The Moment you Leave Me


The sound of the crowd hit her as she stood on the platfrom that was right under the stage. Her assistant was clipping the microphone to the back of her short mini skirt. She let out a breath of dread. She was getting burnt out on this pop crap, feeling as if she sold herself out. The job was thankless, the hours were long and it was costing her a relationship.

“You look nervous.” Margert, the current assistant to Tori Heart. Known for her bitchy behavior, she had trouble keeping help around her. She smiled at Tori as she adjusted the top.

She was dressed in a black corset top, leather mini skirt and stiletto knee high boots. Her blonde hair was left long, a few braid throughout. Her eyes were heavily lined and dressed in black eye shadow. A black leather choker completed the outfit.

“Got my flask?”

Margert frowned and handed Tori a sliver flask with a diamond cross on the front. “I don’t know why you insist on this.”

Tori Heart was the member of the hot girl group, Atomic Kitten. They had been together for four years and their popularity soared. Tonight’s show was at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas and it was sold out. Tori was the more adventurous one of the two girl group. She was considered a wild child. Never afraid to express herself or speak her mind. Guys loved her. Wanted to be with her. But only a select few were allowed. She was very picky of the men she chose.

She put the flask to her lips, the steel cold on her red stained lips. The whiskey went down and she grimaced.

“Ten seconds!” George the techie yelled at them.