Story takes place between 1993-Present

Two girls are bound together by friendship, each keeping a secret.

Missie Ellington comes from a well to do life, her father a huge music producer. Her mother died when she was only six, and her father never talks about it. When she is just 15, they move to Boston Massachusetts, were Jim Ellington takes over a floundering band.



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  1. Jeni looked at Missie and shrugged as she put her hand on her belly, “Never saw him before in my life.”

    The phone rang and MIssie walked over and picked it up, “HEllo. Oh hey J. Yeah she’s right here.” MIssie took the phone and pointed it at Jeni, “It’s Jordan. tell him.”

    JEni took a breath and took the phone from Missie and put it to her ear, “Hi.”

    “Hey what happened? I called your house, your dad said you left.”

    Jeni took a seat at the kitchen table as she cradled the phone between her ear and shoulder, “Jordan I have to tell you something. Please don’t freak out okay.”

    He had panic in his voice, “What happened Jeni? Are you sick?”

    “Yeah you could say that.”

    “What is it?” He was more paniced.

    She took a breath, “Jordan I’m pregnant.”

    She felt better after saying those words and there was nothing on Jordan’s end. She thought he hung up, “HEllo?”

    “I’m still here. Wow.”

    “4 months today.”

    “I don’t know what to say.”

    “I know. When are you going to be home?”

    “Next month. God Jeni. Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

    “I didnt know how to tell you. I’m sorry.”

    She heard rustling through the phone and Jordan spoke softly, “Hey I have to go. I’ll call you tomorrow. I love you.”

    “I love you too. Be safe.”

    She hung up the phone and MIssie looked at her, “So how did he take it?”

    “He didn’t really. Just Wow he said.”

    MIssie put her hand on Jeni’s shoulder, “Listen everything will work out. It’s a beautiful day, lets get our swim suits on and head over to the Cape.”

    • Missie was a little puzzled as to why she hadn’t heard from Joe, and it made her a little pissed. They slept together and he does this crap.

      Thanks to her Grandmother, Missie was able to buy an older model Jeep Wrangler, and it was the perfect day. With the top off, and the dogs in the back, the girls forgot about their worries.

      Half way there, they stopped at a market, grabbing lunch fixings and junk food. Just what a broken heart needed.

      “I think Joe and I are over.”

      Jeni looked over at her friend. “What happened?”

      Missie pulled into the beach parking lot. “Let’s not talk about it.”

      They gathered the dogs, blankets and the cooler, and walked towards the water.

      “Hey! Watch out!”

      Missie turned just in time to see a brown blue coming at her, smacked her in the face, causing her to fall.

  2. Missie hit the pavement super hard and her nose started to bleed uncontrollably. She didn’t cry, more pissed than anything, “God Dammit. Can anything go right?”

    Jeni pulled her shirt off her body, showcasing her small bump and blue bikini and knelt down next to Missie, applying pressure to her nose, leaning her on her side, “Holy shit that’s a lot of blood.”

    She felt her stomach lurch as the man walked over, wearing red white and blue swimming trunks, “Oh shit I’m sorry.”

    Jeni got on her feet, putting her hand on her stomach, “You take care of this.”

    She ran to the wooded area, tossing up everything she had that morning for breakfast.

    As the man got on his knees to help Missie up, the black shepard gritted his teeth, growling. The man put his hands up, “Hey just helping. No harm no foul.”

    Jeni walked back and took Cain’s leash, “I see he’s fond of men who try to hurt his owner.”

    Missie got to her knees, “Damn can’t you catch? This is gonna bruise.”

    The man got on his feet, “I’m sorry. I missed the catch. Just playing with my brother.”

    MIssie was sarcastic, “Well maybe you should play with a girl instead of your brother next time.”

    Jeni laughed, “Good burn.”

    Missie turned to go to the bathroom to see how bad the damage to her nose was and the man walked behind her, “I’m Dean by the way.”

    • Missie wanted to get away from this man with the haunting green eyes,very similar to a pair she had been dreaming about, which started six months ago.”

      “I’m Dean by the way,”His voice was deep and husky. “And you are!”

      “Not interested.” She walked into the bathroom , sighing as she saw the bruise forming on her cheek.

      She was looking in the mirror, when she heard the bathroom door open, lighting up the darkness bathroom with some sunlight. She could clearly hear footsteps, but there was no one there.

      “H..hello?” Her voice shook as she heard the bathroom stall door close, goosebumps erupted along her arm.

      She slowly walked to the last stall, her hand shaking as she pushed it open. When she did, she let out a scream. I’m the stall was the bloated corpse of a woman, seaweed in her hair.

  3. The scream was heart when Jeni was trying to find a place to put her stuff down and sunbathe. The man that was playing football was still at the bathroom and the other man walked over to Jeni, “Wow that was a loud scream.”

    Jeni laughed, “She probably just saw her nose. She will be okay.”

    HE put his large hand out, “I’m Sam.”

    JEni put her hand in his, “Jeni. Nice to meet you. Your brother is a real charmer.”

    “It was an accident.”

    JEni sat down on the sand, putting her sunglasses on, then opened her bag and started to put her sunscreen on, “Yeah I know. She may never forgive your brother.”

    She finished putting on the sunblock and put it back into her bag. She took out her bottle of water and took a sip, than looked up at the Sam, the very tall man, “You are in my light.”

    He quickly stepped to the side, “I’m sorry. Can I stay here till my brother comes back?”

    “Sure.” She smiled at him, then looked back out to the water that was roaring up on shore. He sat down and Tobey walked over to him.

    Sam started to pet the dog, “Hey buddy. What’s up?”

    Jeni cleared her throat, “His name is Tobey.”

    Tobey was wagging his tail, giving Sam kisses on his face and loving every minute of the attention.

  4. Dean rushed into the bathroom, slamming open the door to see Missie stumbling out of the stall, her face ashen.

    “You okay?”

    Missie turned her head to see Dean his hand on the door, holding it open so he could see the situation. She turned her attention back to the stall, to find that her visitor was gone.

    “I’ fine. Spider.”

    Dean shuddered as he took a step back. “Okay .”

    Missie let out a breath as she quickly followed Dean out of the bathroom, only slightly annoyed when she heard Jeni invinting the two men to share food

  5. Jeni turned to see Missie and Dean walking back to where she had taken refuge. She turned to Sam, “So we got some food on our way in for sandwiches. Would you two care to join us?”

    MIssie threw Jeni’s bloody shirt back at her, “We didn’t get that much food.”

    Jeni glared at her, “Be hospitable Mis.” She extended her hand to Dean as he sat next to Sam, “I’m Jeni.”

    Dean took her hand, “Dean. NIce to meet you. Thanks for lettting us join you. I’m famished.”

    MIssie glared at him and rolled her eyes. Cain kept his eye on Dean as he ate his sandwich, making sure he didn’t step out of line.

    After eating, Sam turned to Jeni, “Are you taken?”

    Missie laughed, “Yep. We both are. She’s 4 months preggo.”

    JEni glared at MIssie, then looked to Sam, “Yes I have a boyfriend. Yes I’m 4 months pregnant.”

    Sam nodded, “I just thought maybe we could hang out sometime. YOu seem cool.”

    Jeni smiled, “Thanks. You too. Plus my dog likes you and he doesn’t like anyone.”


    Dean picked up the football and looked at Missie, “Keep your eyes up this time princess. I don’t wanna mess up all your features today.”

    The two boys headed back to where they were playing football. Dean caught onto Missie’s sarcasm and knew to give it back. JEni turned to MIssie, “Okay, was that necessary? HE apologized and helped you to the bathroom.”

    Missie looked at the ocean and the people swimming in it, “It’s gonna rain.”

    Jeni took her sunglasses off and looked at the sky, “It’s a blue sky. Are you crazy?”

    MIssie got more annoyed, and with her annoyance, she got pissed off. The clouds started to roll in, under her sunglasses, her eyes started to turn as if they were whirpools. The thundar and lightning was heard and seen and Jeni pulled her blanket over her head, “What the hell?”

    MIssie turned to her, a look Jeni had never seen before, a glassed over evil look, “Told you it was going to rain.”

  6. When Missie got home, she heard her phone ringing in her bedroom. She quickly ran up the stairs, flung open her door, flung herself on lot the bed, grabbing the phone on her nightstand.


    “Hey, sorry I haven’t called. Been crazy.”

    Missie rolled over onto her back, putting the pillow to her stomach. “What’s going on Joe? You’ve been distant since Jeni got pregnant.”

    “Can we not get into this please?” Joes voice sounded tired.” I need to see you. We are coming to London in a few days. Why don’t you and Jeni come? I have a few days of free time. Sound good Baby?”

    Missie smiled. “Yeah it does. I better let you go, goodnight.”

    She hung up the phone, trying to ignore the feeling that something had changed, and she couldn’t put a finger on what that was.

  7. Missie ran down the wooden stairs and straight into the kitchen, “We are going to London.”

    Jeni turned as she put the cap back on her water bottle, “What?”

    “London. I just spoke to Joe.”

    Jeni sat down at the table, “Okay I have one question for you.”

    Missie sat across from her, “Shoot.”

    “What was that at the beach?”

    Dorothy walked in from the sunroom, “Her powers are getting stronger.” She poured herself a cup of coffee, “The prophecy is coming true.”

    Jeni sighed, “What prophecy? Everyone keeps saying that.”

    She put her cup on the table, “There is a reason for all this.”

    Missie looked at her grandma, almost pleasant as she didn’t spit at Jeni, “Tell us Granny.”

  8. Missie looked at her grandmother. “Powers? Prophecy? Grandma, really?”

    “I told your father to never keep what you are a secret.”

    “And just what am I!” Missie felt her heart stop as she looked at her grandmother. “Answer me!”

    “You’re a witch. Just like your mother. Just like me. Generations of us. All the way back to Salem.”

    Missie snorted and stood up from the table. “I don’t believe you. Excuse me. I need to go pack.” Missie walked out of the room, waiting until she was out of sight. She grabbed the wall for support as her head began to ache, growing into a splitting headache. The pain took her breath away and she fell to the carpet.

    A body was on top of her, moving and thrusting into her, his green eyes locked on hers.

  9. Jeni looked at Dorothy, “Do I have that too? The power?”

    “A little. It will grow in time. You have shut yourself off and learned to control it. Your grandmother was highly skilled in the art of witchcraft.”

    Jeni knew she shouldn’t ask, but she did anyway, “Who’s the guy in the tan coat?”

    Dorothy took a sip of her coffee, “That’s a story for another time.” They both heard the thump from upstairs and Jeni got up and raced up teh steps to see Missie on the floor. She got on her knees, “Mis you okay?”

    JEni put her hands on Missie’s arm and MIssie’s head flew up as if she was gasping for air, “What? What happened?”

    “I take it you fainted.”

    “I was dreaming. The guy with the green eyes.”

    Jeni laughed, “I think you need this vacation as much as I do. Come on let’s pack. We leave tonight.”

  10. Missie had six hours to think, and it was driving her crazy. Jeni was sleeping next to her, so she turned her head to look out the small window, to the dark world below her.

    She couldn’t get the man with the green eyes out of her head. Last night she had dreamt about him again, but she could never see his face. So he could be anyone. Missie was starting to believe that maybe Agatha wasn’t a nut case.

    The other thing that was bothering her, was what her grandmother had told her. She was a witch. In her mind, witches were evil, and nasty. Was that her? If this was all true, then the stuff that went on around her was starting to make perfect sense.

    The plane landed in London later that night, and the girls were whisked by limo to the downtown area. Missie looked out the window as the car took them to a fancy hotel right in the middle of downtown London.

    Fame was really starting to get to Joe’s head.

    When the limo approached the hotel, instead of arriving in the front, the car turned down an alley that led to a delivery bay. The back door opened, and a huge security guard held the door open as the two girls got out.

    “Why are we coming through here?”

    “Have you seen the mob outside?” The man slid his badge in the slot next to the door, and ushered the girls inside the building. “They see you with security guards, all hell will break loose.”

    The hallway twisted and turned, until they came to a set of service elevators. The man slid his badge into the slot, turned his key into the slot, and pressed the very top button. “Elevator opens up into the room. Enjoy your stay.”

    Missie looked at Jeni as the doors shut, not believing what was really happen. This was like some secret service/ FBI crap.

    The doors dinged open and Missie was the first to step into the room, and she was taken back a bit as she saw him sitting on the couch. When she first saw him, she immediately saw the green eyes, and she felt her heart stop. She blinked a few times, then the green eyes slowly dissolved into a pair that was crystal blue. She looked for Jeni, but found her leaving the suite with Jordan.

    When she turned her head back to Joe, he had gotten up from the couch, slid his arm around higher waist, bringing her back against the front of him.

    She could smell the alcohol on his breath as he began to kiss her neck. She heard a sound, and opened her eyes to see that Donnie was watching them.

  11. As JEni got off the elevator, she looked at Jordan who’s face lit up like he was a kid in a candy store. She left MIssie and walked over to him, embracing him, “God I missed you.”

    He took her hand, “Come on let’s get out of here.”

    They walked out the door into another suite where Jordan’s luggage was and clothes all over the bed and floor. She laughed, “You are a pig.”

    HE threw his clothes into his open suitcase as Jeni sat on the bed, “What’s on your mind?”

    HE sat next to her, putting her hands in his, “I am greatful for you. I am greatful that we have a child on the way. I wouldn’t want my life to be anything else.” HE pulled her hand up and kissed it.

    She had tears in her eyes, “My parents threw me out. I’ve been staying at MIssie’s. I need a job. I have no money.” She sniffed back the tears, “I can’t believe I just broke down in front of you like that.” She looked into his chocolate chip colored eyes, “I love you more than you know.” She smiled up at him, “This is my dream. To be with you forever.”

    HE leaned in and kissed her on the lips, putting his hand on the small baby bump, “That’s my plan.” He got up and walked to his carry on suitcase and took out a book and handed it to her, “This is for you until I get back into the states. My mom is overwhelmed and she’s looking for a place for us to live.”

    Jeni opened up the bank book to see there were several hundred thousand dollars deposited into it, “I don’t need this.”

    HE put his hand on the side of her cheek, pulling her face up, “Let me do this for you. You are my life.”

    She put the bank book down and threw her hands around his neck, hoping not to cry, “God I love you so much. What more could I ask for?”

    HE ran his hands over her back, up and down, carressing her body as it pressed into his, “I love you.”

    She pulled away and ran her hand through his dark brown hair and kissed him. They laid each other down, undressed and made passionate love.

    In the middle of the night, Jordan leaned over and put his head on her baby bump. JEni ran her hand through his hair as he confessed, “Im not that type of guy who can take a broken heart so don’t ever leave, I dont want to see us part.”

    Jeni started to laugh, “I love that song.”

    HE turned his head towards her, “Marry me?”

    The smile fell off her face as she knew how dead serious he was and she ran her hand through his hair, “No. Not like this. I love you so much that I wouldn’t want us to ruin what we have. Plus it’s just a piece of paper right?”

    Jordan nodded, feeling a little taken back, “The next time I ask, I hope you say yes!!!” He leaned his head to her belly and gave it a kiss and pulled back up as she laid in his arms. He kissed her on the forehead, “Get some rest love.”

  12. Donnie watched for a minute as Joe turned her head towards him and began to kiss her. “She looks a little nervous.” He licked his lips as he got up from the chair, and walked over to Joe and Missie. Donnie took his finger, lifting her chin up so that she was looking at him. “Ahhh, don’t be nervous honey.” He smiled as he took a finger, and traced her lip. He leaned into her ear, his breath hot on her skin. She felt Joes hand slid up her dress, his fingers moving along the lace. “I just wanna watch.”

    “It’s a fantasy of his.” Joe turned her face to him. He opened her mouth with his finger, placing a pill on her tongue. He closed her mouth, and kissed her.

    Missie wanted him to stop, but it was like she wasn’t in control of her body. She couldn’t stop Joe as he slid her dress down to the floor, nor could she stop Donnies hands on her breasts, the look on his face turned her stomach.

    She had no control as Joe pushed her in her knees, she couldn’t scream no as Donnie shoved his arousal deep into her mouth. She wanted to scream stop as she felt Joe thrust into her right flesh.

    No. Instead she was a slave as she was used over and over until they both passed out hours later.

  13. As the light shown through the closed curtains, Jeni yawned and opened her eyes. Jordan was on his right side and she slid to his side and wrapped her arm around him, “good morning.”

    He didn’t open his eyes, just a small smile crept on his face, “Good morning my love.”

    She balanced her chin on his bicep, “So I was thinking a lot about what you asked me last night.”


    “I love you so much and I want our love to last forever. If marrying is what you want, I will.”

    He opened his eyes and turned on his back and ran his hand on the side of her chin, “If I pressured you I’m sorry. I don’t want you to marry me out of pitty.”

    JEni laughed, “I don’t pitty you. I pitty those girls that thought they had a chance with you.” They both laughed. She leaned over and kissed him, “Jordan Knight. I will marry you.”

    HE smiled and kissed her back and got out of bed. Walked over to his carry on bag and took out a small blue velvet box, “Good now you can wear this.”

    He opened it up and pulled out the white gold diamond ring. It had several diamonds in the top, along with etching and engravings on the sides, “Joe said you like white gold.”

    She was holding up the sheet to her body and nearly in tears as she put her left hand out. He placed it on her finger and it was a perfect fit. The sun hit it and the prism danced around the room, “Oh Jordan it’s beautiful.” She started to cry. She dried her eyes and looked at him, his dimples prominant on his cheeks, “It’s the damn hormones. I’m sorry.” She leaned in and kissed him, “I love you so much.”

  14. The next morning, Missie woke up to find she was all alone in her suite. She rolled over to see that it was just a little past ten, and that’s when she saw the stationary near the phone.

    She blinked the sleepiness out of her eyes as she read the note. “Sorry. Plans changed. Joe.”

    She took the hottest shower she could stand, washing off the dried stuff off her skin. She dipped her head, allowing herself a moment to sob.

    “Hey Mis! Let’s go grab some breakfast!”

  15. Jordan left that morning when he got that phone call and JEni got up and headed into the shower. She kept looking at the ring on her finger and smiling ear to ear. She was the happiest she could have been in her life. She got out and blow dried her hair, putting it up in a ponytail and applied a little makeup. She put her contacts in and walked into the bedroom part of the suite where her luggage was and picked out a tshirt and jeans. She put the tshirt on and then the jeans. They fit up her legs, but wouldn’t button, “Oh Come on.”

    Every pair of pants she brought didn’t fit, “God dammit. Son of a bitch.”

    Jordan’s clothes were her only option at this moment. She was tiny, petite and she knew his pants were gonna swim on her. She grabbed a pair of black track pants and put them on. She folded them several times and sighed, “This is ridiculous.”

    Finally ready, shaking her head, she grabbed the key and headed out of the hotel, down the hall to Joe’s suite. She knocked on the door, “Hey Mis, let’s go grab breakfast. I’m starving and I have to fill in these pants.”

    The door opened and MIssie was still in her towel, “Morning.”

    There was no reaction from Missie. She turned and walked back into the bathroom. Jeni walked in, shutting the door behind her, “You okay?” She giggled, “Little too much fun last night?”

    MIssie sighed, “I don’t wanna talk about it.”

    JEni sat on the edge of the bed, “Okay. Get dressed. Let’s go.”

  16. Jeni sat in the booth looking at her friend in front of her, and the way she pushed her fork in her gravy. “Are you are you’re okay?”

    Missie nodded as she looked up from her plate, half smiling. “Just bummed that Joe had an all day interview.”

    Jeni studied her as she sipped her orange juice, sensing she was hiding a very painful secret. “Okay. I gotta pee.”

    Missie lifted her lip. “Something’s you should keep to yourself.”

    She let out a sigh as she turned back to the window, looking at the rainy, dreary day. So far she want really impressed with London. All it did was rain.

    “Excuse me. But I was wondering if you could recommend something.”

    Missie froze as she heard that deep, husky voice. No, it couldn’t be. In the reflection of the window she could see his tall, lean, and muscular frame.

    “Are you stalking me?”

    Dean laughed as he slid into the booth, winked at her , and plucked the menu from between the napkin dispensary. “More like you stalking me Princess.”

    Missie fletcher heart pick up a little bit at the coined nickname, swearing she had heard it before. “Yeah, sure.”

    “So, watcha recommend?”

    Missie rolled her eyes. “A take away menu.”

    “Perfect,” Dean chuckled. “Your place or mine?”

  17. JEni did her business and walked out of the bathroom running into someone coming out of the mens room, “Oh excuse …..” She looked up, “Sam?”

    SAm looked at her and smiled, “WEll hey there. What are you doing here?”

    “On vacation. Wow. I think you are following me?”

    “No No. Here on business.”

    “What kind of business?”

    “Family business.” HE pointed, “Looks like Dean found MIssie. Shall we?”

    Jeni knodded and walked to the table, “Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.” She smiled at Dean.

    Dean got up from the bench, “WEll hey there.” He hugged her as Jeni got back in the booth.

    Jeni looked at MIssie who looked more pissed off than ever, “Why don’t you guys join us?”

    Jeni scooted over and Sam got in and MIssie stayed put and pointed, “There’s a chair.”

    Jeni gritted her teeth, “Mis?”

    Dean took the chair and turned it backwards and sat down, “What are you girls doing here in London?”

    Sam intereupted as he looked at the menu, “Vacation Dean.”

    He nodded and looked at MIssie, “Its a rainy day, we were gonna hit up a movie. Wanna join us?”

    MIssie glared at him, “I would rather throw up in a airplane barf bag.”

    JEni interupted again, “Missie?”

    MIssie’s eyes became dark and the swirels returned as she looked at Dean, “I would just recommend that you leave right now. I’m not in the mood….” It felt like they were in an earth quake, the tables started to rumble, the lights flickered, the whole restaurant up in a panic, “to deal with your crap.”

    Jeni put her hand on Sam’s arm, “Oh God.”

    A few lightbulbs broke over some customers head and Dean got up from the chair, leaned over and put his lips on hers.

  18. Missie sat there, with Deans lips in hers, her eyes wide open, and her hands rigid at her sides. Her small body shook as she felt the tingles of electricity surge from his lips, run along her jaw, down her neck where her skin broke out into goose bumps, down her stomach, to the very tip of her toes.

    Dean wanted to kiss her, just to see how she would react. She was a very seductive creature, and something about her drew her to him. So, when the earth began to shake, he took his opportunity, and hot damn was he ever glad he did. He never felt a jolt quit like he did when he kissed her.

    Suddenly, she pulled back, her green eyes clouded over in anger. “You son of a bitch!” Missie raised her hand and slapped him. ” you son of a bitch!”

  19. Sam sighed, “Well it stopped the earthquake.”

    Jeni glared at Missie as she slapped Dean across the face. MIssie got up and walked out of the restaurant. Jeni turned to Dean, “How did you know to do that?”

    Dean looked at her, “What are you talking about?”

    “You knew to distract her.” She turned to Sam, “What business are you here for again? I think I didn’t catch it?”

    Sam looked at her, not wanting to lie to her and Dean cleared his throat, “Family business.”

    JEni nodded, “YEah I caught that. What kind of family business?”

    Dean spit it out, “Real estate. WE find people that have died and buy their furniture.”

    Sam glared at him in disbelief. Jeni took out twenty from her purse and put it on the table, “I have to leave.” She got a bad feeling about the boys. She was now very uncomfortable around them, it almost scared her. Sam scooted out of the booth and then Jeni. She didn’t say anything as they walked out of the restaurant and into the pouring rain.

    • Dean stayed a few blocks behind Missie, making sure he couldn’t be seen. Once or twice, she would stop walking, turn her head in his direction, and he was sure she saw him, but she kept on walking.

      He followed her all the way to the hotel, which just happened to be the one him and his brother were staying at, thanks to a huge poker win, Dean was able to splurge just a little bit. It was worth every penny.

      He hid behind a potted plant as she walked up to the front desk, straining to hear what was being said, but he could only get bits and pieces. From what he could gather, she was checking out of room, and needed a new one.

      He quickly turned around as she walked past him, scratching the back of his head as he tried to look busy. The waft of her perfume swirled behind her like a cloud of lavender infused aroma. He licked his lower lip, his teeth snagging the full skin, as he watched her walk past him, and into the restaurant/bar area.

      He was quick to catch up as he found a spot at the bar. He looked up at the sepia colored mirror to see that she took a seat behind him. She took out a book from her purse, and began to quietly read.

      “She’s a peach ain’t she?”

      Dean turned his head to see a man with brown hair, and a scraggly beard peppered with gray. “”eh.” He motioned to the bartender that he wanted a beer.

      John Winchester leaned forward, his mouth very close to Dean’s ear. “Listen Son. Don’t you get all up on her. Got it? Yeah she’s hot, but she’s a monster Dean. And what do we do with monsters?”

      Dean looked a the beer in his hands, feeling the anger well up inside of him. He and Sam had been tracking down Jeni and Missie for months, and not once did he see anything out of the ordinary with her. Yeah she saw ghosts, did that really make her a bad person.
      “Dad..she’s not.”
      John slammed his hand on the bar, making Dean jump. “What do we do with monsters Dean?” He leaned back, tilting his head toward Missie’s table. “I’m going back to the States. Got a hunt that’s kinda important.” He tilted his head back, finishing the rest of the whiskey. “Can I depend on you Dean? Hmm? Do your job.”

      Dean looked up in the mirror to see Missie sipping on a cup of coffee while she read her book, thinking to the kiss earlier. How she made him feel, could only be explained by witch craft. “Yeah. You can.”

  20. JEni had taken a long walk back to the hotel. By the time she got back to the hotel, it was dark out. She walked to the lobby and into the bar. She was hungry and the baby wanted food.

    She walked in to see Sam sitting in a corner booth, reading a newspaper and she snickered to herself and walked over to him, “You do realize stalking is illegal in all 50 states.”

    Sam looked up into her blue eyes, “We aren’t in the states.”

    She sat down across from him, “Don’t mind if I do.” The waitress walked over and Jeni got water and ordered a burger and fries. Sam put the paper down as she looked at him, “So your hair? It’s a trend?”

    Sam nodded, “As a matter of fact it is.”

    “So out of date.” She adjusted herself in the booth, “Listen I wanted to ask you something and if you lie to me Sam, I will know.” She took a breath and looked into his eyes, “I think we both know that you and Dean aren’t on vacation. Meeting in the weirdest places, always were Missie and I are. Do you mind explaining?”

    She waited and he swallowed the lump in his throat, “Seriously it’s just a vacation.”

    Jeni turned her head, “Strike 1.”

    Sam took a breath, “We are here for work. Real estate.”

    Jeni smiled, “Strike 2.”

    “I don’t know what to tell you Jeni.”

    “The truth Sam. Please. You owe me that much. My lips are sealed if that’s what you are worried about. I can be trusted. I have kept a secret for a long long time about myself.”

    SAm nodded, “I know.”

    She looked at him, “What do you know?”

    HE took a deep breath, holding the coffee cup in his hand tightly, “You and Missie are witches.”

    Jeni was shocked, “And you know this how?”

    “The prophecy.” He looked at her, “Dean and I hunt ghosts, mythical creatures, shift changers, werewolves, vampires, shall I go on?”

    JEni put her hand up, “Witches too? I have never done anything to draw attention to myself. Missie on the other hand, the cafe this morning was her. Dean saved everyone in that cafe today by kissing her.”

    Sam nodded, “I know. We have orders Jeni. They aren’t the best orders.”

    She cocked her head, “What orders Sam?”

    “To kill Missie…” He paused and looked at her with care in his eyes, “And you and your unborn baby.”

    • She wasn’t able to sleep that night, because her mind was working overtime, her thoughts on Joe. She couldn’t believe the change in him, from the funny, caring boy she fell for, to the person he was now.

      Finally, when the sun shone through the curtains, Missie got up, took a hot shower, changed, and then headed downstairs to the restaurant. She stopped when she saw Dean sitting at a booth, sipping on a cup of coffee.
      She took in a breath as she headed towards his booth, finally chickening out half-way, then divereted to the bar. She slid into the bar stool, opening the menu before her. Even though her eyes were on the paper in front of her, she felt him slide in next to her.

      “Are you stalking me?” She turned her head to see Dean’s profile, feeling her heart kick up gear, hammering hard in her chest.

      Dean had this all planned out the minute he walked into the restaurant. After trailing MIssie for a few days, he learned her habits. And what he learned was that she was so damn predictable. Every morning, she came down here, sat in a booth, ordered a carafe of coffee. So, he arrived earlier than her, chose the same booth she chose every morning, and like a lion stalking his prey, he waited. He slid his hand into the inner pocket of his leather jacket, to feel the butt of his pistol.

      His planed shattered the moment she sat at the bar, and he sat next to her, smelling her. “Just on vacation.”

      “Oh really?” Missie watched as he put the coffee mug to his lips.

      “Not a crime.”
      “No I guess not,” Missie shrugged her shoulders as she reached for the menu.

      Dean let out a sigh as he turned his head to look at her, struggling with his inner demons, the voice of his father, and the feeling he was starting to have for Missie.

  21. Jeni didn’t eat, her stomach was turning in circles as SAm told her the truth. She grabbed her bag and walked out of the bar and up to the hotel room that she shared with Jordan.

    She packed her stuff and sat on the bed and cried. She heard the wings sound again and looked up to see the man in the tan trench coat, “You wanna kill me too?”

    HE walked over to her, sitting next to her, “No.”

    She glared at him, “What do you want then?”

    “You and MIssie will live. Your children will have an important part in our future.” HE put his hand on hers, she feeling the touch that was light and airy, “No need to worry.”

    She closed her eyes and opened them as she heard the swoosh of the wings again. She dried her eyes and laid down, falling fast asleep.


    The next morning, she awoke and showered. Jordan was still sleeping and she got dressed and headed down to the bar for breakfast. She was truly hungry at that moment. She walked into the bar to see MIssie talking with Dean, his hand in his pocket. She knew he was holding the butt of the gun and she closed her eyes.

    She opened them and walked over to Missie, “Good morning.”

    Missie smiled, “Hey. Coffee?”

    JEni glared at Dean, “No thanks.” She looked at Missie, “I’m thinking shopping today?”

    MIssie nodded, “Sure.” She finished her cup of coffee and got off the stool and put a twenty down. She looked at Dean, “Good Day sir.”

    She walked away as JEni glared at him, “Leave me and Missie alone. I know what you are.” She leaned over and took his hand and opened it up, palm facing up. She put the contents of what was in her hand in his hand and closed, “Can’t shoot a gun without bullets.” She smirked at him, turned and walked away, following MIssie out the front door of the hotel.

    • After shopping, Missie retired to her room, and laid down on her bed. She rolled over onto her back, staring at the celiling.

      After a few minutes, she got off the bed and quickly freshened up. She didn’t care how much Joe changed, she just need him and only him.

      She was allowed past the barrier of security guards as she walked down to the room. Holding her breath, she knocked on the door. A minute later, she was about to knock again, when the door opened.

      “Missie.” Jordan’s eyes grew big as he quickly looked behind him.

      “What’s going on?” Missie brushed past Jordan and stopped half way into the room. Her hands flew to her mouth as she saw the scene on the bed. ” oh my god.”

      Joe was kneeling on the bed thrusting into a girl who was on her hands and knees. While he was doing that, the girl was sucking off Donnie.

      Joe turned his head to see Missie. “Hey there. Come join in.”


      Missie shoved past Jordan, out of the room and down to Jenis room.

  22. There was a huge rap at the door. Jeni turned the tv off and got off the bed, “Hold your horses!!”

    She finally got to the door and opened it up and MIssie rushed in, “What the hell did I ever see in him?” She turned and looked at JEni, tears in her eyes, “HE’s with another girl. NOt to mention your so called boyfriend, baby daddy is in there as well.”

    JEni sat down on the bed, “Are you sure you saw what you thought you saw?”

    She became irate and the lights started to flicker in the hotel room, “Yes!!!”

    Jeni put her hands up, “Okay Mis, settle down. We all know what happens when you get too riled up.”

    “What is wrong with you?”

    “Jordan went over there to get something.” The door opened and he walked back in, “Where’s the fire Missie?”

    Missie glared at him, “You know what? Fuck this. I’m going home.” She rushed passed Jordan again, pushing him out of the way and slammed the door as she exited. This was suppose to be a special time with her and Joe and it turned into a mess.

    Jeni was already packed, knowing exactly what Missie was thinking. Since she got pregnant, she was able to read minds and it kinda scared her, but she also thought it was pretty cool. The magic she pulled off with the bullets in Dean’s gun surprised her as well, but she felt the power radiating through her veins. She was getting stronger, along with Missie and this wasn’t a time to mess with either of them.

    They hopped on the plane at HEathrow and exited Logan in Boston. They got a cab and headed back to Missie’s house where her fathers SUV was in the driveway.

  23. “Jareth! Stop this right now!”

    When Missie opened the door, the sound of her grandmother’s voice sent the chills down her spine. Her and Jeni quietly walked down the hall that led to the spacious kitchen.

    When the two girls walked in, they were greeted with chaos. The kitchen table was turned over on its side, the contents broken and scattered on the floor. Milk, coffee, cereal and eggs coated the cermic floor.


    Jareth spun around from the freezer as he heard his daughter’s voice. He was upon her so fast, Missie didn’t have time to get away. He grabbed her by the upper arm. “Wher is it?”

    “Where is what?”

    Jareth put his hands around her throat as he pushed her up against the wall. He glared at her, baring his teeth, and she could have sworn his eyes slid black. “The saftely deposit key. Where is it!”

    “I don’t know!” Missie screamed, making the lights above her exploded, raining hot shards of glass on her skin.

  24. Jeni stayed next to Dorothy and Dorothy raised her hands, saying something in a language she didn’t understand. Jareth turned to her, his eyes slid black, his hands still around Missie’s neck and he hissed. Jareth said something and Dorothy stopped, putting her hands to her throat, gasping for air. Jeni put her arm around her as she dropped to her knees, “Dorothy.”

    Missie yelled again, every lightbulb in the house, flickering and breaking into a million pieces onto the floor, “GRANNY!!!!”

    Jareth turned back to her, his eyes still black, “That’ll be enough out of you.”

    Dorothy tried to get out her words, but all Jeni could hear was the word incantation. Jareth turned again, “They know nothing you evil witch.” He turned back to Missie, “You are just a little weasel who has nothing better to do with her time than to fuck my life over.” He snickered and took one hand off of Missie’s neck and pointed at Dorothy. She doubled over in pain, “How does it feel to see a loved one die.” His teeth were jagged edges, Jareth wasn’t human anymore, “There will be no good in casting me out. This lovely meat suit is dead inside.”

    Jeni cuddled Dorothy as blood started to come out of her mouth and nose. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she lay there lifeless. Missie and Jeni shed tears as Dorothy died in front of them and Jareth turned back to MIssie, “Calvin has been asking about you. I think it’s time we pay him a visit, along with your lovely friend and her unborn baby.” HE turned to Jeni, “Your unborn baby will make a good king in Hell.” HE turned back to Missie, “And you lovely.” He leaned in and licked her cheek, “You taste so yummy.”

    As he said that, the front door flew open and the two men came through shouting together, “Regna terrae, cantata Deo, psallite Cernunnos, Regna terrae, cantata Dea psallite Aradia. caeli Deus, Deus terrae, Humiliter majestati gloriae tuae supplicamus Ut ab omni infernalium spirituum potestate, Laqueo, and deceptione nequitia, Omnis fallaciae, libera nos, dominates. Exorcizamus you omnis immundus spiritus Omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio, Infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, Omnis and congregatio secta diabolica. Ab insidiis diaboli, libera nos, dominates, Ut coven tuam secura tibi libertate servire facias, Te rogamus, audi nos! Ut inimicos sanctae circulae humiliare digneris, Te rogamus, audi nos! Terribilis Deus Sanctuario suo, Cernunnos ipse truderit virtutem plebi Suae, Aradia ipse fortitudinem plebi Suae. Benedictus Deus, Gloria Patri, Benedictus Dea, Matri gloria!”

    Jareth dropped Missie and Jeni ran over to her, holding her on the ground as Dean threw holy water on Jareth. He sizzled as if he was on a griddle and he howled. Sam kept the gun on Jareth as Dean finished the incantation. Jareth raised his head, opened his mouth and a black smoke streamed out, finding the open window and flying out. Jareth’s lifeless body fell to the ground, blood coming from his mouth.

    Missie was shaking, her hand on her neck, “What….what was that?”

    • “Here Mis, I, uh, made some tea.”

      Jeni stood in the doorway of the patio, watching her friend.

      Missies feet were on the chair, her arms wrapped around her knees, and her chin resting on them. She had been like that since the ambulance took her father and grandmother away to the morgue.

      Sam was the one who answered the polices questions, Jeni didn’t care to stick around for that. So Jeni did what she thought was right, and that was to make some tea.

      “It’s your favorite.” Jeni walked to the table and sat the mug in the middle.

      “I have no one.” Missie sniffed. “My Nana is dead.”

      “You have me.” Jeni turned her head to see Dean standing in the doorway.

  25. Jeni turned her head to see Dean standing in the doorway, “She okay?”

    JEni shrugged, “I don’t know. In time maybe.” She walked over to him, “What was that Dean?”

    Dean crossed his arms over his flannel shirt, “A demon.”

    Jeni nodded, “I kinda figured that. Why? What? Gosh I don’t even know what questions to ask.”

    Dean took a breath, keeping his eyes on Missie as she was quiet, “It’s a long complicated story.”

    Jeni looked around, “I don’t see us doing anything for awhile.”

    Dean nodded and held up his finger, retreated to the kitchen and walked back with two glasses and the bottle of whiskey. Jeni sat next to Missie as Dean sat across from her. He poured the two glasses and slid one over to Missie, “Warm the blood.”

    Missie still had tears in her eyes as she picked up the glass and took a small sip. She winced at the taste and looked at Dean, “What happened in there Dean?”

    Before he could talk, Sam walked out, “He knows the girls powers are getting stronger.”

    JEni looked at him as he sat down, “Who?”

    “Calvin.” Jeni shrugged and he continued, “Calvin is more powerful than Lucifer. If God was a football field, he would be the grass they played on.” HE took a breath, “This is the most complicated case ever. We have never fought anything this large before.”

    Jeni glared at him again, “Large as in powerful?”

    He nodded, “That was one of his minions.” He pointed to the inside of the house, “I can’t guarantee there won’t be more. Not until your powers are fully restored will he show his face.”

    Jeni sighed, “Who?”

    Sam looked at her, “Calvin.”

    “Why?” she spat.

    • Missie kept her gaze in the middle of the yard, where the patio light failed to reach. She felt her small body trembling, the glass of scotch shaking. The image of her that wasn’t her father..still played like a nightmare behind her eyes. It’s face was straight out of the pits of hell itself.

      She listened as Sam answered Jenis question about why Calvin was after them.

      Suddenly, her body stopped trembling and she went rigid, her eyes rolled up into the back of her head. The glass slipped from her fingers, and crashed into the cement.

      Her body slid out of the chair as her body began to convulse.

  26. Dean lept up and was by her side, pulling her up on his knees and looked up at Sam, “Call 9-1-1.”

    Jeni leaned over on the chair she was sitting at as pain ripped through her abdomen. Tears coursed her eyes as it took her breath away, her eyes as well swam to the back of her head.

    The two girls said at the same time as thundar and lightning coursed overhead. The clouds moved quickly, “Qui affect protego,
    iubas serpentibus et ligamentum meis stirpique meae domum meam mixtisque,
    et deducet I ruunt ut i present.”

    The clouds parted after those words were said and the girls came back into their own. Missie looked up into Dean’s eyes as Jeni caught her breath, “What? What just happened?”

    • With a soft, low, moan from her lips, Missie slowly opened her eyes, seeing that she was in her bedroom, but something was strange. Her tongue felt fat and heavy in her mouth as she swept it along her dry, cracked lips. Her head was pounding in time with her heart, and she slowly sat up from the bed.

      That’s when she noticed the strange symbols on the walls, and when she looked up at the ceiling, a huge one was drawn with something red, she really hoped it was paint and not blood.

      Her head pounded in time with her heart beat as she sat up from the bed. She groaned, and grabbed her head as she swung her legs off her bed. SHe sat there with her hands gripping the mattress, her head hung low, and sobs coming from her mouth.

      For just a few moments, she truly believed that what happened to her was all a dream. But feeling how sore her body was, she knew it was very much reality.

      She raised her head when she heard a noise coming from downstairs, her body freezing. Then she heard Jeni’s laughter, followed by a deep, booming voice.

      With feather light footsteps, she slowly walked down the stairs, mindful of the ones that squeeked and down the hallway where the huge kitchen was located. There, sitting at the table, was Jeni, Sam, and Dean.
      Dean was sitting at the table, a gun in his hands, the clip sitting on the table next to him. A mug of coffee was near reach, and Jeni was at the stove, a plate of pancakes to her right.

      Jeni turned from the stove, the spatula in her hands, as she watched Dean cleaning the gun. “Dean! I’ve told you not at the table!”

      Dean was about to answer her, when he looed up to see Missie standing in the doorway, her eyes wide.

  27. JEni looked up from Dean to see Missie, “Good morning sunshine.”

    Missie looked at the clock on the stove and it read 9:00. She looked outside to see it was dark out, “Did i miss a day?”

    Sam nodded, “More like a few.”

    MIssie put her hand to her head, walking over next to Sam and sat down. Jeni poured the coffee in the largest cup she could find and placed it in front of Missie, “Caffeine good.” She giggled.

    MIssie glared at her, “Thanks, but you don’t have to be sarcastic.”

    Jeni went back to flipping pancakes, putting them on a plate and placing them in the middle of the table. She looked at MIssie who was trying to wrap her mind around everything that had happened, “Check this out.”

    MIssie looked up as she walked over to a very large candle on the windowsill. She closed her eyes and blew on the candle, lighting the flame. She opened it and saw it and smiled, “Cool huh?” She walked back to the stove, “I don’t know but things are coming stronger now. It’s not just the dead people that I see. I see everything. I feel it in my veins.”

    • Missie didn’t look up from her plate as she slowly ate her breakfast.

      Ten minutes later, she heard Sam get up from his chair, then the clatter of his plate into the sink, and Jeni was right behind him.

      When she finally did look up, Dean was staring at her with this beautiful green eyes of his.

      She swallowed thickly as she pushed back her chair, reached down for her coffee mug, pausing as she saw the silver band around his right ring finger.

      For just the briefest of moments, she had a vision of that hand wrapped around hers as their bodies twisted together.

      She quickly took a few steps away from him, backing into the wall. She ducked her head as she swiftly retreated from that man.

  28. Jeni walked out of the dining room behind Sam, “So what’s next? I feel great today.”

    HE turned to her, “Don’t get cocky Jeni.”

    She crossed her arms over her swelled belly, “I’m not. I need to do something. Get out. Something.”

    Dean walked into the living room, “I think we should take them.”

    Sam looked over at him, “Are you sure?”

    Dean nodded as he put the clip back into the butt of his gun and put it in the back of his jeans, “Yep. They need to learn.”

    MIssie walked up behind Dean, “Learn what?”

    His head turned around, his green eyes shown nothing but determination, “Control.”

    She crossed her arms in front of her, “Control what?”

    Sam interupted, “Your powers.”

    Jeni clapped her hands, rip roaring ready to go, “Let’s do this shit.”

    Missie raised her hand, “Wait!!!” The three of them looked at her, “I don’t feel comfortable about this.” She glared at Dean, “I don’t feel comfortable with you.”

    Dean walked over to her, his face inches from hers, “Sweetheart, you don’t have a choice right now. Do you wanna die?” He took a breath, “Yeah I didn’t think so. Stay with me and I will keep you safe.”

    Sam nodded, “We will keep the both of you safe.”

    • Missie wasn’t sure what the boys had in mind for her and Jeni, but her stomach was churning.

      She walked up to the bathroom, closed the door, and walked to the mirror. She placed her hands on the ends of the ceramic basin, dipped her head down, squeezing her eyes shut.

      She felt the room began to pitch and sway, and her knees buckled. Had she not such a tight grip on the sink, she would have fallen to the floor.

      When she raised her head to look up into the mirror, she saw him standing in the doorway. She felt her heart stop for an instant, as she looked at him through the mirror.

      His very presence filled the room he was in, his tall frame was lean but muscular, and it made her aware of how much of a man he really was, something that was so much different than Joe.

      “We leave in 10 minutes.”

      And with that, he turned from the doorway, and shut it behind him. She turned on the facuet, and began to splash the cold water on to her face, her stomach still in knots.

      She quickly packed a small tolietry bag, along wiht some clothes, and headed downstairs. When she opened the front door, she was met with choas.

      Dean was standing near the passenger seat as he was yelling inside, and was met with a growl and a bark.

      “Out you mangy mutt!” Dean growled back at the dog.

      • Before Dean could take his frustration out on the dog, Missie jumped the porch steps, anger on her face.

        “You lay a hand on my dog, you’re dead.” Missie shoved Dean to the side as she knelt down, placed her hands on the side of the dog’s face, and knelt in, placing her face against the large head. “Hey. You need to stay here. Okay? I need you to stay here and watch over Nana’s house. Can you do that for me?” Missie laughed as Cain let out a bark, then proceeded to lick her face. She ruffed the black fur as she motioned for the dog to go into the house.

        When Cain passed Dean, the dog paused, lifted his head to look at him, then gave him a low growl. The dog was obviously not happy with him, and Dean shared the dog’s disapproval.

        It was quiet for the next two hours, the black Chevy’s engine was the only sound for miles, lulling Jeni asleep.

        It was night, the interior of the car was dark, except for the lights of the dash, and radio, which was down low. Missie took this time to really study Dean.

        He was nothing she had ever met before, and she wasn’t sure if that was a good thing, or a bad thing. He wasn’t afraid to tell you what he thought, and by watching him and his brother, she knew he was the father figure in the relationship.

        Her eyes traveled along his muscular legs, to see his right hand resting on the leather seat next to them. She felt her heart thudding in her chest as she noticed the thick silver band around his right ring finger.

        She had the sensation that someone was looking at her, so when she raised her head, she saw Dean looking at her through the rear view mirror.

        He gave her a sideways smile, then his pink tongue licked the bottom of his lip, and he shook his head as he leaned forward to turn down the radio.

        “Town coming up in a few miles,” Dean’s voice was low, husky, and gravelly. “Thought we could pull over and get something to eat.”

        Missie looked in the passenger seat to see Sam asleep, then turned her head to look at Jeni. “Yeah. Sure.”

        Dean cleared his throat as he took his eyes off the mirror, and to the road ahead of him, but not before he got a good glimpse of her bare legs.

  29. Jeni and Sam awoke at the same time as Dean pulled the vehicle onto the gravel pavement. Jeni yawned, “HOw long was I out?”

    Dean looked in the rearview, “You snored for about hour and a half.”

    JEni wiped the sleep from her eyes, “Where are we?”

    “A little city called Salem.” Dean spoke softly, “We are stopping to get something to eat.”

    JEni was confused, “Thought we were going to Salem Massachusetts.”

    Dean shook his head, “Sorry to bust your bubble. Salem New York”

    Jeni questioned him again, “What does this SAlem have to do with us? It’s Salem Massachusetts the home of witches.”

    Sam turned his head, “It is, but that’s not where she lives. She lives her so she can say she lives in Salem.” HE laughed, “She’s a bit of a joker.”

    Dean laughed, “Yep Old Red Head!!!”

    The car finally stopped in front of an older restaurant. More like a mom and pop shop. They all got out and JEni put her hand on her stomach, “God I could eat a cow!!!”

    Dean nodded and looked at Sam, “Me too!!!!!” He smiled.

    Missie lifted her lip in disgust as Sam held the door open for the three of them, then followed them into the smaller restaurant.

    • “Take a seat anywhere!” A rough, female voice called from somewhere in the kitchen.

      Missie put a hand to her nose as the smell of grease, onions, and something else she couldn’t pinpoint.

      “I hope they have something that passes as a salad.” Missie grumbled. She leaned over to the dispenser and plucked out a menu, instantly growing. ” nothing but fried food.”

      “Ahh that’s the best.” Dean winked at her form across the booth. He chuckled as she lifted her lip. “What’s the matter? No fish eggs in the menu?”

      “I’m a vegetarian.”

      Dean snorted at her, but quickly realized she was being serious. “Hmm.”

      “What? I’ve never had red meat.”

      Dean snapped his fingers as he flagged down the waitress. “Sweetheart that’s all about to change.”

  30. JEni ordered first, “I’ll have a double cheeseburger, no pickle, fries and a large diet coke please.” She looked at the waitress again, “Wait and an order of chili cheese fries. Thanks.”

    Sam ordered a burger, Dean ordered 2 burgers, fully loaded with fries. Missie glared at him, “I guess the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

    He gave the menu to the waitress, “One is for you.”

    She put her hand out, “Fries are okay for me. Thanks.”

    Dean turned to her in the booth, “Okay JEni just ordered the whole menu, what is up your panties.” He glared at her, “Meat is the essence of living.”

    “I’m sorry I don’t feel that I need to explain myself to you.” She picked up her water and took a sip.

    Jeni put her hand on Dean’s, “She’s not into eating anything that’s killed.”

    Dean nodded and looked at her again, “Lettuce you have to dig up from the ground, basically killing it. Onions you chop up, killing those. LEt’s see, oh tomatoes, same thing.” HE leaned over in her face, “Everything you eat gets killed!!!!! EVERYTHING!!!”

    Missie turned to him, her face in his, “I told you that I’m not going to tell you why or why not I don’t eat meat.” She sipped up her straw the water she was drinking and pulled it from the glass, shooting it right into Dean’s face, “That’s what you get!!!”

  31. Jeni took a fry that was covered in chili and cheese and put it into her mouth, closing her eyes and savoring the taste, “Now this is heaven.”

    Missie ate a fry and just stared at Dean in disbelief. She rolled her eyes, “Okay I’ve had enough of that half a cow in your mouth,” She held out her hand, “Let me try.”

    Dean had his mouth full, his lips covered in the grease, “Are you sure?”

    “Otherwise, I won’t hear the end of it.” She put her hand out as Dean put his burger down, wiped his fingers and handed her the other one, “Here goes nothing.”

    They watched as she unwrapped the burger. She picked all the stuff off of it so there was just burger and cheese. Dean laughed, “Taking the veggies off?”

    Missie nodded, “I don’t want them to get their feelings hurt with my eating this cow.” She closed her eyes, pulled the burger up to her mouth with her hands, opened her mouth and took a bite. She didn’t open her eyes until she had swallowed it.

    JEni smiled, “So?”

    • Missie gave Dean a look before she took a tiny bite of the burger. She chewed for a second before she smiled. ‘That’s a damn good burger.”

      Dean smiled as he took a fry from his plate, and pointed it at her. “Burger’s are good for the soul Princess.” He winked at her as he shoved the fry into his mouth. “Besides, you could use a little bit of meat on those bones. Maybe you won’t be so cranky.”

      Jeni let out a chuckle as Missie glared at Dean. “Excuse me?”

      “Maybe the reason you’re so cranky,” Dean laughed as he took a huge bite of his burger. “You’re hungry all the time.” He smiled around the wad of food. “Eat up Princess. Don’t let it go to waste.”

      After their meal, the trio decided to go down the road and grabbed a motel room for the night. Then in the morning, they would vist the person the boys wanted Jeni and Missie to meet.

      After getting their rooms, Jeni retired to bed, while Missie laid in hers, tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep.

      After 20 minutes, Missie got up, found a pair of denim shorts, a plaid shirt, and a white tank top. She quickly ran a brush through her hair, grabbed the small shaving bag that was inside her large bag, then headed outside to the warm, muggy evening.

      Crickets serenaded her as she walked through the breezway, pausing for just a second as she passed Sam and Dean’s door. For just a brief instant, Missie wanted to knock on that door, and ask Dean for his company. But, she kept walking towards the parking lot.

      She grabbed a dollar from her shorts, slid it into the money slot, and let out a frustrated sigh as it quickly spit out the dollar. She yanked the dollar out, smoothed it against her thigh and tried again, only to be meet with the same scenario.

      “You son of a whore!” Missie sighed as she yanked the dollar out of the slot, repeated the smoothing technique, only to be met yet again with no success.


      With a whistle on his lips, Dean tucked the paper sack under his arm, and slid his fingers into the pocket of his jeans to take out the key, when he heard a voice coming to the right.

      He took a step back to get a better look, when he noticed Missie at the soda machine, struggling to put a dollar into the slot.

      “I think it’s broken.”

      Missie turned her head to see Dean, and she shook her head. “Bastard.”

      Dean licked his bottom lip as he stepped down the steps, and walked towards her, his long legs easily eating up the distance. “I, uh, went down the block.” He removed the bag from under his arm as he took out a six pack of beer. “Wanna join me? It’s not expensive, whole six pack was under three dollars.”

      She watched as Dean leaned up against the grill of the Impala, take out a beer from the case, and handed it to her.

      “Thanks.” She twisted open the top of the beer and took a long swallow. “You know Dean,” Missie took out a joint from the pocket of her shorts, flicked her lighter and took in a huge hit. “You’re wrong about me.”

      Dean thoughtfully took a sip of his beer as he looked at her. “Wrong about what?”

      “I’m not some spoiled little ritch girl. After my mom died, my dad crumbled. I was really young, so I don’t know much about my mom.” Missie paused to take a sip of her beer. “He buried himself in his work, and I was shipped off to my Nana’s while he grived. What he didn’t realize was, I needed him. So, he did what he thought was right, he bought me things.”

      “You don’t have to explain.”

      “Yes, Dean, I do.” Missie flicked the cherry onto the pavement and turned to look at him. She shook her head. “Never mind. I’ts late. I’m going to bed. Goodnight Dean.”

      Dean watched as she walked through the breezway to her room. With her hand on her door, she paused, turning her head to look at him. Without a word, she opened the door, stepped through it, and shut it behind her.

  32. The next morning, JEni woke up, showered and dressed, packing her dirty clothes into her suitcase and headed out of the room. She was starving. She could kick herself in the ass for not bringing any snacks.
    She walked into the small cafe that was on the hotel property and saw Sam sitting in a booth. She put her hands on her ever growing baby bump and walked over to him, “You don’t sleep?”

    Sam looked up as she took a seat, “I get enough.”

    Jeni ordered breakfast, almost half the menu and she dug into her pancakes after they arrived. Sam sat there drinking his coffee and she looked up, the fork in one hand, the knife in the other, “Aren’t you going to eat?”

    “I’m not a breakfast person.”

    She put the fork down and poured the syrup all over the pancakes and sausage. She kept eating and looked up, “Are you sure?”

    HE chuckled, “No I’m okay.”

    She took another bite, “You are looking at me like I’m a pit at a trough.” She wiped her mouth and took a sip of her water, “I’m sorry.”

    HE smiled at her, “It’s okay. Seriously I know that you are eating for two. I’m just worried about you blowing up like a cow.”

    JEni laughed, “I won’t do that. I’ve been eating this way my whole life. I’m like the bottomless pit as my dad calls me.”

    The door opened and Dean walked through and took a seat next to Sam. HE looked at the food Jeni was eating, “I didn’t know they had a buffet.”

    JEni glared at him and Sam smiled, “They don’t.”

    The waitress walked over and Dean looked up at her, “Coffee please.” HE looked at Jeni, “Are you a hippo or something.”

    She smirked at him, “Want me to use witchcraft on you?”

    He put his hands up, “No, No, No.”

    She thought for a moment, putting another piece of pancake in her mouth, “Maybe MIssie will have a good time with you.” She pointed the knife at him.

    Dean laughed, “Missie. Right? If you stuck a lump of coal up her ass…it would…”

    They heard a throat clearing behind them and Dean looked over as Missie folded her arms in front of her, “It would what?”

    • “Sorry Princess. I had to finish the beers by myself.”

      Missie glared at him as she slid in next to Jeni, grabbing the ceramic mug that was in the middle, and poured the liquid. “What heart clogging food item are you getting this morning?”

      Dean smiled at her as he took a plate of eggs and hash browns from Jeni, stuck his fork into the mess and crammed it into his mouth.

      She couldn’t help but think back to last night, when they had stood together drinking a beer. The way his full lips wrapped around the rim of the bottle, how she so badly wanted to lick off the drops that collected on his chin, and the way his Adam apple bobbed as he drank. Everything about this man turned her on.

      It was them that she realized the table had gone quiet, and everyone was watching her.

      She blindly slid out of the booth, stumbling past a waitress almost making her drop the tray, and pushed open the bathroom door.

      Her bison became tumbled as she approached the sink, looking at the reflection. When she looked down, she saw a hand around her waist, a silver ring glinting off the lights.


  33. Jeni flew out of the booth and looked at Dean, “No touchy!!!” She ran to the bathroom, opening the door, “Missie?”

    She walked over and put her hand on Missie’s shoulder. Her face as she looked in the mirror was looking only of confusion, “Hey!!”

    Missie jumped as JEni touched her and the look in her eyes returned, “Hey. I just needed to collect myself.”

    Jeni smiled, “Okay, wash your face with some cold water. Wake up those bones.” She laughed, “Maybe you should stop smoking so much pot. It’s making you paranoid.”

    MIssie laughed sarcastically, “You know it helps with my anxiety.”

    JEni nodded, “I don’t think it’s your anxiety that you are worried about.” She nudged MIssie in the arm and walked back out of the bathroom to the table. She saw Dean digging into her french toast and she sat down, “Are you serious? Can’t you get your own.”

    His mouth full, the fork has more french toast on it, dripping with syrup, “You ordered a double.”

    “So what!!! I’m hungry.” She pushed the plate away, “I’ve gone and lost my appetite now. Thanks Dean.” She glared at him, “Stop being such a prude towards Missie. You do realize she can probably turn you into a frog or something.”

    Sam laughed, “Damn I wanna see that.”

    • Dean wiped his mouth, throwing the napkin on the finished plate. He reached for the ticket, his eyes huge as he saw the amount.

      “Good lord your expensive woman.” He looked at Jeni with a frown on his face. He plopped down two twenties, stuck a toothpick between his teeth and followed Sam and Jeni outside, where Missie was leaning up against the car.

      Dean noticed she was looking very pale, and her grip was tight on the door. What ever had happened back in the diner, had taken its toll on her.

      As he walked around to the drivers side, he felt his phone vibrate. When he took it out of his pocket, he saw the words:

      Call me. We need to discuss your job.

  34. Dean looked over the hood of the vehicle towards Sam. Sam knew who was texting him, “LEt it go Dean!!!”

    HE put the phone back into his pocket as the girls and guys got in. Dean started the vehicle up and looked in the rearview mirror at Missie who looked like she had seen a ghost. All her energy was knocked out of her. She tilted her head back on the black leather and closed her eyes.

    Jeni was excited, “Are we going now?”

    “Maybe we should wait a day? Get more rest.” Dean exclaimed as he looked at MIssie.

    MIssie piped up, “If we wait any longer, the diamond will just shoot out of my ass.” She opened her eyes briefly, meeting with Dean’s eyes.

    Sam laughed, “Let’s go then.”

    Dean put the car in gear and headed about two miles up the road. HE turned on a dirt road and headed another mile inward till they came to a small cabin. It looked abadoned, but one single rose was in bloom in front of the house. They got out and Jeni put her hand on her stomach, “Wow he’s kicking today. Almost hurts.”

    Sam put his arm around her, “It’s the protection she has on this place. Don’t worry you won’t go into labor or anything.”

    JEni smiled weakly, “I hope not. It’s really draining my energy though.”

    MIssie got out and Dean looked at he girls, “You won’t be able to use your powers here until instructed to do so. Just far warning!!!”

    They heard a creak of the door being opened and a short lady with fire red hair walked out on her porch. She had lots of rings on her fingers and her makeup was flawless. She carried an Irish accent so thick, it was almost hard to understand, “Winchester Boys. It’s so nice of you to visit.”

    • As they walked inside the cabin, the scent of perfume was so strong, that it made Missie really dizzy.

      She felt a hand on her lower back, and she turned her head to see it was Dean and he was guiding her towards the couch.

      Rowena was fixated on the young woman as soon as she stepped inside the cabin. Her friend, Jeni was an easy one to read. But this one, she would be a challenge.

      “You carry so much guilt, wee one.” She smiled as she sat across from Missie. ” you can’t blame yourself for what happened.”

      “What are you talking about? ” Missie felt her body shaking and she wanted nothing more than to run.

      “Your mother was brace for what she did.”

      Missie jumped up from the couch as she stared the old witch down.”you know nothing of my mother.!”

  35. Rowena smiled at her, her lips the color of scarlet red, “You don’t need to get hostile.” She looked at JEni, “You on the other hand, have had some issues with your family.” She turned back to Missie, “Please sit. I’ll make us a spot of tea.”

    Rowena got up and walked to the kitchen, Jeni turned to MIssie, “HEy you need to relax.”

    There was tears in MIssie’s eyes, “She knows nothing of what happened.”

    JEni put her hand on Missie’s leg, “Hey just have to sit here and listen okay.”

    Sam nodded, “She’s right Missie. Rowena is a bit outgoing.”

    Dean laughed, “That’s what you call that?”

    Sam glared at Dean, giving him a dirty look and the smile wiped off his face as Sam continued to talk, “Just relax. I know you are going to get through this. We are here to help.”

    Missie took a breath, “She brings up my mother again, I’m gone.”

    Rowena walked back and put the tea set on the coffee table, “Now, Now, we shall have no more crying in my home. Mi Casa es Su Casa. Is that what you kids use these days.”

    Jeni took a cup of tea, “NOt really.”

    Rowena sat down, her bouncy hair going up and down as she sat, “Now where were we?”

    • “Who the fuck are you?” Missie glared at the red headed woman.

      Rowena clicked her tongue as she crossed her right leg over her left. “Oh Pish posh Melissa, I know you’ve been raised with more proper manners than that! Why I made sure you got the best of the best.”

      Missie sucked in a breath, feeling the anger rise in her, knowing what would happen. “What?”

      “Oh come now dear.” Rowena clicked her tongue as she looked at Dean. “Seriously Dean, you need to learn to control your Las here.”

      Missie felt her vison tunnel as she concentrated on the tea cup in Rowena’s hand, thinking on how she would love for it to shatter in her hands.

      No sooner had the thought entered her mind, did the cup start to shake in the witches hand. The woman let out a startled yell as the mug shattered, sending tea and porcelain onto the floor.

  36. Rowena glared at Missie, “You could have cut my pretty little face.” She patted her face with her hand.

    Missie stood up, glaring down at Rowena, “You want more?”

    She looked over at Dean and then Sam, “I didn’t sign up for this. Take the wretchet woman out of my house. Go Now!!!”

    Sam stood up, “Please Rowena. We need your help.”

    She took a breath, “I don’t mess with black magic. That’s pure evil standing right there.”

    Dean stood up, clearing his throat, “May I remind you Rowena, you are the mother of the King of hell!!”

    She cocked her head, “Well you got me there Dean Winchester.” She looked at MIssie, “My spells aren’t working for you. Interesting.” She crossed her slim arms in front of her.

    JEni leaned her head back on the couch, her hands on her growing belly, “God I’m so damn tired.”

    Rowena nodded, “But it works on Jenifer. Interesting.”

    Sam looked at her, “This is why we need your help. Calvin is out looking for the girls. We have to help them.”

    Rowena smiled, “Calvin huh? The Calvin. I haven’t seen him in a hundred years.”

    Dean spit his words out, “Who is he? What is he capable of? Why does he want the girls?”

    Rowena sat down in the chair and everyone else sat as well. She looked at Missie, “I’m going to bring something up child, you aren’t going to like it, but it’ll say alot of why you are the way you are.”

    MIssie crossed her arms in front of her, “What is that?”

    Rowena put her finger up, “Promise me you won’t get upset or mad and I’ll give you the info that you want.”

    • Missie sat back in the chair, her arms across her chest. She had her legs crossed and swung her leg back and forth.

      “I know you remember that night.” Rowena sat forward as she looked at Missie. “Your mother died so you could live.”

      Dean noticed the look Dam give him, and he cleared his throat. He could sense the atmosphere in the room was beginning to change, and he knew it was because Missie was getting upset.

      He slapped his hand on his thigh. “Okay. I think that’s enough for today.” He shot Sam a glance and the younger brother stood up. “We will keep in touch.”


      She sat on the edge of the tub, a half smoked joint between her fingers, the room filled with smoke.

      She stubbed out the joint into an ash tray, sprayed some air freshener and decided it was about time to seduce Dean.

      Since coming back from the cabin, Missie had a desire so strong, she could no longer deny it.

      She grabbed a tube of lipstick that was deep inside her cosmetic bag, lipstick she only used in this situation.

      She applied it to her lips, fluffed her hair and walked to his door.

  37. JEni had made Dean stop on the way back from the cabin at the convenience store and she grabbed about fifty dollars worth of snacks. Chips, licorice, chocolate. She was going to have a night of snacks and television.

    She got into her hotel room and turned on the television. She turned a few stations to find an old black and white movie and she heard a knock on the door. She got up off the bed, a twizzler in her hand and opened the door. Sam stood there with a bag in his hand and she could smell the burgers a mile away, “If there are onions on them, come right in.”

    HE walked into the room and she shut the door. He sat on the bed, looking at the television, “Casablance. Great movie.”

    “YEah one of my favorites. Wanna join me?” She smiled.

    HE handed her the sack of burgers, “Don’t eat them all in one sitting.”

    Jeni laughed as Sam sat on the bed, his back towards the headboard and she sat next to him, “I guess the best way to my heart is through my stomach. Good thing I bought some tums today.”

    They both laughed and ended up falling asleep in the same bed watching Casablance.


    Missie headed to Dean’s room. The light was still on, which meant he was still up. She took a breath and knocked on the door. Dean opened it, “Well, well, well.”

    She stepped forward towards him, leaning in, looking into his green eyes, “I want you tonight Dean.”

    HE joked, “I want me everynight!!!”

    Her seductive glare shot through his eyes and through his soul. HE had never felt anything like this before, He knew it was some kind of spell. HE played into it for a few minutes and then leaned over, his lips inches from her neck and he spoke softly, “I don’t download that quickly Melissa.” He pulled back and glared at her, “You are either drunk or high and I am part gentleman ya know. I don’t take advantage of woman.”

    Missie glared at him, her face becoming red with anger as she spat, “Dean Winchester..Gods gift. Really what a disappointment.”

    • Missie was fuming mad as she walked back to her room. So when she opened the door to see Dam and Jeni asleep on the bed, she was even more pissed. She was hurt and she was embarrassed.

      She had been around Dean long enough to know that pretty much anything with tits and ass we would fuck, so she knew she had this in the bag.

      She grabbed the black shaving Lito it of her bag, leaving the two sleeping beauties to themselves.

      She found a nice spot across the street and began to smoke. She was half way through a joint, when she heard movement to her right, making her body freeze.


      Missie stood up from the bench as she confronted the shadowy figure. “Who’s there?”

      She felt her insides turn to ice as the figure stepped into the vapor lights of the street lamp, making her let out a blood curdling scream.

      Shuffling towards her was her mom.

      • “No, stay away from me!” Missie put up her hand as she took a step back, quickly realizing her mistake. She was up against the soda machine, and she was trapped.

        The figure came forward, their bare feet quiet on the pavement as the entity glided towards her. “Missie.” She was hearing things now, because it now had her mothers voice. “You need him. He needs you.”

        “STOP!” Missie screamed as she placed a hand over her ears, her eyes squeeze shut in the hopes that it would just go away. She slid down the machine, her head tucked between her knees as she began to rock back and forth, strangled sobs escaping from her mouth. “NO!!” She screamed as she felt a hand on her shoulder.

        Dean closed the door, taking a moment to lean his back against it, feeling his heart thudding hard against his chest. He turned her down. He didn’t think he was going to be able to find the resistant to say no, but somehow, he did. Several scenarios played through his mind as he imagined her doing what she just did. And they all ended up with them in bed.

        “Son of a bitch,” Dean muttered as he moved his hands between his jeans, adjusting the arousal that was making his jeans uncomfortably tight. He walked over to the table where the bottle of scotch was sitting, not bothering with a glass.
        He unscrewed the cap, took a hug swig and began to pace the space between the bed and the table. He couldn’t be feeling this way about her. She was a monster.

        Or was she?

        He let out a growl as he took another swig, and was about to take another one, when he heard a scream coming from across the street. He wasn’t going to bother, when another scream was quickly followed by the first.
        He was out the door in two seconds, watched both ways as he crossed the street, to see Missie sitting against the soda machine, slowly rocking back and forth.

        He hesitated a moment, before he gently put a hand on her shoulder. “Missie.”

  38. With the scream that came from her mouth, all the lights went on in the hotel and Jeni opened the door and ran out. Sam ran out behind JEni, putting the clip in his gun. JEni saw Dean run over to MIssie who was sitting rocking back and forth against the soda machine. Jeni crossed her arms in front of her as she saw Dean pick her up, her hands wrapped around his neck as he walked her back across the street.

    HE walked her towards Jeni, “She needs to lie down.” JEni followed him into her hotel room and he laid Missie on the bed. She was shaking , her body in the fetal position and he covered her with the blankets. HE looked at Jeni, “Call us if you need anything.”

    Sam walked over to Jeni and took her hand and gave her the gun he had just loaded, “Witch killing bullets.”

    JEni glared at him, “A little uncomfortable about that Sam.”

    HE leaned over and kissed her on the cheak and whispered in her ear, “Just a joke. Shoot it at anyone or anything that comes into this room. Lock the doors.”

    She put the gun ont he table next to her bed as Sam and Dean left and she locked the door after them. She turned the lights off by Missie’s bed and took out a book she had stole from Rowena’s house. A book on spells. She flipped through the reading quickly, “This reads like stereo instructions.” She tossed the book at the end of the bed and shut her light off, lying her head on her pillow and closing her eyes.

    She heard something moments later outside her door. They were trying to get in. She immediately grabbed the gun and pointed it at the door, closing her eyes, “God please be with me.”

    • Jenis hand shook as she pointed the gun at the door, seeing the knob turn, and the door came open with a squeak. A tall, dark shadowy figure stood in the doorway. With the light to its back, it was hard to make out who it was.

      Jeni squeezed her eyes shut as she fired the gun, her petite frame was thrown backward onto the bed as the gun fired.

      “Son of a bitch!” Came the deep, gravely voice. “Are you crazy!”

      Jeni lifted her head up to see a vey pissed off Dean standing near the splintered door frame.

  39. Jeni looked up, “Dean?”

    “Who else would it be?” He walked over and turned the light on and grabbed the gun from her. Missie had woke up, confused as to what was going on, “What were you thinking?”

    “I locked the door. How did you get in?”

    He took the clip from the gun and put the gun in the back of his pants, pulling his flannel over top of it, “I’m a master of locks.”

    The door flew open and Sam ran in, “What happened?”

    Dean shook his head, “Jeni thought it was an intruder.” He pulled the gun from the back of his pants and handed it to Sam, “Woman and guns don’t mix.”

    JEni put her hand on her chest, “I could have killed you Dean.”

    Dean nodded, “Yeah.” HE lifted his flannel on his arm and put his finger through the hole, “Came pretty close. This was a great shirt.”

    Sam looked at Dean, “What are you doing sneaking into other peoples rooms.”

    “Thought I would check on Missie.”

    Missie put her hand on her head, “I’m okay, How did I get in this room though?”

    Jeni butted in, “Dean carried you.”


    “He found you out by the soda machine rocking back and forth. Did something happen?”

    She shrugged, “I don’t know.”

    Sam walked into the room and picked up the book lying on Jeni’s bed. HE looked at it, then her, “You stole this.”

    “How else am I going to understand any of what is going on?”

    “You can read this?” SAm asked.

    Jeni shook her head, “No I can’t. I don’t understand any of it.”

    They heard a voice from the door, the whiny high pitched voice in the thick Irish accent, “My Book!!!” She walked into the room, grabbing it out of Sam’s hands, “I’ve been looking for this all evening.” Rowena looked up at the girls, then putting her focus on MIssie, “Your mother was here.”

    • As he walked through the door, the bell above his head announced his arrival.

      A waitress wearing the traditional pink diner uniform, quickly told him to take a seat anywhere he liked, so he chose a booth in the back corner, and sat facing the door. Before reaching into his jacket, he quickly ordered a carafe of coffee, and the daily special.

      As the waitress left to put his order into the kitchen, Dean took out a large leather bound journal, and placed it in front of him. He flipped through a few pages in the hopes that his father had written something down.

      A few pages into the journal, the waitress returned with his coffee. He poured the hot liquid into the white ceramic mug, took a sip, and continued with his research.
      It wasn’t until he was half-way finished with his breakfast, when he found some clue. It was scrawled on the side of the page, letting Dean know it must have been a recent entry.

      Went to Missouri in the hopes of learning more about Grace
      “Hey, uh, mind if I join you?”

      Dean had the tip of the pen in his mouth as he was reading the journal, his right hand was wrapped around the coffee mug as he was about to take a sip, when he heard the soft, feminine voice. He looked up from the journal, and instantly smiled.


      A hundred small orbs blinked on and off, and flickered around the dark yard, the clanging of chains from the porch swing serenaded the lightning bugs. A foot was braced on the porch, the toe slowly moving the swing back and forth. A piece of blonde hair was wrapped around a small finger, the owner thoughtfully watching the fireflies.
      A noise from the side of the yard, near where the barn was located, made her stop the swing. She slowly turned her head to where the porch light failed to touch. Nothing was stirring, the night air was quiet. Frogs were no longer croaking, and the crickets were silent. She felt a shiver run through her body as she saw the outline of a person walking along the path to the woods to the right of the house. The person stopped and turned her head to look at the young woman and that’s when she noticed the blond hair. It was flowing around the body and a long white dress billowed around her legs.
      Missie jumped up from the porch swing, sobs constricted in her throat. “Mom?Wait! Momm!”
      Her feet hit the grass and barley felt the rocks as they bit into her feet. Missie ran down the path after her mother and stopped cold in her tracks. “Mom! Wait! Momm!”. Instead of where the woods usually were, a wrought iron fence took its place. White mist swirled around the ground \, and wrapped around Missie’s legs, and she hugged her arms to her as a chill ran through her body. She wished she had thought to bring a jacket.
      She looked back behind her to make sure her house was still there. It was, and the only light on was her bedroom window. She turned back to look at the huge Victorian gate that was now in front of her, and she attempted to swallow the lump that had formed in her throat.

      As she was debating if she should open the gate or not, when the figure of her mother shimmered just a few feet from her . With shaking hands Missie pushed it open. With a creak and a groan, the gate opened and she stepped inside. Slowly she followed the dirt path that was also covered in mist, and she noticed that her bare feet made no sound on the dirt. She heard a noise behind her and she stopped, reluctantly turning around as her heart hammered in her chest. Her head whipped to the left as she heard the same sound from a different direction.
      “Who..who’s there?”
      She heard another noise, almost like a low growl, coming directly behind her. Her breath caught in her lungs as she slowly turned. When she did, all sense of reasoning left her. Standing before her was a creature straight from the pits of hell itself. It was black in color, blending in to the darkness that surrounded it. The only thing she could see of these creature, were its eyes that glowed red as embers. A low growl came from within the creature’s body and it took a step forward.
      Missie took two quick steps back, her back coming to rest against a tree. She watched as the dog-like creature approached her, almost seeming to smile at her. When it came within inches of her face, it stopped and sat on its haunches. It cocked its head and looked at her, its eyes gleaming red.
      “This is your destiny Missie. This is what you are destined to become.” The dog-like creature kept its glowing eyes on her, their color becoming lighter and lighter until they were amber.
      Missie felt an intense burning in her veins and she looked down at her arms. A low mewling sound escaped her lips as her veins began to glow red. The light under her skin began to pulse in time with her heart beat, pain erupting through her body. And this hunger so strong it consumed her. The need for blood was so strong, she couldn’t resist it. She let out a scream as she arched her body backwards, her arms stiff at her sides. Her body convulsed with the power that raced throughout her body.
      She stood under the shower, her eyes closed, and one hand propped up on the ceramic tile. She had the water on as cold as she could stand it, still feeling as if her body was still on fire. The dream was still fresh in her mind, and she had a feeling it would be for a long while.
      As she towel-dried her hair, she walked out of the bathroom to see Jeni asleep on the other bed. The curtains were pulled tight, and a few rays of sunlight poked through the bottom.
      Missie looked at the clock on the nightstand, shocked that it was past noon. It had been a long time since she slept this late. Come again, she couldn’t remember ever sleeping this hard.
      She found a grey tee shirt in the bottom of her duffel bag, making a mental note to get some fresh clothes. She applied some make-up, laced up her black biker boots, tucked the motel key into the front pocket of her jeans, and proceeded to walk to the diner that sat on the edge of the property.
      “Take a seat anywhere!” A tired voice yelled from the back somewhere.
      Missie stood at the hostess station, deciding on where to sit, when she saw him sitting in the back booth facing her. Her teeth snagged her bottom lip as she wondered if she should approach him or not. It had been a little awkward after Jeni’s little stunt with the gun. He had been coming back to check on her.
      But why?
      She had a lot of questions, and she knew that Dean had the answers. She had made up her mind while she was in the shower. She was certain her mom came to her in a dream, trying to show her something. And she had to figure out what that all meant.
      “Hey, can I join you?”
      Dean looked up from the book he was reading to see Missie standing near the table. He quickly grabbed the several pieces of paper that littered the table in front of him. “Absolutely!”

      Dean watched as she slowly slid into the cracked leather seat, her back ram rod straight. She clasped her hands in front of her, and finally looked up at him.
      “I need some answers. And I know you and Sam have the answers I’m looking for.”
      Dean sucked in his breath as he leaned back into the booth, placing his right arm along the top. “You think you can handle the truth Sweetheart?”
      “All my life, people have been lying to me. My father, my Nana, hell even my mother. I know something happened that night Dean. And I want answers.”
      Dean licked his lower lip as he stared at Missie, his green eyes studying her. She wasn’t anything his father had portrayed her to be. She was beautiful, she was kind, and not the evil, spit slinging hags he was used to. He could see the confidence in her green eyes, knowing that whatever he was about to sling at her, she could take it.
      He slid her smile as he looked down at the journal. “I think we have a clue on where to start.”

  40. JEni had been out cold since the night before. The baby inside her was kicking hard and after she finally fell asleep, it was only a yell that she heard in her mind that awoke her. She swung her legs off the bed and got up, only she felt like she was sleep walking. Someone was calling her name, someone needed her help. She hadn’t heard from Jordan in a couple weeks, but she knew it wasn’t him.

    She opened the door to the hotel room and walked out to the pavement, wearing no shoes. Her belly protruded and she could no longer see her feet. The cement was hot as she walked across it towards the diner. She stopped as she got to the door and looked through the window. There were several people inside, all with swords that looked silver and she muttered to herself, not knowing exactly what she was saying, “Demon blades.”

    Dean and MIssie were standing on top of a table, him holding her and she heard the words escape MIssie’s mouth, “Dean what do we do now?”

    Jeni walked to the door that was locked from the inside and she pulled it. The bell rung, but the door wouldn’t open. She closed her eyes and tried the door again, it opening up and letting her inside. The smell from inside was of blood and dead bodies. It didn’t phase her as she walked over the waitress in the pink diner uniform, blood getting on her bare feet and she looked up. Missie glared at her, “Get out Jeni. Get out!!!”

    Jeni closed her eyes and put her hand up. AS she did that, Sam ran through the door, gun in his hand. The blades the demons were holding started to sizzle in their hands, all of them dropping to the floor. Jeni opened her eyes again and said something in Latin. All three demons disappeared.

    Missie looked at Jeni who nearly passed out, Sam catching her and she opened her eyes, “What am I doing here?”

    Dean looked at them, “Where did they go?”

    They heard a croak and MIssie pointed to three toads on the floor of the diner, “She turned them into frogs.” She laughed.

    Sam put JEni on her feet as she buckled over, liquid pouring out from between her legs and she grunted as she put her hand on her stomach, “Oh Boy!!! This can’t be happening.”

    Missie jumped from the table, kicking one of the frogs out of the way and went to Jeni’s side, pulling her up and putting her arm around her, “Okay we need to get a doctor.” She turned to Sam, “Get on my phone and call Jordan. He needs to know.” She turned to Dean, “Dean follow me.”

    • Missie watched as Dean licked the grease off his fingers, marveling at the way his pin tongue snaked around the tip of his finger, bringing it between his full lips.

      She blinked a few times and notice that Dean was looking at her, a puzzled look on his face. She felt her cheeks grow hot as she realized she had just been busted.


      Dean was about to repeat the question, when he noticed the waitress had walked up to their table, look right at Missie as she slid into the booth next to her.

      Dean held up his hand. “Woah you must really be angling for tips.”

      The waitress smiled as she slid her eyes over to Dean, then slid them into a deep black.

      “You pull that gun out Winchester, I will gut your pretty little bitch here.” Missie let out a gasp as she felt the prick of something sharp in her side. She looked down to see the tip of a silver blade.

      Dean hardly had time to react before a demon came up behind him, strangling him. Dean kicked his boot under the table, flipping it over on its side, sending broke bits of plates, cups and bowls into the floor.

      Missie was knocked to the floor, feeling the broken glass dig onto the tender flesh of her palm. She watched as the crisis on blood mixed into the ruined coffee.

      She felt a hand grab the back of her neck and she let out a scream, which caused the lights to flicker.

      Dean was struggling with the demon that had knocked him to the ground and was know sitting on Deans chest, a knife dangerously close to his throat.

      He was certain he was about to loose when he heard a deep growl, then the demon was thrown off of him by a dark blue.

      Dean rolled to his side and noticed a huge black dog, its teeth around the theist of the demon who had just attacked Dean.

      Dean slid a knife out of his jacket, crawled over to where Cain was and plunged the knife into the demons chest.

      Dean let out a breath as he looked at the big dog, knowing it had just saved his life.

  41. Missie took one side of Jeni and Dean took the other and they headed back into the hotel room where MIssie and JEni were staying. Sam followed and he was on the phone with the ambulance and then called Jordan, which only dumped him into voicemail, but he left a detailed message, “Hi Jordan. This is Sam. You don’t know me, but I know your girlfriend and she’s in labor. Please call this number back when you get a chance. Please!!!”

    As Missie and Dean put Jeni on the bed, she put her hands on her stomach and looked at MIssie, “I need to push.”

    MIssie put her hand in Jeni’s, “Not yet honey.” Missie peeled JEni’s pants off and draped the sheet over top of her and looked at Dean, “I need you to get me some towels.”

    Dean ran into the bathroom and ran back with a hand towel and a wash cloth, “This is all they had in there.”

    Missie glared at him, “If I could put magic on this kid I would. God Jeni, I have never delivered a baby before.”

    Dean threw the towels at Missie, “Me too.”

    She put the towels under Jeni as Sam ran in, “Ambulance on it’s way. They say about a half hour.”

    Jeni grunted, “MISSIE I HAVE TO PUSH!!!!”

    Missie looked under the sheet to see the baby’s head, full of brown hair, “Jeni you have to push.” She looked at Dean, “This baby isn’t going to wait for an ambulance. I need you to get me some water.”

    HE looked around the small hotel room and finally picked up the ice bucket and the sanitary bag that goes inside, “With or without the bag?”

    MIssie glared at him, “Are you serious?”

    Jeni bared down and pushed, screaming as she did. Dean brought back the water and MIssie looked inside, “There’s no water in here.”

    HE looked at the bottom of the ice bucket to see tiny holes in the bottom, “This is how woman get pregnant. Cap it Dean!!!” He threw the bag into the bucket and ran back to the bathroom and filled it with water. He put his head out of the bathroom, “Hot or cold water?”

    Missie yelled, “Warm!!!”

    Dean sighed and dumped the bucket of water out and turned the hot on, He once again filled it up and ran it back to Missie, “Here ya go.”

    She held the babies head between JEni’s legs as she glared at Dean, “Get your hands down here. I need your help so she doesn’t tare.”

    Dean gritted his teeth as he put his hands between Jeni’s legs and felt the goo coming from the babies brown head of hair. HE gagged a few times and Missie looked at him, “I need something to wrap the baby in.” She looked around and then back at Dean, “Give me your flannel.”

    HE pulled his hands out, “This is my favorite one.” HE sighed, “Oh man.” He took it off and threw it at Missie, “There are you happy.”

    JEni pushed one last time as the baby fell into MIssie’ arms. She smiled as JEni leaned her head back on the pillow, “It’s a boy.”

    Missie cleaned the baby off and put him into Dean’s flannel, bundling him up. HE started to cry instantly and handed him off to Jeni. She held him as the door swung open and the EMS ran in with a stretcher. They put Jeni on the stretcher along with the baby, they cut the cord and covered her up as they whisked her away to the hospital. Missie wiped her hands on one of the towels, “Great job Mr. Winchester.”

    Dean glared at her, “I don’t want that shirt back!!!”

    • She cleared the condensation and stared at the reflection looking back at her. She let out a sigh as she continued to towel dry her hair as she opens the bathroom door, greeted by the sight of the huge black dog lying on her bed.

      Cain lifted his head, his tail thumping on the comforter as Missie scratched his head.

      A knock on the door made Cain sit up, cock his head to the right, than it the left, then let out a soft bark. He was relaxed, so that made Missie feel a little better. Who ever was on her the other side of that door, was friend.

      Missie threw the towel on the bed as she slowly opened the door, letting the chain catch.

      Dean was standing on the other side and when the door opened, he held out a take out bag, then lifted the other hand to show a six pack of beer.

      “I got burgers and beer. Good for the soul.”

      Missie smiled at him. “You know I’m under age right?”

      Dean winked at her. “Ah come on Shorty, after the day you had, I figured this would be a special time. So, gonna let me in or am I gonna have to enjoy this myself?”

      Missie looked at him, then the bag of food, feeling her stomach rumble, reminding her how long it had been since she had eaten. She held up her finger as she shut the door. She closed her eyes, let out a breath, and prayed for calmness. Her fingers slid back the chain and she opened the door, letting his maleness over take the room. When he walked past her, she smelt a mixture of spice, leather, and something musky.

      Dean looked at the dog sitting on the bed, it’s head cocked to the right.

      “So, uh,” Dean slowly walked towards the bed as he opened the sack. “I gotcha this, for ya know, saving my life and all.”

      Missie watched in amazement as she watched her dog interact with the handsome man, watching as he fed the dog a hamburger, the dog gingerly taking the food from his fingers. She knew what this meant.

      There was no walking away from Dean.

  42. JEni got to the hospital, Sam stayed with her as she was admitted and the baby was taken to the NICU for being premature. Though he didn’t last long in there, he was given a clean bill of health by the doctor and wheeled into Jeni’s room.

    JEni smiled at Sam as she held the baby in her arms, “Never thought you could love someone you have never met.”

    Sam smiled, “What are you going to name him?”

    JEni smiled as she pulled his dark hair off his forehead, “Donny Nathaniel.”

    Sam nodded, “Great name.”


    Two days went by and Sam never left her side. She told him to leave, but he wasn’t going to leave her alone. They heard the door open and Sam and Jeni both looked as a man walked through wearing track pants and a tshirt. Jeni’s heart melted as she met his chocolate brown eyes, “Hey.”

    HE walked right over to her, leaned over and kissed her, “I’m so sorry baby.”

    “It’s okay.” HE pulled up after kissing her lips and pointed, “There’s your son.”

    Jordan walked over and picked up the bundle of joy, “Hey little man. I’m your daddy.”

    The baby just looked at him and Sam got up from his chair, “Well now I don’t need to be here any more.” He walked to JEni, leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, “Congratulations.”

    Jordan handed Donny over to JEni and put his hand out, “Thanks man.”

    Sam smiled, “Your welcome. Glad you got the message.”

    HE waved to Jeni and walked out of the room, his dreams being crushed. Since he had been around Jeni, he had fallen for her big time. HE called a taxi and headed back to the hotel where he had left Missie and Dean.

    • Dean slowly opened his eyes, his eyes blurry from sleep and a wicked hang over.

      He felt something warm pressed up against his side, so he slowly turned his head, and saw a mass of blonde curls resting on his chest.

      Dean quickly did a mental check to make sure nothing happened between the two of them.

      From what he could remember, she had in it’s him in, they are the burgers on the bed while they watched a movie. They drank and then he could only remember bits and pieces. They had made out, he had the hickey on his neck to prove it, but had he stopped things?

      He slowly lifted up the sheet, letting out a breath of relief as he was fully clothed.

      Dean laid his head back on the pillow, and for just a moment, he relished in the softness of her body.

      • Two hours earlier, Missie and Dean’s POV

        Missied slid the chain back into the mooring, then turned back to Dean who was still feeding her dog.
        “You’re gonna make him fat, ya know.” Missie crossed her arms, feeling a little jealous that her dog was allowing someone else to come close to him. She felt a sense of pride that Cain listened to her, and he only allowed her to pet him.
        Dean looked up at Missie, to see her arms crossed over her chest. “Relax Shorty. You both could use some meat on your bones.” He winked at her as he opened the sack, reached inside, and took out a burger. He shook it at her. “Come on, it won’t bite.”

        She studied Dean for a minute, and then rolled her eyes. “Okay.”
        Dean walked over to the bed, stretched out his long frame, propped himself up with a couple of pillows, and crossed his right boot over the left one.

        Missie hestiated for a couple of seconds, wondering if this was such a good idea after all. She looked at Cain, who was lying on the end of the bed, but the dog just lifted his head, gave her a look, then went right back to sleep. Some help he was.

        Before joning Dean on the bed, she grabbed the remote, slid off her flip flops, then climbed into the bed. Dean was such a large man, that the queen sized bed seemed so much smaller.

        There was an awkward silence as they both ate, Missie flipping through the channels, trying to find something to watch, and realizing that she had no clue what Dean liked.

        She finally found an old black and white movie, and her face instnatly lit up into a smile.

        “My Papa Charlie, he uh, loved these old Boghart movies. I remember when I was six, I snuck into the living room, where he always sat in that ratty old chair. Nana scolded him so many times about that chair, but I loved it. It smelled like him, even when he died.” She paused as she realized Dean was just staring at her. “What?”

        Dean lifted up the right side of his mouth as he gave her a smirk, then a quick nod of his head as he took a sip of his beer. “Uh, nothing.” He didn’t want to voice that he was shocked that she was sharing a part of her past. From what he could gather about her, Missie was a very private person.

        The tension was mounting in the room, and Missie wasn’t sure how much more of this she could take. So, she excused herself as she went into the bathroom.

        She found the black shaving bag, took out the joint, and sat down on the edge of the tub. She leaned forward as she flicked the lighter, held it to the end of the blunt, and took a huge breath. She held her breath for a few seconds, then let out the smoke. She began to cough as the hit was too strong, and she frantically waved her arms in the air as she realized the bathroom was now filled with refer smoke.

        And shit sure enough, there was the knock on the door.

        “Hey, Shorty, you okay in there?”

        “Yeah,” Missie began to cough again as she spotted the can of air freshener on the sink. She began to spray the room, gagging at the pine tree scent.

        She quickly turned around when she heard the bathroom door open, cursing as she relized there was no lock on the door. There she was, in a cloud of refer smoke and pine tree air freshener.


        Dean snorted at her as he shrugged his shoulders. “We all have our poisions. So, uh, you gonna share?”


        The pounding was what woke up Dean again, and he was for sure it was his head. But when he sat up in the bed, his mouth like cotton, he realized it was the motel door. He instantly slid his hand under his pillow, feeling the butt of the gun.

        “Hey Missie, it’s Sam. Have you seen my brother?”

        That’s when Dean heard the shower on in the bathroom. He quickly smoothed down his hair, walked to the door, took a breath, and swung it open.

        Sam chuckled as he saw his brother, his clothes were wrinkled, his hair was sticking straight up, and his eyes were bloodshot. “Dude, it smells like Woodstock in here.” Sam then saw the huge hickey on the side of Dean’s neck. “Well, sorry to interupt, but get cleaned up, Jeni’s wanting company.”

        Dean shut the door, knowing he had gotten caught. He looked at the bathroom door, hearing the muffled sounds of her as she was singing some song.

        So, what he did next, he was pretty sure was logical.

        He swallowed the lump in his throat as he walked to the bathroom, stopping just a few feet away when the door opened. Missie must have had the same thought, because Dean was taken off gaurd as she grabbed him by the collar, pushed him up against the wall, and placed her lips on his.

  43. JEni had no clothes so Jordan went to his bus and grabbed a pair of sweatpants and tshirt. HE brought them back in and she dressed, “God this is comfortable.”

    The nurse walked in with a wheelchair, “Your chariot awaits my lady.” The older gentlemen nurse said.

    Jeni sat down in the wheelchair and Jordan handed her their son who was snuggled in a blanket, “So ready to go home.”

    Jordan leaned over and kissed her, “I have a surprise for you back in Boston.”

    “I hate surprises.” The nurse rolled her out of the room as Sam, Missie and Dean were walking down the hall. She smiled, “Hey.”

    Missie smiled, “Hey how’s the little bugger?” She took Donny from Jeni and held him in her arms. This is something she would never experience.

    Sam kept his distance as Dean held the baby as well. HE smiled down at the little chubby cheeks, “Aren’t you a heartbreaker? Maybe I’ll have one of you one day as my own.”

    Sam laughed, “Yeah right.”

    Jordan walked out of the hospital room with a bag in his hand and smiled, “Hey.”

    Missie walked over to him and put her arms around him, “Congratulations.” She was heartbroken she would never experience children in her life, but was happy that her best friend had a little guy who she could spoil rotten.

    Jordan hugged her back and pulled back, “I’m taking Jeni back to Boston. You are more than welcome to come.”

    She looked at Dean, then back at Jordan, “I’m gonna stay with these fellas a little longer. There is so much more I need to learn.”

    Jeni was a little taken back, her and Dean never got along, but she was happy that they started. She hadn’t been away from her best friend in years and goign back to Boston, she couldn’t protect her friend anymore, “Are you sure Mis?”

    MIssie nodded, “Yeah. They are like the brothers I never had.”

    Dean was confused. What had happened that morning after the shower and the night before, his neck covered with a huge love mark, but yet she told her best friend they were like brother and sister. Dean finally looked at Sam, “We have some real estate to look into in Los Angeles. We will be gone for a while. Missie you should go back to Boston.”

    Missie saw the hurt in his eyes as he looked at her, pretty much sadness, “But I wanna learn more.”

    Dean shook his head, “You have learned enough.” HE turned to Sam, “Let’s get going bro. We have some miles between here and Los Angeles.” HE walked over and gave Jeni a hug as did Sam and the two boys walked down the hall.

    JEni yelled after them, holding up his flannel shirt, “HEy Dean!!! You want this back?”

    HE turned around to see her holding up the shirt and he smiled, “Keep it.”

    HE turned back around and continued to walk to the elevator. HE gave one last look to Missie as the two boys got into the elevator. Missie was tore up inside and JEni knew it. She took the flannel and threw it at MIssie, “Yeah you keep it. The hospital staff washed it.”

    Missie put the flannel up to her nose to still smell Dean’s scent on it. The musky scent of his cologne. Tears welled in her eyes as Jordan cleared his throat, “Time to go.”

    • Being back in Boston kicked up Missies anxiety. She thanked Jordan for the offer to stay at his house, but she decided that Jordan and Jeni some time to themselves.

      So that left only one option, to go back to the house she had shared with her family.

      As soon as she opened the door, she saw a shimmering image standing near the staircase. The image was fleeting, but she could instantly smell the rose perfume.

      “I’m back, Nana.” Missie looked down at Cain. “Home sweet home.”

      She was just getting settled in to watch a movie, when she heard a soft knock on the wooden door. She wished it was Dean, but when she opened the door to see Joe.


      Joe half smiled at her as he slid his hands into the pockets of his jacket. “I saw the light on so I just thought I’d stop by. How are you?”

      “I’m good.”

      Joe licked his lips, looking at her. “See you atcJordans tomorrow?”

      “Yeah. Night Joe.”

  44. The bus took both Jordan and JEni along with the baby back to Boston. The bus pulled up to a large white house, fenced in with a huge yard. JEni looked out the window, “Are you serious?”

    “Quite!!!” He put the bag over his shoulder as JEni grabbed Donny and they headed out of the bus, up to the large house and JOrdan opened the door and she walked into the foyer. The tile was clean and shiny, the drapes were red velvet, the furniture looked like it was from another time, “Baby this is all yours.”

    Jeni smiled, “Wow. All mine?”

    HE shut the door behind him and leaned over her shoulder and kissed her neck, “For my two babies.”

    She questioned him, “How many bedrooms?”

    “Three. Three bathrooms, huge kitchen, basement. Large yard.”

    She turned to JOrdan, the baby on her chest, “I love you so much.”

    HE leaned over and kissed her on the lips, “Then maybe we can make another baby and maybe you can finish school.”

    She looked up at him, “Donny is going to take all my time. I’m not going back to school just yet.”

    HE nodded, “Understandable.” He took her hand, her other hand holding the baby in her arm, “Come with me.” She followed him up the long staircase to the room across from the master bedroom. HE opened the door and she walked in to the most beautiful babies room she had ever seen in her life, “Allison came over and decorated.”

    She put her hand over her mouth and walked over to the crib and saw the winnie the pooh sheets and the decals on teh walls. IN the far corner, there was a solid oak rocking chair, the curtians were winnie the pooh and when she opened the closet, there was a ton of baby clothes hanging up. Diapers galore in the changing table, it was all too real, “I love this Jordan.” She looked at him, “Thank you.”

    “Everyone is coming over tomorrow if you are feeling up to it. I made a few calls. Baby shower that you never got.”

    JEni was nearly in tears as Donny started to cry in her arms. She walked over to the rocking chair, pulled her shirt up as he attached his mouth onto her nipple. She rocked back and forth as he fed and fell into a deep sleep.

    • She shut off the television, the nightlight on the staircase helped guide her way as she finally made her way to her bedroom. She had been putting this off for as long as she could.

      Joe’s surprise visit confused her, he seemed so much different than the last time she saw him. Which then got her to thinking about Dean, and the hurt in his eyes as she confirmed how she truly felt about him.

      When she opened her bedroom door, she noticed something was lying in the middle of her bed. She quickly walked over to her vanity, where she switched on the desk lamp, bathing the room in a soft amber hue.
      It was a book. A very old looking book with writing scribbled across the front of it. Missie slowly made her way to the bed, feeling drawn to it, wanting to hold it in her hands.

      When she picked up the book, she felt a strange vibration coming from the book, and the longer she held it, the vibration began to move along her body. She closed her eyes as she let the feeling overcome her, and she began to feel the room pitch and swim, making her knees buckle.

      Missie fell to the floor, her body limp, as the book clattered to the floor, opening to a page. A white mist swirled out of the book, slithered along the floor towards Missie’s open palm. A tendril snaked around her finger, moved along her arm, then her chest, along her throat, then deep into her mouth.

      Missie let out a gasp, the mist moving into her body, instantly making her back arch so far, her head was flat on the floor.

  45. Before JEni went to bed that night, JOrdan was singing to Donny, walking back and forth up and down the hall and she had a strange feeling. She closed her eyes, she could only see the white mist surrounding a person, but MIssie came to mind. She walked into the master bedroom and picked up the phone and dialed the number. The pickup came quick, “Hello.” It was Missie and she sounded the same as the last time she talked to her.

    Jeni smiled, “Hey I just had a weird sensation. Was wondering if you wer okay?”

    “Oh yeah I’m fine. About to take a bath and lay down in my big ole comfy bed.”

    “Are you coming tomorrow?” Jeni asked.

    “Sure am.”

    JEni smiled into the phone, “Great!! See you then.”

    “Ta Ta.”

    Jeni heard the dialtone, but something wasn’t right. She walked over to the bag she had and picked out the piece of paper. Teh paper that Sam had given her when she first met him. She picked up the phone and it dumped her into voicemail, “Hey SAm. This is Jeni. I need to talk to you. Please call me back.”

    She hung up the phone as Jordan walked into the room, “Everything okay?”

    JEni smiled, “Everything is great.” She got off the bed and walked over to the window and opened it up and felt the cool breeze fill the room. She smelled something funny and she turned to JOrdan, “You smell that?”

    He walked over to the window and took a big sniff, “What?”

    “Smells like…” She paused and took anther breath, “Smells like sulfer.”

    • Missie wasn’t sure why she was knocking on this door. The last thing she remembered was taking a bath, and now, here she was, knocking on his door.

      When the door opened, she gave him a sly smile. “You alone?”

      He slowly slid his eyes along her body, them grinned at her. “Yeah.”

      “Good.” She kept her eye on him as she closed the door. She slid her hands down to the bottom of her tank top, sliding the fabric over her head, leaving her topless.

      Joe let out a groan as he slid his hands around her tony waist, leading her to the room just to the right of them. As he places his lips on hers, he walked backwards to the couch, her hands easily yanking open his belt, slid down his zipper, reached inside and wrapped her hand around his erection.

      Her mind was screaming at herself to stop. But she could only watch as she pushed Joe down on the couch.

      He let out a grunt as she slid down on him, grabbed her waist and began to guide her on him.

  46. Jeni and Jordan went to bed that night, the baby monitor by Jeni’s head and she could hear the soft snores coming from Donny. She had a hard time sleeping, she rolled over and sighed, “Something is off.”

    She got up and walked downstairs and grabbed a soda from the fridge and sat on the antique sofa. She pulled her feet up on the couch and tried to relax. The phone rang and she picked it up right away before it woke anyone up, “HEllo.”

    “JEni. It’s Sam.”

    She felt relief, “OH thank the lord. Something is not right here.”

    “We got the message. We will be out there by tomorrow night.”

    “How did you get the message?”

    “Someone in a trench coat came to us this morning. Told us something wasn’t right. You two girls mean the world to us. We are on our way.”

    “Was the guy’s name Castiel?”


    Jeni put her hand on her head as Dean was heard in the background, “Something about being an angel of the lord. HE seemed sincere.”

    Jeni sighed, “I’ve seen him. I’ve talked to him. HE’s kinda creepy though.”

    Sam laughed, “This whole life is creepy. Give me your address and we will come straight to your house.”

    JEni gave him the address and hung up the phone. She felt a little better knowing her two new friends were on their way back to Boston. Something wasn’t right at all.

    • She slowly opened her eyes, blinking back the sleepiness, as she felt disoriented. Instead of light yellow wallpaper with red roses, she was looking at a white one with posters on the wall.

      Then she remembered where she was and the guilt and the regret instantly set in. She kicked the sheets off her naked body, trying to find her clothes. All she could find was one of Joe’s tee shirts and PJ bottoms.

      She brushed out the tangles in her hair with her fingers, sweeping the locks back into a bun, securing it with a hair tie.

      She quietly opened the bedroom door, poking her head out into the hallway, making sure no one was coming. The aroma of coffee let her know that Joe must have gone downstairs.

      Sure enough, as soon as she walked into the kitchen, she saw him sitting at the table, a red ball cap on his head, coffee mug in his hand, and some kind of magazine.

      When the floorboard creaked, he lifted his head to see Missie, dressed in his clothes. “Hey, sleep okay?”

      Missie smiled as she brushed a piece of hair off her forehead, suddenly feeling very awkward. “Yeah.”

      Joe pointed behind him. “I, uh just made some coffee. Would you like some?”

      Missie shook her head as she crossed her arms over her chest. “I, uh, should probably get going. Cain needs to go outside.” She looked down at the clothes. “I couldn’t find my clothes.”

      “I washed them.” Joe smiled at her. “Keep those. I’ll bring them over when they are dry. Should I walk you home?”

      Missie shook her head as she slowly back out of the kitchen. “No, thank you. Bye Joe.”

      • After leaving Joe’s house, Missie didnt want to return to her home, she didn’t want to open that door and be faced with her grandmother’s ghost. So, she went into downtown Boston to do a little shopping.

        Christmas was right around the corner, so she took her time in selecting some gifts for Jeni, her family, and a few for Joe. They hadn’t really mentioned spending Christmas together, when ever Joe brought up anything regarding feelings, she distracted him by seducing him.

        Missie dropped off her bags and placed them in the back of her Wrangler, than walked the two blocks to a vintage record store she had remembered seeing once before.

        She was browing sfor a few minutes, when she came across a Led Zepplin album, and a smile came to her lips.

        The night that her and Dean had been together, they had lain in the bed, her head on his chest, as they talked about everything under the sun. From music, to food, to cars, and to the one topic that shocked her, books. She was surprised to learn how intelligant Dean really was, keeping his books smarts from his brother.

        She could tell Dean had been raised differently from Sam, Dean was more hard, callous.

        She took the album to the cashier, paid for it, then tucked the bag into her purse. As she was securing her purse, she felt the cold prickles on the back of her neck. Her head snapped up, as she slowly turned around, looking to see who was following her.

        She tightned the black leather jacket tighter around her as she hurried to where she had parked her Wrangler. Her hands shook as she tried to open her door, cursing as she dropped her keys onto the pavement.

        As she knelt down to retrieve them, she lifted her head to see a man standing just a few hundered yards from her, his eyes watching her.

  47. Missie stared at her visitor, knowing he wouldn’t communicate with her. She wasn’t scared of him, for he had once been a nightly visitor. He was always watching over her.

    She grabbed the keys from the pavement, and turned to open the door, and before she slid into the driver’s side, she glanced over to where he had been standing, to see that he had vanished.

    When she got home, she parked the Jeep outside of the garage door, and went to get out, and noticed the bird sitting on the white picket fence.

    It was a cardinal. They were winter birds, but she hardly seen one around here. The bird chirped, then turned its head to look at her, and Missie felt the icy prickles start along her scalp.

    She ducked her head down, and quickly walked along the side cobble path, making her way to the patio door. For some reason, she didn’t want Joe seeing her walk up her front door.

    She tossed her keys on the island counter, then went to the fridge to grab a beer. She twisted off the top, flipped it into the sink, leaned up against the counter, and took a long swallow of the malty brew.

    With a clink, she sat the beer on the counter, took off her blue sweater, leaving her white tank top on. As she walked down the hall to the living room, she began to hum a song she had heard on the radio.

    Then it hit her.

    Cain hadn’t greeted her when she had gotten home. She had been so wrapped up in her own head, that she didn’t even notice the obvious. Then the alarm bells went off in her head.

    She slowly walked into the living room, expecting the huge German Shepard to be lying on the sofa, but the room was empty.

    That’s when she heard a click behind her, and she froze.

    “Where is the book?” From behind her was a gruff voice.

    Missie slowly put her hand in the air as she slowly turned around to see her intruder, feeling shock.


    “Where is the book.” Dean gritted his teeth as he kept the gun trained on Missie.

    “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

    “The fuckin spell book you stole from Rowena!” Dean glared at her. “Where is it?”

    Still keeping her hand in the air, Missie pointed to the ceiling. “In my bedroom. On my desk.”

    “Na uh. Sit.” Dean gestured with the gun to the recliner.

    Missie swallowed the huge lump that had formed in her throat, she was truly scared. She saw the look in Dean’s eyes. He was a predator and she was the prey. He was going to kill her.

    She looked up from the floor as she heard the heavy foot steps of his boots, and saw him coming down the stairs with the book in his hand.

    He kept his eyes on her as he slammed the book down on the coffee table, making her jump. He then slid his hand into the inner pocket of his leather jacket, sliding out the gun. Missie felt her body trembling as he placed it on top of the book.

    “Now.” Dean rubbed the top of his lip as he paced between the couch and the recliner. “I want you to be honest with me.” Dean turned to face Missie as he slid out a knife from the back pocket of his jeans. “You tell me what I want, or, I will slice you with this.”

    Missie’s eyes grew wide as she looked at Dean. “What? Are you fucking crazy?”

    Dean chuckled as he held up the knife, the light from the lamp glinted the blade. “Some say I am.”

    Before she could react, Dean grabbed her upper arm and in one fluid motion, brought the blade along the flesh.

    Missie let out a scream as her skin began to sizzle and burn. “That fucking burns!”

    “There you are.” Dean leaned into her face, a smirk on his face. “You filthy blacked eyed bitch.”

    Missie let out a squeal as her green eyes slid black. “You kill me Winchester and you kill your precious girl.” Missie clucked her tongue as she watched Dean take a step back. “But did you know something? Hmm? How much of a whore she is? Not 24 hours after she left you, she was fucking someone else.”
    “Dean! No!”
    Dean had his hand raised to slap Missie, when he heard the voice of his brother. He turned around to see Sam standing in the front doorway. Dean glared at him. “Stay out of this Sam.”

    “Dean. You need to look past it. You need to understand, that Missie is still in there okay? Control yourself.”

    Dean let out a curse as he moved away from Missie, his hand clutching the knife tightly. He stopped as he looked at Sam. “IF this doesn’t work, if we can’t get the demon out of her without killing her, I want to be responsible for what happens next. Got it?”

  48. Sam and Dean arrived at JEni’s and she left the baby in the hands of Jordan. HE wanted to know what was going on, but JEni was very secretive. He knew how to read her and he wasn’t happy when she left him alone and went to join the two other boys.

    She got in the back of the Impala, Sam and Dean in the front and they drove to Jamaica Plain where MIssie lives, which was about a ten minute drive. Jeni unlocked the door and the huge German Shepard came racing and she greeted him, patting him on the top of his fluffy head, “Hey Cain.” She grabbed the lease, “Wanna go for a walk?”

    The dogs tail went bananas as Jeni put the lease on and walked him out. Dean opened the back door of the Impala and the dog jumped in. He shut the door and looked at him, “Don’t you go tearing anything up ya hear.”

    Jeni and Sam got in the Impala and drove it down the road as Dean went through the front door and waited. HE could smell the sulfur in the air. HE put his hand behind his back and on the butt of the gun that was stuck in his Levi’s when he heard the sound of MIssie’s engine turn off in the driveway.


    Sam and JEni parked the Impala and walked back to MIssie’s house. Sam turned to JEni, “Do you know what is going on?”

    “I have no idea. I could feel it though when I called her. Something wasn’t right.” She questioned him, “Do you think she’s possessed?”

    “Nothing blows my mind anymore.” They ducked behind a bush as Missie’s jeep pulled up, parked in the driveway and they watched her walk in.

    Sam grabbed JEni’s hand, “Let’s go.”

    They ran to the door and Sam busted in, “Dean No!”

    Dean scolded him, “Stay out of this Sam.”

    Sam continued, “Dean you need to look past this. You need to understand that MIssie is still inside there. Control yourself.”

    Dean let out a curse as he moved away from Missie, his hand clutching the knife tightly. He stopped as he looked at Sam. “IF this doesn’t work, if we can’t get the demon out of her without killing her, I want to be responsible for what happens next. Got it?”

    JEni stepped in behind Sam, “Dean please. We have to try everything we can.”

    Dean stepped back, “Get out of here both of you.”

    Jeni walked in, putting herself between Dean and Missie, “She is my friend. We have to try to help her.”

    Missie looked around JEni, “Yeah you hear that Winchester. Missie has a friend. Oh and we can’t forget the man whose heart will be broken if she dies.” Missie looked at Dean and made crying noises and wiped her eyes, “Man I’m good. I can make myself cry.”

    Jeni turned around and hit MIssie across the face, her body planting against the couch, knocked out cold and she pointed, “Shut up you evil bitch.”

    Dean put down the blade and nodded, “Not bad Mack. Not bad at all.” He looked at Sam, “Get some rope. We have to figure this thing out and if she can’t move, it’ll be better for all of us.”

    • The room was filled with the shrieks of the demon as it was burned with the blade of the knife.

      Dean had to lock down his emotions and not think about who was tied to that chair, he didn’t think about it as he slid the silver knife along the flesh of her forearm.

      “I’m gonna ask you again, you black eyed bitch,” Dean leaned down, his face inches from hers. She didn’t smell the same. The demon inside of her made her smell like sulfur.,”What do you want with Jeni and Missie?”

      The demon looked at Dean with Missies green eyes, an evil smirk on her face. “You can slice and dice me all yo I want Winchester, but don’t forget I have her locked up tight, but I can wake her up.”


      Missie raised her head, her eyes wide with freight as they flicked around the room. “Where am I?” She looked at Dean who was holding a knife, then she looked down at her arms to see they were bleeding and she was tied up.

  49. Jeni took the book and opened it up. The scent of sulfur made her nausous and Sam sat next to her, “Hey at least you aren’t pregnant this round.”

    She glared at him, “Really Sam?” She chuckled as she turned the pages in the book, “This is a book I can’t read. I have no idea what it says.”

    They heard a voice, a deep voice, a man’s voice, “Find it in your heart. Concentrate.”

    Jeni looked up to see the man in the tan coat. Sam raised his gun as the man approached them, “I woudln’t step any further.”

    Castiel put his hands up, “Sam I know you. I know everything about you.”

    “Who are you?”

    Dean walked in from the bedroom that Missie was tied up in, “His name is Castiel. HE’s an angel.” HE looked at Castiel, “What are you doing here?”

    “Trying to help.”

    Sam put his gun away and Jeni looked at Castiel, “I can’t read this. It’s in a different language.”

    He walked to her and put his fingers on her forehead and she felt a rush overcome her. As she looked back down at the book, the letters moved themselves until she was able to read them, “Um thanks.”

    “Your welcome.” HE looked at Dean, “Where’s Missie?”

    He pointed, “IN the back bedroom.”

    “I need to see her.”

    HE walked past Dean and into the bedroom, Dean hot on his heels and Missie looked up, “Castiel.” Her eyes turned from green to black and then back to green, “What a nice meeting.”

    HE walked towards Missie, “Lillith, it’s time to go.” HE put his hand up and closed his eyes, “You shall leave this vessel. Return to hell.”

    MIssie started to laugh, “HOw did you know it was me Castiel?”

    “A message was sent. You are missing in action.”

    She smiled, “That’s how I like things and I’m not going anywhere!! This one fits me good.”

    • Lilith smiled at Dean, sliding her tongue along the fullness of her lips. He tried to remember that this wasn’t Missie, but dammit that lol she was giving him was turning him on.

      “This one, is special I can feel it.” She laughed as she looked at Dean. “She’s in love with you. Oh if only she knew her lover boy has such daddy issues. Hmmm..she doesn’t know about you sent by daddy Winchester to kill her. Maybe I should.” Lilith let out a laugh as she threw back her head. In one fluid motion, Lilith lifter her hand, sending Dean flying into the wall. As he thumped against the wall, the knife clattered to the floor.

      Lilith grabbed it, smiling at Dean as she raised the knife. “Say goodnight John boy!”

      Dean let out a shout as the knife plunged downwards, sinking into the flesh just below her rib cage. As she collapsed to the floor, black smoke escaped from her mouth, slithered along the floor and disappeared under the door.

  50. Jeni ran into the room to see Castiel with the blade thrusted into MIssie’s chest. Blood was gooshing out everywhere on the floor and Castiel pulled the blade from Missie’s body and she fell to the floor. JEni rushed to her, “What the fuck did you do?” JEni yelled, “Sam call 9-1-1.”

    Jeni picked up Missie’s lifeless body and cried as she cradled her, “God what did I do to deserve this.”

    Castiel put the bloody knife inside his tan overcoat, “Don’t worry she will survive.” HE looked up at Dean, “I got her in a place where there weren’t any major organs.” Within a wink of an eye, they heard the wings wisk him away. Jeni looked up, tears in her eyes and he was gone.

    Jeni applied pressure to her wounded friend as the ambulance arrived and they whisked her away to Boston Memorial. Jeni rode in the ambulance with her as Sam stayed back with Dean. Dean grabbed the book and put it inside his jacket as they walked out of the house. Sam put his hand on dean’s shoulder as they walked to the car, “It could have gone worse.”

    Dean stopped dead in his tracks right before they got to the Impala, “It just did!!!”

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