Echos From the Past


When Dean Winchester recieves a call from his mother about his dying father, he is thrust back into a past he was hoping would stayed buried. Now, he is face to face with a brother who is still pissed about their last meeting, and a women he vowed he would never hurt.


106 thoughts on “Echos From the Past

  1. Crowley continued his conversation with Jeni, sitting in the chair that his servent had placed inside, “LIsten JEni, there is no need for you to worry your tiny little self about that necklace.”

    “Why does the King of Hell want that necklace?”

    “It’s got something very pure inside the large diamond.”

    Jeni glared at him, “What?”

    “That my girl is a story for another day.” HE got up off the chair and walked to the closed door as it nearly exploded in front of him. JEni covered her face and body as Crowley was thrown into the back cement wall.

    It was like JEni’s prince on a white horse. Sam walked through the door, wearing boots, jeans and a plaid button up. He pointed his finger at Crowley who was trying to make sense or what just happened, “No cool Crowley. I should have known you would have pulled something like this.”

    Jeni got up and ran to him, putting her arms around him, hugging him tightly, “I wanna go home.”

    Sam held her tight as he walked out the door, leaving Crowley in the prison cell and headed back to the small portal that Castiel had made for him. He walked through it and into the bunker. She never let go of him and the portal closed after he stepped through. She hugged him again, “I’m exausted.”

    HE picked her up and she laid her head on his chest as he walked her down the long hallway, “Traveling through dimensions can really zap ya.”

    He opened the door to the room he had been staying in and placed her on top of the covers of the queen size bed. She laid her head on the pillow and slowly shut her eyes. She never heard SAm say anything, she was out, something she hadn’t done in a long time.

    • She was warm. So very warm.

      She opened her eyes just a bit to see that she wasn’t in the room she had claimed for herself, no, she was in his room.

      She rolled over on her back to see the crumbled sheets, letting her know that he had once been there. This made her very uneasy.

      She threw the covers off of her to see that she was still dressed. A good sign. After all she had been through, she was glad for that.

      She opened the door to the hallway to see it was empty. As she walked down the corridor, she could hear angry voices, Deans the loudest.

      “I don’t care Sam. We keep Savannah out of this.”

      “Keep me out of what?”

      Both brothers turned when they herd her voice, both giving each other looks.


      “No stop Dean.” Savannah took a step back from him. “Tell me what the hell is going on.”

      Sam sighed and rubbed his face in frustrated.” Crowley wants the necklace.” He ignore the death stare Dean was giving him.

      “B..but why? It’s just a necklace.”

      “We think it holds something very valuable.” Savannah turned to see that Cas walked into the room, holding up the necklace. “I tracked this down at a pawn shop. It seems the one your boyfriend gave you was fake.”

  2. The door was open to Sam’s room and Jeni heard everything that was being said just a few feet away from her. Four voices she heard. She wanted to go back to sleep, she was so very exausted, but she couldn’t. She got out of bed, walked over to the sink that was next to the door, turned the water on and splashed it on her face. She looked up in the mirror, “I’m gonna wake up in a little bit and this is all going to be a dream.”

    She heard the unfamiliar voice, “She’s awake.”

    Jeni turned to see Sam standing at the door, a smile on his face, “How did you sleep?”

    She dried her face off, “Not long enough. Very unusual for me.” She put the towel back down and walked over to him, putting her hands on his chest, “What the hell is going on Sam? This is all a dream right.”

    He put his hands on her shoulders and brought her into his embrace, “BAby it’s not.”

    She pulled from him, “Tell me. Why does Crowley want that necklace?”

    HE put his hand in hers and they walked to the large room where there were bookcases of books, a large long wooden table and Dean, Savannah and the man she didn’t know standing there. She looked at Savannah and smiled, ran over to her and gave her a huge hug, “I’m so glad you are okay.”

    She pulled from Savannah and Dean cleared his throat as he took the necklace from Castiel, “Okay we need to hide this so Crowley can’t find it.”

    Savannah looked at it in Dean’s hands and for the first time she saw the glow from the large diamond in the middle, “What is that glow?” She walked over to Dean and picked up the large diamond to see it had some kind of liquid in it, “What is that?”

    Castiel looked at her, “Grace.”

    Savannah looked up at him, “Huh?”

    Jeni pointed, “Who’s the guy in the tan jacket?”

    Sam pulled her to the table and pulled the seat out, “Girls I think you should have a seat.”

    Savannah felt sad as she held the diamond in her hands, sad, but comfort. There was something about it. She looked up, “I wanna know. Tell me know or I’m leaving with my necklace.”

    • “This necklace,” Cas slowly sat down next to Savannah, sensing her hesitation. ” is very special because it holds your mothers grace.”

      Savannah looked down at the heart shaped blue diamond seeing the silver glow. “Grace? I don’t understand.”

      “Your mother was an angel. Who fell.”

      The room was quiet as the bomb was dropped and Savannah looked at Cas, blinking a few times, then at Sam then Dean. ” ok let’s stop the bullshit.” She stood up from the chair, grasping the necklace in her hands. “This has really gotten out of hand. I want to go home.”

      “Savannah you can’t.” Dean finally spoke up.

      “Like hell I can’t! You can’t keep me here like…like some prisoner!” Savannah turned to Jeni. “I’m sorry but I just can’t pretend to buy into this bullshit any longer. I’m out of here.”

  3. Jeni looked at Savannah, “I am not understanding any of this. One minute I’m working at my job at the radio station, next the love of my life comes back, then the King of Hell comes into the picture, then I’m locked in a dungeon, now I’m back here. This all seems to be something out of a horror movie.”

    Sam put his hands up, “Jeni let me explain.”

    “I’ve given you a hell of a lot of time to explain Sam and you keep me guessing.”

    “It’s complicated.”

    She glared at him, put her hands together and took off the engagement ring. She walked to him, got on her tippy toes and kissed him softly on the lips. She opened his hand, “I love you Sam, but we always told each other no secrets.” She closed his hand, “This is me uncomplicating things. I don’t know you at all.” She walked to where Savannah had gone by the steps to go out, “LEt’s go Sav. Let’s go home.”

    She got to the top of the stairs and looked down at the three men. She pointed to the guy in the tan overcoat, “Now you are going to tell me that’s he’s an angel of the Lord right?” Sam was about to say something and she put her hand up stopping him, “Save it for Oprah. You know where to find me if you need me.”

    The two girls walked out of the bunker, not looking back. They found a ride that took them back to Lawrence where they went to Jeni’s condo.

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