The Moment you Leave Me


The sound of the crowd hit her as she stood on the platfrom that was right under the stage. Her assistant was clipping the microphone to the back of her short mini skirt. She let out a breath of dread. She was getting burnt out on this pop crap, feeling as if she sold herself out. The job was thankless, the hours were long and it was costing her a relationship.

“You look nervous.” Margert, the current assistant to Tori Heart. Known for her bitchy behavior, she had trouble keeping help around her. She smiled at Tori as she adjusted the top.

She was dressed in a black corset top, leather mini skirt and stiletto knee high boots. Her blonde hair was left long, a few braid throughout. Her eyes were heavily lined and dressed in black eye shadow. A black leather choker completed the outfit.

“Got my flask?”

Margert frowned and handed Tori a sliver flask with a diamond cross on the front. “I don’t know why you insist on this.”

Tori Heart was the member of the hot girl group, Atomic Kitten. They had been together for four years and their popularity soared. Tonight’s show was at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas and it was sold out. Tori was the more adventurous one of the two girl group. She was considered a wild child. Never afraid to express herself or speak her mind. Guys loved her. Wanted to be with her. But only a select few were allowed. She was very picky of the men she chose.

She put the flask to her lips, the steel cold on her red stained lips. The whiskey went down and she grimaced.

“Ten seconds!” George the techie yelled at them.


14 thoughts on “The Moment you Leave Me

  1. She stood under the stage, opposite her partner in crime as her assistant clipped on her mic. The sound of the crowd echoed through the medal of the stage. Jenifer Mack adjusted her black vest over her white tshirt. She wasnt a fancy dresser, jeans and a tshirt was good for her.

    She had been dating the famous Jordan Knight of NKOTB since she was 17. He asked her to marry him several times, but she said no. Not sure if she was afraid or just not ready. There was a small age gap between her and Jordan, but it didnt bother her.

    Her assistant finished with her mic and Jeni adjusted her ear pieces. Angela smiled, “Have a good show.”

    Jeni took her stance as the music cued up and she started the show singing. “I Want Your Love.”

    Jeni loved performing. Being in a group with her best friend was the only thing she wanted in the world.

    • As Tori danced and sang around stage, she kept her eyes on the front of the stage. She noticed the empty chair and her heart sank.

      After several years of chasing her, Tori finally said yes to Joe McIntyre, band mate of Jenis husband. They had been dating for a year and already the relationship was in trouble. Because of their opposites touring schedules, they were growing apart.
      When she slid her eyes off the empty spot, that’s when she noticed him and she felt her heart so a little jolt.

      He was very handsome, with green eyes, full lips and a dark beard over his strong jawline. He seemed so out of place that she had to blink a few times before she realized he was smiling at her. She stumbled with her song for a minute feeling flustered under his beautiful gaze.

  2. Jeni noticed Tori mess up her lyrics, but when she looked over, there was something in Tori’s eyes Jeni hadnt seen in a long time, Fun.

    The show went off without a hitch and for their encore, they raised the roof with their number one song Raise Your Glass. The crowd went crazy as the girls worked the stage and confetti blew over the crowd as the song ended. The girls said their goodbyes and thank you’s and headed off the stage.

    Their assistants helped them remove their hardwear and Jeni looked at Tori, “great show. Finally had a little fun huh?”

    Tori smiled, “yeah a little.”

    They walked back to their dressing room and changed. Thet headed up to their seperate suites and Jeni laid back on her bed, “Thank God!” She knew that Tori was having issues and really was having issues performing, but that night it was different.

    • Jensen let out a sigh as he slid into the barstool, signaling the bartender with his finger.

      “Can I get a glass of Scotch?” Jensen leaned forward as he reached into the back pocket of his dark jeans, taking out his wallet. He took out the credit card and handed it to the young woman. He noticed she looked down at the card, saw her face get that look he was so used to, then look back up, a smile on her lips. “Keep the tab open.”

      “You bet.”

      Jensen Ackles was used to the recognition where ever he went. For ten years, along with his co Star and best friend, he was the star of a hit television show. Because of that fame, he had met his wife. Or should he say, soon to be ex wife.

      He turned from the bar to see the drink in front of him, picked up his glass and took a huge swig.

      “You could have at least called me!”

      Jensen turned his head to the right just as he saw a woman slid into the empty seat beside him. She threw her purse on the bar as she put a frustrated sigh. “Dammit Joe! You leave for Europe tomorrow. I thought…” She placed her face into her left hand. “Yeah well you know what! Fuck you
      Joe and the god damn horse you rode in on!” She let out a sigh as she tossed her phone on the bar. Then she turned to look at Jensen and he smiled as he recognized who she was.

      Tori turned her head when she hear a chuckle and saw the man that had been sitting in the front row of her concert. Up close, he was breathing takingly handsome. His eyes were so green, freckles dotted his nose and cheeks and his beard was dark with just a touch of ginger.

      “Sorry about that.” Tori smiled. She extended her hand. “Tori Heart.”

      Jensen slid his tongue over his lower lip as he took her small hand into is. “Jensen Ackles.”

      And there was that flash of recognition.

      “Jensen Ackles of Dark Angel and Smallville?”

      “And a little show called Supernatural.”Jensen smiled as he placed the glass tumbler to his lips.

      “Oh right.” Tori felt her heart pick up speed as she watched him take a drink. “ my friend is really huge into the show. She’s always trying to get me to watch it.”

      “So, not a fan?”

      Tori shrugged. “Never seen it.”

      Jensen smiled as he grabbed a cocktail napkin and a pen that was sitting near the register.” Tell you what. I’m here for the weekend. Here’s the hotel I’m at. Bring your friend.”

      Tori watched him as he signed his credit card receipt, give her a wink then walk out of the bar.

  3. Jeni changed her clothes and put her credit card and ID in her back pocket. She put on a blue beenie on her head and applied some lip gloss and headed down to the casino. She loved playing the blackjack tables. She loved Vegas.

    She went to the ATM and pulled some cash and headed to the blackjack table and sat down, putting her money on the table, “change for chips.”

    A waitress walked over, “something to drink?”

    Jeni nodded, “Amaretto Sour please and keep them coming.”

    The other two people at the table ordered and the dealer gave Jeni her chips and smiled, “bets please?”

    Jeni and another guy put their bets down. She flipped the chips in her hand and the dealer looked at the guy who had his head down, a green hat on his head and the dealer looked at him, “sir?”

    The guy looked up and Jeni saw who it was as he put his chips in, “deal them.”

    Jeni pointed, “You look familiar.”

    He looked up, “Im a nobody.”

    Jeni smiled and said in her Boston accent, “Supernatural? Am I right?”

    He smiled, “shhhh maybe.”

    Jeni smiled at him, “Your secret is safe with me.”

    Her phone went off in her pocket and put it to her ear, “Whats up Tori?”

    • Tori walked into her suite, the entire Las Vegas show room guided her way though the dark living room. She walked to the small kitchenette grabbed a bottle of wine and a glass.

      On the way to the couch, she grabbed her lap top. She sat the glass on the table and booted up her lap top. Her fingers drummed her impatience as she waited for it to load.

      She pulled up her browser, the cursor blinking in the search engine. “Okay, Jensen Ackles lets see who you are.”

      It took her half a bottle of wine as she searched through all the photos she could find of Jensen. He has hot, he was sexy and from the many YouTube videos, he could sing.

      She tapped her finger on her lower lip as she saw the cocktail napkin sitting on the coffee table. She grabbed her phone and dialed Her friends number. As she waited for the pick up, she chugged more wine.

      “Jeni..hey listen you wanna hit up this party tonight?”

  4. After that hand of blackjack, Jeni took her chips and smiled at the man in the green hat, “it was a pleasure mystery man.”

    Jared smiled and watched her walk away. His phone went off and he answered it, getting up from his seat and walking towards the front doors, “dude im right here. Hold your horses.”

    Jeni met Tori at her room and knocked on the door, “come on Tori!! Lets go.”

    Tori had changed into something sexy and walked out the door, “Yes lets go grunge!!”

    The two girls walked out of the hotel to the waiting vehicle and got in. Tori adjusted her short skirt, “The Rio please.”

    The car took off and headed towards the hotel. Jeni turned to Tori, a huge smile on her face, “Guess who i saw at the blackjack table?

    Tori looked at her, “your brother?”

    Jeni laughed, “Joes not important.” She got giggly, “I met Jared Padalecki today. Oh hes hot and super tall.”

    “Nice Jeni. What about Jordan?”

    “window shopping T. Window shopping.”

    The car stopped and the girls got out and headed into the hotel. The sound of slot machines dinging and walked to the elevators.

    • “So,” Jeni smile as Tori walked to the registration desk.” What’s this party all about?”

      “Just a party.”Tori smiled at the front desk clerk. ” my name is Tori Heart. I was told to check on here for the party in suite 2045.”

      The woman looked at Tori who was dressed in a tight blue dress, then at Jeni who was still in her Bernie and ripped jeans. ” she your plus one?”


      The woman looked at Jeni as she handed Tori a key card. ” Follow the directions for the convention center. Before you get to the elevators, you will find a set of double doors.”

      Tori thanked the woman and they followed the signs to where they were supposed to go. Tori’s heart was pounding, her palms sweaty and her throat was dry. It had been a long time since someone made her feel this way.

      As the elevators slid open, Tori heard her phone vibrating in her purse. She took it out to see the text from Joe.

      “I’m in London.”

      Jeni had gotten off the elevator and looked back to see Tori on her phone and a sad look on her face. “Hey you okay?”

      • Jared walked into the suite to see Jensen on his lap top, a beer in his hand and a shit eating grin on his face. “What the hell is that on your face? Is that a smile?”

        Jensen smiled as he took a sip of beer, cleaning off the drops on his lips with this tongue. “Met this girl tonight. Hot damn.” He sat forward, placing the beer on the coffee table. “Look.” He typed in an name and smiled as the first picture came up. “Ms. Tori Heart, the future Mrs. Ackles. Maxium’s top ten hottest females.”

        Jared let out a whistle as he sat down on the couch next to Jensen, staring at the pictures. “Hot damn dude, that’s Tori Heart.”

        “Fuck yeah it is.” Jensen smiled as he looked at the picture. “Her and her friend are coming up here tonight.” Jensen suddenly sat up, panic on his face. “Crap! I told her it was a party!Shit!”

        Jared chuckled as he took out his phone. “Don’t worry dude. I’ll make the calls, you scrounge up some food and booze.”

        Jensen smiled, grabbing his jacket off the couch. “Trust me dude. She’s totally worth it.” He looked over at the computer, licking his bottom lip. “ worth it.”


        Tori felt her stomach clench as she watched the numbers on the elevator tick upward. She was heading upstairs to sleep with a man she hardly knew, but oh god, did she want too. It had been months since her and Joe had sex, and Jensen was into her. Joe all but seemed to ignore her these days.

        “You okay?” Jeni had noticed that Tori had grown silent and turned to look at her friend. Her face was pale, and she was staring up at the numbers.


        “We could always back out, you know.”

        Tori shook her head as the door dinged open and she stepped out into the hallway. “No. No I want to do this Jeni.” She sighed as she smoothed her hands along the front of her dress, tugging it down a few inches. “What happens tonight stays between us, right Jeni? You won’t tell Joe?”

        Jeni knew how miserable Tori had been in the last year. For the first time in a long time, she saw the glow in her friend’s eyes. “You need to get laid.”

  5. The girls walked down the hall and saw a berly man in a suit standing there. He put his hand up, “this floor is closed.”

    Tori smiled, “We were invited.”

    The man nodded, “Yeah and I’m your Irish Uncle.”

    Jeni giggled, “I have a couple of those.”

    Tori nudged her, “Why dont you phone Mr. Ackles and ask him yourself?”

    Jeni smiled, “Jensen? Jensen Ackles? Thats the guy you met?”

    Tori nodded and looked at the man, “Well??”

    The man sighed, “sorry.”

    Tori took out her phone and dialed the number and waited for the pickup. His husky voice made her female parts tickle, “Hi.”

    Tori said brutally, “Wanna come let us in? The Beef Carver wont let us through.”

    “Be right there.”

    She hung up and looked at the bodyguard, “Hes on his way.”

  6. Tori felt her heart stop as saw Jensen walk down the hallway, with his sexy bow legs and his swagger, he was ozzing sexuality. He smiled at the bodyguard that was stationed near the elevators. “It’s okay Walsh. They’re with me.”

    “Sure thing Mr.Ackles.”

    Tori stuck her tongue out at the burley man. “Told you.”

    Jensen smiled at her, his eyes seeping over that right blue dress, down to her slim legs that were bare, and her small feet fashioned into a pair of silver heels. “Sorry about that. Been having problems with fans sneaking up here.” He smiled as he offered her his arm.

    Jeni walked behind the two of them, rolling her eyes. But deep down, she was truly happy to see that spark back in her best friend.

  7. They walked into the room to see nobody there. Jeni laughed, “hoppin party.”

    Jared walked from the kitchen area holding two beers, “They are all on their way.”

    He handed the beer to the girls and Tori looked at Jensen, “Kinda nice being secluded.” He looked ay her smile, his jeans tightening around his mid section as she put her mouth around the beer bottle, “How about it?”

    Jeni clapped her hands, “Well I feel likea third wheel.” She put the beer down, “Thanks for the invite.”

    She turned and headed back to the door and she heard the voice, “Wait for me.”

    She turned to see Jared rushing towards her and she smiled, “Blackjack?”

    He smiled at her, “Double or nothing.”

    ” You are on bub!” She looked at Tori and Jensen and put her hand up, “TaTa”

    • Jensen watched as Jared and Jeni left, shutting the door behind them. It was silent as he turned to look at Tori who was pouring two shots of tequila.

      She smiled and looked up at him, butting her lower lip. “ We surly can’t let all this good booze go to waste, shall we?” She handed him the shot glass, her fingers sliding all the inside of his palm, making him shiver. She smiled over the rim of her glass, snagging her lower lip between her teeth. “What shall we toast to?”

      Jensen licked his lower lip as he lifted the glass in the air. “ friendship.”

      “Friends huh?” She looked at him as she tipped back her head, downing the tequila in one swallow. “See, here’s the problem with that.”

      Jensen watched as she sat the glass on the table, and walked up to him. She ran her finger down his shirt, feeling the bulge of his chest. He swallowed thickly. Hot damn she was coming on to him. “And that is?”

      She ran her finger up the front of his shirt, around his collar bone, along the scruff of his beard, staring at his full lips. She stop on the tip of her toes as she placed her mouth against his ear. “I’ve been seeing the way you’re been checking out my tits all night.” She leaned back to see the look on his face, his green eyes were dark with his growing lust. She pulled back from him, gazing at him as she reached behind her, taking the zipper between her fingers, and moved the dress off her body.

      Jensen sucked in a breath as he watched the dress to the floor, then looks at the woman standing before him.

      Her breasts were large for her frame, and he was dying to see if they were real. Her nipples were average sized, and coral on color. Her stomach was flat, her hips curvy and that ass smackable.

      “Son of a bitch.” Jensen groaned as he looked upon her.

      Tori smiled as she put a hand on her hip. “So…lets compromise..friends with benefits?”

  8. Jeni and Jared talked all the way down to the main floor where the casino was. As it opened, they laughed their way through the lobby towards the casino area.

    She grabbed his arm as he led them to the gaming tables. They sat down next to each other and placed their bets. “Do you have a significant other Jeni?”

    Jeni turned to him, “yes. You?”

    He shook his head, “nope i’m single as they come.”

    Jeni ended up winning 5 hands of blackjack to Jareds 1 and the two of them got up, “Hungry?” Jared asked.


    He took her hand as they headedto the buffet, got threir food and sat down. Jared took out the chopsticks for his Sushi and tried to use them. It was a fail and Jeni laughed, “Thats why chinese people are skinny.”

    He ended up giving up and threw the chopsticks on the table and picked up the fork, shoveling the food into his mouth. Jeni laughed again at him, “Breathe!!”

    They finished eating and Jared turned to her, “The night is young. What next?”

    She grabbed his hand, “Come on.”

    In the far corner of the casino sat a piano. She sat behind it and opened it to showcase the ivories of white and black. Jared leaned over the piano. “You can play?”

    She knew then he had no idea who she was and she laughed, “You have noidea who i am do you?”

    He shrugged, “Sorry.”

    “You know who Tori is?”

    “Who doesn’t? Playboy puts out good issues.”

    “Ahhh.” She put her hands on the keys and started to play a slow song, singing throughout, ” If you see me walking down the street
    Staring at the sky and dragging my two feet
    You just pass me by
    It still makes me cry but you can make me whole again

    And if you see me with another man laughing and joking doing what I can
    I won’t put you down, ’cause I want you around
    ‘Cause you can make me whole again

    Looking back on when we first met
    I can not escape and I can not forget
    Baby, you are the one
    You still turn me on
    You can make me whole again

    She finished the song to see a small group forming around her. Jared smiled, “Sing another one.”

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