    Jeni shook her head and turned back around and walked to the counter, “Missie!!”
    Missie turned around and smiled, “HEy guys!!!”

    Jeni pointed, “That tall guy with the bag, I knew him, but I dont remember where I met him. I knew his name, at least I thought that was his name.”

    “Probably a fan or something. What do you want?”

    • After getting home from the bagel shop, Missie threw the sack on the coffee table, and began to look for the television remote. After a ten minute search, Missie stood looking at the couch, her hands on her slim hips, and her teeth snagged her lower lip. Joe more than likely did not put it up, so that meant it was in the cushions.

      Cursing Joe, she kneeled on the couch, and stuck her hand between the cushion and the back of the couch. Her fingers touched something, so she pulled it out, frowning that it wasn’t the remote, but instead, a business card of some type.

      She turned it over to see the handwriting scrawled in ink, feeling the tingles erupt from her scalp. Thanks for a hell of a weekend. Call me. D

      “Oh shit.” Missie breathed as she put a hand to her mouth, and turned it back over to read the front. Agent Dean Morrison
      She felt tingles along her body as she slowly sat down in the recliner, realizing that the card she was holding was possibly the father of her child. She put a hand to her stomach, feeling it lurch.

      She stared at the screen, feeling the tears sting her eyes, making the page blurry. She had a feeling for a long time that something was going with Joe, because his phone calls had been getting less and less. Seeing this admission from a fan was enough for her. She would no longer sit here day and night, waiting for his call, when he was off screwing some fan.

      No, instead, she would get up, go upstairs to her room, and select the sexiest dress she could find, disguise her look a little bit, and head to the nearest club. She was on the prowl, and she would not stop until she found someone to bring back to her home. She would fuck them senseless in her bed.

      Screw Joe.

      Because of who she was married to, Missie had to choose a location that was far from where she could even be seen. Before she walked into the noisy club, she checked the reflection in the window of her car. She adjusted the black, slinky dress, then the red wig on her head, smiling at what she saw, she cleaned up nice.

      As she turned to look at the door, she felt her anxiety start to creep up, and her self-esteem started to dip a bit. She reached into her clutch purse, took out a rolled joint, her lighter, and took a large hit. In just a few minutes, the familiar buzz that she had grown to love, finally kicked in, and she pushed open the door. Loud, electronic dance music assaulted her as she pushed the red door open, and took a moment to take in her surroundings.

      She was instantly not pleased.

      Most of the male clientele were twenty years older than her, with expanding waistlines, and even more expanding hair line. Not her type at all. Come to think of it, she really didn’t know what she type she was looking for.

      That is, until she looked over at the bar, and she felt her heart stop for just a few beats.

      She let out a breath as she walked up to the bar; standing next to the man she had spotted. She could smell him as she soon as she did, and she felt a tingle start from her scalp all the way to her toes.

      “Can I get a scotch please?” She turned to look at the man, whose gaze was still on the mirror above the bar. She swiped a piece of red hair behind her ear. “Do you mind?” She pointed to the empty seat next to him.

      He finally turned his head to look at her, and she was stunned at how handsome he was. His eyes were so green, his jaw sharp, and his lips full. He raised an eyebrow as he signaled to the seat with his glass.

      “Be my guest.”

      “Thanks,” Missie sat her purse on the bar as she slid onto the stool, making a point to cross her right leg over her left, and “This is so needed.” She lifted the shot glass up as she took a shot.

      He smiled as he watched her take the shot, and then signal the bartender that he wanted a refill as well. “Add her to my tab.” He slid the shot glass over to her.

      “Man, this hits the spot,” She smiled as she tossed her hair to the side, twirling a lock of her hair around her finger. “Horrible date.”
      “Hmmphh.” He grunted as he downed the shot. “Dating’s for the birds.”

      Missie let out a laugh, as she reached over and slapped him on the shoulder. “Isn’t it? He so wasn’t his profile picture.” She let out a sigh as she accepted the third shot from the man. “Where are my manners? Hi, I’m Brandy.” Missie smiled as she slid her hand over to him.

      “Brandy. Dean Morrison. Nice to meet you.” He lifted up his glass as he downed it.

      She smiled and turned her head to look at him. “What’s the option? I don’t see myself settling down anytime soon.”

      He licked his lips and looked at her, a smile tugging on his face. They exchanged some looks and he looked back down at his glass. “Well. That’s something you don’t hear every day.”

      She smiled and laughed and crossed her legs, sitting back in her chair. “What…are you ready for the big ‘C’,” She squinted her eyes at him. Her eyes darted to his left hand. No ring.

      “Me?” He chuckled nervously… He swirled his drink and took another sip. “Not exactly.”

      She smiled and looked into his eyes, biting her lower lip. Her eyes did a sweep of his clothing attire. “Nice suite by the way.” He looked down and ran his hand down his blue tie and looked up at her. “Most men don’t dress this nice in bars.” She licked her lips. “I like it.” Missie couldn’t stop herself. This wasn’t her, but something about this man…made her brave.

      “Well. It’s a conservative line of work.’ He took a sip of his drink.

      Missie reached for the fresh beer the bartender gave her, catching his eye just for a minute. She then turned back to him. “What line is that?”


      Missies’ eyes widened. ‘Wow..FBI huh…I hear the hours suck.”

      He chuckled. “Yeah just a bit.” He watched as she swirled her finger over the mouth of the beer, sliding her eyes up, looking at him through her long lashes.

      “Are you on a case?”

      “Was..” He raised his hand, signaling for the bartender and held up his glass. “We are just finishing up.”

      “But. I guess it pays the bills, huh?”

      “Yeah.” He smiled at her, his eyes landing on her mouth, watching it move as she spoke. “I’ve had a fortunate year.”

      “Well…” Missie raised her beer bottle. “May you have many more.”

      Dean smiled and touched his Scotch glass to hers. “Arigato.”

      She took a sip of her beer. “You speak Japanese? Impressive.”

      Dean shrugged. “Only enough to get by.”

      “Well…look at you.”

      Dean nodded and looked down at the table. “Yeah….look at me.” When he looked back up, she was looking at him. He saw her green eyes darken just a bit and she licked her lips. “So…”

      “So,” she smiled at him as she licked he lips. “Let’s cut to the chase shall we?”

      He smiled, leaning a little closer to her, the smell of musk, cologne, and something a little spicy swirled around her. “And that would be?”

      Missie leaned into his ear, her breath warm and moist. “Why don’t we take this somewhere, shall we say, a little more private?” She tugged on his ear lobe with her teeth.

      Dean looked at her, shocked at what he just heard. He was certain things weren’t going to progress any further, that he was being shot down. But when he heard her utter that question, it left him speechless. “Uh…..sure.”


      She reached through the partition and handed the cab driver some money. She slid her legs out of the back seat, her hand seeking Dean’s.
      She opened the door and stepped inside the foyer, tossing her keys into the bowl. Dean hardly had time to admire the home, because she slammed him up against the wall, knocking the breath out of him. Her hands wrapped around his wrists, her nails digging painfully into his skin. Her strength turned him on and his green eyes darkened with his growing excitement.
      “Hmm…we are a little Tigress, aren’t we?”
      She placed her finger on his lips, as she ran a nail up and down his chest. He bit his lip as her nails dug painfully into his chest. With a cry from her lips, she took her hand and ripped open his shirt. Buttons clanged to the floor, rolling along the tile. “Hey, that’s my best shirt.”
      “Hmmm…” Her hands slid up to his tie, wrapping her hands around it. “Such a shame.”
      Dean was stunned as she led him up the stairs by his tie, not believing the change in this woman. At the bar, she seemed pretty straight lace. Dean summed her up to be a six on his lay scale. Doable. The moment her door shut, she turned the table on him.

      Dean let out a grunt as she pushed him through the wooden double doors that led to her bedroom. He stumbled backwards, his breath heaving up and down. He shrugged off his shirt, sliding it over his wrists.
      Missie admired the physique, rock hard chest, nice firm stomach that ended in a V just below his pants. With a smile on her lips, she reached behind her back and undid the zipper on her dress, sliding it down her body. She hooked the dress her heel and tossed it behind her.
      Dean stood there, a pleased smile on his face as she saw the woman before him. Large breasts were imprisoned in a see through black bra. His eyes traveled down her stomach where he saw the black corset complete with garter. “ hot.”
      She took her hand and pushed him backwards. His stumbled backwards, his legs hitting the mattress, making him title backwards. He landed on the bed and didn’t have the chance to get back up again. She straddled his hips, moving his hands above her head. which brought her up against his hard body, her face just an inch from his. His hands struggled against hers and she clucked her tongue. “No touching until I say so.” She leaned in and took his ear lobe between her teeth, tugging.
      He felt something soft slip around his wrist and he looked up to see the tie around his wrists, watching as she tied him to the headboard. His eyes rolled back in his head as her lips traveled down his chest. It skated across his erect nipple. OK now she’s an eight. A hissing metallic sound made him lift his head and he watched as she slid it down its track. She reached inside and cupped him. A purring sound came from in her throat as she ran her fingernail up and down the shaft.
      She slid his pants down his legs and tossed them to the floor. Black boxers briefs were quickly discarded and she sat back a bit, admiring this man. His was very big, stretching just past his belly button. Oh the fun she was going to have.
      She kissed his inner thigh, running her tongue up and down, getting closer and closer to him. His hips jerked upwards, trying to make her see what he wanted. Each time he did, she just chuckled and moved somewhere else. This woman was driving him nuts. All thoughts were erased from his thoughts, as warm, wet lips slid over his shaft.
      He strained against the tie, wanting to touch her, wanting to wound his hands in that dark hair, guiding her along. She lifted her head up a bit, smiling around him, her eyes dark. “You want to touch me so badly, don’t you?” She flicked her tongue along the shaft.
      Jensen groaned and jerked his hips upwards. “Oh god yes.” He groaned. “I want to feel that body.”
      She sat up and straddled his hips, grabbing a hold of him. She rose up just a bit and guided him into her, groaning as he filled her. He jerked his hips, sliding further in, groaning as she squeezed. He titled his head back, letting out a groan. “Missie…oh god. So tight.”
      She sighed as she moved her hips sharply up against him, her mouth against her ear. “Oh…god…I can wait to feel those beautiful lips on my body. Will you make me cum?” She ground against him.
      “Yess..” He groaned. His eyes flew open as she slid off of him. She was on his right, her hands slipping the knot out of the tie. She let out a startled yelp as he yanked on his right hand, freeing himself. He grabbed her hips and slid her body towards him, pushing her down on the bed. He growled as he captured her lips, sliding his tongue inside of her mouth. He pushed into her, his hips rocking sharply against her, making her moan.

      He slid out of her and roughly yanked her legs apart, wasting no time. She thrust her hips to his hungry mouth, screaming as he nibbled, licked and teased. As she was cresting her peak, he slid a finger inside of her, moving in and out of her. Her legs tightened around his head, her hands griped his hair, her hips rocking against his mouth, short rapid pants coming from her mouth.

      When her body shuddered underneath him, he slid his hands under her lower back as he slid up her body. His hips rocked forward, claiming her again. Her legs wrapped around his waist and squeezed him tight as she flipped him over onto his back. He griped her hips as he moved her back and forth on him, feeling his end coming near. He arched his body backwards as he breathed out her name, his voice husky with his need.

      He let out a few heavy puffs as she slid off of him and snuggled into his side, his heart pounding loudly in his chest. When he found his breath again, he smiled. “Wow…that..was..holy crap..”
      Missie chuckled and rose up on her elbow, running her finger up and down his chest. “Blame it on the scotch.” She flopped on her back, giggling as Dean rolled on top of her.
      His lips crashed against hers, than he pulled back, his eyes smoldering with passion. “Still have half a bottle.”
      She smiled and slid her legs around his waist, moving her hips against him. “ to my ears.”

      The next morning, she woke up to find he wasn’t in her bed, but a trip downstairs found him making her breakfast. They had sex in that kitchen, on the counters, on the table, hell even on the floor. They used every inch of that house, no room off limits.
      That had been the best weekend of her life.
      She heard the chim of the doorbell, so with card in hand, she walked through the foyer and opened the door to see Jeni.
      Missie smiled as she held up the card. “So, I know who the mystery man is.”

  9. Donny stayed back at the hotel as JEni go in the taxi and headed to Missie’s house. She paid the cabbie and got out and walked up the driveway to the large two story home. She ran the doorbell and Missie opened it up, holding up a card, “So I know who the mystery man is.”

    JEni walked in, shutting the door behind her, “Um, who?”

    She gave JEni the card, “A guy named Dean.”

    Jeni looked at he card, recognizing the handwriting, but couldn’t put a pinpoint on it, “I knew a Dean once….” She paused, then continued, “Well I thought I did. I can’t remember.” She handed the card back to Missie, “Maybe in a past life.” She giggled, “So you wanna go to lunch?”

    Missie nodded, “Sure, I wanna find this guy.”

    “Why?” Jeni asked.

    “I wanna see him again.” She winked.

    “Joe isn’t out of town.” Then it snapped into JEni’s head, “Oh Missie. YOu don’t think.”

    She put her bag over her shoulder and grabbed her keys from the candy dish by the door, “I don’t think. I know.”

    • “What do I say?” Missie looked at her phone, then the business card.

      Jeni wiped her mouth. “Most people say hello.”

      “Bitch.” She took a breath as she picked up the phone. What the hell was she gonna say? Hello, we had sex and now I think I’m pregnant with your baby? “Here goes.” She drummed her finger nails on the table as she heard the rings. “It’s just ringing.”

      “Leave a message.” Jeni whispered.

      Missie waited for the beep before she began to speak. “Hi, uh, I know this kinda out of the blue, but I just found your card. Anyways this is Brandi,” she ignore the look Jeni was giving her, “We, uh, had this fantastic me.” She let out a sigh as she threw herself phone on the table. “I sounded like a complete fool.” She covered her face with her hands.

  10. Jeni popped a fry into her mouth, “You are a fool. Damn what were you thinking? Brandi?” She questioned Missie.

    “I was incognito. You have to be careful these days.”

    “What happened to just being yourself? Good Lord.”

    “What more do you want from me Jeni?”

    Jeni put her half eaten fry down and looked at her friend, “Listen, I love you as if you were my sister, but you have to be honest with everyone. This isn’t you to go sleeping around on your husband.” She sighed, “I just want you to be happy. That’s all I want.”


    As he sat in the hotel room with his brother, his phone began to ring. Sam was on the computer and Dean picked up the phone and just looked at it. Sam questioned him, “Who is it?”

    HE looked at he number, “I don’t know.” HE put the phone down and it chimed that he had a voicemail. HE put it on speaker and played the message.

    The girl sounded weird on the message and Sam looked up at Dean, “Oh Dean what did you do?”

    HE looked at Sam, “It can’t be.”

    Sam closed the laptop, “Why can’t it be? We are here to look after them, not to engage, just to look after them. I think you just fucked this mission up.”

    He slammed the phone down on the table, “IT can’t be.”

    There was the sound of wings and Castiel appeared in front of Sam and Dean, “It’s destiny.”

    Dean sighed and put his hands on his head, “It was an all weekend thing. Oh shit what did I do?”

    Castiel continued, “You are suppose to be with her. You were suppose to be with her ten years ago. Jeni begged me.”

    Sam stood up and put his hands up, “Okay we all know what happened.” Sam cleared his throat, “I ran into Missie and Jeni at the bagel shop the other day. Jeni knew my name. I don’t know how, but she did. I booked before any other questions could be asked.”

    Castiel shook his head, “This is not what is suppose to happen. You two are rewriting something and it’s not going to go very well. You need to fix this.” As he said that, the sound of the wings was heard and he was gone.

    Dean looked at Sam, “Maybe we got a little too close?”

    Sam laughed, “I think you got really close. You need to come clean.”

    • Missie started to feel sick, suddenly wishing she hadn’t eaten that burger. She could hear Joe in her head as she excused herself to the bathroom, making sure her phone was tucked into the back pocket of her jeans.

      She shut the door, walked to the sink, and splashed cold water into her face. She felt a wave of dizziness over come her, and she grabbed the sink for support.

      She closed her eyes as sweat broke out along her body, and a vision seared into her brain. A man with green eyes.

      The ringing of her phone snapped her out of her trance, and she reached into the pocket, pulled it out and recognized the number.

      “H..hello?” Her voice was low and soft as she clutched the phone tight in her hands.

      “Meet me at pier. There’s a coffee shop.”

      His deep, husky voice sent a delightful shiver along her body, and a smile crept across her lips.

      “I’ll be there.”

  11. JEni was getting another soda when Missie returned, a smile on her face, “Waht is that look for?”

    “Gonna meet me at the pier.”

    “Want me to come?”

    “No it’s okay. HE’s not going to do anything to harm me.”

    JEni looked at her watch, then back up at Missie, “You got me till 5. I’m coming with you.”

    “Fine.” Missie put down twenty on teh table as did Jeni and they headed out. They got into her Range Rover and she hit the gas and headed to the pier. She parked in the parking lot and the two girls emerged, walking up the Santa Monica Pier together.

    JEni went walking down the pier itself as Missie walked into the coffee shop and sat down at a table and waited. The wind was just right and the waves were crashing against the pier as Jeni stopped and looked over the railing. The fish swam beneath her as the sounds of the kids and adults played and danced in the warm water.

    The breeze danced in her hair as she looked over to see the guy she had seen the other day at the bagel shop. His longer hair danced with the wind as well as he looked out over the pier. JEni walked over to him, him not noticing her, “Sam right?”

    Sam turned around to face Jeni, looking down at her, almost surprise on his face, “Hi Do I know you?” He played it off.

    “The bagel shop the other day. You were coming out of the door and I said Hi Sam. You just took off. Your name is Sam right?”

    HE nodded, “Yes. I don’t know that we know each other.”

    “Coincidence maybe that I know you somehow, I can’t remember, but we end up showing up at the same place. Weird.” She laughed, “Weird things have been happening to me lately. Hard to explain. Sorry for going on and on.”

    HE smiled, “It’s okay. IT’s good to have another person to talk with.”

    She smiled, “Same here.” She pointed to the bench, “Wanna sit and people watch with me?”


    Back inside the coffee house, Dean walked through the door and looked around. He saw her sitting in the back and walked to her table, “Brandi?”

    • The rumble of the engine sliced through the morning air, the driver finding a spot between a black sports car, and a navy blue Range Rover.

      Dean shut off the engine, and chewed on his lower lip as he looked out the mirror on his door. His gaze was on the restaurant and the beautiful blonde sitting in the booth.

      “You sure you can do this?”

      Dean turned to look at his brother, then back at the diner. “Yeah.”

      “Remember what Cas said.”

      “Yeah,”Dean huffed as he opened the door. “Keep it on the down low.” He slammed the door shut as he walked across the parking lot.

      When he opened the door, the bell above his head chimed his arrival. He ignored the hostess as he walked through the coffee shop, feeling the customers eyes on him. This was too high end for him.

      She was sitting in a booth near the bathrooms, a cup of a hot liquid satin front of her, the steam rising up into the air. Her gaze was on the parking lot, and he knew she had been watching him arrive. While her sight was occupied, he took a moment to study her.

      Time has been really good to her. He wasn’t sure why he hadn’t noticed it had been her that night. He lied. This was going to be so very hard.

      “Brandi?” When she turned to look at him, Dean felt his heart pick up speed.

      Her hair was pulled up into a braid on one side, the other left down, and framing her face. Her grey blue eyes were lined in black, and her plump lips were stained a light pink.

      She was stunning.

      She gave him a smile as she pointed to the seat across from her. “Thanks for meeting me.” She waited while the waitress came over to take Deans order.

      “I have to admit, I was very shocked when you called.” He lifted the mug to his lips, and watched her from across the rim.

      She looked at DeN, then back down to her cup of coffee, watching the steam rise. “I know..we..uh..promised that after that weekend,” Missie let out a breath, then spread her plams on the table. “I wasn’t completely honest with you.”

      Dean sat back in the booth, placing his arm along the back. “About what?”

      “About who I really am.”

      “You ain’t some dude who’s had a sex change have ya?”

      Missie looked up at him to see he had on his heart melting smile. “No.” She let out a sigh. “I’m married.”

      This time, the shock on Deans face was real. Somehow, he had hoped that she hadn’t settled down.

      “Oh.” Dean sat forward, and placed both hands around the ceramic mug. The silver ring on his right finger tapped out a rhythm. “So, tell me this, sweetheart.” His pink tongue slid across his lower lip, then slid sideways into a smile. “Your obviously not very happy with him, or you wouldn’t have had sex with me.” Dean winked at her as he opened his wallet, took out a card and placed it on the table. “You ever got an itch you need scratchin’ just call me sweetheart.”

      Missie watched as Dean slid out of the booth, take out a couple of dives, winked at her, than grabbed the bill.

      She sat back as she looked at the business card, and then out to the parking lot. He was about to get into the drivers seat, when he glanced over at her. Before she could change her mind, she grabbed the card off the table, and put it on her purse.

  12. Sam crossed his arms as JEni leaned back on the bench they were sitting at. Sam started the conversation, “So you know my name.”

    She smiled, “I’m Jeni.”

    HE smiled as her smile once again brightened up his life, “What do you do for a living?”

    “I work at a small recording studio back in Boston. It’s a chapter of Capital Records.”

    HE questioned her, “Secretary?”

    She laughed and shook her head, “No, but I do have a phone at my desk.” She giggled and pulled a piece of blonde hair behind her ear, “I’m a song writer.”

    Sam was shocked. HE hadn’t kept up with her after they left. HE was heartbroken and got over that part of his life, “Wow incredible. Anything that I have heard?”

    JEni shrugged, “Not sure what you are into.”

    “Anything really.”

    Jeni laughed, “A lot for New Kids on the Block.”

    SAm nodded, “Yeah I wouldn’t know.” HE laughed.

    Jeni questioned him, “What do you do for a living Sam?”

    He paused for a moment, “Family business.”

    She looked at him, “Okay? What family business?”

    “Antiques. My brother and I are pickers.”

    JEni smiled, “that’s awesome. I love antiques.”

    “You would be amazed at what we find.”

    Sam watched as Dean walked out of the restaurant and put his hand out, “I have to get going. Thank you for the great talk.”

    Jeni put her hand in his and felt a connection she hadn’t felt in a long time. She pulled away quickly and looked up at him, “Yeah.”

    Sam walked away and JEni watched him as he got into the passenger side of the black vehicle. She thought again about the feeling she had when she shook his hand. She closed her eyes and saw a memory, or what she thought. Missie was strapped to a chair, Sam was there, holding a gun as he stood next to her. There was another man there and she had no idea who he was and a man in a trench coat.

    She opened her eyes as the vision left her and grabbed the bench for support as Missie walked over, “Hey you okay?”

    Jeni looked at her, “Yeah I’m okay.” She took a breath, “So how did your meeting go?”

    • Missie looked over at Dean who was getting in the drivers seat of the shiny, black car. Something seemed so familiar to her.

      She turned to see that Jeni was looking at her. “It was, uh, good.”

      Jeni looked over in the direction of the car, to see it was pulling out of the parking lot. “Are you going to see him again?”

      Missie opened her purse, and reached inside to find her keys. “I don’t know.”


      When she pushed the button on the garage remote, and the door slid open, she saw Joes Tahoe parked in its spot. She felt her heart pick up speed as she walked into the spacious kitchen, and threw her purse on the black granite island.


      She walked into the living room, and noticed the huge television was off, and then a noise upstairs told her where he was.

      She walked up the stairs, down the large hallway to the last bedroom on the right, which in the past two months had just been hers.

      But today, Joe was inside, walking from his dresser to the closets.

      “Joe?” She crossed her arms over her chest, feeling her heart constrict when he came out of the closet with two suitcases.

      “Your home early.” He walked over to to his dresser, opened the top drawer and took out boxers.

      “Jeni and I went to the pier.”

      “Yeah, I know.” His voice was strained.

      “You followed me?”

      “So is he the potential father?” Joe threw several shirts into the suitcase and shit it closed. “ you know what, don’t answer that. I can’t take this anymore, Missie. We need to stop fooling ourselves here. This marriage was over years ago.”

      Missie let out a sigh. “So that’s it? You’re leaving?”

      Joe picked up the suitcase, putting the strap over his shoulder. “ I’ll have my lawyer contact yours.”

  13. Jeni got back to the hotel and heard the guitar playing from the hallway. Donny was becoming extremely good at the guitar and it made her heart proud. She knocked on his door and the music stopped and the door opened. She smiled, “Sounds great honey.”

    “Dad wasn’t happy when he heard it. Too heavy for him or something.”

    “He’s back?”

    Donny nodded, “Yes. Said he was going to take a nap.”

    She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, “Keep up the good work. Dinner tonight okay.”

    She turned and walked to her room and opened the door with her card key. Jordan was on the bed snoring fully clothed. She smiled as she saw the man she was truly in love with taking a nap. She picked up her pencil and paper and sat on the bed next to Jordan and started to write.

    I still get lost, caught in a daze,
    Tongue tied, just like the very first day
    I saw you and I’m so amazed
    ‘Cause the look that got me twisted still hasn’t changed
    Your sexy eyes never lie,
    Baby, I lose myself (when they open)
    Girl, forget about goin’ out
    Baby, I’d rather not (so, I’m hoping)
    I could just stare at you forever (oh, baby)
    I can be here with you doing whatever (my lady)
    It’s not the way you look that brings me to my knees,
    It’s the way you look at me
    I could just stare at you forever
    If forever you were staring at me
    What do you see? I can’t figure it out
    You’re talking to my heart without making a sound
    I can’t lose when I’m caught in your eyes
    (I feel like superman) got me up in the sky
    Your sexy eyes never lie
    Baby, I…

    It didn’t take her long to write it, nothing did anymore. She needed the inspiration and she found it.

    She closed the notebook she was writing in and Jordan turned over and she smiled, “Hi babe.”

    HE leaned his head on her lap, holding her leg in his hand, “I’m so tired. I’m so sore.”

    Jeni ran her hand through his dark brown hair, ‘Donny told me you don’t like his music?”

    “He’s super talented, I was just a bit tired.” He pulled his head up and looked at her. She leaned over as their lips met in a firey kiss.

    She pulled away, “What was that for?”

    “What?” he smiled, “I can’t kiss my girl?”

    “Just unusual.”

    There was a knock at the door and Jordan rolled his eyes, “Just killed the moment.” He rolled over as Jeni got up and walked to the door. She looked through the peep hole to see Donnie standing there. She sighed, “It’s donnie.”

    She opened the door, “Where’s the fire?”

    Donnie looked at her, “Joe called. I need you to book him a room here please.”

    JEni was confused, “Why?”

    “He’s moving out of his house.”

    • She placed her head on the cold tile, and let the warm water beat over her shoulders. She wasn’t sure how long she had been in the shower, but it had been spent sobbing.

      She let out a groan as the warm water started to turn lukewarm, then icy cold. She shivered as she yanked back the pale yellow curtain. As she reached for the fluffy purple towel, she heard a creak coming from downstairs. She held her breath as her ears strained to listen for any other sound, but all she got was silence. This house was pretty old. She scolded herself for being so damn jumpy.

      She quickly got dressed and walked down the stairs to where the kitchen was located and put some fresh coffee into the maker. As she waited for it to brew, she placed her elbows on the granite counter and thoughtfully looked out her window.

      She could swear that business card was calling to her. She looked on the island to see her purse was still lying there.

      She slid it over, and pulled the business card, along with her phone and sent a text:

      I have a very hard itch that needs scratching.

      Before she could chicken out, she hit send. A gurgling sound let her know that the coffee was made, but before she could get a mug out of the cupboard, she was pitched forward.

      She fell painfully to her knees as she heard the plates and cups rattling in the cupboards. She let out a scream as her patio door exploded sending a tree into her kitchen and onto of her.

  14. Jeni called to the front desk to book a room for Joe and as she hung up, the room started to shake and Jeni flew to the floor. She looked up as Jordan ran to her, covering her, “Earthquake.”

    As the shivering stopped, Jeni got up, “Donny!!!!” She ran to the door, opened it to almost total destruction in the hallway. They ran to his door and knocked. JEni yelled, “DONNY, OPEN THE DOOR!!!”

    They heard a groan coming from inside the room. She tried to break the door down, but it was no use. She wasn’t strong enough.

    They heard Donny’s voice, low but they could manage to make out the words, “Mom, Dad, I’m stuck.”

    Jordan put all his might into the door, finally getting it off the hinges and they ran inside. Donny was under the desk, his legs not being able to move, the room was in disarray. The dresser that was full of his clothes fell over ontop of the desk, making Donny immobile. Jeni tried to pry the desk up, “Ugh it’s too heavy.”

    Donny had tears in his eyes, “Just a little so I can get my legs out.”

    Jeni and Jordan both lifted it up and he scooted his legs out. They both cuddled him as the sirens and car alarms were heard just outside the window. Jeni looked at Donny, “Do you need emergency help?”

    Donny shook his head, “No I think I’ll be okay.” Jordan helped him up and he took babysteps walking towards the bed. He leaned over and picked up his guitar that was broken at the neck and the strings popped off, “Well there goes that.”

    Jordan sat next to him, “We will get you another one son.” HE hugged him, “Just glad you are okay.”

    Jeni felt dizzy once again and grabbed the wall for support. She closed her eyes as a vision came to her. It was Missie and the guy Sam and her friend Dean were helping her off the floor in her kitchen. JEni put her hand on her head and opened her eyes, “Missie’s in trouble.”

    • Dean was stopped at a light, his hands drumming on the steering wheel, as he heard a pop coming from the back seat. He turned his head to see Cas sitting in the back seat.

      “Dammit Cas, how about using a phone.”

      Cas tilted his head to look at Dean, then at Sam. “You had orders to just observe.”

      Sam looked at Dean who was shifting uncomfortably in his seat. “Dean, you didn’t!”

      Dean shrugged his shoulder. “Hey in my defense I had no clue it was her..what the hell?” Dean grabbed the steering wheel as he felt the car lurch forward.

      “This isn’t good.”Cas looked out the window as he saw buildings start to crumble. “It’s too soon for this”

      “Too soon for what?” Dean blinked as Cas disappeared. “Hate it when he does that.”

  15. Donny stayed with Jordan as Jeni ran out of the hotel. She tried to call a cab, but there was so much destruction and traffic was backed up for miles. She sighed as she picked up her phone and tried to dial MIssie’s number, but she only got a recording saying all cell phone towers were down and then it dumped her in a busy signal.

    JEni felt a hand on her shoulder and it startled her. She turned to see a man wearing a tan trenchcoat, “Excuse me. Please take your hand off me.”

    “You must come with me Jeni.”

    She laughed, “I’m not going anywhere with you. My friend is in need of help.”

    “I know. There is something you should know about Missie. Please come with me.” He held out his hand for her to take.

    Jeni stepped back, “How do you know Missie?”

    “If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.”

    She crossed her arms, “Try me.”

    “I’m an Angel of the Lord.”

    JEni laughed, “Okay freak. Just let me be.” She turned back to the road as she felt his hand on her shoulder and a weird feeling inside her body. Her eyes closed and when she opened them, she was at a playground. It was vacant and it was just outside Los Angeles, “What the hell is going on?”

    Castiel looked at her, “This place is safe.”

    “Safe from what?”

    “Jeni you have to listen to me. Something has happened. YOu have to help me.”

    “I’m not helping you do anything. I need to get to my friend.”

    “You have met Sam?”

    JEni looked at him weirdly, “I talked to a Sam yesterday at the pier.”

    “I know. His name is Sam Winchester. Somehow the part of the world that I didn’t erase, he still existed in.”

    Jeni put her hands up, “Erase my memory? You are a freak.”

    “This earthquake was just the beginning.” HE snapped his finger as him and JEni went into a world where there was nothing. No buildings, just fire and ash, “this is what is going to happen is you don’t help me.”

    Jeni looked around the dull, creepy park she had just been in. It had once been colorful, playsets for children to play on, but now it was dark, no sun and the thundar could be heard as lightning struck what was left of the buildings in Downtown Los Angeles, “What is going on?”

    HE snapped his finger again and they were back in the colorful park, “Dean and Sam were only suppose to watch. They engaged. They broke the rules. Missie is pregnant with Dean’s babies, her husband left her. It’s upsetting history.”

    “Why am I involved in this?”

    “YOu are one of the chosen ones to help save the world. You were born gifted.”

    • The low rumble of the car was the only sound as Dean carefully drove along the street. Several large trees were down, and when one lay in the path of the car, Sam and Dean decided to wal the rest of the way.

      It was eerily quiet as they stepped over debri, they heard no cries for help. It took Dean several minutes before he recognized the brick sides house. A large tree had crashed through the back of the house.

      When Dean pushed his way through the front door, the smell of gas was heaven in the air. No words were said as Dean looked at his brother, and Sam instantly recognized the urgency.

      After fourth mintues of searching, they found her in the kitchen, with a tree limb lying across her legs.

      Sam took one side and Dean too the other as they tried to lift the heavy limb, and after several tires, they finally succeeded.

      Dean quickly reached down, and scooped an unconscious Missie into his arms.

      “Let’s get her back to the hotel.” Was the only word Dean spoke as he quickly carried her to the car.

  16. “How am I the chosen one? Can’t there be anyone else out there that can help you?”

    “No. If you want, after everything that is done and over with, I can erase everything that you have seen or gone through.” A crack of thundar was heard overhead as the clouds started to move swiftly over them, “There isn’t much time.”

    “Time for what?”

    They heard a sarcastic evil laugh coming from the trees behind them. They both looked over as a man wearing a purple robe walked out. He wore black pants, black shirt and black shoes. His hair was slicked back and his eyes were black as night, “Oh Castiel. Oh how I have missed you.”

    He stepped in front of Jeni, “Calvin you aren’t welcome here.”

    The older man laughed as he walked closer to Castiel and Jeni, “Just give me the girl and we’ll call it even.”


    Calvin moved closer, the lightning striking him in his hands and he pointed at Castiel as the electricity electrified him. Castiel screamed out in pain as he dropped to his knees in agony, “Run Jeni Run.”

    Jeni stayed and looked at Calvin and she spoke softly, “He’s an innocent. If it’s me you want, take me.”

    The electricity stopped flowing from Calvins hand and he walked over to Jeni and carresed the side of her cheek, “My love. We shall be together again soon. My two wives and I will be the most powerful beings on the earth.”

  17. Castiel raised his hand towards JEni, “JEni No.”

    JEni turned to him, then turned back to Calvin as it felt like she was living in another time period. She looked down at her garb to see she was wearing a white dress, the arms cut out, plunging neckline and two slits up each side of her legs. She wore gold heels, along with her long blonde hair down with a gold tiara. The gold bracelets stretched up her arms and as she looked around, she was surrounded by guards with spears wearing white dresses, sandles and white head gear.

    She looked around the room she was in to see a throne and the man that called himself calvin sitting on the throne, a golden staff in one hand and a golden goblet in the other. She looked up at him, “What is this?”

    “Your past life. Filled with gold and riches.”

    “I don’t belong here.”

    He hit the bottom of his staff against the concrete floor, making it echo througout the building, “You belong to me.”

    She glared at him, “No I dont!!”

    HE stood up, hitting the bottom of the staff against the floor again, “You must kneel before the king.”


    Calvin got upset, “I SAID KNEEL!!!!!”

    Jeni got a bit frightened with his tone and took a knee, kneeling in front of him. HE smiled, “That’s a good wifey. Soon the three of us will be together again.” HE walked to her, took her face in his hands and lifted her back on her feet, leaned over and kissed her on the lips, “Our love will ge forever and our circle will be complete.”

    She was zapped back into reality and she looked around the park and Castiel wasn’t anywhere in site. She looked down at her hands to see the large antique looking handcuffs around her wrists. She felt the iron choker around her neck and Calvin took the chain that was hooked on the choker as if she was wearing a collar like a dog, “Come with me now my love. We have things to do.”


      She rubbed the sleep from her eyes, the blue sheet wrapped around her body as she stumbled through the darkened motel room. She let out a curse as she tripped over something, stubbing her toe.

      With a click, the bathroom door shut, and she moved her palm along the wall, her heart beating widely in her chest. With a soft cry from her lips, she flipped on the light, and when she did, she let out a scream. The sheet was covered in blood, her hands shook as she dropped the sheet and felt her shorts. Her knees began to buckle as her vision became tunneled, her eyes rolled up into the back of her head, and she slumped to the floor.

      • Sam balanced the sack in his hands, as he tried to find the motel key that was somewhere in his pockets. When his long fingers pulled them out, he looked over to see that his brothers car was still gone, and he was starting to get worried.

        He opened the door to see the bed was empty, the bed seead a tangled mess on the floor. “Missie?” He shut the door with his foot, slowly walking to the table, and sat the take out bag onto the surface. “Hey, I, uh, got some food.” He walked over to the shut bathroom door, and lightly knocked with his knuckles. “Missie?” He took a step back when the door opened.

        Her hair was wet, and the blue sweater swallowed her, making her the much smaller. “T..thanks.” She slowly walked over to the table, sat down, placed her feet on the seat, wrapping her arms around her knees. She watched as he took out the ham sandwhiches, placing them in a napkin.

        She slowly picked at her sandwhiches, so many questions swirling in her head. Finally, she looked up to see that Sam was looking at her. “Sam, please. I need you to be honest.”

        Sam put his sandwhiche down as he took the napkin and wiped his mouth. “I don’t think..”

        “I wish people would stop fucking telling me I’m not ready to hear this. Please, Sam.”

        Sam sighed and leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms across his chest. “Dean and I were sent to watch you and Jeni.”

        “You stalked us?”

        “Not stalking. Dean and I are hunters.”

        “Hunters?” Missie looked at Sam, feeling her stomach lurch. ” I assume it’s not the grizzly bear type of hunters, right?”

        “Some very bad..demons.. are after you and Jeni.”

        “Demons?” The word lay thick in her tongue as she said the force in word. “Why?”

        “We are gonna find that out, okay?”

        Missie nodded as she picked up her half eaten sandwhich, taking small bites as she tried to wrap her mind about what she was just told.

  18. With a click of his fingers, JEni looked around to see she was in some sort of underground tunnel. There were steal walls and floors and all you could hear was Jeni’s boots clicking as she walked. Calvin took the chains and threw them, sending JEni with them onto the floor and she grunted as she hit the hard pavement.

    She looked back to see a smile on Calvin’s face, “Was that necessary?”

    He walked to her, his long fingernails carressing the side of her cheek, “You are my slave. You are going to be my wife and bear my fruit.”

    She spat into his face, “Like hell I am.”

    HE raised his hand and JEni knew it was coming as the palm of his hand smacked her up side the face, splitting her lip, making her bleed. She put her hand on her cheek as he spoke with disdain in his voice, “You will honor me.”

    JEni spat at him, her lip dripping with blood onto her white tshirt, “Well won’t I make a good bride with blood running down my chin.” She licked her lip and spat it on the steal floor, “Fuck you.”

    HE laughed, running his long fingernail over the side of her face again, “Soon my love. Soon.”

    • She was sitting on one bed, and Sam was on the other, as he slowly flipped through the channels, but Missie wasnt paying attention, instead, for some reason, her mind was on Dean.

      As if on cue, the motel door open and Dean came into the room, a paper sack in one hand, and his keys in the other.

      He stopped as he looked up from the floor, shocked to see Missie sitting up in bed, one knee pulled into her chest, her arm looped around her knee, and a piece of hair wrapped around her finger. Her slightly damp hair was pulled over one shoulder.

      “I’ll , uh, go see if they have a soda machine.”

      When the door clicked behind him, Dean walked to the table, set the sack down, reached inside, and pulled out a Manila folder.

      He threw it on the bed as he pointed to it. “Nice little read right there.”

      Missie looked at him, then at the folder. “What is that?”

      “Little incentive to get your divorce moving. Had a friend of mine dig some stuff up.” He pulled the top of some whiskey, took a long pull then shook it at her. “Might ease the sting a bit.”

      Missie shook her head as she slowly opened the folder, her hands shaking. Tears slid down her cheeks as she read the truth.

      Her husband, the one she had trusted, had a ten year old girl.

  19. Two people dressed in black suits walked over and grabbed the chains that Jeni was placed in. Calvin pointed, “Take her to the dungeon.”

    They pulled her onto her feet by the chains and she didn’t fight with them as they took her down a long corridor, lit only by candlelight and to a steel door that was open. They threw her inside, again landing on the ground, grunting as she looked back to see the door closing. No light in the room, no windows and she heard rats squeeking in front of her and she slid herself to the wall, her back against the cold metal and she pulled her knees up to her chin, putting her arms around them, “God please help me out of this.”


    Several hours passed and with her head on her knees, the door opened. She squinted at the light and a man walked in, his shoes clanking on the steal floor, “Time to go Mistress.”

    JEni thought she had been in a dream, but this was now starting to be her reality. There was no getting out of this. The chains were taken from her throat, her hands and legs and she was walked out of the room by a larger man wearing a black suit. The people had no faces, which she thought was odd, but they could talk, “Where are you taking me?”

    “His Exellence has a mission for you.”

    She was taken into a room and placed on her back on a steal table. The metal was so cold. She was strapped down by chains and her head placed in a restraint so she couldn’t move. A leather strap was put over her mouth, between her teeth so no sounds would come out and she waited.

    IT seemed like years and she was about to pass out from hyperventilating when Calvin walked in wearing a black robe, his head covered and several others behind him walked into the room and around the steal table Jeni was lying in. Candles were lit around the room and the table was brought upward, her face eyeing Calvin.

    He said some things in a language she didn’t understand and then it hit her like a thousand bricks all over her body. She heard the people with no faces humming a chant and the pain throughout her body was so intense, she thought she was going to explode. The restraint in her mouth forbid her from screaming as a black substance, almost smoke entered her body through her mouth and nose.

    The chanting continued and then Jeni didn’t scream anymore. She opened her eyes and Calvin smiled, “It is done. Release her.”

    Two men, one on each side of the table removed the restaints from her body. Calvin walked over to her to see the black eyes that Jeni now inherited and he ran his hand over the front of her body, “Hello my love.”

    She stepped down off the table, walked to him, putting her hands around his face, bringing her lips to his in a fiery passionate kiss, “My king!!!!”

    Her eyes turned from black to blue as they walked out of the candle lit room and back to his chambers.

    • Dean let Missie take her time in reading the files. He had to give her some credit, she was taking it pretty well.

      After pouring himself a large glass of whiskey, he let her have the bottle.

      He went to the table, flipped the chair around, straddled it and slowly drank.

      “Okay.” Missie let out a breath as she tossed the folder away from her. “So, what next?”

      “Sam and I are gonna take you to this hunter we know. He would be the one to know how to find Jeni.”

      Missie rubbed her face, then crossed her arms. “When do we leave?”

      Dean got up from the chair, pushing it in. “First thing in the morning.”

  20. Calvin held JEni’s hand as he opened the double steel doors to his chamber. She looked around and smiled as she saw a lavish bedroom. King size bed covered in red satin, the mirrors that circulated the room, showing every crevis. The dressers made out of pure gold and several woman servants, again with no faces, ran over and grabbed JEni and whisked her away into another room.

    They filled the large bathtub with lavender, they undressed her and she stepped into the warm water. Each of the three faceless woman took a sponge and washed every part of her body. As they were done, she stood on her feet, the woman dried her off with towels made of the finest materials. She stepped out of the tub into a long white satin robe. The bottom and sleeves were lace and a off white belt made of silk was tied around her small waist.

    The woman took her by the arm and walked her out of the large bathroom and into the large bedroom of Calvin. HE was pouring white into gold goblets as he turned to her and his face lit up, “You are so beautiful my love.”

    The woman left as JEni walked barefoot over the lush red carpet to where Calvin was standing wearing only a long black robe. HE handed her the goblet, put the bottle down and held up his glass, “To my future wife. I will love you forever.”

    They clanked their goblets and took a sip. Jeni put her goblet down on the table that was covered in gold bowls filled with fruits and pastries and she walked over to Calvin. She took his goblet out of his hand and put it on the lavish table and ran her hands over his muscular, semi hairy chest, running her fingers over his erect nipples. She looked up at him, “Take me Master.”

    HE undid her satin belt and slowly took the satin robe from her body. She stood there, her petite frame a body any man could ask for. HE pulled her blonde hair off her shoulder, leaned over and kissed her collarbone. She tilted her head back as the electricity flowed through her body.

    His hands ran from her back to her perfect shaped ass. His long fingernails slipping through the crack of her ass to the wet puddle forming as he continued to kiss. He whispered in her ear, “Are you ready for me?”

    She closed her eyes, feeling her body tingle with every touch, “YEs master.”

    HE untied his robe, took it off his shoulders and it dropped to the ground, “Kneel before me.”

    She did what she was instructed to do, kneeling on the red plush carpet, her hands on his hips as she leaned in and took his large cock into her mouth, moving it in and out. Calvin closed his eyes as her hands went to his ass, squeezing it lightly as his growing cock slid in and out of her mouth, going further and further in each time.

    He pulled himself out of her mouth, taking a step back, “Stand.”

    She again did what she was instructed to do. HE leaned over and kissed her hard on her lips as he fondled her large breasts. HE pulled away and took her hand as he led her over to the large bed. HE turned her and pushed her down on the bed. Calvin yanked her hips up as he spread her legs, taking his long fingernail down her slit into her hot wet pussy, “My love you are so ready for me.”

    HE pulled his finger out, licking the juices from his fingers, spread her wide, took a hold of his large cock and slid it into her hole. Jeni held herself up on her hands as he pumped away from behind her, letting out moans and growns each time he jabbed her.

    She felt her insides almost go mooshy as she came instantly with his size and technique. She felt him getting harder, almost about to lose his load when he stopped, pulled out of her, turned her over, laid her down on her back, pulled her legs up above her head and slammed into her several more times. As he came inside of her, the pain he felt inside was something words couldn’t describe. AS he came, he yelled, “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!”

    • Dean was irritated with his brother. He should have been back by now, and he was not answering his phone. He looked up as he heard the bathroom door click open, to see Missie brushing her hair. She leaned into the door frame.

      “So, I guess I should be completely honest with you. I mean after all, your helping me find Jeni.”

      Dean huffed out something as he looked back down at his phone. “I knew all long who you were.”

      “Why didn’t you say anything?”

      “Because. I needed to keep you safe. With Calvin.”

      “Why me?”

      Dean let out a sigh as he took another long pull of the whiskey. “Because, it is said that you will bear the child of a demon.”

      Missie looked at Dean, feeling her mouth grow dry. She walked over to him, grabbed the bottle form his fingers and put the whiskey to her lips. “Well, now.” Missie slid him a smile, “We shouldn’t let that happen now should we?”

      Neither of them were certain who reached the other one first, but they both tumbled into bed, their limbs tangled together, and their mouths all over each other.

      Sam let out a whistle as he adjusted the grocery bag under his arm, as he walked down the breezeway.

      He stopped as he heard a noise coming from the room just a few doors down. As he got closer, he was met with a muffled moan.

      Sam looked at the large window that was next to the door, to see the curtain was half open, so he moved his head to look.

      He could see the bed, and the rapid banging on the wall, suddenly realizing what he was hearing.

  21. Calvin pulled out of her and put his robe back on as the woman that were his servants came to his side. JEni was confused, “Did I do something wrong Master?”

    Calvin looked at her, “No my love. There is something I need you to do for me.”

    She got up from the bed, walked her naked body over to him and knelt down on her knees, bowing her head, “Anything Master.”

    “Get that bitch Melissa and bring her to me. IT’s time for this game to be over.”

    HE snapped his fingers as a faceless man walked in wearing a black robe, “Yes Master.”

    “The potion. We need to get this done like yesterday.”

    “YEs Master.” The faceless man bowed, turned and walked back out he door. JEni was whisked away into the changing room where the lady servants put her into a pair of jeans and a clean white tshirt. The servants put her boots on and laced them up for her as others pulled her hair back into a ponytail.

    She stood up as Calvin entered and nodded, “Perfect.” HE handed her a small purple velvet satchel, “Take this with you. Put it into her drink, the potion will do the rest.”

    JEni bowed her head, “YEs master.”

    HE put his hands on her head as he said some magical words again in a language she didn’t understand and she looked up at him, her eyes again changing from blue to black, then back to blue and she smiled, “Consider it done.”

    HE leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, “Incognito my love. If your cover is blown, I will kill you.”

    JEni nodded, “Yes master.”

    As she walked away, she was escorted to the front doors of the underground building. As the two men walked through the door wearing their black suits, their faces came into focus and they were actually quite hansome. One with blonde hair, the other dark hair, both wearing sunglasses. The taller one looked at JEni as they walked to the limo that was parked just down the road, he spoke softly, “My name is Damon. His name is Zeus. Your boyfriend hired us to protect you from the maniac fans. Your name is Jenifer Mack. Your best friend’s name is Missie. The Winchesters are evil. Understand everything?”

    Zeus opened the door to the limo as JEni nodded, “My name is JEnifer Mack. My best friend is Missie. The Winchesters are evil. I understand everything.”

    She got into the limo and Zeus shut the door. The two men got into the front seat and they were off back to Los Angeles that was just a couple hours away.

    • Missie opened her eyes, letting out a sigh. When her hands hit empty sheets, she quickly opened them. She sat up, clutching the sheets to her as she realized he wasn’t in the room.

      Then the anger set in.

      “That stupid son of a bitch.” Missie mumbled as she walked over to her bag, and yanked out a pair of jeans and a sweater.

      When she opened the door, she took a stumble backwards as Dean came through the door, almost colliding with her, almost making the bag he was holding to fall on the ground.

      “Oh,” She moved backwards as he came into the room. “I thought you left.”

      Dean slid her a smile as he held up the sacks. “Got is some breakfast. Can you go wake up sleeping beauty?”

      Missie put a hand to her mouth as she yawned, accepting the breakfast sandwich. “What room?”

      Dean smiled at her. “He’s in the car . We leave in ten minutes.”

  22. The limo pulled up in front of the hotel and they saw Missie walking out to the black vehicle, opening the door. Jeni said to herself in the backseat, “My name is Jenifer Mack. My best friend is Missie. The Winchesters are evil.” She closed her eyes, then opened them as the door opened up. Zeus stood there, “Ms. Mack.”

    Jeni put her legs out of the limo as Missie looked up, “Hey JEni!!!!”

    JEni waved as Zeus shut the door to the limo and waited just outside the vehicle. Jeni walked over to MIssie and hugged her, “Sorry I had some business to attend too.”

    “No problem.” Missie laughed, “I see Jordan got you some bodyguards.”

    JEni smiled, “Yes he did. Funny really. You know how he worries.”

    JEni ended up putting on her sunglasses as the door to the hotel opened and Dean walked out. Her eyes instantly changed from blue to black and anger filled her body. She said under her breath, “Evil.”

    Missie opened the door to the vehicle to wake up Sam and looked at JEni, “Yeah he is. Super hot.”

    Jeni’s focused and turned her eyes back to blue, “What’s going on?”

    Dean walked over and threw the bag into the backseat, waking up Sam, “Get up sleepy head. Time to hit the road.”

    Sam yawned, “OH hey Jeni. Where have you been?” HE wiped the sleep from his eyes.

    Jeni touched the side of the black Impala and pulled back as it burnt her fingers, “Just out and about. I’m gonna follow you guys. I have the limo at my expense.” She smiled, “Maybe Missie can come with me, keep me company.”

    Missie smiled, “Sounds good.” She turned to Dean, “We will be right behind you.” She leaned up and kissed him on the lips, turned and walked to the limo.

    SAm looked at JEni weirdly, “Are you okay?”

    JEni nodded, “Yeah. Just tired. LEt’s go boys.”

    • Missie was a little disappointed that she couldn’t ride in the same car as Dean. She would have rather spent the trip staring at him.

      “Want some champagne? I figure Jordans paying for it, so why not.”

      Missie thanked her as she took the glass, taking a small sip. “This is good.”

      Jeni smiled as she gestured for Missie to drink up. “We have a whole bottle.”

      A few hours later, The caravan pulled off to a diner, that at this late hour, was closed.

      Missie went to open the door, when she felt a wave of dizziness over come her. She shook her head as she opened the door, her head turning to where Dean was walking to the diner.

      “Hey,” Dean let out a yelp as he was pulled by the hand to the darkest corner of the diner, “Where’s the fire?” He let out a groan as her hand slid down his jeans, sighing as she wrapped her fingers around his erection.

      He grabbed her breast but she knocked it away. “No time.”

      He caught her as she jumped up in his arms, her legs wrapped around his waist, and he reached between them, bent his knees and thrust into her.

      Sounds of moans, whispers, sighs, and groans filled the night air as Dean let out a growl, as he finishes inside of her.

  23. Jeni and Sam got a booth and waited for MIssie and Dean to come back from the bathroom. They both ordered coffee and Sam looked at her, “Are you sure you are okay? You seem off.”

    She sipped the hot beverage, “Yeah I’m fine. Thanks for asking.”

    He nodded as they sat in silence until Missie and Dean returned, both with smiled on their faces. Dean asked JEni to move next to Sam so him and Missie could sit together. She obliged and Missie giggled as Dean’s hands were no where in site.

    Jeni got up from the booth, “I’ll be right back. I have a headache, have to get some tylenol out of the limo.” She walked out the door and to the limo where the bodyguard opened the back door and she got in.

    HE was waiting for her inside the limo, “Where is she?”

    “In the diner.” HE was wearing a red velvet coat and black pants with black dress shoes. He also had a large came in his hands and his long fingernails wrapped around the cold head.

    “Did you give her the potion?”


    “She should be out like a light. You didn’t give her enough.”

    Jeni looked at CAlvin, “Master, I gave her the whole bottle.”

    Calvin slapped her across the face and she held her hand over her cheek, “Bring her to me.”

    Jeni nodded, “Yes master.” She got out of the limo and headed back into the restaurant and sat next to Sam, “Sorry about that.” She smiled as she took the tylenol and drowned them down with her coffee, “That’s a little better.”

    The four of them talked for over an hour, everyone getting some food accept Jeni. She just drank coffee and they retreated out into the parking lot as Zeus opened the door to the limo. JEni looking back as Sam was trying not to watch, but Dean and Missie couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Jeni cleared her throat, “Okay take a break. We have to get going here. Let’s go Mis!!!!”

    • Something wasn’t right.

      Dean looked in the rear view mirror, trying to see the headlights of the limo, but he lad lost them when they turned a corner.

      Sam had a flashlight on a journal, trying to find something in this Calvin. His Dad had seen everything under the sun, so maybe he could find something.

      He looked up from a page when he felt the Impala slow down, he looked over at Dean.


      Dean glanced over at Sam before he turned the wheel, the back tires skidded on the pavement. “Something doesn’t feel right.”


      She opened her eyes to see she was on some kind of table, a bright light was above her head, make her eyes squint.

      She could sense there where others in the room with her, but when she tried to move, she couldn’t.

      Her head was painfully snapped to the side and she found herself looking at a man with dark hair and even darker eyes. Missie let out a scream as a knife plunged down ward.

  24. Inside JEni’s body as she watched her friend get sliced and diced, something wasn’t right. What were they doing? She tried to fight it and finally she became herself again. She played it off like she was still under the spell. She walked over and took the knife from Calvin, “Master, let me.”

    HE smiled at JEni and handed the scapel to her and stepped back. The knife in JEni’s hand shook as her body shook and she looked into Missie’s eyes, trying to tell her something. They couldn’t communicate through eye contact. Calvin crossed his arms, “LEt’s get this done.”

    Jeni looked at Calvin, than back at Missie and mumbled, “Fight it Mis. Fight it.”

    As Jeni’s shakened hand went towards Missie’s skin, MIssie lifted her head, opened her eyes and mouth and the worst yell you had ever heard came from her mouth. The scalpel flew across the room, JEni fell to the floor as light filtered out of Missie’s eyes, mouth and openings that Calvin had inflicted on her.

    The faceless men put their hands over their ears as the wretched scream could have probably been heard for miles.

    The leather shackles that were placed around Missie’s hands and feet were melting away. Calvin ran to her and put his long hands with sharp fingernails around her neck, squeezing her, “You will not do this to me.”

    Missie looked at him, her eyes still glowing from the light and she spoke fluently and dominately, “Ye though I walk through the valley of death and I shall show no fear.”

    Calvin gripped harder around her neck, “I am death. You will fear me.”

    Missie smiled at him as two waves of lights came out of her eyes like headlights, boring into Calvin’s. HE yelled as his eyes burned, letting go of his grip and put his hands over his eyes. It looked like he his face was on fire, the skin melting away. Missie stepped down from the table as JEni got up and ran to her, “We have to get out of here!!”

    • Jeni slid her arm around Missies waist as she tried to help her friend, but her strength was fading fast.

      “Come on Mis, we just need to get out of here.”

      Missie felt her knees began to buckle as she fell to the ground, Jeni trying with all her might to get her back up. She reached into Missie jean pocket and felt her phone. With shaking fingers, Jeni scrolled through trying to find Deans number.


      “Son of a bitch!” Dean slammed his hand on the roof of the empty limo, groaning as he felt a burn scratch along his ribs.

      “Maybe we should call Cas.”

      Dean let out a sigh “Yeah.” He heard a ring coming from his car, so he ran to the drivers side door to see his phone on the dash. He reached through the open window to see her number.


  25. “Dean it’s Jeni. Need your help here.”

    “Where are you?”

    She paused and looked around at the same place she had been in before, “I….I don’t know. Missie has lost all her strength and I’m not strong enough to carry her.”

    “Jeni, listen to me.” He held his ribs where blood was seeping through his flannel shirt. He gritted as he placed his hand over the large cut, “I need you to get outside and find where you are. Sam and I can’t come get you unless we know where you are.”

    JEni sighed, “I don’t know if I can.” She was nearly crying, “Her GPS on her phone doesn’t tell you anything?”

    “No. IT’s not on the map.”

    The phone was yanked from Dean and SAm put it to his ear, “JEni it’s Sam.”

    “Sam…..I’m trying. What more can I do?”

    “Just get out of any door. Any window, anything. I’ll track you from there.”


    She hung up the phone and put it into her pocket and picked Missie’ back up, putting her arm around MIssie’s body, holding her up, “Okay with the last part of my strength, I am getting you out of here.”

    They got to a door that was made out of steel and JEni lifted her leg, kicking it open to see the sunshine flowing in. It must have been first thing in the morning, the birds were chirping, the wind was blowing moderately and Jeni lifted Missie one last time as they walked through the door. The warm air hit JEni and she put Missie down by a tree and picked the phone from her pocket, dialing the number again.

    She heard a swish sound and turned to see Castiel standing right behind her. She put her hand on her chest, “You scared me.”

    “They found you. They are coming. About an hour away.”

    Castiel walked over to her and put his finger on her forehead and did the same with Missie. He looked at the girls as they slept next to each other behind a tree, “You will only remember that Sam and Dean are here to help you. You will remember nothing else.”

    • “Two cups of coffee.”

      The waitress sat the carafe in in the middle of the table, and looked over at the woman sitting in the booth, with her knees pulled up to her chest.

      “She okay?”

      Jeni smiled at the waitress as she turned her mug over, then reached over and did the same with Missies. “ n are jerks.”

      “Okay,” the waitress gave Missie another look before putting the pen behind her ear. “If y’all need anything else, just holler. My names Denise.”

      “Mis, hey, why don’t you drink some coffee. It’ll warm ya up.”

      Missie took her eyes off the window and looked at Jeni, feeling her body tremble. For some reason, she was frightened of Jeni.

      Missie reached for her cup, her hands trembling, making the spoon clank against the ceramic.

      Missie was in mid stir when a deep rumble made her looks toward the window, and the object she had been looking for, pulled into the parking lot.

      She didn’t remember getting out of the booth, but she was outside in the chilly air, pregnant with rain.

  26. They heard the sweep of the wings and Dean looked into the backseat to see Castiel sitting there, “Wow thanks for coming. I called you an hour ago.”

    “I know I’m sorry. I got busy with two girls.”

    Dean laughed, “Busy huh?” He winked his eye.

    “Dean not like that. JEni and Missie. They are safe. Tina’s diner. I took them there myself.”

    Sam turned his head, “HOw are they doing?”

    “I put my Angel guard on them. JEni seems fine, Missie, I don’t know. I can’t read her.”

    Dean nodded, “Thanks Cas.” HE hit the gas as Castiel left within a blink of an eye and they headed down Route 67 towards Tina’s diner. Dean pulled into the parking lot as the rain poured down and shut off the engine. HE got out to see Missie standing there, looking at him, scared look in her eyes.

    Jeni ran out of the diner and put her arms around Sam, “God It’s so great to see you.” He hugged her deeply like he always wanted to do, he had more love for this woman than anyone he had ever had in his whole life. But it wasn’t meant to be and he knew that.

    JEni pulled away and kissed him on the lips, “Thank you for everything.” She ran over to Dean as he kept his eyes on Missie and put her hands around him and he pulled her away, “No lovey dovey chic flic moments here.” HE pushed her to the side and walked up to Missie, “Hey.”

    • Missie wasn’t sure what to think seeing Dean step out of the car. She wasn’t sure where this fear was coming from.


      All the worries, all the fears and all the doubts left her as he slid her that smile.

      She felt the adrenaline leave her body and she felt so weak. She felt her knees buckle and before she could hit the dirt, Dean slid his arm around her tiny waist, grimacing at the wound in his side.

      He lay Missie in the backseat next to Jeni. When he slid into the drivers seat, he looked over at Sam.

      “We need Bobbys help.”

      Sam lifted up his phone. “Calling him now.”

  27. Missie’s head was in Jeni’s lap and she pulled her hair from her eyes, massaging her head, “Who’s Bobby?”

    Sam responded after hanging up the phone, “An old friend. Almost like a father to us.”

    “Good guy?” Jeni asked.

    “Very good guy. HE would give you the coat off your back if you needed it.”

    They arrived at the old car dealership with a rustic house in the back. Dean pulled Missie out and carried her in as Sam and Jeni followed. Bobby opened the door, “Thought you would be here already. Get your asses in here.”

    Dean laid Missie on the old rustic couch and pulled a blanket over her body, “Something isn’t right here Bobby.”

    HE took his trucker cap off and put it back on his head, “I see that.”

    The swish sound was heard as Castiel appeared in teh room. Bobby looked at him, “Balls. you scared me.”

    “I’ve been doing that lately. I’m sorry.”

    Castiel walked over to Missie and ran his hand over her forehead, “She needs medical help.” HE pulled up her shirt to see the large sized slice in her abdomen. He turned to Dean and pulled up his shirt.

    Dean pulled back, “Hey not into that stuff.”

    “Pull your shirt up. I have to see if something is there.”

    Dean pulled up his flannel to see the large identical scrape across Dean’s abdomen, “I got this earlier. I don’t know how.”

    Castiel turned back to Missie, “That’s why it didn’t work.”

    Dean questioned him, “What?”

    “The Angel Guard.” HE turned to Dean, “You two have identical marks.”

    “What does that mean?” Dean asked.

    Bobby chimed in, “The mark of compatibility.”

    “That means?” Dean reversed.

    Bobby continued, “The mark of compatibility was a mark that Adam and Eve had to signal they belonged to each other.”

    Dean shrugged, “So?”

    Castiel put his hand on her abdomen and closed his eyes, “She’s pregnant. She needs help.”

    “It’s just a cut.” Dean replied

    Castiel glared at him, “The mark of Adam and Eve isn’t taken lightly. You think it’s only a cut, but if something isn’t done, she will bear two children..twins and they will kill each other.”

    • He slowly opened his eyes to see the rosy hue of dawn shining through the half-open curtains. It took him a minute to realize where he was, and why he was so uncomfortable. His legs were straight out in front of him, his boots on the edge of the bed, his right ankle crossed over his left one, and His arms were crossed over his chest, his hands tucked underneath each arm.

      Then he saw her sleeping form.

      Dean let out a huff as he moved his legs off the bed, feeling the tightness between his shoulders. He leaned forward, placing his boots on the floor, as he rolled his shoulders back and forth, then rolled his neck around in a circle, feeling the stiffness of the last hunt, only proving the point that Dean was getting older.

      I’m too old for this shit.

      Cas had tried to fix Missie, but she was proving too powerful. So, he could only heal her injuries. There was an option to help her, but it would be a risk to the babies lives or Missies. So, Dean had a difficult choice to make.

      The door squeaked open, making Dean freeze, his hand instantly reaching for the gun he had placed on the nightstand. He let out a breath as he noticed Sam’s head peak around the door. “Hey, Cas called. He needs to see us.”

  28. Jeni awoke the next morning feeling as if she fell off a third story building and cracked her head on the cement. She walked into the bathroom and splashed some water on her face and saw a hand come inside the door, “this might do the trick.”

    She took the cup from Sam and put the hot liquid to her lips. She spit it out into the sink, “What the hell is this?”

    Sam laughed on the other side of the door, “Coffee.”

    Jeni opened the door to see him grinning ear to ear. There was something about him that turned her on. She didn’t know what it was. She said softly,”What’s it mixed with?”

    “Hunters coffee. Not gonna tell you what’s in it. You may grow to love it.”

    He walked away down the hall as Jeni took another sip and grimaced at it went down her throat, almost making her gag, “This is so gross.”

    She dumped the rest of it down the drain of the sink, walked into the kitchen And poured herself another cup of coffee. Bobby walked in, “Good morning beautiful.”

    Jeni smiled, “hi. How’s Missie?”

    “Castile called. He wants to talk to everyone. He’s on his way.”

    Jeni nodded, “What’s in that coffee?”

    Bobby laughed, “Little bit of this…little bit of that. Makes you strong, grows hair on your chest.”

    Jeni laughed, “not my cup of tea.”. Her phone went off in her pocket and she took it out and looked to see it was Jordan, ” Excuse me I have to take this.”

    • Sam slowly opened the bedroom door to see the form on the bed. He had the task of trying to rouse Missie, while Dean drank himself drunk. What Cas explained to them on the phone, he was going to need.

      “Mis, hey,” he paused as he lightly touched her skin, feeling the heat beneath her finger tips. A low moan came from her lips as he shook her harder. “Mis, can you hear me?”

      Her head slowly moved back and forth as another moan came from her. He slid his hands under her back as he slowly lifted her out of bed, her small body dwarfed into his larger one, hoping that his woman could be saved.

      Deans sanity hinged on her survival.

  29. Jeni walked outside just as she put the phone to her ear, “Hey babe.”

    “Don’t hey babe me. Where are you?”

    “Actually Jordan I have no idea. Its been a long couple of days. Missie isn’t doing well.”

    “A few days? You have been gone a month. No phone call nothing.”

    Jeni laughed, “I haven’t been gone a month. Are you on something?”

    “I’m worried sick. What are you doing? Whoring yourself around?”

    Jeni sighed, “You know I don’t do that.”

    “I don’t know you anymore Jeni. Why don’t you get back here.”

    “Jordan I can’t.. I told you Missie isn’t well.”

    “You get back here now or we are done.”.

    She heard the click of the phone and pulled it from her ear. Jordan and her hadn’t been good for awhile and she knew this was the last straw. She had to go back to Los Angeles and sort things through.

    • She sat at the table, a blue wool blanket around her shoulders, and a cup of Hunters coffee in her hands. Dean was no where to be found, so she was alone with Sam and Cas.

      “Okay.” Missie swallowed thickly as she looked up from her hands to see Sam. “If you think it could work.”
      Cas cleared his theist. “Actually, there’s a chance it wow not work.”

      Missie slid her hand down to her stomach, lightly rubbing. “The fact I’m even pregnant is a miracle. If it means a chance..”

      “You’re too weak.”

      Missie turned her head when she heard the husky voice to see Dean standing in the doorway, and he looked rough. His eyes were bloodshot and he had scruff along his face.
      She turned to Sam. “What would you do?”

  30. Jeni walked back into the house and told the boys she had to go back to Los Angeles. She wouldn’t be gone long.

    She called a taxi And waited, Sam wanting to go with her, but she refused. This was something she had to do on her own.

    She dropped in Los Angeles several hours later, hailing a taxi back to the hotel she had been staying at. She got an extra key from the front desk, rode the elevator up to the 32nd floor and walked down the long hallway. As she put the card key I’m, the room across from her opened. Donny walked out as jeni turned around, “hi baby. I’m so sorry.”

    Donny hugged her, “I’m not the one who has the issue. I’m glad you are safe.”

    She pulled from him, “pack your bags. We are leaving. Have to get back to Missie.”

    He walked back into his room as jeni turned the knob on her door and walked in. She knewjordan was in the shower so she got her luggage and filleditup with her possessions. He walked out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel, “well,well,well.”

    Jeni turned to him, “listen. I’m not here to start something with you. We both know this relationship hasn’t been working for quite some time. We aren’t married, so maybe we just need a been from each other.”

    Jordan nodded, “I agree. I’m sorry if I hurt you in any way. We have grown apart.”

    Jeni walked over to him and put her hands on his chest, looking up at him, “I do love you Jordan. Don’t ever forget that.”. She leaned up And gave him a kiss on the lips, turned and picked up her luggage and walked out the door.

    Donny met her in the lobby and they hailed a cab to the airport. As they got on the plane, jeni made the phone call to Sam to pick them up at the airport. They dropped in Iowa and headed to the baggage claim where sam was waiting. He walked up to them, ” tell me this isn’t Donny?”

    Jeni smiled, “yes I don’t wanna know how you know that. Donny this is Sam.”

    They shook hands And all three headed out into the parking structure of the airport. Donny spoke softly, “so what’s wrong with aunt Missie?”. Before Anyone could say anything Donny let out a yell, ” damn nice car!”

    Jeni And Sam laughed as she got in the back and the two boys got in the front And headed back to bobby’s house.

    As they walked in the house, dean looked up from the beerbottle he was twirling on the table with his hand, “tell me this is the kid that ruined my favorite shirt?”

    Donny looked at jeni weirdly and Sam put his hand up, “she doesn’t wanna know how we know him.”

    “How’s Missie?”, jeni spoke.

    • Sam looked at Dean, then at Missie who was growing paler by the minute. “I think if Cas doesn’t try something, you will die.”

      “But if you do, you will die.” Dean clenched his fists against his thigh, resisting the urge to scream at her to not do it. The thought of loosing her..

      “But it’s a chance Dean. To save our babies.”

      “Fine,” Dean threw up his hands as he pushed off the door jamb.

      “Dean,” Missie felt her vision begin to dim, and her knees buckled.

      Sam was closer to her, so he ran over to her, catching her before she fell. “Get Cas, now.” Sam adjusted Missie on his arms as he took her to the upstairs bedroom.

      Sam lay her on the bed, her body covered in sweat. She arched her back so far, her head was flat on the mattress.

      A blood curdling scream came from her mouth and Sam notice the lights in the room begin to flicker.

      “Dean!” Sam yelled. “Get in here!”

  31. Jeni awoke from her nap with the screams coming from Missie. She ran out of the room and down the hall where Dean was flying up the steps, “What is going on?”

    Dean didn’t say anything as he rushed into the room. Castiel was already there as Dean walked to the side of the bed and grabbed Missie’s hand, “What can I do?”

    Castiel ran his finger over Missie’s forehead, “There isn’t much more we can do.”

    Dean grabbed her hand harder, “Come on Cas. There has to be something.”

    “There is something, but it’s too risky and it might not even work.”

    “What is it?” Dean exclaimed.

    Jeni stood by Sam as Castiel continued, “I need to grab your soul. She’s much too powerful than I am. She always has been, she always will. Grabbing your soul will give me the power to overcome and heal her.”

    Dean let go of her hand and opened his shirt, “Do it!!!”

    Jeni finally seeing how much Missie meant to Dean and inside she was smiling. She stepped forward, “No, I’ll do it.”

    Castiel looked at her, “I can’t with you.”


    HE looked sincerely at Jeni, “I don’t wanna make you upset, but you have too much witch inside you.”

    Donny ended up walking in scratching his head, “What’s going on?”

    Jeni turned to Sam, “Can you please.”

    HE nodded and walked Donny out of the room. Dean looked at Castiel, “Do it.”

    “I can’t just do it Dean. I have to do it gingerly. If I don’t grab your soul correctly you could explode.”


    Sam walked with Donny to the kitchen, “It’s something you can’t understand.”

    “Try me. I read up on all this stuff. I’m not an idiot.”

    HE looked at Donny, “Listen this is very complicated. If Castiel doesn’t do it exactly how it’s suppose to be done, Dean could die, along with Missie.”

    “What is he going to do?”

    Sam sighed, “Grab his soul. The soul is pure.”

    Donny, “Complicated?”

    “Yes very.”

    Donny turned and headed back to the room and walked in Sam trying to grab him, “I’ll do it.”

    Jeni turned to him, “No baby. No.”

    “There is no soul in here that is as pure as mine. I’m young and strong.”

    Castiel looked at Dean, “He’s telling the truth.”

    Dean turned to Jeni, “I thought that Jeni has too much evil inside of her. What about her offspring?”

    Castiel explained, “Actually he’s very pure. He doesn’t know anything and the evil hasn’t tempted him yet. HE would be our best candidate to save Missie’s life.”

    • Dean let out a sigh as he rubbed his tired, gritty eyes, trying to get her screams out of his head. He wanted to yell at them to stop, but he knew this was to save her life. And the babies.

      He took a long swig of the scotch, wishing she would just wake up. Ten hours had passed and she still hadn’t woken up and everyone was getting concerned. Sam argued that they should at least take her to the hospital, but Dean argued that questions would start to be asked, and in their line of work, that wasn’t good

      Dean looked up to see Jeni staring at him from the hallway. “Save it.”

      “She’s not waking up Dean. We need to do something, okay? Do you love her?”

      “Hmmphh,” Dean mumbled as he stumbled up from the couch. “I’ll drive.”

      “Like hell,” Jeni opened her hands. “Sam’ll drive. Come on, come help me with her.”

  32. Donny got upset when JEni told him no, that he left the room and headed back to the one he had been napping in. JEni walked behind him and shut the door behind her, “I’m sorry.”

    Donny looked up, “Save it mom. I don’t wanna hear anymore.”

    She walked over and sat next to his bed, “LIsten to me, you are my treasure. You are the one that I love with all my heart. I can’t lose you. I have already lost your father.”

    Donny sighed, “I’m sorry about that. You kinda didn’t see it coming.”

    “And you did?”

    “Actually yeah I did. Always busy both of you. I have led a sheltered life cause of you and Dad. Let me give the world a chance and help Aunt Missie. Please.”

    “You could die.”

    “Then I would die doing something that would save my family. How much more honest can that be?”

    Jeni nodded, “I understand. I’m sorry.”

    She got up and headed out the door, shutting it behind her and headed to the kitchen area. She sat at the table and poured herself a cup of coffee. It was dark in the house and she knew that everyone was asleep. When she was almost finished with her first cup, she heard footsteps on the wooden floor. She looked up as Sam walked into the kitchen, “Can’t sleep?”

    She shrugged, “Not really. I don’t sleep much anyways.” He walked over to the counter and grabbed the brown bottle and a coffee cup and walked back to the table sitting down. She poured the cup for herself than him and he opened the bottle and put some in each cup, “This makes it better.”

    She took a sip and grimaced at the taste, “Hunters coffee?”

    Sam smiled, “Yeah.” He sipped his as he leaned back in the chair, “How’s Donny? He’s grown up to be a very wonderful young man.”

    “He’s mad at me.” She leaned over on the table, “HE’s never been mad at me like this before.”

    “HE’s old enough to make his own decisions.”

    JEni looked at Sam, “I’m not ready to lose him.”

    Sam nodded, “I understand that.”

    They drank for several more hours. After the coffee was gone, they turned to the tequila, drinking it straight. They laughed at each other and made jokes.

    Sam, in his drunken state, looked at Jeni, “I think you are the most beautiful woman in the whole world. I have had a crush on you for so long.”

    JEni got up from her chair and walked behind him, pulling his hair back with her hands, leaning forward and putting her lips on the side of his neck, “You dream about me?”

    HE closed his eyes as her lips moved from spot to spot on his neck, “All the time.” HE moaned silently.

    She pulled his chair out with him still on it and straddled him. She looked into his eyes, putting her hands on each side of his face, “Why did you not tell me?”

    “You were pregnant and was with Jordan.”

    Jeni leaned in, just inches from his lips and she could smell the alcohol from his breath. She smiled as he moaned as she grown her hips into his growing erection. She leaned in closer as her lips slightly touched his. Sam closed his eyes as he felt her soft velvet lips graze over his. He put his hands on her back and moved her up as their kiss deepened.

    The light turned on and the two of them looked up squinting as Bobby walked in, “Don’t mind me.”

    Jeni got off Sam’s lap, “Time for bed. Goodnight Bobby. Goodnight Sam.”

    Sam got up, ‘I’ll walk you to your room.”

    Both of them walked to Jeni’s door and she opened it up. She turned to him, “I’m sorry. I’m a tad bit drunk and I’m not usually like this. I think us being together will complicate things.”

    Sam nodded as he ran his hand through his long brown hair, “I agree. Goodnight. Sweet dreams.”

    • Dean slowly opened the door, flinching at the loud creak, and slowly walked into the bedroom, his boots silent on the floor.

      She was lying on top of the sheets, her small hands placed on her chest, and in all accounts, she looked dead.

      Dean slowly kneeled down on the floor, placing his knees in the wooden surface. He looked at her long, slender fingers, to the neatly manicure French Tips.

      He took a hand and laced it through his larger one, and brought it to his lips. He hear a soft moan, then looked to see her eyelids start to flutter.

      “Missie,” He reached up and smoothed the hair from her forehead. “Hey baby.”

      “Dean?” She moaned, and ran her hand to her stomach. “Something’s wrong.”

      Dean nodded as he got up from the floor. “Ok. Let me get Sam.”

      Dean walked out of the room and swiftly down to where Sam was staying. He raised his hand and knocked twice, then flung the door open to see Sam lying in bed, rubbing his eyes. “It’s Missie.” Dean shit the door and then quickly opened it back up to see Jeni popping up from under the covers.

  33. JEni closed the door to her room and heard Sam’s footsteps down the hall to his own room. She walked to the bed and laid down, running a hand over her face, “HE’s not going to sleep.” She got back up and opened the door softly, shutting it behind her and walked down to his room. She knocked on the door softly and he opened it up, wearing nothing but his jeans and a belt, “You okay?” Sam asked.

    She looked up at him and jumped into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist and meeting his lips. HE walked her over to the bed after shutting the door with his foot and laid her down. Her hair flew out on the bed as he balanced himself on top of her, “Are you sure about this?”

    She smiled and pulled him down on top of her, “If I didn’t I wouldn’t have come to your door.”

    She ran her hands down his chest to his belt buckle, undoing it and pulling it out of the loop holes of his jeans. She undid the button and zipper as he pulled his jeans off his slim hips and off, throwing them on the floor next to the bed. He stood there clad in his boxers and she lifted up, pulling her tshirt off and throwing it on the floor. She unbuckled her jeans and pulled them off her legs, tossing them too on the ground. She wore white satin panties and bra and Sam got up on the bed as she moved up and again balanced himself on top of her. She spread her legs as he nestled between them, their lips meeting in a fiery kiss. She moved her hips as she felt him grow under his boxers.

    Jeni lifted up again as Sam took her bra and unhooked it, pulling it off her shoulders. She laid back down as his lips went from her lips to her nipples, sucking on the hardened skin, nipping at her erect nipples. She ran her hands through his hair as she tilted her head back and moaned as he kissed, bit, nibbled on her skin.

    As he nibbled her neck, she whispered in his ear, “Sam I want you so bad.”

    HE pulled up from her and looped her pantie elastic and pulled them off her body. She lifted her hips to accomodate her and tossed them on the floor, “God you smell good.”

    She took her hands and pulled at his boxers. Sam did the rest as he once again snuggled between her legs. He teased her for a moment, leaned up, her legs spread wide as he ran his finger up and down her slit, warming her up for his large cock.

    She grabbed the sheets beside her as he readied himself and guided himself inside of her. She arched her back as she took his large size in, biting her lip as the pain she felt was nothing but extroadinary.

    He leaned back ontop of her, balancing himself on top of her as he moved in and out of her hot wet pussy. She moved her hips in tune with his thrusting and she came several times, wrapping herself around his large cock.

    HE leaned up as she did and they continued to move together as their lips never came apart. His large hands wrapped around her small body as he held her close to his body. His lips moved over her chest as she tilted her head back, moaning his name.

    HE turned her on her stomach as she lifted her hips and he grabbed her hips, sliding deep inside of her. She took her hand and played with her throbbing clit and made a circular motion and felt her body starting to shutter. She came with a large orgasm and she grabbed the back of his legs as he went deep inside of her, losing himself, splattering her insides with his cum.

    He pulled out as she took her finger once again and lapped up the juices seeping out of her. She turned on her back as she put her finger into her mouth, “God you taste good.”

    HE collapsed beside her and pulled the sheet up over his bottom half, “Damn.”

    She leaned over on his chest and met his lips, “You are incredible.”


    The door flew open in the morning as the sun was coming through the window and Dean popped his head in, Sam jumping from the bed, “It’s Missie.”

    He shut the door and quickly opened it back up to see Jeni popping up from under the covers. JEni looked at him, “dean.”

    HE nodded, “Jeni.”

    • He paced outside the bedroom door, his fingers tightly holding onto a bottle, and he was trying to block out the screams that were coming from inside the room.

      Cas had been at this for an hour now, and they were still attempting this soul scrub, so to speak, and Dean was afraid it was going to take its toll on either Missie or Donny.

      Dean stopped his pacing long enough to take a swig of the whiskey, and realized it was quiet.

      Dean was about to walk through the half open door, when it was pushed from the other side, alarmist knocking him flat on his ass.

      Sam had Missie in his arms, her coloring was pale, her head titled back in his arms and she was unconscious.

      “Car,” was all Sam for out as he rushed Missie down the stairs.

  34. JEni had to leave the house as Donny was getting his souloscopy from Castiel. The sounds of Missie and Donny yelling were more than she could stand. She lit up a cigarette as she walked to the back of the property.

    She heard the Impala start up and put her cigarette out and ran through the car covered grounds of Bobby’s house. She saw Sam putting MIssie in the back, Bobby helping Donny out as Donny was holding his chest. Jeni yelled, “What’s going on?” She ran to the IMpala as Dean opened the drivers door and got in. HE didn’t say a word.

    HE started up the Impala as JEni looked at Bobby, “Someone talk to me.”

    Bobby took a breath, his arm around Donny, “Hospital. She’s not waking up.”

    JEni took a breath, “Did it work?”

    Bobby continued, “Sorta.”

    She walked up to Donny and put her arms around him, “Are you okay?”

    “I’m sore and weak. I just wanna lie down.”

    The Impala headed out of the driveway and onto the main road. Jeni turned to Donny, “Let’s get you to bed to rest.” She turned to Bobby, “I need you to look after Donny and I need a car and directions to the hospital.”

    Bobby nodded, “Sure thing. I got just the one for you. I’ll get the keys.”

    JEni helped Donny in and put him into the bed, covering him up with a blanket, “Just rest baby.” She leaned down and kissed him on the head, “I love you.”

    She walked out of the room and headed back to the kitchen where Bobby was waiting with keys in his hand, “It’s at the end of the driveway.” HE handed her the keys.

    “Thank you. Directions?”

    “Just take a right on the main road. You will hit it about five miles up the road.”

    Jeni smiled, “Thanks.” She walked out of the older home and throught the field of cars to the car just on the outskirts and stopped dead in her tracks. The smile fell from her face as she looked at the piece of rusted crap in front of her, “Oh My God. Are you serious?”

    It was the color of red rust with a white stripe running down the sides of it. IT was covered in dirt and the tires had no traction on them.

    • “Any word?”

      Sam looked up from the magazine he had been reading to see Dean standing in front f him, holding two cups of coffee. “No.” He accepted the cup and took a sip, watching as Dean began to pace like a caged tiger. “Dean..she’s gonna be okay.”

      Dean stopped to look at Sam. “Cas couldn’t wake her up.”

      “Can I please have the family of Missie please?”

      Dean turned as he saw a nurse walk into the waiting room. “Is she awake?”

      “Are you family?” The muse stared at Dean, then at the taller man that stood behind him.

      “No,” Sam gave her a warm smile, “but we are all she has at the moment.”

      The nurse let out a sigh. “She’s been admitted to the icu. As soon as she’s settled I will come get you.”

  35. Jeni unlocked the door to the rusted Gremlin and the door sounded as if it was going to fall off. The creeks could be heard for miles. She looked inside to see the upholstery was torn and it smelled as if someone of something died inside, “Oh I can’t do this.” She closed her eyes, “Jeni get it together.” She took a breath and got in, put the key in the ignition and tried to turn it over. Nothing happened, “What the hell?”

    She looked down to see the three peddles on the ground, “Duh.” SHe laughed as she put in the clutch and turned the key, the old Gremlin coming to life. It didn’t sound bad as she popped it in gear and headed out onto the snowy road towards the hospital.

    The Gremlin must have had a governor on it, it wouldn’t go past 35 miles per hour. She was passed up by trucks and cars going the speed limit, all honking at her. She tried to clean the windows, but the wipers were no good, no washer fluid and the wipers just spread the dirt around on the window. She finally pulled over and threw some snow on the window, “This is ridiculous.”

    One car passed with a bunch of teenagers inside and they yelled out the window, “Nice car hot stuff!!!”

    Jeni gritted her teeth as she got back in and headed back on the road. What should have taken her ten minutes took her nearly an hour.

    She pulled into the parking spot and hit the breaks, but the bald tires continued to move and she hit the parking block. The tires, though had air in them, bounced off the parking block as the car stalled out. JEni felt something run up her leg and as she looked down she screamed as she opened the door and flew out. A tiny white mouse crawled up her leg and sat in the passengers side of the vehicle. She slammed the door, “Bobby you can come pick this up yourself.”

    Seh put the keys in her pocket as she walked up to the front doors of the hospital. She got to the information desk and the lady looked up, “Can I help you?”

    “I’m looking for MIssie Ellington? She was brought in about an hour ago by two gentlemen.”

    She heard from behind her, “JEni?” She turned as she saw Sam walking from the visitors room. She walked over to him and hugged him, “How is she?”

    • He paused at the doorway, looking at the yellow curtain, and hearing the beeps of a machine. He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t go in there and see her lying there, not moving.

      He let out a breath as he reached he’d for the yellow curtain, and slid it along the metal rod, to see her.

      Her head was away from him, facing the window, and her small, delicate hands her resting by the side of her thighs.

      She looked like she was sleeping.

      Dean had just received some very troubling news.

      The doctors were baffled as to why Missie wasn’t waking up, but her brain functions were normal. When they learned of her pregnancy, she was whisked off to ultrasound where they confirmed only one baby. The other one had not survived the procedure.

      He just stop there, just inside the room, but not going any further. He stood there until he felt a hand on his shoulder.

      He turned his head to see Jeni.

    • The bar was just loud enough to drown out any thoughts he might have had on Missie, and signaled the bar tender as he slid into the bar stool.

      “Tequila.” Dean threw a twenty dollar bill in the bar, “keep ’em coming.”

      He muttered a thanks as the bar tender sat the glass in front of him, and Dean shuddered. He hated tequila, but it was the only thing that would get him rip roaring drunk.

      Dean let out a sigh as he saw someone slid into the stool next to him. He looked up at the mirror to see Jeni sitting next to him.

      “How’d ya find me? Harpooned my ass with gps?”

  36. Jeni smiled at him, “She needs to hear you. She needs to know you are here with her.”

    Dean took a breath, “I don’t know what to say.”

    “I’ll leave you alone in here for a few minutes. She’s carrying your baby. Start there. Love doesn’t hurt either.”

    She turned and walked back to the waiting room where she took a seat next to Sam and put her hand into his. She rested her head on his shoulder, “Can I tell you something?”

    He put his arm around her shoulder, “You can tell me anything.”

    Before she could say anything, Dean walked back out, his hands in his pockets. HE walked over to her, “I don’t know what to say to her. I have to go.”

    HE turned and Jeni got up from the chair, “Dean wait.”

    HE didn’t stop, he just continued through the doors and out to the Impala. She turned to Sam, “Go see Missie. I’m gonna go make a phone call.”

  37. JEni walked to the payphones and dialed the number that Bobby had given her. HE picked up, “Bob’s Parking Garage.”

    Jeni laughed a bit, “Yeah and you can take that Gremlin and shove it.”

    Bobby laughed, “Thought you would like it kid. Waht’s up? How’s Missie?”

    “Not good. Dean walked out.” She sighed, “How’s Donny?”

    “He’s resting. Man that boy can snore.”

    Jeni laughed into the phone, “I know. I need to find Dean. Now of anyplace he would be?”

    Bobby thought for a moment, “Probably the bar. Right up the road from the hospital.”

    “Thanks Bobby. Sam is staying here at the hospital. Tell my son I love him.”

    “Sure thing toots.”

    Jeni hung up the phone and walked back to where Sam was talking to MIssie. He stopped and turned to see Jeni, “I’m gonna go find Dean. Bobby said he might know of a place.”

    Sam got up, taking his hand from Missies, “I’ll stay here.” HE leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips, “Talk some sense into him okay.”

    She kissed him again, “I hope to do that just thing.” She turned and walked out of the hospital and out to the street where she hailed a cab. She got lucky as she put her hand up and one came around, stopped and she got in, “Closest bar please.”

    The driver nodded, “Sure thing.”

    HE drove half a mile and stopped in front of the bar which looked like it had been burnt to the ground a couple times. Shananigans was the name of this bar and people poured in and out of it. Some completely drunk, some sober. She paid the cabbie and walked to the door and saw him sitting at the bar taking a shot. She sat next to him. HE looked up into the mirror as he put the shot glass down, “How’d ya find me? Harpooned my ass with gps?”

    “My cell phone was lost Dean.” She looked around, “This is a great place.”

    The bartender walked over to Jeni, “What’ll you have?”

    “Jack and coke. no rocks.”

    HE nodded and poured her her drink and placed it in front of her. She took a sip and looked at Dean, “Why did you freak at the hospital? That woman whom you love is carrying your child.”

    HE took another swig of the tequila, “Just leave me alone will ya. I have enough of my plate.”

    “Well get rid of that plate, cause your world just got a little bit more confusing.” She took another sip, “I know you love her. I can see it when you look into her eyes. The same with Missie. Why can’t you see that?”

    He chuckled, “I’m not the kind of person any woman wants to love.”

    JEni laughed at him, “You are an asshole.” She gulped the rest of the liquor down and got up from the chair, looking at the bartender, “HE’s paying for my drink.” She turned to Dean, “Get your head out of your ass and live in the now. A family life with no ghosts, demons, chewbaccas or whatever you guys hunt. Family life. Have you ever even thought about that? A child that will call you daddy. A child that will love you unconditionally no matter who you are.” She hit him in the arm, making him grit his teeth, “A woman who would give anything for you and almost got killed because of her love for you. Think about that one dick.”

    She turned and walked out of the bar and decided to walk back to the hospital. She buckled her coat as the sun was starting to go down, the snow starting to fall once again. IT had been a long day and when she made it back to the hospital, Sam took her in his arms and she cried. HE comforted her, rubbing his hands up and down her back and kissing her head, “Hey it’s gonna be okay.”

    • Dean curses Jeni all the way backroad the hospital, mad that the cold weather was killing his buzz, and made because she was right about Missie.

      He took the elevator to the ICU floor, making sure to wink at the nurse on duty, as long as he showered them attention, he was good as gold.

      The yellow curtain was half open, and Dean would make out the long shape of her legs under the blue blanket. Those legs had been wrapped around him once upon a time, and how he wished he could feel them again.

      He paused at the curtain, bracing himself to see her. A few moments later, he did, and saw her looking so small in that bed.

      He scooted a chair next to her bed, sat down, and placed his forearms on his muscular thighs. He clasped his hands together as he bowed his head. A minute later, he looked up and at her face.

      “I, uh, had someone tell me something wise,”Dean paused as he scratched the back of his neck, staring at her lips. “So, wake up Sweetheart, and I..uh..dammit.” He licked his lips as he stood up from the chair, and leaned over, gently pacing his lips on hers.

      As soon as he did the lights began to flicker, and when he pulled back, he heard a gasp, and looked down to see a pair of wide,green eyes staring up at him.

  38. JEni gave SAm the keys to the Gremlin and they walked out of the hospital. JEni knew for some reason that Dean would be back.

    As they walked to the old clunker vehicle, Jeni’s hand in Sams, she turned to him, “There’s mice in that car. Not sure I wanna sit in it.”

    Sam laughed, “There are mice in every single one of Bobby’s cars. I’m sure he’s gone by now. It’s too cold for them.”

    They got to the Gremlin and Sam opened the door as the little white mouse jumped down and ran out into the snow. Jeni squeeled, “Told ya.”

    Sam got in, “HE’s gone now.” She got in after him as he started the pile of junk up and headed out of the parking spot and back to Bobby’s. Again only going about 35 down the main road, Jeni leaned over and whispered in his ear, “I think I can give you something exciting tonight.”

    Sam smiled and turned to her, looking at the road and then at her, giving her a kiss on the lips, “I wish this pile of shit went faster.”

    Horns were blaring as they passed them on the left and a few fingers went up in the air. They got about a mile from Bobby’s house and the engine started to put along. Sam downshifted, “Are you serious?”

    Jeni turned, “What?”

    “No fucking gas.” HE pulled over to the side of the road as the car went completely dead. Sam sighed, “Well it’s about a mile to Bobby’s.”

    “Sam it’s freezing outside and snowing.”

    HE opened the door, almost clipping a nice tahoe as it drove past them, swerving to miss the door, “Oops.” HE closed the door as Jeni got out and he smiled, “I’ll keep you warm.”

    The two of them walked down the side of the road. Sam’s arm around her, moving it up and down on her arm, keeping her warm.

    About an hour later, they arrived back at Bobby’s. Jeni walked in, her hands freezing from the weather, “Bobby your car is a piece of shit.”

    Bobby walked in from the kitchen, “Good news. Missie woke up. They are releasing her to come back. Dean is there with her.”

    • “Here are symptoms to watch out for,” the nurse smiled as she handed Dean the paperwork, then looked over at the young woman sitting in bed. Since the nurse came in, Missie had been staring out the window, not paying any one any attention.

      Dean thanked her and turned to Missie, who was still dressed in the hospital gown, it would have to do until they got to Bobby’s. “Hey, it’s, uh, cold out there, so here..” He paused as he shrugged off the leather jacket, slowly putting it around her shoulders.

      For the first time, she looked at Dean, but he noticed her stare was a little blank. “Thanks.” Her time was a little flat as she held his gaze, then turned her attention back to the window.

      Dean turned as he heard the curtain slid open to seeJemi.

  39. JEni called a cab and headed back up to the hospital after getting some a warm beverage and checking on Donny who was still sleeping. She walked into the hospital and into the ICU and back to where Missie had been. She pulled the curtain back as the nurse exited to see Dean with his coat off, it was around Missie’s shoulders and he had papers in his hand, “HEy.”

    She put the bag on the bed, “Thought she could use some clothes. Too cold outside and her nibblies will just freeze off.”

    Dean looked at her weird, “Nibblies?”

    JEni rolled her eyes, “Yeah her titties you idiot.” She smiled and slapped him on the arm, “I’ll wait out in the lobby. Glad to see you came around.”

    She walked out, closing the curtain behind her and walked back and forth in the lobby till he saw them come out. Dean was wheeling Missie out in a wheelchair and he tossed JEni the keys, “Your driving.”

    JEni smiled, “Really?”

    “Don’t make me change my mind.”

    The three of them got to the Impala and JEni got behind the drivers seat as Dean sat in the back with Missie, holding her tight to him. She was looking out the window as JEni backed out and headed out on the road. Dean cleared his throat, “Take it easy on her okay.”

    JEni hit the gas and the Impala came to life and sped down the road. Dean yelled, “Slow down.”

    JEni sighed, “You are such a party pooper I tell ya.” She turned her head to look at Missie, than back to the road, “Hey Mis? You hungry?”

    • Missie didn’t answer Jeni, but just kept her stare out the back window. Sam caught the worried look on his brothers face.

      “She’s been through a lot.”

      Dean nodded as he tightened his hold on her, somehow wishing she’ d turn to him and give him that smile of hers. As if on cue, Missie blinked a few times, and turned to look at Dean.

      “Dean?” She looked at him, then at Jeni and Sam. “W..what happened?”

      “Hey,” Jeni smiled as she looked through the rear view mirro. “There’s a diner coming up, let’s get some food.”

      Missie nodded as she turned back to the window, once again in a robotic like state.

  40. Jeni pulled off the side of the road and into the diner’s parking lot. JEni and SAm got out as Dean helped MIssie out, “Just hold onto me honey. I’m here for you.”

    She looked up at him, smiling, something starting to come alive in her eyes, “Thank you Dean.”

    Sam opened the door to the diner as they walked in, Sam trailing behind them. Jeni found a booth in the back and they piled in. The waitress walked over and gave them menus, “Get yall anything to drink?”

    Dean smiled, “Just coffee around.”

    She nodded, “Be right back.”

    They looked at the menu and Missie just looked out the window at the snow falling onto the Impala, “That’s a nice car. I wanna know who that sharp ride belongs too.”

    Jeni glared at her as she put the sugar in her coffee and then looked at Sam, than Dean, “MIssie, that’s Dean’s car.”

    Missie just looked at her, not giving any indication she was listening and she turned back to the window. Again she said, “That’s a nice car. I wanna know who that sharp ride belongs too.”

    Sam looked at Dean, “Something isn’t right.”

    MIssie looked at Sam, “What’s wrong is right and what’s right is wrong.” She turned back to the window, “Man that’s a sweet ride. I really wanna know who owns that black beauty.”

    • Sam leaned back in the booth, and Dean excused himself, he had to make a phone call to Bobby. The more they sat in that booth with her, something just didn’t seem right.

      Jeni leaned over the table, put her fingers an inch from her Missies face and snapped her fingers, but there was no reaction. “I don’t get it, she was like coherent a minute ago.”

      Sam held up his finger. “I think I got it.. Missie.. who does tha car belong to?”

      Almost instantly, Missie turned to look at Sam, and tilted her head, her stare robotic, almost like Cas. “Dean.”

      “No way,” Jeni whispehered. ” she only answers questions.”

      “Missie, are you under a spell?”


      “Can you explain,” Jeni inquired.

      “If true love does not profess undying devotion in 36 hours, all my memories will be erased.”

      Sam let out a sigh and rubbed his face. “We are doomed.”

  41. JEni looked at Missie as she put her hand on Sam’s arm, “Do you know who we are Missie?”

    She tilted her head again, “JEni and Sam of course. You have a love for each other that comes once in a lifetime.”

    Sam took a breath, “Is it Dean?”

    Missie turned her head back to the window and robotically stared out. Jeni turned to Sam, “Calvin.”

    Sam sighed, “Fucking Calvin.”

    Dean walked back to the table and sat down. The waitress walked over, “What can I get you folks?”

    MIssie still glared out the window, “Three dozen pancakes with maple sugar. A pound of bacon and some hashbrowns.”

    The waitress laughed, “Is she serious?”

    MIssie looked over and the lights started to flicker as the waitress saw the red glow of her eyes, “Dead serious.”

    Dean closed the menu, “Get the woman what she wants. I’ve lost my appetite.”

    JEni closed hers, “I’ll just have coffee.”

    Sam as well and handed it back to the waitress, “ME too.” Sam looked at Dean, “What did Bobby say?”

    “We have to get her back to the house as soon as posible.”

    Jeni sipped her coffee, “overall this is terrifying, but also very comical. I wanna see that little frame eat three dozen pancakes and a pound of bacon.”

    Dean glared at her, “This isn’t fun and games Jeni.”

    JEni leaned over the table, “I know Dean.” She started at him seriously, “IT’s a fucking curse you dumbass. A love curse. Calvin put this on her cause he knows you will never step up and be a fucking man. You got her out of the hospital, but now she’s a robot. What exactly did you do to her in the hospital?”

    “I just talked to her.” HE put his hands around the warm mug, “She woke up.”

    Jeni glared at him once again and gritted her teeth, “What did you do to her in the hospital Dean?”

    Missie didn’t turn her head, but she mumbled as if she was excited, “HE kissed me.”

    JEni turned her head to MIssie, than back at Dean, “Just talked huh? God you are a dummy. A love curse. What do you think that entails?”

    Dean shrugged his shoulders, “Sex?”

    JEni balled up her napkin and threw it at him and hit him right between the eyes, “You are pond scum. No lower.” She sighed, “Maybe you should read romeo and juliet. IT’ll tell you what love is and how it’s dealt with.” She scooted Sam out of the booth and walked outside in the freezing cold and lit up a cigarette, “Fucking dumbest smart person I know.”

    • Dean thoughtfully sipped his coffe as he watched Missie eat the food that was placed in front of her, not even looking up at him. And when she did, her stare was so eerie, it made Dean wish she aouldnt’r look at him.

      “Come on Baby Girl,” Dean growled as he sat the mug down, and reached for her hand.

      When his fingers found hers, Missie blinked a few times , and looked down to see the silver ring on his right hand. “Dean?” She asked confused as she looked around the diner. “How, how did I get here?” She looked down at the plate before her, and saw the sticky, congealed syrup in front of her.

      She clamped a hand to her mouth as she stumbled out of the booth, swaying her way to the bathroom, and barley made it to the toilet.

      A few moments later, she pushed open the stall, and slowly made her way to the sink. When she looked into the mirror, she felt her Inness began to buckle, and before she could stop herself, she slumped to the floor.

  42. JEni had walked back in from outside as she heard the thud coming from the bathroom. She looked at the booth to see MIssie wasn’t there and she rushed to the bathroom where when she opened the door, MIssie was lying on the ground next to the sink, “Oh Jesus!!!” She yelled out, “DEAN!!!! SAM!!! GET IN HERE!!!”

    The two boys rushed over as the waitress picked up the phone and dialed 9-1-1 asking for an ambulance. Dean got on his knees and pulled MIssie up into his lap, “Come on baby girl. JEsus!!!”

    JEni glared at him, “You know what to do!!!!”

    Dean took a breath, looked down at her lifeless body and leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Nothing happened. HE did it again and again, pecking her lips. Finally giving up and looked at Jeni, “See I’m not her true love.”

    The ambulance arrived and they put MIssie on the stretcher and into the back of ambulance. Before JEni got in, she looked at Sam and Dean, “Go back to Bobby’s. See what you can find out. You know where we will be.”

    The EMT shut the back door of the ambulance and the sirens went off as the ambulance headed back to the hospital. JEni held MIssie’s hand, “Hey Missie. You gotta stay with us.” Missie had on a oxygen mask and the EMT was putting an IV in her arm. No reaction from Missie, no twitch, nothing. It was just as if she was a shell.

    • Jeni watched as the Paramedic worked on Missie, feeling something want right. Something about the man sent alarm bells off in her head.

      She heard a low whine coming from the radio, and Jeni loooked through the slat to see the driver frantically switching channels.

      Jeni clamped her hands to her ears as the whine got louder, making her ears ring. Amongst the shrill ringing, she heard a voice urging her to close her eyes.

      She did as she was told.

      The ambulance was filled with a bright light, but Keni kept her eyes squeezed right. A few minutes later, the ambulance was silent.

      Jeni chances to open her eyes, and when she did, she saw the ambulance driver was slumped over, his eyes burned out of his head, thick smoke coming from the orbs.

      She heard the back door open, and when she did, she saw Sam standing with a gun pointed into the cargo area.

      “Lets go,” Sam put the gun into the back pocket of his jeans as he climbed into the back.

  43. Sam helped Jeni out and she ran to the Impala. Dean still had his pistol out and was looking around, walking around the ambulance, “All clear Sammy.”

    Sam jumped into the back of the ambulance and pulled Missie out, IV and all. Dean helped her as Sam carried to the back of the Impala. Dean opened the door as Sam gently placed her inside. JEni got in and put Missie’s head on her lap. The boys got in and Dean hit the gas, heading back to Bobby’s.

    Jeni was shaking as she put her hand on Missie’s forehead, “What is going on?”

    Sam turned his head, “The ambulance was hi-jacked by Demons. Probably sent by Calvin.”

    “How does he know where we are?”

    Dean took his turn, “Cas told us everything. The curse that Missie has isn’t a tight one, but Calvin has her trapped. HE can pinpoint her location.”

    Jeni put her head back on the head rest, “Just when I thought things were going good and this comes up. I just wanna go home.”

    Sam turned his head, then back hearing what she was saying. It hurt him a little bit she wanted to go home, but he understood. This was no life for anyone. Being a hunter was a full time job and he wasn’t about to settle down at that very moment and make her his wife and have kids. It just wasn’t possible.

    The Impala sped down the road until Dean turned into Bobby’s driveway. HE parked just outside the back door and Donny and Bobby ran out the door, helping get MIssie out and take her inside. Dean closed the door, “Okay Castiel. LEt’s do this thing.” HE looked up at the sky.

    • Bobby led them down a set of stairs that led down to a basement, and at the end of a long hallway, was an iron door.

      Bobby turned to Dean who was holding a limp Missie in his arms, her head cradled against his chest, and the elder hunter could see the sorry and concern on Deans’s face.

      “Give me a minute here to inward this place.”

      Dean heard a soft moan, and he looked down to see that her eyelids were fluttering. He grabbed her chin. “Baby Girl, hey.”

      “Dean!?” Her eyes blinked open and they slid into focus as she looked up at him. “”

      “Getting you some help.” He adjusted her and carried her into the room, to see Cas standing by a bed.

  44. Jeni followed closely behind with Donny behind her down the dark hallway, “What is this some kind of prison?”

    Bobby turned to Jeni as Dean walked in with Missie, “Highly protected down here. Spell protection everywhere. God won’t even know where Missie is.”

    They walked into the room where Castiel was standing and Dean laid her on the bed. Bobby hung up the IV, “Better strap her in. Just in case.”

    Castiel walked over to MIssie and put his hand on her forehead, “It’s eating her alive. In just a few hours, she will just be a shell of a person. No soul.”

    Jeni took Donny’s hand in hers, “What do we do?”

    Castiel looked up, his hand still on Missie’s forehead, “True love spell. It’s not a fairy tale, these things are real. Also for us angels in heaven it’s called the Adam and Eve spell. Her true love must confess to her his deepest darkest feelings, then the spell will be released.”

    JEni turned to Dean, “Dean do it!!!!”

    They all waited as Dean turned to Missie and ran his hand up her arm. Missie jerked her head from side to side as if she was possessed, “Dean help me.”

    • Dean let out a sigh as he put his hand on his face as he shook his head. I didn’t work before.”

      “Because you got to believe it Dean.” Jeni took a step forward and placed a hand on Deans arm. ” I know she loves you, ” she paused as Dean snorted. ” even when Cas wiped her memory, she still remembered you, deep down inside. At night, is here her calling out for you.”

      “I’m not good for her.”

      Jeni felt an arm tugging on her, so she turned her head to see Sam gesturing to the door. Demi turned his head as he heard the iron door clang shut, then he pulled a chair over to the bed.

      “Dammit,” Dean sighed as he rubbed his face in frustration. Then, he bowed his head, hoping the floor would give him courage. “All my life, I was taught that this normal life stuff would never work. But…” Dean let out a sigh as he lifted his head up to look at her face, her eyes closed, he omg lashes a black fan against her pale skin.

      The past ten years, she was all he could think about, and may girl he did choose to take to bed, he made sure they looked some what like her.

      But, they could never compare to her.

      Anger coursed through him, as he cursed that son of a bitch that did this to her.

      No one fucks with his girl.

      He let out a sigh as he leaned forward, knowing this was never gonna work, and softly placed his lips on hers.

  45. Jeni sat on SAm’s lap outside the door hoping, waiting. It seemed like hours.


    As Dean slowly leaned over and kissed her soft lips, he pulled up, taking her hand, “Baby girl, this wasn’t a life I planned for myself and I never thought that I would fall in love with you, but I did. I have loved you since the first moment that I laid eyes on you.” HE put his hand on the small of her belly, “This is ours. Made out of pure love.” Tears coursed his eyes as he held her hand and brought it up to his mouth, kissing it gently, “I love you Melissa. Always have, always will.”

    In the hallway, the lights started to flicker, crack and explode, “Sam!!!”

    Sam held her close as the embers trickled down from the light sockets above. After all the commotions of the lights, they heard one single voice yelling at the top of his lungs, “BALLS!!!!! DAMN POWERS OUT!!!!! DAMN OLD HOUSE AND THIS ANCIENT POWER BOX. I HAVE NO DAMN FUSES!!!!”

    • “Here’s some tea, not spiked I’m afraid.”

      Missie hugged the red and black plaid blanket tighter around her shoulders, wishing she could get rid of this chill. “Thanks.”

      “You feeling okay?” Jeni took a seat across from her friend, seeing how pale her coloring still was. As soon as Missie woke up, Dean disappeared.

      “I’m fine,” Missie swiped a piece of hair behind her ear. “I don’t remember much.” Despite how she was feeling, Missie braved a smile. “So, you and Sam!”

      Jeni giggled as she sipped her tea. ” just kinda happened.”

      Missie was about to respond when the back door opened and Dean came into the kitchen, holding several plastic bags. “Here.” He huffed as he sat the bags on the table and before she could say anything, he walked out of the kitchen.

  46. JEni laughed as she pulled out the clothing, makeup and accessories out of the large bags, “That’s a man for ya.”

    Dean walked back into the kitchen, “What do you want from me? Huh?”

    JEni laughed again, “Be a man. Take care of your woman.”

    Dean ran his hand through his hair, “Get off my case.” HE turned and walked back into the living area.

    Bobby walked back in from outside with a flashlight, “Damn house. I swear I’m moving.”

    Jeni picked a box out of one of the bags and handed it to MIssie, “Open this one.”

    It was a red box with a red bow around it. She untied the bow and opened the box up and Jeni smiled, “NOw that’s taking care of your woman!!!!” JEni turned her head towards the living area and yelled, “HEY DEAN WHERES MINE?”

    He yelled back, “GET OFF MY CASE!!!!”

    • With a sigh, he laid back on the bed, and crossed his right ankle over his left, placed his hands on his chest, and placed the headphones on, and cranked up the music, and closed his eyes.

      When he closed his eyes, an image popped into his head, and a smile came to his lips.

      The music was so loud, that he didn’t hear the bedroom door open, then shut close. He was unaware of the person as they climbed into his bed, and only when he felt a body straddled his, did he open his eyes.

      “Well hey,” Dean smirked as he reached up to touch her bare breasts.

      Missie smiled at him as she smacked his hands, and grappled his wrists as she placed them on the headboard. She leaned forward, placing her lips against his ear. “No matter what I do, you are not to touch me,” she paused to tug on his ear with her teeth, or I stop.”

      Dean swallowed thickly as he felt her lips travel across his necklace, her tongue lapping up the sweat that was now erupting along his body. Damn if this woman didn’t turn him on.

      When she slid his shirt up his belly, he grabbed the rails, trying not to break the rules.

      When her mouth finally slid over his dick, he arched his hips up off the bed, his knuckles white as he held onto the rail.

      She sucked him for a good minute before she removed her mouth, slid back up his body and with a grunt from Dean, she slid onto him.

      “I just want to fuck right now,” Missie groaned as she moved up and down on him.

      She didn’t stop him as he grabbed her hips and slammed hard into her, the bed springs creaking under their movements nad within minutes, Dean groaned out her name as he came hard inside of her.

  47. JEni laid in bed after having sweet sex with Sam, both naked as they cuddled into each other. She leaned up and kissed him as they heard the noises coming from the next room. Jeni laughed, “Dean’s back in the game.”

    They heard from the outside as he walked heavily down the hall, “DAMN HORNY KIDS!!!! IM MOVING INTO THE BUNKER!!!!” He slammed the door to his room and it echoed through the house.

    Sam ran his fingers up and down her arm, “What was it that you were going to tell me in the hospital a few days ago?”

    She turned her body and looked up at him, kissing him once again ont he lips, “I was going to say that I have never met anyone like you before. I’m falling in love with you Sam Winchester.”

    HE smiled and pulled her blonde hair from her face and put it behind her ears, “I’ve been in love with you for so long. Broke my heart when you left the first time.”

    She smiled at him, “You do realize though that I have to go back to Boston. Donny and I have to go back. I have to get my things out of Jordan’s house.”

    He nodded, “I know you have to go. Promise me that you will come back though.”

    She moved to straddle him as his erection slid deep inside of her. She moaned as her hips moved in a circular motion. She tilted her head back as she rode him up and down. His hands on her hips as he moved her up and down on top of him, “Oh Gosh Sam. I’m gonna cum.”

    HE ran his finger to her slit between her legs and started to move in a circular motion over her clit. Her large breasts moved up and down as she gripped his abs muscles as her body convulsed, Sam joining her just moments later. She leaned over and kissed him softly and passionately, “I promise.”

    They continued their love making for most of the night, along with Dean and Missie. They heard the scream in the middle of the night, “YOU IDJITS. IM TRYING TO SLEEP!!! GOD DAMMIT!!!!! FUCKING LIKE RABBITS!!!”

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