April 15th, 2013 was a day the city of Boston stopped, but for two lives, it is a moment that will change their lives forever.



2 thoughts on “Scars

  1. The moment she opened, her eyes she knew today was going to be different in more ways than one.

    Jaxson Eliis was just shy of her 35th birthday, and she was starting her life all over again. She was newly divorced from Joe McIntyre, member of the popular group, New Kids on the Block. They had been married for 10 years and just little over four months ago, he dropped the bombshell on her. He wanted to end their marriage. Just like that. Ten years marred, fifteen together, and he walked out on her.

    She spent the good part of the month feeling sorry for herself. Had it not been for her good friend, Tory, Jaxson was certain she would still be in bed.

    With a smile on her face, Jaxson opened the curtain to her bedroom, letting in the bright sunshine. It was shaping up to be a beautiful, spring day and running a full marathon seemed like the perfect thing to do.

    She let out a groan as she moved her tired, aching body into the shower, taking a few moments longer to let the warm water loosen her muscles.

    As she got out of the shower, her phone beeped on the counter, letting her know that she had a text. As she dried her hair with a towel, she frowned as she saw the message.

    Just want to make sure we don’t bump into each other, what is your start time? J

    Jaxson felt the pang in her heart as she angrily wiped the tears from her eyes. She was tired of feeling this way, tired of crying over a man who never loved her the way she had loved him. “Don’t worry. I made sure I’m in the back of the pack.”

    She quickly got dressed into her running gear, grabbed her coffee off the kitchen bar, then quickly made her way to the staging area.

    Jaxson was getting help with her numbers, when she heard her name being called. She smiled as she saw a tall, dark haired woman running up to her.

    “Tory!” Jaxson hugged the woman, than let her go. “I’m so glad you made it.”

    Tory Allen smiled as she looped her arm through Jaxson’s leading her away from the staging area. “Okay, so this guy I met at registration gave me the low down on all the celebs running today.” She noticed the look on Jaxson’s face. “Besides that dick. But,” Tory leaned in to whisper in Jaxson’s ear. “Jared Padalecki and his wife are running. Jensen sprained his knee so he can’t run, but, from what I hear. He’s watching.”

    Jaxson snorted as she gathered up the ends of her hair, brushing it into a pony tail. She took the hair tie from around her wrist, wrapping it around the blonde locks. “That’s a needle in the proverbial haystack Tory.”

    Tory sighed. ‘I know, just wishful thinking.”

    Three hours later, and Jaxson was trying to do her best, but she had a damn stitch in her side, and a few miles back, was left behind by Tory. Why in the hell was she doing this? What was she trying to prove.

    It was silent around her, all except for the steady pounding of her heartbeat, in time with her feet. She pushed away all the pain, the cramp in her leg, the way her lungs were aching.

    She was doing this to prove to herself that she could be her own person without Joe. For fifteen years, that’s all she knew. Was being Joe’s girl. Not Jaxson Ellis, the promising actress, or dancer, but Joe’s girl.

    She felt someone brush past her, and she went to yell at them, but they passed her and all she could see was a tall man with long hair and a short girl running next to him. Jaxson slowed a bit, the cramp in her leg worsening. Maybe chugging that glass of wine before the race wasn’t such a hot idea. Who the hell was she kidding thinking she could do this.

    She was about to stop running, when the earth beneath her feet pitched her forward. She steadied herself, but a wave of air crashed into her, knocking her to the ground.

    She felt a white, hot, excruciating pain in her right leg, and as she rolled over, she let out a scream. Sticking out of her leg, was a piece of metal, and blood was spruting from the wound.

    She lay on her back, screaming as she looked up at the smoke filled skies, not being able to hear anything. A shadow crossed in front of her eyes, and she struggled to focus on the person. He was saying something to her, she could see his mouth moving, but she couldn’t hear him.

    Oh my god, I can’t hear. Jaxson felt terror overcome her. Then, a loud, roaring buzz filled the silence and within a second, she heard the screaming.

    “M’am.” It was a deep male voice, full of confidence. She tried to remain awake and not pass out, but the pain was so much. “I’m going to wrap my shirt around your leg, this might hurt.”

    “!!” Jaxson let out a scream as she felt the shirt being tied. “Stop!”

    He was looking at her again, but she couldn’t make out his face because the sun was behind him and his features were cast in shadows. “I have to press on it to stop the bleeding. I’m sorry.”

    Jaxson screamed again, this time, unable to fight the pull of unconscience as she passed out.

    • Jensen Ackles adjusted the bill of his ballcap as he made his way through the crowd, making his way to the yellow and white police barrier. He checked the watch that was on his right wrist, a frown on his sharp face. He was late. All because of his soon to be ex wife. She had shown up at his condo, crying about how she missed him. It was her fault, Jensen reminded her. She had cheated on him. With a friend, soon to be ex, friend of his.

      He had just about asked the person next to him how many had passed by, when he noticed a woman slowly running past him.
      Her small petite frame had on a purple tank top, black jogging shorts, her long, tan legs ended on a pair of small feet that were supported by purple tennis shoes.
      He was about to look at his watch again, when an ear shattering explosion came to his left. Seconds later, he was thrown to his feet by a wave of hot air.
      He landed on the pavement with a whoosh of air from his lungs, dust and debri rained down on him. He rolled over to his side, placing his arm over his head as he felt the concrete hit his back.
      What seemed like hours later, Jensen slowly lifted his head, brushing out the dirt from his hair, and looked around him. Several people around him were on the ground, some screaming.
      He stood up from the ground, brushing the rest of the debri off of him, checking to make sure he didn’t have any serious injuries. He could only find a gash on his forearm, and that was it.
      In front of him, he heard a woman screaming, and he blinked his eyes several times to clear them of the dirt. He saw the woman he had been watching, lying on her back, blood spurting from a wound in her right leg.
      Instinct kicked in as he quickly took off his black T-shirt, and rolled it tight. He slid to his knees as he approached the woman, looking down at her.
      “Hey, it’s okay. I need to wrap my shirt around your leg to stop the bleeding.” He looked into her wide blue eyes, seeing the fear in them. He felt her hand on her arm, so he looked down to see it was gripping his forearm.
      He looked into her eyes again, giving her smile, then quickly wrapped the shirt around her leg, trying to drown out her screams. He went to tell her that it was done with, when she went silent. He looked up to see that she had passed out from the pain. He slid his hand to her throat, feeling the slow heartbeat.
      “I’m fine, really.” Jensen was sitting on the edge of the ambulance as a paramedic looked over his arm.
      “It’s not that deep. I’ll just wrap it up.”
      Jensen watched as the woman wrapped his arm. “That woman, that, uh, I was helping. Do you know how she is?”
      The woman looked up at Jensen, giving him a warm smile. “You saved her life. She’s alive because of you. They are taking her to Boston Memorial. They should give you an update there.” She applied some tape to hold the bandage on. “Okay, you’re all done.”
      Jensen thanked her as he felt his phone vibrating in his pocket. He let out a breath of relief as he recognized his number. “Bro! Thank god you’re okay!”
      “Jensen!” Jared Padalecki’s voice cracked on the other end of the line. “Are you ok?”
      “Yeah.” Jensen walked through the throng of people, looking down at his arm. “I’m fine. But, uh, I need to go to the hospital. Why don’t you meet me there?”
      “Yeah sure. You sure you’re ok?”
      “Yeah. Just need to make sure someone is okay. I’ll explain later.” Jensen ended the call sliding his phone into the back pocket of his jeans. When he reached his SUV, he paused, looking at himself in the relection of the glass. His face was covered in dirt and ash. He quickly wiped his face, looking down as he realized he also had no shirt.
      Looks like he has a stop at his condo, praying he wouldn’t run into her.
      “I’m sorry sir, but I’m not allowed to give anyone that isn’t family that information.”
      Jensen sighed at the old woman with the tight bun and black glasses, his eyes pleading with her. “Listen. I was the one who..who helped her. Please, I’m begging. I just want to know if she’s ok.”
      Sandy Miller forwned as she looked up at the handsome man, not wanting to alert him that she was a fan. She slid the glasses off her chest and placed them on her pug nose. “You tell anyone.”
      “I won’t, I promise.” Jensen smiled at her as she began to type on the computer.
      “She’s out of surgery. Looks like the piece of metal partially severed her femortic artery.” She looked back up at Jensen. “What you did, saved that young girl’s life.”
      “Thank you Sandy. I appreciate it.”
      When he turned around to leave, a man with short dark hair, brushed past him as he walked up to the nurse’s station. Jensen turned to confront him, when he heard the conversation.
      “Yes. I’m her husband. Please. I need to see her.”
      Jensen sighed, shaking his head. Just his luck.

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