Sweet Chaos





When Dani Ellington puts her painful past behind her, she becomes a successful Bakery Chef and opens up the small café she had always dreams about. She focuses on her career and being a good mother to her two kids. But she is blindsided by a handsome man that waltzes his way into her life and she begins to have feelings that she thought died along with her marriage.With the help of Jeni Mack, Dani slowly learns to love once again.

Her intense relationship with this man, thrusts her into the limelight and also the target of her jealous ex husband who wants her for his self. This jealousy will bring out the worst in Joshua and thrusts Jensen into his dangerous web as he finds himself fighting for the woman he has grown to love.




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  1. She looked out the window of the small building, watching the rain as it fell from the overcast clouds to the ground below. She watched as people ran through the rain, umbrellas of every color of the rainbow, the only thing cheery in this over cast afternoon.

    She heard the wind as it blew against the window, sending the rain into bit, making it sound like footsteps on the glass.

    She turned her attention from the window to look at her computer screen, the courser blinking; staring at her, scornful of her, her mind was vacant as the screen.

    She sighed and leaned back in her chair, rubbing her temples, feeling the beginnings of a headache coming on, and she reached into her top drawer and pulled it open. Amidst the paper clips, pens and pencils, she found the small bottle of aspirin. She unscrewed the top and put two in her hand, chasing it down with the bottle of water that set next to her keyboard.

    She heard a knock on the door and she turned her head to see one of the cashiers standing in the door way “Dani, you have a call on line two. It’s your ex.”

    Dani let out a huge sigh. She was not in the mood for this. She was already behind on the orders that were pouring in. She was the owner of a very popular bake shop called Sweet Temptations and with the upcoming holiday season, she was swamped. And the big fat icing on the cake, her daugher was having trouble in school. This was the last thing she needed.

    She smiled at the young woman in the doorway. “Thanks Jeni.” She counted to three and picked up the phone, cradling it on her shoulder as she put the cap back on the Tylenol. “Hello Joshua.”

    “I’m gonna make this short,” Joshua Ellington’s voice said over the line. His voice sounded hoarse and raspy and she knew it was from him drinking all night again.

    Dani prepared herself for the excuse. It was one thing after the other and she knew Joshua was going to cancel on picking up their kids for the weekend again. Since their divorce a year ago, Sophia had gone downhill in school and she knew it was because of his dad. “Joshua, please, don’t you dare cancel on her again.” She placed her elbow on the dark cherry desk, placing her face in her hands.

    “Something came up.”

    Dani turned in the black chair and looked at her window again to the rain covered scene before her. The trees were swaying heavily with the weight of the wind; this storm was going to be a dozy, maybe even bringing some snow along with it. “I’m sure it did. Let me guess, tall, blond, fake boobs, several oral talents?”

    “Jealous much?” Joshua said with a cruel laugh. He always threw it in her face the many girls that paraded in and out of his house, telling her time and time again how he preferred their company than Dani’s. “No, I have to go out of town for a business trip. I have to be gone for two weeks.”

    Dani let out an exasperated sigh. “Joshua. You can’t do this to me. I have several orders I have to get done this week, not to mention Thanksgiving coming up, this is my busiest time of the year. I was counting on you taking her this week.”

    “Not my problem.”

    She pulled the phone from her ear as she heard the click, than the dial tone. She looked at her watch to see that it was almost time for her to pick up her Sophia from school.

    She saved the invoices on her desktop and stood up from the desk. She took off her apron and walked to the coat rack taking her leather coat and slid it over her black skirt and white silk blouse.

    She opened the door from her office to see the throng of people in her small bakery and a smile came to her lips. This shop was her pride and joy; it took her five long years of blood sweat and tears to get it to this point. Thanks to the money from the divorce, she was finally able to open up this shop, a dream come true for her

    She approached Jeni who was ringing up a customer. Dani buttoned up her coat, tossing her long, honey blond hair over it. “Jeni, I’m going to be gone the rest of the day. Something came up and I have to pick up Sophia from school. I’m on my cell. The Ackles order is due tomorrow, so if you guys can put the finishing touches on it. The orders are on the cork board next to the pantry.”

    “Sure thing.”

    Her bakery was situated in the heart of downtown Vancouver, an ideal location. Nestled in among the tall skyscrapers, she got a throng of people breaking for lunch. In just a year, her name was spread across the city and she was the one to go to if someone wanted a good cupcake, cookies or other pastry treats.

    Bracing against the cold air, she walked the few blocks to the parking garage and she opened the glass double doors and walked down the hallway to where the elevators were located, her high heel boots clicked on the tile as she approached them. She pressed the 3rd floor button and the elevator whisked her up to the parking garage.

    As she stepped out of the elevator to the garage, a cold wind greeted her and she tightened her jacket around her as she pressed the alarm key on her key chain.

    Several feet down was the sound of a horn and headlights flashed on a blue Range Rover, her newest purchase. This car was her pride and joy, her first ever big buy since her divorce. It had tan leather seats, a sunroof, CD player, complete with all the bells and whistles.

    IF only her personal life was just as exciting as her new ride. She spent all her time at her bakery. She loved baking, the only way to bring some exhilaration to her hum drum world. . Baking for her was a release and she poured all she had into her sweets, a talent that clearly shined in her treats. She spent her time between work and her daughter, so dating was out of the question, despite multiple attempts by her best friend, Morgan Powers.


    Dani arrived at Sacred Heart Private School, a little after three in the afternoon. She parked her car under a huge Oak Tree and made her way to the second floor and walked down the end of the long hallway, her heels clicking on the linoleum, where Sophia’s classroom was located. The hallways were lined with garden benches. One just happened to be in between Sophia’s class and this was where she waited for her daughter. It was an amazing school that came at a high price, but Dani didn’t second guess her daughter education. Thanks to Joshua, she was able to pay the steep tuition, a price she couldn’t pay herself.

    Sacred Heart was the best in the Vancouver area, a school known for its excellent music program and Sophia loved the school, finding out that her greatest talent was music, which shocked Dani. She knew her way around the dance floor, but a far as being a professional she was far from it. She knew little about Josh’s background, he was very secretive about his upbringing, so she had no idea if her son inherited it from him or not.

    As she was waiting for the class to let out, she turned her head to look down the hallway and noticed a man making his way down the hall. He was handsome, tall, and muscular, had dark hair that was cut close to his head and dressed simple in a blue and white Polo shirt and jeans. He had on sunglasses, but any woman could tell from his chiseled features that he was very good looking. When Dani looked at his face, she couldn’t help but think she had seen him somewhere before. She also noticed the throng of housewives and nannies whispering. Clearly he was someone famous; maybe she had seen him in a movie or somewhere else. As he walked down the corridor, he slid his sunglasses on top of his head, looked right at her and gave her a smile. His eyes were the amazing shade of green.

    “Mind if I sit down?” His voice was a little deep something she found incredibly sexy.

    “No, not at all,” She moved her purse to the side, allowing him to sit down.

    “Is this Ms. Henson’s room?” The man pointed to the classroom across from them.

    “Y…yes it is. Does your child attend here?” She asked.

    “My daughter, Jessie. This is my first time picking her up. Usually her mom does this, but she had to go out of town for a family emergency. She just started school here. We lived in LA for a while, but we came up here when my grandfather was sick.”He smiled and extended his hand. “Excuse me, where are my manners, I’m Jensen Ackles.”

    She took his hand and shook it. “Nice to meet you, I’m Dani Ellington.”

    She realized as she shook his hand, why he was so familiar to her. He had been in her favorite television show, Smallville. Now, he was in a hit show that gained popularity in just a few short years.. IF she could recall, she heard through the grapevine he was going through a divorce. Her heart quickly thudded in her chest and she felt her palms began to sweat.

    “Do you have a child in Ms. Hanson’s room as well?” He asked inquisitively, quickly taking stock of the striking woman sitting beside him. She had a beautiful face, curvaceous body, professionally dressed. As he looked at her hands, he noticed she had no wedding ring on, but he did notice the faint trace of where one had been before.

    “My daughter Sophia is.” She pointed to the door and nervously tucked her hair behind her ears. She was always flustered in front of men, especially one as good looking as the one sitting next to her. “I’ve heard my daughter talk about Jessie. I think they play together.” She felt as if she was rambling. “What does Jessie think of the school?”

    “Se loves it. But the uniform takes some getting used to.”

    Before Dani could say anything, she heard someone clear their throat and she noticed Jensen roll his eyes.

    “Hey , is your phone like broke or something? I’ve been trying to call you all afternoon.”

    Dani turned her head to see a woman around her age, curly dark hair, 0dressed in a simple sundress and Jensen sighed. ” I’ve been busy.”

    The woman turned to Dani, a sneer on her face. “And you are?”

    Dani shifted her purse on her shoulder and folded her arms across her chest, a clear sign she was uncomfortable. “Dani.”

    Morgan rolled her eyes and looked at Jensen,.”so I’m throwing a party this weekend. You should come with Jared.”

    “I’ll think about it. ” Jensen noticed how uncomfortable Dani looked watching the strange woman.

    The sound of kids running into the hallway saved Dani from having to answer her and also from the constant stare of Jensen, which made her very uneasy.

    She saw her daughter walk out of the classroom, her book bag over her shoulder talking to a girl er age. She looked up to see Dani and her young face scrunched up into such anger. “Let me guess, Dad bailed again.” her blue eyes shown with the hurt she felt. She should be used to her dad bailing on him and his sister, but it still cut deeply.

    “I’m sorry baby,” Dani said as she hugged her, “He sends his apologizes.”

    Sopia frowned. “Yeah right .Jessie wanted to know if I can come over and check out her new computer.’

    Dani looked at her watch. “I have run some errands and I have to pick up your sister. She looked at the girls standing next to Sophia and assumed this was Jessie. She was a smaller version of her father standing next to her.”

    Jensen cleared his throat, looking at the woman who had captured his attention. “Why don’t the girls come over and you can come and pick them up when you are done with your errands?”

    “I don’t know…”

    “Come on Mom, “Sophia pleaded, “She has this really cool Sims game. Please mom?”

    Dani looked at her, than Jensen, who had a grin on his handsome face. “Do you have any homework?”

    “No Mom,” she smiled and kissed her mom on the cheek. It panged Sophia to see her mom so sad all the time and she hated her father for it. “It’s the weekend Mom; I can do my homework on Saturday.”

    Dani studied her daughetrs face for a long time, unable to see her husband in the blue eyes looking back at her. Finally, she let out a sigh. “OK fine. I’ll be gone a couple of hours.”

    Jensen took out a piece of paper from his wallet and took a pen from Jayden and began to scribble on it. He handed the paper to Dani. “This is my address. Take your time.”

    Dani let out a sigh of defeat and looked down at the address on the piece of paper. “OK. I won’t be gone long.”

    Dani watched as Jensen walked down the hall with Sophia and Jessie in tow. He was as good going as he was coming. It had been a long time since she had been with a man and the very sight of him, brought up some long time.

  2. Jenifer Mack was 30 years old and she had been with the bakery that Dani owned since it opened. She had gone to several classes that taught her how to do different stuff. She loved making the images on the cakes and cupcakes that her imagination would think of. Dani was impressed with her determination and dedication and ended up making her the assistant manager just six months in. Jeni ran the bakery when Dani was out of the store, which was pretty often since Dani’s ex husband was never around.

    Jeni didn’t have any children and didn’t think she would ever find anyone to have children with. She was about 5’4” thin frame, long blonde hair, blue eyes. HEr and the rest of the crew inside the bakery would always have such a good time, singing and dancing with the customers as they came in. She had such an uplifting personality and could put a smile on anyone’s face that came in the door. Even a few times had Dani peeing her pants with her jokes.

    She had been seeing a guy for the past couple of months. His name was Jeff and he was a romance man. He delivered flowers to her work when she was working and even asked her to move in with him. She lived in a small apartment just inside Vancouver. She had lived on the east coast growing up and loved the snow and cold weather and needed it most of the time, Vancouver was the perfect place for her.

    As Dani left that day, Jeni walked to the back and looked at the cupcakes that were for the Ackles order and giggled as she lifted the box. She shook her head, “Must be a bridal shower. These penises look amazing.” She looked up at Jill who was washing the pastry bag in the sink, “These look amazing. Great job Jill ! I love the use of color.”

    Jill laughed, “Those I think are the best ones I have ever made.”

    Getting weird orders at this bakery was an everyday thing. Toilets, Penis’s, urinals, urinal cakes, boogers, it all went on top of cakes or cupcakes. Nothing was ordinary at this bakery.

    Jeni closed the box that was on the steel counter top and walked to the computer. She logged in and went into the orderforms. She completed the order for Ackles and shut the computer down. It had been a perfect day and Jeff was taking her out that night for a great dinner. Nothing could put her in a bad mood. Nothing!!

  3. She looked at the address written out on the small paper that she held in her hand and then at the iron wrung gate in front of her car. On the driver’s side, next to the gate was an intercom system. She let out a huge breath as she pressed the red button, hearing a buzz.

    She jumped out of her skin, when a minute later she heard a click and then the sexy voice come through the speakers. “Hey, let me buzz you in. “

    She heard the buzz and then the clank as the huge gate began to roll backwards. She tucked the address back in her purse and turned to look at a little girl with dark blonde hair in the passenger seat. She had her toy monkey, George clutched to her tightly. “We won’t be long sweetie.”

    Gracie didn’t say anything as Dani pulled into the driveway. Since Dani and Josh divorced, Gracie hardly said two words and she failed to make any friends in preschool, always keeping to herself.

    The house sat back 300 yards from the gate, surrounded by many pine trees. A slight bend led from the gate to the house and when Dani rounded the slight curve, she let out a gasp.

    It was a five bedroom, two story Colonial style home and as she pulled up around to the garage, she was in love with it. This was the type of home she had always dreamed about owning. Several huge pine trees lined the driveway and the walkway was lined with a flower bed that she knew would be gorgeous in the spring.

    She turned off the engine and unbuckled her seat belt and turned around to look at her daughter. She was holding George tightly to her, her blue eyes wide with wonder. Her beautiful honey blond hair was fashioned in two pigtails, the ends curly.

    “We won’t be long sweetie, OK?”

    Gracie didn’t nod, she just clutched the monkey tighter to her as Dani opened the door of her Range Rover and extracted her daughter from the booster seat.

    The rain had stopped, but the wind took her breath away as she walked up the flagstone pathway that led to the door.

    She sat Gracie on the porch and rang the doorbell, hearing it echo from inside. She heard footsteps and then the locks and the door swung open.

    Standing on the other side of the French doors was a short, Mexican woman who was in her 50s. She was a little on the heavy side, but her face registered a grandmotherly way about her and Dani at once felt at ease with her presence.

    “Can I help you?” The woman asked with a heavy Spanish accent.

    Dani smiled at her, feeling Gracie clutch her legs. “Hi, my daughter Sophia is over here and I’ve come to pick her up.”

    “OH, Si,” the woman opened the door wider to allow Dani inside, “Please come in. It’s cold outside.” She shut the door behind Dani.

    Dani found her self in a foyer that was lined with a marble floor. To the right of the door was a beautiful cherry oak coat rack and this is where she hung up their coats.

    Straight ahead from the door was a fountain that was bronze and the sound of the water flowing into the basin was very relaxing.

    “Mr. Ackles is on phone, but he said to bring you on in.”

    Dani followed the woman through the hallway, noticing several pictures that hung on the wall. She noticed they were of Jensen and a pretty woman and several other family photos. They approached a door and as they walked in, Dani was in awe.

    This was the kitchen and a huge island with dark granite stood in the middle of the room. The floor was a dark cherry and the appliances were steel with cherry cabinets. “This is beautiful.”

    The woman smiled. “May I get you something to drink? Water? Juice?”

    “Uh, water for me. Juice for Gracie.”

    The woman handed them the items. “I just made a fresh batch of chocolate cookies, would you like one?” She bent down to Gracie’s level who was hiding behind Dani’s legs.

    Gracie just nodded and Dani smiled. “I’m sorry, she’s really shy.”

    The woman straightened up and walked over to a cookie jar that was next to the microwave and took out three cookies. “That’s OK. I have several grandchildren myself.” She handed the cookies to Gracie. “There you go sweetie.

    Gracie stepped from behind her mother’s legs and gently took the cookies from the Spanish woman. Her blue eyes looked up at her and a smile came across her face. “Thank you”, she whispered.

    Dani was in shock as she heard her daughter speak and looked at the woman. “That’s a first.”

    The woman pointed to the table in the corner next to a huge bay window that looked out onto the backyard. “Please, make yourself comfortable. I’ll tell Mr. Ackles you are here.”

    As the woman left the kitchen, Dani led Gracie over to the table and they sat down. As her daughter ate the cookies, Dani looked out the window to the lavish back yard.

    The house sat on at least an acre of land, complete with a green grass lawn. Several feet from the house, was an all glass building and she could see the pool that was located with in. In the far corner of the yard, was a beautiful Koi pond, complete with a bridge that ran across the water, leading to a beautiful gazebo. Yes, she could see herself having a house like this one day.


    Jensen sat in the black leather chair, behind a cherry oak desk, his elbows on the edge, his face in his hands and a phone to his ear. He was trying to get in the conversation with his soon to be ex about the health of her father, but his mind was elsewhere.

    Instead, it was on a stunning, 5 foot 3 inch woman, with long, silky honey blond hair and green eyes. Eyes that made him want to stare deeply into them for hours. They were the most unusual shade he had ever seen. They reminded him of clovers. He lifted his head when he heard a knock on the door and his maid, Doris walked inside.

    “Carrie, I’m sorry. I have to go.”

    “Of course you do,” she sighed, “So you will send me the money?”

    “Yeah. I’ll transfer the money over into the account as soon as the bank opens.” Without saying goodbye, he put the phone in the cradle and stood up from the desk. “Are you going home?”

    “Si, Mr. Ackles. Also, that woman stopped by to pick up Sophia.” She smiled at Jensen. “Very pretty that one.”

    Jensen opened the drawer of his desk and took out an envelope. He walked to the front of it and handed the envelope to Doris. “Your paycheck.”

    Doris smiled. “Thank you Mr. Ackles. Oh, I made an enchilada casserole. It’s in the oven warming; also there is a salad in the fridge.”

    Jensen kissed her on the cheek. “You are so good to me. Have a great night.”

    He walked out of the office to the front door and shut it behind him and walked down the hall to the kitchen and stopped, admiring the scene before him.

    She was sitting at the kitchen table interacting with a little girl around four. He watched as she tickled the little girl, the way she tipped her head back and let out a laugh. It was a sound he hadn’t heard in this house for such a long time. Carrie wasn’t the one to let loose and have a good time, her image was too important.

    “I hope I didn’t keep you too long”, he said as he walked into the kitchen.

    Dani turned at the sound of the voice to see Jensen walk into the kitchen and she couldn’t help but admire him. He was very good looking and they way he filled out that Polo, made her want to see what was underneath. “Oh no, not at all.”

    Jensen took out a beer, motioning it towards her. “Would you like one?”

    She shook her head and stood up from the table. “No, I have a Coke. You have a very beautiful home.”

    Jensen took the top off the beer, placing it in the trash and leaned up against the island. “Thank you. Would you like a tour?”

    She nodded and took a step forward and Jensen noticed a slight limp in her right leg. She noticed this too and her face turned a deep shade of red. She turned to the little girl. “Honey, did you want to come with us?”

    The little girl looked at Jensen with big blue eyes and she shyly ducked her head and nodded. She slid off the stool and walked over to Dani, where she wrapped her arms around her legs. Dani looked at Jensen. “She’s a little shy. Takes a while to get warmed up to strangers.”

    Jensen squatted down so he was face to face with the little girl. “Well hey there, mine name’s Jensen. What’s yours?”

    The little girl’s eyes got huge and she smiled, lighting up her whole face. “Gracie Marie Ellington.” She said in a small voice, “You are my favorite.”

    Jensen chuckled and stood up, looking at Dani. “So she’s a fan huh? What about her mom?”

    Dani nervously tucked a hair behind her ear, wishing he would stop looking at her, it was making her so very uncomfortable. “I plead the fifth.”

    “I see,” He winked at Gracie, “So, the tour.” He motioned them with his hands, “Right this way please. I’ll give you the 10 cent tour,” He winked at Gracie, “Worth every penny.”

    Dani was shocked when Gracie let go of her legs and walked over to Jensen and took his hand as they walked down the hallway. Her daughter was scared to death of men and didn’t want anything to do with them, and she had to blame her ex for that one.

    Jensen turned his head to see Dani behind them as he led them into a sitting room. A huge bay window sat in front of them, showing a huge oak tree that was in front of the house. A bookshelf and two white leather chairs filled the room. But the masterpiece of the room, was a huge black baby grand piano that sat in the right corner of the room. “This is the study room.”

    “That is a gorgeous piano,” Dani said as she walked towards the piano.

    “You play?” Jensen asked as he watched her run her hand along the top.

    She turned her head and coyly smiled at him. “I dabble a bit.”

    “OH really?” He swung his hands towards the piano, “I would love to hear some.”

    She blushed. “I’m not really that good.”

    Gracie looked up at Jensen. “My mommies, the best. She has these trophies and stuff.”

    Jensen laughed. “Well, that just makes me want to hear some.” He pointed to the piano. “It won’t bite.”

    Dani looked at her daughter, than at Jensen, who was giving her a crooked smile, a smile that was making her heart pound widely in her chest. This man was so handsome, but she knew she couldn’t afford to let herself fall in love again. She quickly stuffed those feelings deep inside of her, locking it in her heart, swearing to never let it out again.

    She slowly walked over to the piano, trying not to limp, but her leg was stiff and hurting so bad. She noticed Jensen watching her as she sat down at the piano and she slowly lifted the lid.

    Jensen tried not to notice as Dani limped over to the piano, he saw the pain on her face. He could tell she was trying to put on a brave face, that this embarrassed her. He wondered what on earth happened to her. He could tell she was guarded and the fact that her little girl was shy around men, set the wheels turning in his head. That was all whisked out of his head as she began to play a classical song. He watched her as she closed her eyes, her hands flowing over the keys, mesmerizing him. This came natural to her, he could see that. It elicited a feeling deep inside of him, a feeling he hadn’t felt in a long, long time.

    It took him a minute to realize it was quiet in the study and she was looking at him with her green eyes, a puzzled look on her face. “Was it OK?”

    Jensen opened his mouth, than closed it, not sure what to say. He walked over to the piano. “That..that was..wow…”

    She blushed. “OH stop, you are just saying that.” He was close enough to her, that the smell of his cologne entered her nose. It was a smell that was pure male and every deep female instinct in her was screaming.

    “No,” He shook his head, “That was beautiful…I never was one for classical music, but you play some more of that I might become a fan.”

    Dani stared into his green eyes and had to look away. She cleared her throat and stood up from the piano. “Thank you for the tour. It’s late and I need to get my kids fed.”

    “Why don’t you stay for dinner?” Jensen couldn’t stop the words as they fell out of his mouth, “I mean…Doris made some Enchiladas and she always makes way too much for just me and Jessie.”

    “I don’t want to impose.”

    She felt a tug on her pant leg and she looked down to see Gracie. The little girl had a smile on her face, something she hadn’t seen in a long time. Being in this house, had transformed her back to her little girl and she wanted to cry. “Mamma…can we stay please?”

    Jensen chuckled. “Well…how you are you gonna turn that one down?”

    Dani wanted to be as far away from this man, far away from the feelings he was making her have once again. But she knew she couldn’t say no to her daughter, not when she was coming out of her shell. “OK, OK we will stay.”


    Joshua sat at his desk, his back turned from the doorway, looking out the huge bay window that allowed him to see the massive Oak Tree that had been planted in front of the window. The tree was sagging with the weight of the wind and Josh could see the light snow that fell.

    He impatiently drummed his fingers on the arm of the expensive Italian leather chair. He leaned forward a bit and grabbed his cell phone out of the pocket of his jeans and flipped it open. With a long drawn out sigh, he realized there was no signal. He tossed the phone on the desk and put his face in his hands, wondering what was taking so long.

    He should have heard something by now; the hack had been in effect for at least an hour now, so why wasn’t he hearing anything?

    He released his face and stood up from the chair and walked around the cherry desk and began to pace the floor, going in circles around his Egyptian rug.

    He had completed a half a circle, when there was a knock on the door and he looked to see Brittany walking in. She was wearing a short black skirt and silver tank top, her bleached hair was pulled up into a pony tail. He glared at her. “Why are you dressed like that?”

    She stopped half way into the room, staying as close to the door as she could. Seeing Josh angry like that, she knew what it would lead to and she didn’t want to put any fuel on that fire. “We were going out to dinner.”

    He snuffed at her and walked back to his desk, picking up his phone. “I’m busy. We are gonna have to reschedule.”

    Brittany watched as he flipped open his phone. “But you promised me. I got reservations to that French restaurant. It takes a month to score those reservations.” Tears filled her blue eyes and she blinked them away, the last thing she need was Josh seeing her cry. “You promised me this Josh.”

    “I said I was busy!” Josh roared as he sat down in his chair, he put his face in his hands, trying to control his anger, “What part of busy do you not get.”

    “You’re just sitting there.”

    She didn’t have time to duck, it happened so fast. Josh grabbed a glass paperweight that Dani had gotten him from Christmas one year, off the desk. It was heavy in his hands as he threw the paper weight at Brittany where it hit her in the leg.

    As she hunched over and cried out in pain, he jumped up from the seat and walked to her, grabbed a fistful of hair and yanked her head up. Her eyes shone hate and fear. Fear he loved, he would knock that hate out of her. “What have I told you about sass talking me? Huh?” He leaned into her, his face an inch away, “Don’t you ever, EVER second guess me again, you got it?”

    She tried not to cry, but the pain in her leg was too great. Hot tears slid down her face. “Y…yes.”

    The sounds of a musical ring filled the room and Josh let go of her hair and walked over to the desk and picked up the phone and flipped it open to see the words he had been waiting for. “It’s done.”


    “So I have a Coco with Vanilla Chocolate Cream, hold the Coco, correct?”

    She heard the chuckle and turned from her sitting point in the sun room of Jensen’s house. She had been watching the snow fall from the sky, mesmerized by it. Winter was her favorite time of year, she loved waking up to see new snow, loved how new and virgin it was.

    She was thinking back to when Josh would take her and Sophia to the mountains and spend the weekend skiing, which seemed so long ago. But Jensen brought her out of that day dream.

    She smiled as Jensen handed her the coffee mug and she inhaled the sweet scent of the coco. She wrapped her hands around the warmth. “Thank you.” She took a sip of the Coco, instantly beginning to cough.

    Jensen became alarmed and sat his cup on the table and began patting her on the back. “I’m so sorry..was it too much?”

    Dani’s face was red and she looked at him, a smile on her lips. “My god..”

    Jensen chuckled and took a sip of his and grimaced. “I guess I was a little heavy handed on the Bailey’s.” He watched her as she watched the snow fall. “So, tell me, Dani. You play the piano, what else are you good at?”

    That question in all purposes was a very innocent, but the moment it came out of his mouth, Jensen realized how uncomfortable it suddenly had become. She had seemed jumpy around him as it was. Dani got up from the couch, placing her cup on the table. “I really must be going. Thank you again for letting Sophia come over.”

    “Oh,” Jensen sat his mug on the table and walked her to the foyer, where Sophia was helping Gracie with her coat. “I hope you come over again, the girls had a really good time.”

    “Oh can we mom?” Gracie smiled up at her as she took Jensen’s hand. “He has a pool!”

    Jensen chuckled as he looked down at Gracie. “You and your mom are welcome here anytime.”

    “Thank you again,” Dani smiled as she reached into her purse and took out a white business card. “If you want to set up another play date, give me a call. I’m out of the office a lot, so you can reach me at my cellphone.”

    “I will,” He opened the door and watched as the family of three walked down the steps to the dark blue Range Rover.

    “I like her,” Jessie stood next to Jensen as the watched the SUV back out of the driveway. “She’s pretty.”

  4. That night had turned out so perfect for Jeni. Jeff had stayed the night at her place that night and they made love. HE was gentle with her and it was all she wanted, but something was missing. It kinda felt like she was kissing her brother.

    She got up the next morning, being quiet not to wake up Jeff and she got into the shower, then dressed and walked into the kitchen and made the pot of coffee. She made some eggs and heard Jeff walk from the bedroom. She put the plate on the table and the cup of coffee, “Made you breakfast.”

    Jeff looked at his watch, “Baby I’m sorry. I have to get going. I’m gonna be late.”

    She nodded, “Okay.”

    He walked over to her, his suit coat in his hand and kissed her on the cheek, turned and walked out the door. She put her hand on her cheek where he had kissed her, “I love you too Jeff.”

    She put the dishes in the sink and put her heavy winter coat on and buttoned it up and headed out into the cold morning. SHe didn’t have a car, so she walked the several blocks to the bakery. She unlocked the door and turned the sign to open and walked to the back, turning the lights on as she did.

    She signed into the computer as all the other workers for that morning arrived. Jill turned the radio on and started to sing to Madonna. Jeni zipped through the files and saw several more orders that were going out in the next couple of days. She printed them out and put them on the bulletin board.

    She walked to the front of the store and turned as the employees turned their attention to her. She smiled, “Good morning. We have a big day ahead of us. The Ackles order is due. Thank the lord Jill finished it.” She turned to Jill, “Thank you Jill.” She turned to Trevor who was a young kid who was doing this as his after school job, “Trevor, need your smile today. Need everyone to be on their game. Let’s make this a Saturday that we won’t ever forget.”

    It truly was going to be a Saturday they wouldn’t forget. The day began with people coming in for bagels and muffins. Before long it was noon and Jeni looked at her watch, “Where is Dani?” She walked over to the phone and dialed the number. It dumped her into voicemail, “Hey Dani, it’s Jeni. It’s noon. Just making sure you were coming in today. I hope things are okay. CAll me back.”

    She hung up as Jill ran up to her, “Oh My God Jeni you aren’t going to belive who just walked in.”

    Jeni glared at her, “Who?”

    “Jared Padalecki.”

    “Yeah? Who’s that?”

    Jill put her hands into her hair, “From Supernatural. The tv show. He was on Gilmore Girls before that.”

    Jeni put her apron back on and tied it behind her, “Okay Jill, I don’t watch a lot of tv. Have you waited on him.”

    “He’s here for the Ackles order.”

    JEni casually walked to the fridge and opened it, taking out the large box. She walked it to the front as she saw the tall gorgeous man with longer brown hair, his hands in the pockets of his jeans and wearing a tan winter coat that was open. Underneither he wore a tshirt that said ‘Always keep fighting’. Jeni smiled, “ARe you here for the Ackles order?”

    The gentlemen nodded and his voice was so sexy, “Yes.”

    She put the box on top of the counter and smiled up at him. He was so tall, “You are picking up cupcakes for a bridal shower?”

    He looked at her weird, “Excuse me.”

    She opened the box and turned it around and Jared looked down. He started to crack up. He pointed at them, “He ordered these?”

    “This is what the order was for sir.”

    From behind Jeni, a hand made it on her shoulder, “How can I help you? I’m Dani Ellington.”

    Jared pointed, still giggling, “These cupcakes were suppose to be for a birthday party. Well my best friends daughter. I don’t think these are going to be appropriate.”

    Dani looked up at him, “These are for Jensen?”

    Jared nodded, “Yep.”

    Dani looked at Jeni, “Go in the back and get the order NOW!!!” She closed the box as Jeni ran in the back and grabbed the order sheet off the board and ran it back and gave it to Dani.

    • Dani was mortified as she quickly shut the lid. “I am so sorry for this..uh,…”

      Jared thrust out his hand quickly taking her smaller one in hisxas he quickly ran his eyes over the woman’s form. So, this was the Dani Jensen had been gushing over. His description truly did not give her justice. “Jared…and it’s okay. Really.”

      Dani straightened up and tilted her head to look up at this man. Damn he was tall. “I assure you we will fix this mess and the cake is free of charge.”

      “I can’t let you do that, really it’s fine.”

      Dani held up her hand. “It’s our mistake.”

      “Got the invoice!” Jeni was put of breath as,she approached the counter. “,Thank God I insist on hard copies! The order is for Jensen’s birthday party. I can totally fix this!” Jeni opened the box and pointed to the penisis. “I can make them flowers.”

      Jared looked over to see Dani, her head turned to the window, and her cheeks tinged pink. “Well let’s see it!”

      Ten minutes later, Dani shit the door behind Jared and let outca long sigh. “Holy crap!”

      Jeni chuckled as,she grabbed her coat. “What this day needs is some wine and some hot men on our screen!”


      “OK, so we’ve got popcorn, chocolate, wine and season one! Jeni Sat the bowl of popcorn that was topped with several different types of chocolates and a wine bottle under her arm. She handed Dani a full glass of wine, while she opened up her phone. “Wow..he’s on tonight. Look.”

      Dani tore her eyes off of the television, and Jensen’s gorgeous green eyes, to see that Jeni was holding up her phone, showing she was on Twitter. “Who?” She grabbed a handful of popcorn, popping a few kernels into her mouth.


      Dani snorted and put her gaze back on Jensen, letting out a slow sigh. “Probably not him. Just some crazy fan.”

      Jeni shrugged. “Would be nice to see.” She held out her phone at arms length and smiled at the screen. “Smile Dani.”Dani sighed and held up her glass of wine and pursed her lips into a kiss. “Hanging out with my girl. Some wine, junk food and two hot men on our screen. There.” Jeni hit send and sat her phone on the table. “We’ll see if he responds.”

      They were a few minutes into the show, when Dain heard her phone vibrate. She looked at Jeni who had a curious look on her face, then at her vibrating screen. It was a text, from an unknown number.

      “Well..” she bumped her friend, “See who its from.” She took a sip of her wine while she watched Dani reach for her phone. “Who is it?”

      A smile came across Dani’s face as she saw the words. “I guess we are doing the same thing. I’m live tweeting the show.” Just as she read the last line, her phone vibrated again and a picture of him came across the screen. He was leaning back on the couch, a beanie on his head and a smile. “Just in case you were doubting if its really me.

      “Holy shit!” Jeni breathed as she looked over Danis shoulder to see the text.

      “What do I say?” Dani was beginning to panic as she realized what was happening here. Jensen was very clear about his meaning. Why else would he have text her phone instead of just answering her on the page?

      “Ask him what he’s doing,” Jeni took a healthy sip of her wine as she giggled. “This is freakin’ awesome.”

      “Watching the new episode of Supernatural and live tweeting.” Dani read back, “Man, sounds like he’s busy.”

      “No,’ Jeni shook her head as she placed her wine on the table, “No, he’s feeling you out. Ask him if he’d like some company.”

      “Are you crazy!” Dani hissed as she looked at Morgan. “I have the girls..”

      “Come on! You know i”ll watch the little rug rats while you get laid.”

      “Jeni” Dani hissed. “I’m not going to go over there to sleep with him!”

      “And why not?” Jeni sighed. “Girl, it’s been a year. A YEAR! You seriously need some earth shattering sex. God knows Joshua wasn’t the world’s contender.” she pointed to the phone. “You have a hot ass man texting you, flirting with you. Fuck Josh…fuck him. He’s an asshole. “

  5. Jeni turned the television off and looked at her friend, her boss, “Listen you keep that wall up for longer and your vajaja is going to whither up and start producing dust.”

    Dani’s face turned red a little, “I have Dean!!” She smirked.

    She pointed at the tv that was now off, “Dean as in Dean Winchester from the show we were watching.” SHe laughed, ‘You named your dildo Dean. Good Lord woman, you need a good lay.”

    Sophie walked from her room, “Mommy, I can’t sleep.”

    Dani got up from the couch and walked to her daughter and Jeni looked down to see she left her phone. Dani took her daughters hand and walked her back into the room and Jeni took DAni’s phone and type quickly, “Meet here if you aren’t busy. Bring Jared if you want. Having a little Saturday night party.” Jeni typed the address and then erased the messages she had send and put Dani’s phone back on the couch where it had been left.

    Dani walked back, ‘I swear that kid has so many nightmares.” SHe sat back on the couch and poured herself another glass of wine, “I swear it’s Joshua’s fault. I could kill him.”

    As Jeni got up from the couch and headed into the kitchen to grab another bottle of wine from the fridge, she heard the knock on the door. She cringed as Dani could be heard mumbling to herself, “Who the hell is that?” She walked to the door and Jeni poked her head out as Dani took a step back and said, “Um. Hi.”

    She stood frozen and Jeni walked over and opened the door more, “God Dani, you are being so rude.” She looked up at the boys as they walked in. Jared smiled at Jeni as Jensen looked around, “This is nice. What I would do with a small house now.” He turned to Jared, “This is really nice.”

    Dani just stood there and Jeni smiled, nudging her, “Can I get you gentlemen a drink?”

    They both said at the same time, “Beer.”

    Jeni put the bottle of wine on the table, “Coming right up.”

    • Dani just stood there watching as the two men sit on her couch. She put her arms across her chest. “Ummm….what are you doing here?”

      Jensen winked at herxas he leaned forward and grabbed a handful of popcorn. “,You invited us?” He looked over at Jared who just shrugged as he reached for the chocolate.

      “I.,.I did not.” Dani feltc her cheeks grow hot as she saw her phone on the table, finally realizing what happened. “Excuse me forca second?” She quickly walked into the kitchen to see Jeni opening for beer bottles. “What the hell Jeni? You used my phone to invite him over here!?

      Jen laughed as she tossed the caps into the trash. ” Relax! Have some fun!” She grabbed the bottles as she walked back into the living room to see the remote on Jared’s hand. “Beer!”

  6. Jared smiled as he took the beer out of her hand, “Thanks.” He turned the tv on to see the girls had been watching supernatural. Jeni scooted in between Jared and Jensen.

    She turned to Jared, “Forgive me, but I have never seen this show. Pretty interesting, might have to start at season 1.”

    Jared looked into her eyes and she turned her head back to the television and sipped her beer. She felt him move next to her and she scooted a bit over towards Jensen. Jensen turned to her, “Pretty soon you are going to be sitting on my lap.”

    Jeni turned her head, “Sorry.” She scooted more over to Jared. She finally got up and finished her beer and walked over and put her coat on, “I’m outta here. I have to work in the morning.”

    Jared got up and looked at her, “Can I walk you home?”

    Jeni smiled and nodded, “Sure.”

    Dani grabbed Jeni’s arm and dragged her into the kitchen and glared at her, “Don’t you dare leave me alone with him.”

    “He doesn’t bite.” She put the bottle she had in the garbage, “Relax. Watch the show. Enjoy your time together.” She hugged Dani and walked out into the living room where Jared was getting his jacket on, “Ready?”

    Jared nodded, “Yep.” He shook hands with Jensen, “See you tomorrow buddy!!”

    Jeni turned, “Filming again?”

    Jensen shook his head, “My daughters birthday. You are more than welcome to come if you like.”

    Jeni nodded, “Sure. thanks.”

    The two of them walked out the door, jared shutting it behind him. They walked outside and the wind was starting to pick up. Jeni pulled her jacket more around her body and pulled the collar up, “I love this weather.”

    Jared put his hands into the pocket of his jacket, “Yeah me too kinda.”

    They walked down the street in the darkness together, talking, talking and more talking. Finally came to an older building and Jeni stopped and pointed up, “This is me. Thank you for walking me home.”

    Jared turned to her, “Wasn’t enough time.”

    She looked up at him, “Huh?”

    “I didnt get to know you any better than when we were sitting next to each other.”

    Jeni looked up at him, “Listen, I’m not into dating anyone. I’m working my butt off at the bakery and thinking about taking classes at the college. I’m sorry.”

    He nodded, “I understand. So tomorrow can I pick you up and take you to Jensen’s daughters birthday?” He put his hands up, “Friends okay.”

    Jeni smiled, “Sure. I get off at 5.” She pulled her keys out of her pocket of her jacket, “Goodnight Jared.” She walked into her building and unlocked her door to her apartment and walked in, shutting it behind her. She put her back up against the door after shutting it and put her hand on her head, “What the fuck is wrong with you Jenifer Mack. Jesus.” She took a breath and took her coat off and placed it on the sofa and felt a chill. This apartment was an older building and she had had some problems with her heat. She walked over to the radiator and put her hand on it. She slapped it, it was completely cold, “Dammit.” She walked over to the thermostat and turned it up, “I have to get out of here. This is ridiculous.” She walked into her bedroom and put on some heavy pajamas, a sweater, socks and wrapped a scarf around her neck. She walked into the kitchen and grabbed a soda and sat down in front of the television and turned it on. Before she knew it, she was fast asleep on the couch, her breath being seen as it was so cold in her apartment. She dreamt of a lifetime with a man she had just met.

    • Dani stood in the kitchen, her arms folded over her chest and her teeth bitting her bottom lip, a sure sign she was nervous. But could you blame her? She had a hot man sitting on her couch and she was terrified about what to do next. This was the first man since Josh that had shown any interest in her. But then again, did he really? She turned her head to see the cabinet where she kept the stash of hard liquor.

      She barley touched the stuff, but she had a reason to take it down. She grabbed a chair from the table and placed it against the cabinet, took off her ballet flats and opened the cabinet.

      “Son of a bitch,” She cursed as her fingers tried to search the bottle, wondering if she had gotten rid of it. Her fingertips skimmed the glass and she let out a breath as she stood up on her tip toes trying to bring the bottle closer to her. She felt the chair tip forward and she let out another curse as she grabbed onto the top shelf with her hands, bringing down the Tupperware down onto her head.

      “You okay in there?” Came Jensen’s voice from the livng room.

      “Y..yeah, I’m fine!” Dani quickly grabbed the plastic bowels and threw them in the sink. She grabbed the bottle of Scotch, hopped down from the chair, took off the cap, and took a long swallow. She let out a breath as she felt the burn start in her throat and worm its way down into her stomach.

      Feeling the amber liquid giving her courage, she walked into the living room, smiled at Jensen as she held up a bottle. “I, uh, thought this would be a great companion to this.”

      Jensen tore his gaze away from the television to see Dani, a smile on her face. Her blonde hair was dishevled around her head, her cheeks flushed, her green eyes sparkling. It kind of took his breath away to see how beautiful she looked at that moment, wondering if that was her after-sex glow. ‘Um..yeah sure.”

      Dani slowly sat down on the couch, tucked her feet underneath her and began to watch the show. She took a swig of scotch, then passed the bottle to Jensen. It was quiet between the two of them, both of them feeling the tension begin to mount in the room. Dani was struggling what the hell to talk about, and Jensen was captivated by this woman by his side. Not once, did she mention the show, or the fact that he was in it, it was kind of refreshing.

      When the bottle was to the half-way point, Dani jumped when she heard the doorbell ring. “Who the hell could that be?” She glanced at the clock on the wall to see it was half past midnight. She placed the bottle on the table, looked at Jensen, and walked to the foyer.

      She stopped when she saw the shadow of the huge figure standing right behind the frosted glass of the door, feeling fear worm its way into her stomach. The scotch she had drunk threatened to come up as she slowly unlocked the door. She had it half way open, when it was slammed into her, and she stumbled back, seeing the darkness in Josh’s eyes.

      “Who the hell is here? Huh? Who the fuck’s car is that?” Josh clenched his fists as he approached Dani, who was backing into the living room.

      She put up her hands, trying to stop him. “Josh, get the hell out of my house!”

      He didn’t listen as he walked intot he living room to see Jensen was standing up from the couch. “You fucking this creep while my girls are upstairs asleep? Huh? I get a fuckin phone call in the middle of the night and learn my bitch of an ex wife is fucking around with my girls in the house!”

      “Josh..please…” Dani pleaded as he approached Jensen.

      “I think she can choose who she sleeps with,” Jensen stood up to the man who easily had a good hundered pounds and several feet on him.

      “That’s what you think?” Josh balled up his fists and made contact with Jensen’s cheek. Jensen flew back on the floor as Dani let out a scream.


      Jensen sprung to his feet as he landed a swing into Josh’s back, making the man stumble back. His right eye was watering, but he’d be damned if he let this asshole take advantage.

      “I’m calling the cops Josh!” Dani screamed as she picked up the phone. “Unless you wanna spend the night in jail, get the hell out of my house!”

      Josh turned his head and spit out blood onto the carpet and glared at Jensen. “This ain’t over.”

      After locking the door behind Josh, Dani returned to the living room to see Jensen holding his cheek. “I am so sorry about that.” She walked passsed him and into the kitchen where she opened the freezer. She grabbed a blue dishtowel out of the drawer, wrapped the ice inside. When she turned around, Jensen was standing near the table.

      “Who the hell was that?” Jensen winced when Dani placed a washcloth over his cheek, feeling the coldness of the ice.

      Dani scooted a chair to his side as she held the ice to his cheek. Being this close to him, she could really see how green his eyes were, the strong lines of his jaw that was covered with a ginger scruff, and his face was dotted with freckles. She concentrated on the towel, trying to not look into his eyes. “That..that was my ex husband.”

      “Real winner that one is.”

      Dani let out a small chuckle. “That’s the reason he’s my ex.”

      Jensen watched as Dani concentrated on the task, the way her pink tongue would snake out and slid along her full bottom lip and he almost leaned in and kissed her, but stopped himself. He hardly knew her and he would tell she was very shy around him. Seeing the asshole that was her ex, he could see why. “Thank you.” He took his hand and took the towel away, handing it to her. “It’s late and I need to get home. Can..can I see you tomorrow?”

      “Maybe.” Dani smiled at him.

  7. Jeni woke up the next morning and looked at the clock. It was nearly 6am and she put her head back on the pillow of the couch, “Man what a dream.” she finally got up and put the coffee pot on and headed into the shower. Finally there was hot water and she showered and dressed, grabbed a cup of coffee in her travel mug and headed to work.

    She was the first one there and she unlocked the back door and headed inside, turning all the lights on throughout the building. She sipped on her coffee as she walked to the back and put on the ovens. It was going to be a great day, she could see it already.

    As the day continued, her head started to become cloudy and she felt like she was going to pass out. She walked to the bathroom and looked at herself, her neck was swollen and when she swollowed, it hurt. She ran the cold water and washed her face, “Please don’t let me get sick.” She started to cough, “I’m dying.”

    She walked out to see Dani walking in the door. Dani looked at her, “What happened to you last night? You look horrible.”

    “Not feeling good. I think since you are here, I’m gonna head home for the day.”

    “Okay. Listen call me if you need anything okay.”

    JEni put her coat on, “The orders for today are already done. Just have to count down the drawers.”

    Dani put her thumb up, “God it boss.”

    She strapped her coat tighter to her body and put her gloves on. She walked out the back doors and headed down the street to her apartment. She prayed that the head was on. As she stepped inside, she started to sneeze. The head was completely off, frost on the windows and she put her coat on couch, got into her jammies and headed to her bedroom. She laid down with several blankets on top of her and closed her eyes. It was as if she had just fallen asleep when she heard the knock at her door.

    She groaned and got up, wrapping the scarf around her neck and walked to the door. She opened it to see Jared standing with his back to the door. He turned around and smiled, “Are you ready?”

    She wiped her nose, “I’m not going. I’m sorry. I’m sick as a dog.”

    He looked at what she was wearing, “Okay it’s cold in this hallway. Doesn’t this building have heat?”

    “I don’t know.” She pulled the door open, “Come in.”

    He walked in and it was colder inside her apartment than in the hallway. HE looked around to see the small apartment and the few things that Jeni had around her place, like the old couch, the old television set that had bunny ears for an antenna with tin foil on them. He saw the frost on the windows that overlooked the street below, “How much do you pay for this place? If I can ask?”

    She walked into the kitchen and he heard her through her muffled voice, “Too much.” She spoke again, “Coffee?”

    “No thanks.” SHe walked to the register and put his hand on it. He tried his other hand as she walked from the kitchen. He turned to her, “This isn’t good Jeni.”

    She sat on the couch, “Duh.”

    He walked over to her and grabbed her cup of coffee, ‘Go get dressed. You are coming with me.”

    “Jared please. I’m not going anywhere. I feel like shit right now. I just wanna get back under the covers and go to sleep.”

    He shook his head, “Not here. You are going to catch pneumonia. Go get dressed. I’m gonna take you to my place.”

    She shook her head and sneezed, “No.”

    He grabbed her hand and pulled her up, “I’m not taking no for an answer. This is a friend trying to help out another friend. Plus I can make a real good cup of chicken soup.”

    Her mouth watered at the taste of chicken soup and she looked at him and sighed, “I lose. Chicken soup does sound really good.”

    He nodded and smiled, “Good. Go get dressed and pack a suitcase. I’ll wait here.”

    • Dani tried to get the party out of her mind, but that was all she could think about. When the bakery settled down from the lunch time rush, she sat in her office, her head in her hands, trying to think of reasons she could call Jensen and tell him that she couldn’t make it, that something came up. But whatever she came up with, paled in comparison to seeing him again. What the hell was wrong with her? She had a silly little crush on an actor and she was acting like a stupid teenager.

      Her head popped up when she heard the bell on the cash register ring. Since it was slow, she let the other girls go home, the threat of a snow storm was looming on the horizon and she was preparing to shut down the shop for a few days. God, she needed a vacation to somewhere warm. She was tired of this cold.

      The second ring made her let out a sigh, push back her chair and walk to the front of the bakery, where she stopped dead in her tracks. Standing on the other side of the counter, was Jensen, wearing a fresh bruise under his eye. He noticed her mouth had fallen open and he chuckled.

      “It looks worse than it really is.”

      Dani felt her cheeks redden and she placed a hand to her chest. “I am so sorry about last night.”

      “So am I.” She noticed that Jensen took his right hand from behind his back to produce a boquet of yellow daises. “Oh…”

      “I brought these, to say I’m sorry as well. I might have provoked him and gave him the idea that we were sleeping together.”

      Dani opened the bar and stepped near Jensen and took the flowers, placing them under her nose. “Thank you. Daisies are my favorite.”

      “OH good,” Jensen chuckled. “I didn’t have much choice. Flowers are kinda hard to find this time of year.” He cleared his throat and looked around the bakery. “Listen, I was, uh wondering, if you would like to have dinner with me tomorrow night.”

      “Won’t I see you at the party?” Dani tilted her head and looked at him. “Won’t I see you tonight?”

      “Well yeah,” Jensen gave her a smirk. “With a bunch of kids. Just you and me. Dinner. Tomorow night. Think on it. Let me know tonight. Four o’clock.”

      “I’ll see you there.” Dani walked him to the door and opened it, feeling the blast of cold hit her. She said goodbye to him and with a smile, closed the door, locking it behind her.

  8. When Jeni emerged from her room with the bag in her hand, Jared walked over and took it from her. He set it down and held her coat open for her. She slipped her hands into the arms and pulled it over her shoulders. HE smiled as she turned and buttoned it up and he took the scarf that she had been wearing earlier and wrapped it around her neck, “There. At least you can put your arms down.”

    She giggled as he picked up the bag, “Ready?”

    Jeni nodded and she grabbed her keys and he walked out as she locked the door behind her. She followed him down the stairs to the outdoors where the threat of winter weather was coming in. She started to shake as they walked over to his malibu and opened the door for her. She got in and buckled her seatbelt. HE put the bag in the backseat and got in the drivers seat. He turned the vehicle on and turned the heat on full blast, “I think there’s a winter storm coming in.”

    She put her head on the back on the chair as he took off. The heat felt warm on her face and made her toasty warm. She had her scarf over her face as her fever hit her body, “I feel like death.”

    “Living in a place that doesn’t have heat will do that to you. Why didn’t you tell me?”

    She turned her head, “Why would I tell you about my apartment? I don’t make enough money to live anywhere fancy. When I first moved here, it worked.”

    “I’ll take care of that for you.”

    “You don’t have too. I have a voice.”

    “Right now you don’t. IT’s the middle of winter and you have no heat in your apartment. Ridiculous.”

    She knew fighting with him was useless and she shut up for the rest of the drive. He pulled his vehicle into a circular drive and she looked out the window at the large house that stood there, all brick, “This is your house?”

    He put the vehicle in park and took the key out of the ignition, “It’s a rental while we are here filming. My own house is in Austin.”

    She turned to him, “Texas? Never been there.” She turned back to the house as she opened the door and got out. He got out and grabbed her bag and they walked up the steps to the large house. HE unlocked the door and a golden retriever stood there, waiting. He barked and JEni smiled, “And you love dogs.”

    He walked through the foyer as Jeni kneeled down and petted the dog, “That’s Maverick, but he likes to be called Mav.” He whistled and the dog retreated to him. HE turned to Jeni as she stood up, “Let me show you to the room. Let you get adjusted, I’ll make some soup.”

    “Thank you Jared. REally.”

    He smiled that beautiful smile, dimples prominant, “No problem.”

    They walked into a room that was larger than her whole apartment. The bed was covered with a large quilt and he put the luggage on the bed, “Make yourself at home. Come out when you are ready.”

    He walked out, shutting the door behind him and she got her jammies out of the case and put them on. She took the rest of her clothes out and put them into the empty drawers of the dresser. There were some pics on the nightstand and she picked them up. She smiled as she saw the pictures of him with his family. She put them down and took her scarf and wrapped it around her neck again, she put a pair of socks on and headed out of the room into the living area. The dog, Mav, was sitting on the couch, wagging his tail. She sat next to him and carressed his soft fur. Jared walked from the kitchen with two cups on his hand. He handed her one, “This will warm the blood.”
    She took the cup to see it was steaming. She took a sip and closed her eyes, “God I love this.”
    He sat down in the chair and put his feet up, “YOu can stay here as long as you like Jeni. I like having the company.”

    JEni smiled, “Thanks.” She finished her soup and put the cup down, “I’m gonna head to bed. Thank you Jared for everything.”

    “If you need me, I don’t sleep much.”


    She coughed as she walked back into the room and shut the door to the room. She got under the covers and laid her head on the pillow and within a moment she was out like a light. She wasn’t cold, she was comfortable. She had never had anyone like this take care of her before. She was the one that was taking care of other people. Jared Padalecki was truly a romantic guy and she was about to find out more about him.

    • Jensen looked at his watch for the fourth time that evening, wondering where Dani was, if she was even coming at all. He was shocked to find he was seeing her again and wondered if she was having second thoughts. That of course, got Jensen to second guess asking her out to dinner so soon. Did he scare her off?

      “Hey, I’m so sorry I’m late. Traffic was horrible.”

      Jensen looked up from the drink he was pouring to see her standing in the threshold of the kitchen, holding a bottle of wine under her arm. He did a sweep of her body, feeling a reaction he hadn’t felt in a long damn time. She had on a pair of skin tight jeans, black knee high boots, a tight fitting red sweater and her hair was swept up into a pony tail. “Hey, I..uh..didn’t think you were coming.”

      Dani smiled as she heard the scream of several girls as they came thundering past her, almost making her drop the wine. “Well, as you can see, Sophia would have killed me.” She walked into the kitchen and held up the bottle of wine “I..uh..brought a grown up drink. But if you’d rather drink punch all night, that’s fine with me.”

      Jensen laughed and walked over to tall oak cabinet that held several glasses. He selected two wine glasses and brought them over to the island, setting them on the black granite island. He inspected the wine and winked at her, setting off a mass of butterflies in her stomach. “Great year.”

      “I’m an avid wine drinker.” Dani placed her right hip up against the island as she accepted the glass from him. “About the only think Josh
      taught me.” She pointed to the bruise under his eye. “I have to say you took that like a champ.”

      Jensen studied her for a minute as her eyes swept the kitchen. “My uh..ex wife wasn’t a prize either. She ended up cheating on me.”

      Dani brought her eyes to Jensen, shocked at his statement. Who in their right mind would ever cheat on his man? If he was hers, she would never let him go and worship him day and night. She felt him staring at her and she felt her cheeks blush. She held up her wine glass. “To exes right?”

  9. JEni woke up the next morning to smell something delicious coming from outside her room. She heard a knock at the door and she leaned up, “Come in.” The blanket still up to her chest, the scarf still around her neck, her hair up in a ponytail on top of her head. She yawned as the door opened.

    He walked in with a wooden table. He smiled as she walked in, ‘Breakfast?”

    Her heart jumped out of her chest, “Breakfast in bed? We haven’t even gone on a date yet.”

    HE stopped and looked at her, “So you will go on a date with me?”

    Jeni laughed, “I was joking. Told you I wasn’t dating anyone.”

    HE nodded and walked over to her and put the wooden table over her feet, “I didn’t know what you liked, so I kinda made everything.”

    She took the cup of coffee and a piece of sausage as he sat on the edge of the bed. She took a bite and then a sip of her joe and nodded, “This is good. You should be a cook.”

    HE smiled and got up, “Well enjoy. I put some towels in the bathroom for you.”

    He walked to the door and she put her hand out, “Well don’t leave. Someone has to help me finish this. I can’t finish all this food and I hate it going to waste.” She picked up the plate and smiled at him.

    He walked to the bed and sat down and grabbed a piece of bacon, “Okay.”

    “You didn’t go to Jensen’s daughters birthday party because of me. I’m sorry.”

    “I just would have been the incedibly tall jumping jim. It’s okay. She won’t lose any sleep over it.”

    They talked for a bit and when Jeni was done, Jared took the table out as she got up and walked to the bathroom and got into the shower. She started to sing in the shower and Jared put his ear up to the door and listened to her. She sounded good he thought. How he had just met this woman and he was already falling for her.

    • Dani had tossed and turned that night, only getting a few hours of sleep. Which was bad, since she had to open the bakery and it was going to be a busy day. With Thanksgiving in just a week, she had orders to get out. What kept her up, was the thought of a man with gorgeous green eyes, heart melt smile and a beautiful laugh. She had ended up staying after the party, helping him clean up, even when he insisted that she didn’t need to lift one single finger. But, she enjoyed hanging out with Jensen. He was handsome, smart and even had a sense of humor. Something she found lacking in Josh. She didn’t see Jensen the actor, but Jensen the man.

      With a huge yawn, she pushed open the door to the bakery to see one of her workers, Melanie behind the register. When she looked up from the register, a huge smile came across her face. “Good morning Dani. Have a good weekend?”

      “It was fine.” Dani took a sip of her coffee as she walked around the counter, pushing up the bar, feeling Melanie’s eyes on her as she walked down the hallway to her office. When she stepped inside, she found a reason why Melanie was acting so strangly. Sitting on her desk, was a vase filled with two dozen roses in the most beautiful shade of lavender she had ever seen. Tucked inside the vase, next to some baby’s breath was a card. She placed her cup on the desk, slid out the card from the envelope to see the writing. “Thank you again for your company at the party. Couldn’t of handle those girls without you. See you tonight. Jensen.”

      Dani smiled as she carefully took a rose to her nose and inhaled the sweet scent. This was too much of a coincidence. First, a vase of her favorite flowers, yellow daises and now roses in her favorite color. She turned when she heard a knock on the door. It was Melanie. “Hey, just wanted to let you know that Jeni called in sick again.” Melanie smiled as she looked at the roses. “Very pretty flowers. Purple roses mean love at first sight, did you know that?”

      Dani smiled at her and waited for her to close the door. She grabbed her phone and texted. “See you tonight.”

      • Jensen let out a frustrated sigh as he tossed the script onto his couch and rubbed his face in frustration. In the background, he could hear Jessie watching some kind of show on the Disney channel, the annoying sounds of a laugh track beat into his head, making his headache intensify. But this wasn’t his source of his frustration, but Dani.

        He had tossed and turned all night thinking about her and how truly beautiful she was. He had never met a woman quit like her. She was a breath of fresh air, with her carefree laugh and her bubbly personality. He knew it wasn’t a front, that he was seeing the real her. But no matter how much she smiled at him, he could always see the sadness her in her green eyes. Meeting Josh, he got a better story on why Dani was the way she was, why she was so shy and timid around Jensen. He was used to girls taking what they wanted when it came to him. Either it be sex or money, he was used to woman taking advantage of him.

        Which brought him to his ex-wife, Carrie. Anger bubbled up inside of him as he thought to the years of lies she fed him and he stupidly believed them all, just to keep his marriage intact. He should of let her go years ago.

        He lifted his head from the couch when he heard his phone vibrate, letting him know he had a text. He leaned up from the couch, grabbing the phone from the coffee table. A smile spread across his face as he read the words. See you tonight. And thank you for the flowers, they are beautiful.

        Jensen knew exactly where to take her, the same place he took all his first dates. A place he tested to see if they were really there for him or his money. Do you like sushi?

        I do! I don’t get to go very often, because Jeni hates it. LOL.

        Jensen couldn’t keep the smile off his face as he texted her back. I know this awesome place. Downtown, right near the water. Great views. Awesome food.

        “Mr Ackles?”

        Jensen looked up from his phone to see Doris, a coat in her hand. “Yes?”

        “I’m taking Jessie to the park, if that’s okay?”

        “Yeah of course. I..uh..have to go through this script.”

        Doris smiled at him as she slid on her coat. “And big date tonight? Do you need me to stay and watch Jessie?”

        “Oh yes,” Jensen felt his phone vibrate in his hand. “IF you don’t mind.”

        “Not at all.”

        Jensen waited until the house was once again quiet and looked down at his phone, shocked to see the words. Are you sure? Sounds really expensive and I’m fine with something less.

        This was too good to be true. This woman had to be some kind of dream. She was everything he had been looking for. For you? Nonsense. Pick you up at seven?

  10. As Jeni was showering, Jared’s phone went off. He walked over and looked at the text, ‘need you to come in for reshoots today.’

    He sighed, he wanted to spend time with the girl he was falling in love with, but he had to do a job. He heard the shower turn off and moments later, Jeni walked out wearing his blue terry cloth bathrobe, her hair up in a towel, “Wow your shower is great.”

    He looked at her, “That robe looks better on you than it ever did on me.”

    Jeni looked down to see it was mostly dragging on the ground, “I’m just short I know.” She giggled. She looked at him, “You okay?”

    “I have to go into work.” He picked up his phone, “They just called me in. Are you going to be okay staying here for awhile.”

    “I’ll just get my stuff and go home.”

    She turned and walked towards the bedroom and he said softly, “No I don’t want you to go home to that place. No heat remember.”

    She turned back towards him, “I’m feeling better now. I’ll be okay.”

    “No. You stay here. The weather is not good for you to go anywhere in. More snow on the way.”

    “Truly Jared. Thank you for everything, but I do need to make a living. I’m feeling better which means I have to go back to work.”

    HE walked over to her and put his hands on her shoulders. He looked down at her as she looked up, “I can’t make you stay can I?”

    “Why do you want me to stay?”

    “I enjoy your company.” He took a breath, “You make the homesickness go away. I don’t get to take care of anyone here. It’s been a pleasure.”

    She looked up at him again, his eyes looked sad, “Ok fine. I’ll stay.”

    He smiled down at her, “Thank you.” He pulled his hands from her and walked over and put his jacket on and his scarf, “I hope to not be too long. Make yourself at home okay.” He picked up his phone, “What’s your phone number?”

    Jeni gave him the number and he put it into his phone and put it into his pocket. She walked him to the door and shut and locked it and heard the engine of his vehicle start up. She walked back to the room she was using, made the bed and got dressed. She took all of her stuff out of the drawers and put it back into the suitcase and carried it to the door. She petted Mav and kissed him on the head, “You be good boy.”

    She opened the door and saw the snow starting to fall. She locked and closed the door and took her luggage and carried it down the long driveway to where the bus stop was. She got on the bus and was back at her apartment an hour later.

    • “SO, I had to get it from my granddaughter, that you are going on a date?”

      Dani turned from the floor length mirror to see an older woman walk into her bedroom. She was dressed in a pair of tan slacks, a tight blue blouse, her blonde hair into a tight bun. Katherine Miller walked over to the vanity mirror and opened a jewlery box. Dani and her mother hadn’t had a very good realtionship since her and Dani’s dad divorced.

      Her mother had surprised her by flying in from Austin that morning, wanting to rekindle a relationship with her daughter, which Dani found irritating. After a few questions, Dani was livid to find out that her mother was getting married next month in Austin and she wanted Dani to be there.

      “He’s the father of Sophia’s friend. WE met at his school.”

      “Hmmm…not gonna to give me any more information?” Katherine selected a string of pearls, walked over to Dani and stepped behind her. “I just worry about you sweetheart, you know that right? After that horrid marriage to Joshua, I just don’t want to see you get hurt again.”

      Dani watched as her mother placed the string of pearls along her neckline and the way it complemented the blue sweater dress she had on. “Mom…it’s just a date, okay? I’m not marrying this guy.”

      From downstairs, the chime of the doorbell could be heard and Dani let out a sigh as she fluffed her hair. “That’s him. I won’t be late okay? Gracie goes to be at eight sharp!”

      Katherine smiled and kissed her daughter’s cheek. “I was a mother once. Have a great time sweetheart.”

      Dani grabbed the black coat off her bed and walked down the stairs to see the shillouette against the door, feeling her heart thud in her chest. She wiped her sweaty palms on her thigh as she took a huge breath and opened to the door.

      Jensen licked his lips as the door opened and Dani stood on the other side, looking gorgeous in that tight dress she had on, his eyes sweeping up her legs to the knee high boots she had on. “Hi.”

      “Hi,” She breathed as she stepped out onto the porch, feeling the nip of the cold air. Jensen took the coat from her hands, stepped behind her and slid it on her shoulders. He took the time to lean in and smell the sweet scent of her perfume and it made his head spin. Lavender and Vanilla.

      She felt his large hand slid into her smaller one as he walked her to the blue Mustang that was parked on the street. She felt a strange hum as he held her hand. She smiled at him as he opened the door for her, waited till she slid in the seat before shutting the door.

      Dani’s heart beat loudly in her chest as she took in the spicey scent of his cologne that seemed to permiate the interior of the car. The interior light came on as Jensen opened the driver’s door and slid into the seat, looking over at Dani. God, she looked even more beautiful sitting next to him.

      “So, I hope you’re hungry.”

      Dani smiled at him as Jensen started up the car, feeling the vibrations. “Yes I am.”

      There was an awkward silence as Jensen drove the car into downtown, his mind working overtime on things to ask this woman, which was all new to him. There was so much he wanted to know, but didn’t know where to start.

      The resturant was placed along the water and Jensen gave the vallet his keys as he slid a hand along Dain’s lower back, feeling her body trembling. He wasn’t sure if it was from his touch or the cold.

      After they were seated, Jensen ordered for them, since Dani had never been there before. The conversation was light and easy as Dani became more comfortable around him.

      As she sipped her beer, she told Jensen about her mother surprising her with a visit and Jensen asked her how she felt about that. HE listned as she told him that their relationship was strained after she walked out on them when she was 15. And the man she left them for, she was marrying in a month.

      Jensen was about to ask Dani if she wanted to continue this date somewhere else, when he felt his phone vibrate. He would have ignore it, but noticed on the ID it was frome his manager.

      “Is everything Okay?”

      Jensen sighed as he looked up at Dani, seeing the concern on her face. “I have to go into work. I”m so sorry.”

      Dani smiled at him. “It’s okay, really. Things happen.”

      Jensen signaled the waiter and smiled. “I hope we can continue this when I get back.”

      “I would love too.”

  11. She saw the superintendent as she was walking into her apartment house, “I’m sorry I’m in 3c, there is no heat in my apartment.”

    The guy looked he had just woken up, their were tobacco stains on his wife beater shirt and his pants looked as if they weren’t washed in ten years. HE coughed as he bit the stogie in his mouth, “I beg your pardon. You need to pay your rent.”

    “I’m never late with my rent.”

    “What apartment are you in again?”

    She rolled her eyes, “3c. You don’t want me to get a lawyer involved do you?”

    He wiped his runny nose on his arm and Jeni nearly gagged, “I’ll have someone take a look at it. It’s a long list.”

    Jeni rolled her eyes. She had to find some other place to live. Her lease was up in nearly a month, she was not staying there any longer.”

    She closed the door to her apartment and put a sweater on and again wrapped the scarf around her neck. She walked to the radiator and put her hand on it, “Come on!!!” She could see her breath and she grabbed the afghan that used to be her mothers and wrapped it around her shoulders as she sat on her couch, leaning her head back and closing her eyes, “This nightmare needs to end.”


    She must have fallen asleep, she was awaken by her phone chirping at her from the table. She leaned up and looked at it, a message from Jared, “I came home and you weren’t there.”

    She sighed and put the phone back on the table. She didn’t want to get involved with anyone. She had had several bad relationships in her life and one more she couldn’t deal with. She was more happy being single and alone. This was her life.

    • Dani let out a sigh as she sank into the lavender scented bubbles, a wine glass carefully placed in her hands. The dinner with Jensen had been fantastic and she was a little sad that it had to end so quickly. This was the first date she had been on since Joshua and it was everything she dreamed it would be.

      It was late, but Dani was too keyed up to sleep, so she drew a hot bath and sank into the warm water, the scent and wine lulling her into a sense of bliss. Her phone was balanced on the edge and she was jolted awake when she heard it vibrating on the porcelin.

      She placed her wine on the ledge and grabbed her phone, a smile on her face. “I know it’s late, but you up?”

      “I am. Couldn’t sleep.”

      “Can I call you? I need to hear your voice.”

      Dani felt a tingle start in her toes, zip along her thighs and hit the pit of her stomach. She wasn’t sure if it was the wine talking, but she surprised herself by snapping a photo and hit send. “Just in the bath.”


      Dani felt panic overcome her as no reply came and she wondered if she had crossed the line. She was about tot text him, when the phone buzzed in her hand. She almost dropped it in the water, as she pressed send. “Hi.”

      “Hmmm,” His voice was low and husky and it sent a delicious chill along her body. “If it wasn’t so late, I’d come over there and join you. Long night.”

      “You sound so tired.”

      “I am. Just wanted to hear your voice before I went to sleep and tell you I had a great time at dinner tonight. I hope our next one could be a little longer.”

      Dani bit her bottom lip. “Me too. My girls are leaving for Austin tomorrow with my mom. Why don’t I cook you dinner?” This was crazy! Being alone with Jensen was asking for trouble.

      “That sounds like a great plan.” She heard him sigh as he plopped onto his bed. “I can’t wait.”

      “Me either.”

      “So, tell me something Dani. Are there a lot of bubbles in that bath?” His voice was low, husky and she could hear a hint of his growing desire.

      “Hmmm a few.”

      “I have a nice imagine in my head. So I can go to sleep. Would you mind if I stop by the bakery tomorrow? I want to see you.”

      “I would love that.”

      “Awesome. Good night Dani and thank you again.”

      Dani’s face hurt from smiling so much as she ended the call. She let out a small scream as she sank lower into the bubbles.

  12. Jeni took the next day off work as well, still not feeling 100%, she stayed in bed the entire day. She turned off her phone and sighed as she wrapped the blanket up to her chin.

    Dani went to the bakery early that morning, knowing it was going to be a good day. She walked into her office and printed out the days orders and handed them to the appropriate people.

    It was nearly noon and she was going over some numbers on the books when Melanie knocked on the door. Dani looked up, “Hi.”

    “There’s someone in the store that’s looking for you.” She giggled, “Tall dark and handsome. Okay so there’s two of them.”

    Dani’s face erupted into a smile as she got up from her chair and adjusted her skirt, pulling it down getting the creases out of it, “I’ll be right there.” Melanie left and the tingles went through Dani’s body. He was here. He had promised to come in and he was there. It had been so long since any man had kept a promise to her like that.

    She kept her composure as she walked from her office to the front of the bakery. The two boys stood there, hands in their pockets and Jensen saw her immediately and his face lit up as if he was a christmas tree, “Hey.”

    She walked over to them, “Hey.”

    Jared said quickly, “I need to ask you something and then I’ll leave you two alone.”

    Dani nodded as she crossed her arms in front of her, “What’s on your mind?”

    “What’s up with Jeni anyway? She’s so distant. I keep texting her, but no response. She has no heat in her apartment. She’s been sick and she really needs someone to take care of her.”

    Dani listened to his speech, “Listen Jared, she’s a very private person. She’s one of my best workers, hence the reason she’s my manager here. I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t know much.”

    “Tell me what you know.”

    She took a breath, “I just told you everything that I know. I’m sorry.”

    He nodded and put his hand on Jensen’s arm, “I’ll see you later.” He hugged Dani, bending way down to put his arms around her, “Thank you.” He turned and walked out the door.

    Jensen put his hands together, “Now that’s over. How about lunch?”

    • Without the help of wine, Dani suddenly felt so unsure of herself as Jensen asked her to lunch. “I..uh…wish I could..but so many orders..”

      Melanie cleared her throat, smiling at Jensen. “This woman would work herself to death if we let her. I got it covered Dani. Go, have lunch. Take your time.”

      Dani sighed and looked at Jensen, feeling the tingles in the pit of her stomach. The truth was, she didn’t want to be alone with him. She knew something was happening between them and it scared the crap out of her. “You’re not going to take no for an answer are you?”

      Jensen smiled at her. “Hey, we gotta eat, right?”

      Dani sighed. “Let me go get my coat.”

      Jensen watched as Dani turned to walk down the hallway, his eyes on her ass. He then noticed Melanie was staring at him and she laughed. “She does have a nice ass.”

      Dani returned a minute later with her purse and the coat over her shoulders. She pulled her long hair out of the lapel and it cascaded down her back. Jensen resisted the urge to run his fingers though that silkiness and hold it to his nose. When he got in his car htat morning, he was pleasantly pleased it smelled like her.

      A few snowflakes fell as they walked the block to the parking garage, Jensen’s fingers linke through hers and once again that tingle was there. Jensen turned to look at her, feeling the breath leave his lungs. Snowflakes had collected in her hair, her cheeks were red from the cold. He wanted to kiss her, but was afraid of her reaction.

      When the got in the car, Jensen turned to her, no longer able to fight the urge. When she turned to look at him, he cupped her face in his hand and slowly leaned forward, his green eyes staring into hers. He licked his bottom lip as he gently placed them on hers. The kiss was light, Jensen testing her, seeing what she would do.

      After a few seconds, Dani pulled away, not sure how to process what had just happened. It was a brief kiss, his lips barley touching hers, but it was enough to set the butterflies off.

      They ended up going to a local burger joint that was just a few blocks from the bakery. The conversation was light and a little awkward. Jensen wondering if he crossed the line by kissing her and Dain wondering if she wanted him to do it again.

      “So,” Dani said as Jensen pulled up to the bakery. “Seven o’clock tonight?”

      “Sounds good,” Jensen smiled at her. “What should I bring?”

      Dani bit her bottom lip. “Just you.” She let out a sigh as she grabbed his face, brought his face towards him and kissed him.

      He was in shock at first, his hands to his sides as she kissed him. Her full lips pressing hard against his mouth. They softened a bit as Jensen ran his hand up her cheek and locked into the back of her neck, his fingers woudn in the soft curls.

      She let out a small sigh as he opened his mouth, his tongue seeking entrance into hers and she gave it to him. Three, long, breathless minutes they kissed and when Jensen pulled back he was out of breath.


      Her lips were wet from their kiss as she fumbled for the door, her hands shaking. “See you tonight.”

      • Dani’s body was still tingling as she walked back into the bakery, and she hardly heard Melanie as she asked Dain how her lunch had gone. But from the smile on her face, Melanie knew it had gone pretty darn good.

        As Dani slid behind her desk and cued up her computer, she was in awe at the kiss she and Jensen had just shared. She never had a kiss that made her feel this way, her body all tingly, the butterflies in her stomach and her head all mixed up. His lips were so soft and full and they felt good pressed up against hers. She felt a tingle in her lower stomach as she wondered how they would feel on the rest of her body. This man was turning her into a sex fiend. She hated sex, loathed it. Joshua was always so rough, giving into his needs first before making sure Dani was satisfied. She was embarrassed to even admit she never achieved an orgasm, wondering if it was all the hype Melanie raved it was.

        She jumped when she heard her phone vibrate and noticed it was from an unknown number. “Can you please make sure Jeni is okay? I’m worried about her. Jared.”

        Dani smiled as she replied, making up her mind that she was going to talk some sense into Jeni. Letting her see that she had a good man worried about her. From what Jensen had told her, Jared was a very good man.

        “I’ll head over there right now.”

        In the two years that Jeni knew Dani, she had never once invited Dani over to her place. Try as she might, Dani could never get Jeni to open up to her, to find out who the real Jeni was. She opened the folder on her computer that held the employee information. She took a post it note, jotted down the address and explained to Melanie that she would not be back the rest of the day, to call her if she needed her.

        Dani drove her dark blue Lexus to the part of Vancouver that was a little rough, wondering why on earth Jeni chose to live her. Dani was sure she was paying Jeni a good salary, the bakery was doing very well.

        She found Mountain View apartments, found a parking spot close to the building that Jeni lived. With a shiver, Dani tightened the black jacket around her, press the alarm button on her key fab and walked the few short steps to the building. She opened the double glass doors, found the elevator and pressed the third floor.

        When she stepped off the elevator, Dani followed the signs until she reached apartment 3c. With a shaky breath, she raised her hand and knocked.


        The man sat in the dark blue Tahoe as he watched the Mustang return to the bakery. He felt anger course through his body as he watched that man and that bitch of an ex wife, walk down to the parking garage, holding hands. Holding fucking hands like stupid teenagers.

        His body shook as he watched that bitch kiss him, like the fucking slut she was. Oh yes, he was going to teach her a lesson. Maybe even take her kids away from her. Show the world the slut that she was.

  13. Jeni had been feeling better that afternoon. She got up from her bed and walked into the kitchen and made herself a cup of coffee. The warm liquid ran through her body warming her insides and skin. She sat on the couch and turned on the television, but there wasn’t anything on. She turned it off and walked over and put on the radio. She turned it down low and sat on the couch and relaxed. IT was going to be another miserable day inside her apartment, but there wasn’t anything she could do about it. She had nobody and nothing.

    She heard a knock at the door around 1ish in the afternoon. She sighed and got up, thinking it was going to be her landlord wanting to fix the heat, she opened the door, “IT’s about time.”

    Dani stood there, her jacket clenched around her body and she smiled, “Hi.”

    Jeni apologized, “Sorry I thought you were my land lord.”

    “Can I come in?”

    Jeni opened the door more and Dani walked into the cold apartment. She looked around at the lack of furniture and the icicles forming inside the windows. She was shocked to see one of her best friends living in this kind of condition. She turned as Jeni shut the door, “Just wanted to make sure you were doing okay? You have called off for a few days.”

    “I’m fine. Was sick for a little bit.”

    Dani looked around again, her hands in her pockets and she could see her breath, “I’m sorry to ask this, but how can you live like this?” She turned to Jeni, “You are in a robe, socks a damn scarf and a blanket wrapped around your body. This is unliveable. I know that I pay you a good wage. What’s going on Jeni?”

    Jeni walked over and sat on the couch, “Nothing. I like this place.”

    DAni snapped at her, “Bullshit!!!”

    Jeni stood up from the couch, the blanket off her shoulders and raised her voice, “Don’t come into my house and tell me what I can and can’t do. What decisions I have been making. I have been on my own for a long time Dani. If you would so please just leave right now.”

    • Dain’s face softened for a bit as she looked around the apartment, knowing why her friend was living like this. She heard from the bakery grapevine that Jeni had lost her parents just five yeras ago. They had been coming back from a play when a drunk driver had crossed into their lane, crashing head on. Jeni’s father had died instantly, but Jeni’s mom had hung for a month before succumging to her injuries. Burying both parents had to been expensive, and with Jeni being the only child, it was on her shoulders.

      “Listen, I’m heading to Austin this Saturday for Thanksgiving. Why don’t you come with me? Get out of Vancouver for a bit. God, we both need it.” She raised her hand as Jeni opened her mouth to speak. “No, think on it, okay? Give me an answer in the morning. Promise me that?”

      Jeni crossed her arms over her chest and sighed. “Sure, I’ll think on it.”

      Dani walked over and gave Jeni a quick hug. “Now, I have to get ready for my date tonight! Call me, please.”

      When Dani walked down to the elevators, she noticed a man walking towards her. “Excuse me, but would you happen to know where the land lord is?”

      The man sized up Dani, his eyes scoping her camel colored coat, to her boots. He sniffed, wipping a hand on the sleeve of his plaid shirt. “That’s me. What can I do for ya?”

      “My name is Dani Ellingtion and my father is James Miller.”

      “And I should care because?”

      Dani didn’t back down as she stepped up to the man. “I know several good lawyers who would eat you for breakfast. Do you know it’s against the law to have residents reside in an apartment with no heat?” She reached into her purse, found a business card and handed it to him. “His name is Dan Carlton and he excels in this kind of stuff. Now, should I put in a call to him?” She took her phone from her purse and held it up. “Or are you going to fix the furnance?”

      She watched as the mans face paled to the color of ash. “I’ll get right on it, Mis.”

      “And I’ll be checking in and if it’s not done, than expect a visit from Mr. Carlton. Good day sir.” She smiled as she hit the button and stepped into the elevator. IT payed to know people.


      The radio was on low as she slowly chopped the tomatoes, scooped them up off the cutting board and placed them in the salad bowl next to her. She paused as she took a sip of her wine as she hummed along to a song that was playing.

      A few minutes later, the doorbell chimed, letting her know that her visitor had arrived. With a smile, she wiped her hands on the towel and walked through the foyer.

      She smiled as she opened the door, seeing Jensen looking so handsome in a blue button up shirt and jeans. “I’m sorry I’m late.” He stepped into the foyer as he gave her a peck on the cheek. “My meeting with my manger ran late.”

      Dani took his coat and hung it up on the coat tree and led him into the living room. “Dinner will be a few minutes.” She montioned to the couch, where sitting on the coffee table were two glasses of wine.

      Jensen handed her a glass as he sat down next to her, taking in her smell. “So, we are going to have to go to LA for a few interveiws tomorrow.”

      “Oh, that’s too bad.” Dani took a sip of her wine, struggling with what to say. She wanted to see him one more time before she left for Austin. “I..uh..am going to Austin for about two weeks.”

      Jensen sat the glass on the table, took hers, then brought her into his arms. He cupped her face into her hands, staring at her lips. “I’ve been thinking about our kiss all day. And I was wondering, can I have another one?”

      Dani bit her bottom lip and nodded. “Yes.”

      The kiss was slow and sensual. His right hand stayed on the side of Dani’s face as the kiss deepend. He tasted minty and Dani sighed as his tongue swept into her mouth, sending goodbumps along her body. She ran her nails along the base of his hairline as he slowly pushed her onto the couch.

      Dani let out a sigh as his lips left her mouth and began to kiss her jawline, nipping at the skin below her collarbone, feeling his right hand sweep up her side. He shifted his weight as the kiss continued. Dani wanted this to continue, but her fear kept her from wanting it.

      “I’m sorry Jensen.” She took her hand and pushed him up off of her. She sat up on the couch, pushed her shirt down and smoothed down her hair. Her breath was in gasps.

      Jensen nodded and leaned back into the couch, waiting for his heart to stop beating so damn face. “Yeah, I..I think we need to just cool down for a minute.” He leaned forward, grabbed his wine and chugged it down.

      Dani got up from the couch and took his hand. “Shall we eat?”

  14. After Dani left, Jeni shut and locked the door and walked into her bedroom. Tears were coming down her cheeks as she though about that horrible horrible day. She had lost both her parents in a drunk driving accident and they were only on a date for their anniversary. When she got the call, she was devastated.

    She picked up a picture of her parents and her that was taken several days before the accident and mumbled through her sobs, “I miss you mom and dad. So much.” She moved to Vancouver to get away from all the sadness she had back in her hometown of Boston Massachusetts. This was very far away and she felt renewal here.

    Most of her money that she made from her job at the bakery was going to the unpaid bill of her parents funerals. Double funeral, double cost. She thought about just letting it go, but it wouldn’t be right not to have headstones on her parents graves. This was one thing she was determined to do.

    Later that night, she heard something from the radiator. She walked over to it and put her hand on it to feel the heat coming out, “Holy shit!!!”

    It heated up the apartment quickly. She had set it past 80 and finally took off the scarf she was wearing and sat down on the couch, “This is the life. This is fantastic. It’s about fucking time.”

    She heard a knock at the door and got up and opened the door to see a delivery man, “Jenifer Mack?”

    “That’s me.”

    He handed her the package and the clipboard, “Sign here please.”

    She signed her name with her left hand and handed the clipboard back to the delivery man. He nodded, “Thanks. Have a good night.”

    she closed the door and took the small box over to the couch and sat down. She opened it up. There was another box inside and she opened that up. There was an address on a post it note and a set of keys. She picked up the keys and tilted her head, “What the hay.”

    • Dani had never been more turned on her life and she didn’t know how to process it. There had been a time she had been attracted to Joshua, but the chemistry wasn’t there. But with Jensen, there was deffinatley something there and the more the dinner went on, she made up her mind. She wanted to experience what other women got to enjoy, earth shattering sex.

      After dinner, Dani took the dishes and placed them in the sink. She felt a pair of arms slip around her waist and she let out a sigh. She placed her head back on his chest, as he moved her hair away from her neck, placing a kiss on the bare skin.

      Jensen felt Dani shiver in his arms and he moved his mouth up to hear. “Watcha thinking about?”

      His husky voice vibrated against her neck as she felt his lips slowly moved down her neck, his right hand moved up her arm, disappearing under the sleeve of her sweater. He pulled back to see her eyes were closed and her head had dipped down. He was waiting for her to tell him to stop, but that never came.

      He took his hands, placed them on her waist and slowly turned her around. He took his finger, lifted up her chin and gazed into her eyes. “Do you want me to stop? Because if I keep on doing this, I’m not gonna want to.”

      “No,” She bit her bottom lip as Jensen kissed her lips. It was more foreful this time, a kiss full of hunger. His tongue thrust into her mouth and he swallowed her moans as his hand slipped up under her shirt, caressing the smooth, silky skin of her stomach. When he cupped her right breast, he couldn’t help the moan that escaped his lips, his breath mingling with hers.

      “God,” He whispered against her lips as he slowly moved his hand over her right breast. He was amazed at how they fit nicely into his hands.

      Her back arched as he took his thumb and lightly squeezed the nipple. He backed her into the counter as he reached down and lifted her leg up off the floor and placed it around his waist. His groan pressed into her lower stomach and she could feel the heat of his erection. He was very gifted in that area.

      While he kept his gentle assault on her breast, his other hand slid up under her skirt, rubbing along the smooth skin of her thigh. She let out a gasp against his lips as he moved further up her leg, coming into contact with black lace.

      His palm slid along the heat of her mound and her body instinctively bucked up against his hand, wanting him to add more pressure. He groaned against her lips as his fingers moved the lace barrier away from her, sliding over her moist slit.

      “Ohh…” She threw her head back as he slowly moved his finger up and down her wetness, slid in a few inches than back to her slit. Her hips slowly moved in a circle as his fingers bound the bundle of nerves. She moaned as he began to rub with his thumb. His long fingers slid into her warmth and he felt the tightness.

      “Damn Baby Girl, you feel so fantastic.” Jensen moaned as he kissed her lips. As his finger slid into and out of her pussy, so did his tongue.

      “Oh my god!” Dani groaned as she arched her body back, giving into the sensations this man was giving her. Somehow her sweater ended up on the floor and with a snap, so did her bra.

      He let out a growl as he kissed her breasts, his tongue flicking along her senstive nipples. His thumb flicked her clit as his fingers slid in and out of her, her juices flowing down his arm.

      Dani felt a curious pitting in her stomach as she felt warmth spread to her pussy. The orgasm took her by surprise as Jensen added antoher finger, stretching her open. “Ohhhhh..Jensen…” She groaned as her body arched up, clamping her legs around his hand, her muscles squeezing his fingers.

      Jensen let out a throaty growl as he fell to his knees, kissing her thighs. His tongue slid along the skin, lapping up the wetness from her release. As his lips found her wet pussy, she let out a moan as her hands locked into his hair.

      She wasn’t s a prude. She knew that oral sex was, having watched a few pornos in her time. She was always jealous, wondering what it was like.

      He growled as he ate her out, taking in her smell. God did she taste so good. His tongue swirled around her clit as he slid another finger into her. Her body jerked as he increased the speed of his tongue and within minutes he had her screaming his name as her thighs clamped around his head.

      He took a minute to clean her up as he slid back up her body. He kissed her again, sliding his tongue into her mouth as she tasted her self on his lips.

      He took her by the waist as he led her over to the kitchen chair. He sat down, bringing her on her lap, her legs straddling his. He kissed her again as his hands slid along her back as she slowly moved back and forht on his hardness.

      “Oh god,” Dani breathed as his hands grabbed her hips, bringing her faster on him. “ I…I..need you…” She moaned. “Inside me….please.”

      Jensen let out a groan as he stood up from the chair, carrying her into the living room. He laid her down on the couch as he took off her skirt and her panties. He slid off his shirt, his jeans and the rest of his clothes and Dani looked at him. His long, thick cock lay against his stomach, the end glistening with his pre cum.

      With a groan, Jensen lay on top of her as he kissed her neck. Her legs slid around his waist as he moved his cock along her folds, thrusting up against her clit. Her hips rocked in time with his and before long, she was soaring.

      He sat up on the couch, bringing her on his lap. He angled his cock and slid it into her warmth. Dani threw back her head as his length stretched her. He didn’t force himsel further He kissed her as he slowly thust his hips upward, sliding in three inches, then another four and finally his full eight.

      He statyed there, not moving as her tightness milked him. “Oh…Dammit Baby Girl.” He moaned as he kissed her neck “You are so tight for me.”

      She moved her hips in a circle as her body finally allowed him to slid in all the way. The angle of his cock rubbed up against her sweet spot as she slowly rode him.

      The couch squeeked as Jensen moved her up and down on him. Her breasts bounced in his face as he leaned up and took a nipple into his mouth. His tongue flicked the senstive nub as her breathing hitched in her throat.

      For the fourth time that night, Jensen had her cuming. With a loud groan, Jensen thrusted up his hips, his skin snapping agianst her as he moved her faster on him. She was chanting his name as he held her tight to him, his hips pounding into her.

      In one smooth motion, Jensen laid her on the couch as he thrust hard into her. “Faster…oh god faster.” She groaned as she grabbed onto his tight ass.

      Jensen felt the tightness in his stomach as he pounded furiously into her. “Dani…oh fuuuccckkk..” He threw back his head as his body tightened. With one hard thrust, he let out a growl as he spurted deep inside of her, his cock twitching within her walls.

      The living room was filled with the sounds of their heavey breathing as Jensen took a moment to come down from his high. His nose was buried inot her neck as he felt himself twitching inside of her, his orgasim making him see stars.

      He finally lifted his head to see Dani’s face. “You Okay?”

      She gave him a smile as she placed her hands around his neck, drawing him in for a kiss. “Yes…more than okay.”

      Jensen groaned as he felt her tighten around his semi-hard cock, biting his lower lip. “That was…god damn.” He sighed as her lips found his neck.

      She smiled against his ear as she took an ear lobe into his mouth. “Hmmm..I have to agree. Why don’t we go upstairs, take that bubble bath.”

      Jensen smiled as he placed his head on her forehead and kissed her nose. “Hmmm..I’ve been waiting for that.”

  15. Jeni was curious about the key and address. She put on a pair of jeans and her boots, a warm sweater and her leather coat on top. She placed the scarf around her neck, grabbed her keys and headed out of her apartment. She walked to the bus station and waited. She knew the area, it was a little neighborhood just inside Vancouver. She had been there several times with a friend that had moved away just a year before.

    She got off the bus at the stop she was suppose too and walked the rest of the way. IT was starting to snow again and walked up to the address to see a small house. She was confused. She looked at the brick home, it was small, just the right size for one person, or a small family. She walked up the cement porch and opened the screen door. She took the key from her pocket and put it into the lock. It turned with ease and the door flew open. She took a step inside, “Hello?”

    The house was fully furnished. It looked beautiful. There was a fireplace in the living room where the brown and tan sofa and chair stood. A big screen tv on the wall, “What is going on?”

    She walked to the kitchen to see the small wooden table and a note on top of it. She picked it up and read it outloud, “Jeni, this is yours. Free and clear. I couldn’t have you living in that pit of a place any longer. Please take this as a present. Your Christmas present from me. Call me.” It was signed just J. She put the note down on the table and walked around and looked at the place. EVerything was stocked. HE must have spent a fortune. She couldn’t accept this house, she didn’t deserve it, plus what did he want in return?

    • Dani slowly opened her eyes to the darkened room, wondering what had woken her. She felt warm breath on her back and she looked down to see an arm was around her waist, a large hand cupping her breast. She felt an ache between her legs and had to smile at the previous night. She had the most mind blowing sex a person could ever have. Jensen was so gentle with her, kissing her all over her body, making her cum several times before he finally gave into this release.

      Then, she heard the source of what had woken her. It was her phone vibrating. She moved over to the table to see the caller ID, it was Jeni. She was going to answer her, when she felt lips on her back and the hand that was cupping her breast began to slowly move, his thumbs tweaking her nipples, which made her arch her back up against him. She could feel his hard erection on her back and he moaned into her ear as her hips slowly moved against his groin.

      Jensen kissed her bare back as his hand slid down her leg, holding it up as his fingers found her wetness. She felt the vibrations of his moan.

      “Damn Baby Girl,” He took her earlobe into his mouth as he thrust his hips forward, grinding his erection into the cleft of her ass. “You are so wet for me.”

      “Ahhh…” She sighed as a finger slid into her warmth, slowly moving in and out of her. “Jensen…”

      He groaned as she sighed his name, his name never sounded so good as she moaned it. “Tell me what you want me to do.”

      His finger slid out of her as it slid along her folds, finding her sensitive nub. He slowly moved it around in a circle as her hips ground against his erection.

      “I…I…want…” She let out a sigh as Jensen took his hands and moved her over onto her stomach. He moved the sheet off her lower half as he pushed her thighs apart, kneeling between her legs. His hands moved over the flare of her hips, massaging her heart shaped ass.

      “You are so beautiful.” Jensen whisphered as he leaned against her body, kissing her ear. He felt her shaking underneath him and he moved back her hair to see her eyes were closed tight. “What’s the matter Baby Girl?”

      “I..I don’t like this position…Joshua..was so rough with me.”

      “Ssshh..” Jensen moved his hand down her back, over her ass as the slid along her wet folds again. “Do you trust me Baby Girl.”

      Dani bit her bottom lip as he slid a finger into her, her hips lifting up off the bed. “Y..yes.”

      He moaned as he sat back and watched her hips move against his fingers, his thumb finding her clit. She buried her face into the pillow as she let out a whimper. He leaned forward and kissed her back, moving his lips over the flare of her bottom, along the cleft, and sliding along her folds. He laid down on the bed, moved her thighs further apart. He took his fingers and spread her slit apart, moaning as he looked at her beautiful pussy before him.

      “You are so beautiful.” He mummured as he stuck his tongue out and slid it along her wet folds, tasting her. “So tight and wet for me.” He thrust two fingers inside of her and she moved her hips to his watiting mouth. Jensen took the cue.

      Dani let out a gasp as she felt his tongue move along her slit, finding her clit. His hands lifted her waist up off the bed as he began to suck, and flick. Her eyes were squeezed tight as he fucked her with his fingers as he ate her out, feeling the piting in her stomach. Within seconds, she was screaming his name.

      Jensen reached down between him, grabbed his cock and pumped it a few times, getting himself hard. He slid up her body, his erection slipping between her folds, but he did not enter her. “I can stop if you want me to.” He whisphered into her ear.

      “NO..no…” She moanded as her hips bucked backwards making him slid in a little deeper. “Please…Jensen..I need you.”

      With a groan, Jensen thrust his hips forward as his length slid into her tightness, hitting her walls. He lifted her up hips up, holding onto them as he began to move in and out of her. Dani let out a scream as the tip of his cock found her sweet spot.

      “Fuck Dani, “Jensen groaned as he leaned forward, slid his hands between her legs and rubbed her clit. “You have to come Baby Girl…you have to come now.”

      Dani threw back her head as she thrust back into him, grunts coming from her mouth as she clamped down on him, her juices flowing down his stomach.

      “Fuck…fuck..” Jensen grunted as he placed his hand on the headboard, his hips pounding into hers, sweat pouring off his body. He grabbed her hips, bringing her hard up against him as he growled, thrust his hips hard into her, his hips moving in a slow cirlce. His head flung back as he came, stars exploding behind his eyes.

      “Oh…my..god…” Dani sighed as Jensen flopped down beside her, her body shaking from her spent orgasm.

      Jensen smiled as he pulled her closer to him, her head resting on his chest. He ran a finger up and down her arm as they both came down from their high.

      Dani let out a sigh as she heard her phone ringing again. She grabbed it and looked at the caller ID to see it was Jeni again. “Do you have any idea what time it is?”

  16. SHe locked the door at the beautiful house and walked back to the bus station. Her mind was wondering in so many different directions. She didn’t want the house, she didn’t want charity from a highly paid actor. She just wanted to be alone, that is what she was comfortable with.

    She got back to her apartment and got ready for bed. Her phone went off several times and it was Jared and she dismissed them. She laid in her bed and fell asleep, waking up early the next morning to start another day of work.

    She showered and dressed and headed to the bus station. The snow was still coming down, but it was light. The chill in the air meant that it was going to have another really bad snow storm and she could see it in the clouds in the sky.

    She got off at her stop and saw some smoke coming from a building close to the bakery. She walked down the road, not thinking anything of it, but as she got closer to the bakery, she saw that it was in deed the bakery was on fire. She stood there as she saw the open, close sign catch fire and melt right in front of her eyes. She took her phone out and immediately dialed the emergency line. She walked across the street and stood with her co workers as she dialed Dani’s number. It dumped her into voicemail several times, but she wasn’t giving up hope.

    About the tenth time she called DAni, she heard the pickup, “Do you know what time it is?”

    “Um, Dani, we have a situation here.”


    “The bakery is on fire.”

    “I’ll be right there.”

    Jeni hung up as they watched the fireman try to put the fire out. There was one large window in the front that completely crumbled to the ground as the fireman sprayed it with water. She put her hand over her mouth, “This is horrible.” She took a breath, “What am I going to do now?”

    She was in tears as she turned and walked down the street. She heard the firetrucks coming down the street. She heard a car honk at her and she completely ignored it. It stopped next to her and the window came down, “GEt in here. IT’s cold.”

    She turned to see Jared, “No thanks.”

    “Come on Jeni. IT’s cold and snowing.”

    She took the key from her pocket for the house and walked to the window and put it into his hand, “I don’t need your charity.” She turned and walked back down the street, leaving him in his car stunned. She had to get away. Maybe going to Austin with Dani was going to be a good idea. She had nothing left in Vancouver.

    • Dani flung the phoen down as she frantically raced to the dresser and started grabbing some clothes. “Baby Girl, what’s the matter?”

      She was in hysterics as she slid on a pair of jeans and a sweater. “It’s…it’s the bakery..it’s on fire.”

      Jensen was up out of the bed as he quickly got dressed. “You are in no condition to drive. I’ll take you.”

      Dani stopped and looked at him with tears in her eyes. “Thank you.”

      Dani was sobbing as Jensen sped down the freeway. At this time of morning, there was no traffic. As they came off the ramp, Dani could see the thick black smoke reaching for the sky. That was her future, right there on fire. What the hell was she going to do now?

      Jensen had just put the car in park, when Dani jumped up, racing to the building, stopped by a huge firefigher. “I’m sorry Mam but you can’t go in there”

      “That’s my business!” Dani screamed. She put a hand to her mouth as she watched the flames destroy her future. She felt a hand on her shoulder and she turned to see Jensen. With a sob, she buried her face into his chest as he slowly rubbed his hand up and down her back. “What am I gonna do Jensen? That was my life.”

      “One step at a time Baby Girl.”

      “Are you the owner?”

      Dani turned around to see a uniformed cop. She nodded and wiped the tears from her eyes. “Y..yes I am.”

      “We have a few questions for you. Do you know who was the last one in the bakery?”

      Dani put a hand to her head as she felt Jensen’s reassuring touch on her back. “Umm..Melanie…Melanie Tanner.”

      “Is there anyone who would have keys to this establishment?”

      “Ju..just me and Jeni..Jeni Mack..she’s my manager.”

      The cop closed his book and smiled. “If we have anymore questions we will call you.”

  17. Jeni had gone back to her apartment and packed up her bags. She had no idea where she was going to go, but she wasn’t staying in Vancouver. Jared was here, she had no job, she had spent several months with no heat, she was done.

    She thought about going back to Boston, but that was going to lead to more heartache. She finished packing her stuff and sat on the couch, buried her head into her hands and cried. She sobbed for hours. She didn’t know what she was going to do. She had little money saved up. She finally got her composure and heard her phone chirp. She picked it up and put it to her ear, “yeah.”

    “We are leaving tonight.” She could hear the hurt in her voice, “I’m picking you up in an hour. I have the plane tickets. Just be ready.”

    Jeni took a breath, “I don’t have money right now to be spending on a vacation.”

    “It’s on my Jeni. You are my friend. I’m not taking no for an answer. Just be ready.”

    Jeni heard the click and then the dialtone. She sighed and put her phone back into her purse and put her large bag over her shoulder. She took her keys to her apartment and walked out. She walked to the bus stop and waited. The bus was running late that night or she would have been on the first bus out of town.

    She saw Dani’s vehicle drive up and she got out, leaving the car running with the two girls in the back. She walked to the spot under the canopy that Jeni was sitting under, “So let’s go.”

    JEni had tears in her eyes, “I can’t go with you.”

    “Well tough shit. I just lost everything I had.” She took Jeni’s hand, “You are coming with us. Somewhere warm and cozy.” She nearly had to drag Jeni to the car and pushed her into the passengers seat, putting her bag in the back. She got in the drivers seat, “Buckle up.”

  18. Dani sat in the terminal, waiting for her plane to board, her body numb from what had happened that prevous morning. Just when she though her life had turned around, she was slapped in the face with reality.

    What the hell was she going to do now?

    She felt her phone vibrate and she took out her phone to see Jensen’s name on the caller ID. She let her spirits soar a little bit as she put the phone to her ear and took a shaky breath. “Hi.”

    “Hey Baby Girl. I’m just checking on you before we head to fliming. Are you Okay?”

    “Yeah, I think so. Just a shock ya know.”

    “Well Jared and I are thinking about you and we are gonna help you through this.”

    Dani felt the tears prick her eyes as she wrapped her hands around her coffee cup. She looked over to see that Jeni was playing with her girls. “You don’t have to do this.”

    “But I want to. That’s what someone does when they care for someone. Call me when you land in Austin. And, hey, if fliming goes along smoothly we’ll be there in a week. But, uh, can you not tell Jeni?”


    “Oh, and sent you a picture.”

    She pulled the phone back to see the picture come through and she smiled. Jensen was sitting next to Jared and Jared was leaning into Jensen, smiles on both their faces. “Thanks. Listen, we are about to board.”

    “Okay, have a good flight. I’ll call you tonight.”


    She tipped her head back as the warm sunshine shone down on her, removing any of the chill that Vancouver had left on her. She had forgotten how much she missed the warm, Texas wintertime. She was sitting on a dock that led to a large lake.

    She had gone for a run along the shores, a trail leading all around the lake. Six sweaty miles later, Dani felt like a new person. The bakery situation know in the back of her mind, was currently occupying her thoughts, was a certain man with dazzling green eyes.

    “Care for some company?”

    Dani turned her head to see Jeni and she smiled, moving her wine glass out of the way as Jeni sat down on the dock, dipping her toes into the warm lake. “I would love some.”

    Jeni took in a deep breath and smiled. “This is really gorgeous.”

    Dani nodded as she took a sip of her wine. “Yes…it is.”

    Jeni tucked her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around her knees. “So, how ya doing? You’ve been kinda quiet.”

    Dani looked out across the lake, watching as the sinking sun lit the water on fire. She had made a descion while she had been running, that she was going to start anew here in Austin. They had only been here for a week, but Dani never felt more at home. It was time to put her painful past in Vancouver behind her.

    “I’m okay,” Dani let out a sigh as she took another sip of her wine. “Just been thinking.”

    Jeni smiled and bumped her. “About a certain guy, perhaps?”

    Dani laughed, feeling her face blush. “Maybe.”

    “Listen,” Jeni looked over at Dani. In the past week the two of them had grown pretty close, Jeni thinking of her as a sister. She hated seeing Dani so depressed. “Why don’t we go out? Get some drinks? Katherine said she’d watch the girls?”

    Dani let out a sigh and nodded. “Yeah, that does sound pretty good.”

  19. The girls sat there for a couple more minutes and Dani turned to Jeni, “So tell me about you? You have worked for me for two years and I know nothing about you.”

    JEni shrugged, “There’s nothing to tell.” She looked at Dani and saw the concern in her eyes. She was growing more fond of her boss and she took a breath, “What do you want to know?”

    “EVerything. Your family? Where you grew up? You are like pandoras box.”

    Jeni looked out into the ocean, slapping her pink painted toes in the water, “I grew up in Boston. I’m an only child. I moved to Vancouver, the farthest place I could think of from Boston. My parents passed away in a car accident almost 6 years ago.” She looked at Dani, tears in her eyes, “I don’t have money cause I was paying off the plots where my parents were buried. I got left with everything. I sold the house in Boston and moved to Canada.”

    “I had no idea.” Dani was sympathetic.

    “I’m used to being alone. I’m comfortable like that. I had a boyfriend back in Boston, before my parents passed away, but he’s now since married someone else and has kids. After my parents died, I shut everyone out and he couldn’t deal with it. I didn’t want to deal with anything or anyone.” She turned to DAni, “But being with you and the girls, it’s giving me a brand new look on life.” She smiled through her tears, “DAni put her hand on Jeni’s shoulder, “I’m glad. Stay here as long as you like. I enjoy your company.”

    JEni smiled, “I enjoy yours too.” She took Dani’s hand in her and got up from the wooden planks, “Let’s go have some fun!!!”

  20. Knowing Austin pretty well, Dani drove them downtown to a club that served drinks and had a dance floor. Dani gave the vallet her keys, stuffed the ticket into her clutch purse and her and Jeni walked into the club. The music was loud as they walked inside and they made their way through the throng of people.

    They found a table near the bar and the two girls walked up and ordered several shot of Tequila. Dani smiled as she sat down, raising her glass up in the air. “Here is to New Beginnings.”

    Jeni smield as she clinked her glass with Dani’s and took the shot. She let out a whoop as the alchohol burned her throat. “That shit is awesome.”

    “Patron’s the best of the best.” She watched as Jeni took out her phone. “Who’s that?”

    Jeni looked up from the text and shrugged. “Wrong number I think.” She slid the phone back into her purse and smiled. “So, tell me. Did you and Jensen..have sex?”

    Dani snorted as she took another shot. “That’s kinds personal.”

    “Ahh come on. I haven’t had sex in like..a…” Jeni paused as she counted off on her fingers. “Two years.”

    Dani let out a low whistle. “Wow..two years? Damn..Five years for me.”

    “Five years?” Jeni shook her head. “Wow.”

    Dani sighed and ran her finger around the rim of her glass. “Joshua wasn’t the romantic, bring you home flowers, give you mind blowing sex kinda guy. I kinda lost interest.”

    Jeni looked around as she leaned forward. “So, tell me. How is that mouth of his? I imagine he’s very talented with those lips.” She let out a sigh as she slammed back another shot.

    Dani joined Jeni in her third shot and slammed it back. “I have never had a man bring me to orgasm like he can.”

    Jeni sighed and propped her elbows on the table as she placed her chin in her arms. “That sounds so nice. So, come on let’s go dance.”

  21. AS the girls walked onto the dance floor, Jeni took her hands and moved some of the people out of the way. They were playing some 80;s and 90’s music and she raised her hands over her head and started to dance away. Her body moved with the beat of the music and she started to dance with other people on the dance floor.

    The two girls were having a fantastic time when a waitress walked over with a drink in her hand. A fruity drink, “Mam, this was bought for you by the guy at the bar.”

    Jeni took the drink and looked at the bar where jared was sitting and he smiled and held up his beer. She put the drink back on the tray, “Don’t want it. Thanks though.” SHe turned to Dani, “I’m getting hot, I’m gonna go get some air.”

    DAni nodded, “Okay!!!” SHe continued to dance as Jeni walked through the crowd of people towards the front door. Jared saw her and got up from his seat and followed her out.

    She got to the parking lot, her boots kicking the rocks and she heard her name, “Jeni!!!”

    She turned around, “Following me now. That Jared is a crime in all 50 states.”

    HE continued to walk towards her, “You won’t return my phone calls.”

    She glared at him, “Get a life Jared. I don’t want your charity. I don’t need you or anyone.”

    She turned to start walking again and he grabbed her by the arm. She had tears in her eyes as he turned her around to face him, “Listen to me.”

    She pulled her arm away, tears flying down her eyes, “No Jared. I want nothing to do with you.”

    He pulled her close to him, placing his lips on her lips. She went limp for a moment and then pulled away, “Stop it. Leave me alone.”

    TEars streamed down her face as he pulled her close again and kissed her so softly on the lips. HE pulled away for a moment, “I’m falling in love with you.”

    She looked up at him, “I’m damaged goods. You don’t know anything about me.”

    He wiped the tears from her cheeks, “I can’t stop thinking about you. You do remember that I told you I have a house here in Austin.” She nodded, ” Come with me.”

    She looked up at him and ran her hand over his scruffy face, “I can’t Jared. I can’t.”

    He took a breath, “Why?”

    Tears flowed from her eyes again, “I don’t know.”

    “Give me one good reason right now and i’ll walk away.”

    She looked up at him, into his caring eyes, seeing through his soul, seeing how much he was falling for her, “I can’t give you a reason cause there isn’t one. I just need some time okay.”

    She turned and started to walk down the street. She ended up at the beach and took her boots off and put her toes in the sand. She saw a shooting star that passed over the waves of the water. The moonlight trickled on the water and she once again put her head in her hands and started to cry. Finally stupid for what she just did. Would he ever forgive her? Could she ever love anyone ever again?

  22. Jensen was sitting at the bar as he watched Dani dancing along with the crowd, a smile on his lips as he slowly sipped his drink. Several women had come up to him, trying to hit on him, but his focus was only on one woman, wearing a tight mini dress and red fuck me pumps. He felt a stirring between the legs as he envionsed her wearing nothing but those heels. When he saw Jeni walk away, it was his chance.

    Dani had her back to the bar as she danced to the music, when she felt a pair of arms slip around her waist, puling her into a hard body. She didn’t panic as the smell of his cologne washed over her and she felt the familiar pitting in her stomach.

    “Has anyone told you how hot you look tonight?” Jensen whispered in her ear as he held her body tight to his, her hips making slow circles around his hardening bulge. “I could just take you right here, right now. What would you say to that?”

    Dani turned her head to look at Jensen, seeing how dark his green eyes, his pupils blown wide with his lust. “Hmm….I wouldn’t stop you.”

    “I’ve dreamt about your body,” Jensen smiled against her ear as he ran his hand up her side, touchuing the side of her breasts. She let out a sigh as she pushed up against him. “I have a VIP table. Come with me.”

    Jensen took her hand as he led her off to the side of the bar where a curtain was. He pushed back the curtain and stepped into a room that was filled with floor to ceiling mirrors and a large velvet couch. Sitting on the table was a bucket of champagne.

    Dani smiled at him. “You had this planned all along didn’t you?”

    Jensen smiled as he took her in his arms, pulling her close to him. He licked his bottom lip and nodded. “I kinda had some help.” He captured her lips in a soul searing kiss as he ran his hand up her silky thigh. “Totally private. So how about we play a bit.”

    She let out a gasp as his hand slid up her thigh and he encountered her bare mound. “Naughty girl.” He winked at her as he slid a finger inside of her warmth. Jensen groaned as he felt her muscles squeeze around his fingers as he slid his tongue deep inside her mouth. She tasted of Tequila and limes. HE pulled back and looked into her eyes.

    “You gonna cum for me?”

    He felt her hand tighten on his arm as she let out a small whimper. “Yes..please..Jensen…please.”

    “That’s my Baby Girl.” He urged her on as her hips moved in a slow circle as his thumb found her clit. “Oh damn…” He groaned as he felt her muscles tighten even more as her orgasm over took her. His mouth crashed on hers, swallowing her moans.

    Jensen walked her over to the couch where he sat down, bringing her on his lap. He moved the strap of her dress down as he took a nipple in her mouth, pulling on it with his tongue. Dani groaned as she locked her fingers into his hair, pulling slightly.

    Jensen let out a groan as he felt her pull his hair. He reached down between them, undid the belt of his jeans, sliding his zipper over his large arousal. “I think someone’s missed you…ahhh…” He sighed as Dani took her hand and gripped his girth, moving her hand up and down the shaft.

    “Well I missed him.” She rose up a little and with a groan from both of them, sank him into her warmth.

    “Oh Dani..” Jensen sighed as he placed his head on the back of the couch as she began to move up and down on him, his hands guiding her hips. “You feel so good.”

    Dani pulled his head back as she kissed him hard, her hips grinding up against him, her clit moving over his stomach. Within minutes, Jensen let out another growl as he nipped her neck, his hips jerking into her as his body convulsed within her.

    “Holy shit,” Jensen said a few minutes later as his breathing returned to normal.

    Dani slid him out of her as she pushed down her dress and slid her straps back up on her shoulders. Jensen zipped up his pants just as the curtain slid open and Jared poked his head in.

    “Hey, look who I found.”

  23. As Jeni felt the warm breeze on her skin from the water, she heard the footsteps behind her. She took a breath, “I said just leave me alone please.”

    HE took a seat beside her and spread out his legs, “I can’t. I’m gonna get through that thick skull of yours one way or another.”

    She turned to him, “You are relentless.”

    HE nodded, “That’s my middle name.”

    “Jared please. I just said I needed some time.”

    He laughed sarcastically, “Yeah time for you to hitch a ride somewhere else.” He took a breath, “Listen. I can’t stop thinking about you. I enjoy our time together, though it’s been very little. I loved taking care of you when you were sick. Bringing you breakfast, having that chat with you. I loved it all. I just want you to give me a chance.”

    She turned to him, “I shut myself down after my parents died. I don’t know if I can ever open up again.”

    He put his large hand on the side of her cheek, “Let me try to help you please. I care about you.”

    she leaned her head to the side, putting her hand on the side of his hand and closed her eyes, “I can’t promise anything Jared.” She opened her eyes, “I love spending time with you and you are kinda easy on the eyes.” He laughed.

    He took her hand in his and got up from the sand, “Okay, let’s start slow.”

    She got up and put her hand in his larger one and her boots in the other hand as they walked back to the bar. He opened the door for her and she walked in and looked around, “I can’t find them anywhere.”

    He pointed to the closed curtain, “He got a VIP table.”

    She took his hand as he led her over to the curtain and he pulled it back, “Hey, Look who I found.”

  24. IT was obvious what they had just walked in on, the aftermath of some very hot sex. Dani was pushing down her skirt and Jared got a flash of her ass and smiled over at Jensen who was buckling his jeans.

    “Damn guys, did you just have the sex?”

    “Yes, we did.” Dani’s face was turning five shades of red as she brushed down her hair.

    Jared laughed and walked over to the table as he grabbed two more glasses of champagne. “Doesn’t surprise me. That’s all he’s been talking about.” Jared smiled as Dani’s face grew even more red as she sat down to Jensen in a huff.

    “Ahhh don’t be mad.” Jared smiled as he raised his glass to her. “It’s kinda cute.”

    Jeni took a glass from Jared as she took a sip of the champagne. “All fun and games until someone gets pregnant.”

    Jensen chocked on his champagne as Jeni made the statement and he turned to look at Dani who had such a sad look on her face. “Baby, what’s wrong?”

    “E…excuse me.” She stumbled up from the couch as she flung back the curtain, her sobs coming in gulps as she pushed her way through the crowd trying to find the bathroom.

    She finally found it in the back of the club and she pushed open the doors to see several girls standing around the sink. They all stopped talking as soon as Dani walked inside the bathroom, their eyes watching her as she took out several paper towels from the dispenser.

    She ignored them all as she ran the paper towel under the facuet and dabbed her eyes. She looked up to see on of the girls, a red head, was staring her down.

    “Can I help you?” Dani turned around to face her. The woman was wearing a cheap dress, that clung to her like second skin. The perfume she wore was thick and it stank. Her red hair was in a mass of curls and she had too much make up on her face.

    The woman glared at her as she put a hand on her thick hips, glaring at Dani. “I was just wondering how you like fucking my husband.”

    Dani heard several of the woman laugh and she looked at them, then the woman again. “E..excuse me?”

    “How….do…you..like..fucking my husband.” The woman took a red fingernail and hit Dani in the chest with each word. “Hmm? How does it feel that you are fucking someone’s husband?”

    Then it hit her like a ton of bricks. This was Carrie. Jensen’s ex-wife. “You mean ex husband.”

    Carrie laughed as she fluffed her hair back. “He’s still mine and will always be mine.” She stepped up to Dani, her breath reeking of booze. “Step away from him bitch? Got it? He belongs to me.”

    “IS that so? Well seems I had him screaming just a few minutes ago.”

    Carrie let out a scream as she took her hands and pushed Dani, making her stumbled up against the counter. “Whore!”

    The bathroom door swung open and Jeni walked in just in time to see Dani being jumped by a red-headed woman, who was pulling Dani’s hair.

  25. Jeni looked at her watch, “Where is she? What is taking her so long?”

    Jared laughed, “Should go see if she needs a rope.”

    Jeni laughed and put her drink down and got up, “I’ll go check on her.” She looked at Jensen, “Order another round.”

    Jeni walked through the club towards the bathroom. She saw the woman’s door open and a bunch of girls started to run out. She laughed to herself, “Where’s the fire?”

    She walked into the bathroom to hear groaning coming from one of the stalls, “Dani?” She walked to see Dani’s heels under the door. She opened the door to see Dani leaning over the toilet, blood running down her dress, “Holy shit. What happened?”

    Another woman walked in and Jeni turned her head, “Go call 9-1-1. NOW!!!”

    The woman ran out as Jeni lifted Dani up, “Come on. We have to get you cleaned up here. Medics are on their way.”

    Dani had blood coming from her nose, her eye was swollen, her lips busted and a large cut on her forehead, “What the hell happened?”

    Dani could only groan as the pain was exploding through her body. Jeni put her on the floor and got some papertowel, wet it and put it on her cuts, “Oh this isn’t good.”

    Dani just mumbled, “Carrie.”

    Jeni was confused, “Huh?”


    She let it go as the EMT’s rushed in. She stepped back as Jensen and Jared watched as they loaded her on a stretcher and wheeled her out into the ambulance. Jensen took a breath, “I’ll go with her.”

    Jared held Jeni’s hand, “We’ll meet you there.”

  26. Dani squinted under the harshness of the pen light as the doctor slowly moved it back and forth. “Do you have a headache Mrs. Ellington?”

    “Of course I do!” Dani snapped. “I got a size six boot upside my head.” She let out a small groan as she slid a hand to her right side, holding onto her ribs.

    “Well,” The doctor smiled at her as he placed the light back into the pocket of his coat. He was young and handsome with dazzling blue eyes, dark hair and a smile that Dani was sure put all his patients at ease. “Due to the looks of the CAT scan, you have a slight consussion. Thankfully you have no broken ribs. So, I’m gonna keep you hear overnight for observations. Stick tight here in the ER and we’ll take you up as soon as we have a room. Up for visitors?”

    Dani shrugged as she carefully settled into the bed as the doctor slid back the curtain, allowing her to have some sort of privacy. She had been back here for three hours now and wondered where the hell Jensen was at. The last she saw of him, he was being whisked away by some police officers who wanted to ask him questions. They then came in and asked Dani some, but she was too fuzzy on the details and couldn’t remember what happened in that bathroom. All she could remember was being jumped from behind and then Jeni coming into the bathroom.

    She was taking out of her thoughts when she heard the curtain slid back and Jensen slowly stepped around the curtain, grimmacing at her face. He was shocked to see the bruising under her eye starting to form. Her lips, the ones that always felt so good on his body, were swollen and split.


    Dani tried to smile, but she could feel them split some more and she frowned. “Hey.”

    “Doctor said you have to stay overnight?” He stuffed his hands into the pocket of his jeans as he stood there, an awkward look on his face. “Do you want me to go to your place and grab you anything?”

    Dani nodded her head. “Yeah.”

    Jensen cleared his throat and scratched the back of his neck. “Jeni’s itching to see you. I’ll..uh..go and get that suff and be back.” he walked over to the bed and leaned down and kissed her on the cheek and quickly pulled back.

    Dani was puzzled by the way Jensen was acting and her heart began to thud in her chest that maybe things were going ot be different between them.

  27. Jensen walked from behind the curtain and passed Jeni, “She’s ready to see you.” He didn’t look at her, he just turned and kept walking.

    There was something off about him, Jeni could tell. She didn’t know what it was, but somehow she was going to find out.

    She walked through the curtain and saw Dani on the bed, an IV in her arm, “HEy!! You are looking better.”

    “I feel like shit.” She adjusted herself and grunted as she put her hand to her side, “They wanna keep me here overnight.”

    “That’s what the doctor said.” She pulled up the chair next to her friend, “What happened?”

    Dani shrugged, “I don’t know. I have no recollection of it.”

    Jeni put her hand in her friends hand, “Listen, I’m going to take off. I’ll be back in the morning. Sound okay?”

    Dani nodded, “I’ll text you the room I’m in.”

    Jeni got up and leaned over and kissed Dani on the side of the cheek, “Prayers coming your way chicky monkey.” SHe smiled at Dani and walked out of the room. Jared was waiting for her and he stood up. She put her hands in the pockets of her coat, “Let’s go. Hospitals give me the creeps.”

    He put his arm around her as they walked out the ER door. They walked to the Range Rover and he opened the door for her and she got in. He got in the drivers seat and started the vehicle up and turned to Jeni, “I’ll take you home.”

    She turned to him and grabbed his hand, “No. I don’t wanna be alone tonight.”

    He smiled at her as he headed towards his house in the downtown Austin area.

  28. Before he headed to Dani’s house, Jensen had someone he needed to pay a little visit to. He drove his car to an aparment complex just outside of downtown Austin, a place that he was paying way too much for.

    He found a parking spot, locked his car and walked along the sidewalk between the rows of buliding until he came to the one he was looking for. HE took the steps two at a time and pounded on the door. He heard a dog barking from inside, a voice yelling for it to shut up and then a second later, the door swung open.

    “Well…I was wondering when I’d get you over to my place.” Carrie winked at him as she held open the door.

    “I’m not here for a visit Carrie,” Jensen glared at her, hating the smug look on her face. For the life of him, he couldn’t remember what he had ever seen in her in the first place. “What the hell happened at the club?”

    Carrie looked shocked for a minute and when Jensen’s glare didn’t let up, she let out a huff and put a hand on her hip. “That bitch got what she deserved Jensen. She started it. I was just minding my own business.”

    “She sure as hell doesn’t look like it.”

    “Oh Jensen,” Carrie laughed as she slapped him on the upper arm. “You are so dense and stupid.” She leaned forward, her face just an inch from his. “Do you really know your girlfriend Jensen? Hmm? Have you asked her about her ex husband Joshua and what they used to do?”

    “I’m sure it’s a lie.” Jensen gritted his teeth. He pointed a finger at her. “Stay out of my life Carrie.”

    “Kinda hard to do sugar when we are still technially still married.”

    “Sign the papers,” Jensen hissed.

    “Or what? Hmm? Yeah that’s what I thought. You don’t have shit on me. Not one bit.”

    Jensen looked at the door as it was slammed in his face and he let out a long breath. What the hell did Carrie mean about Dani and her past? He felt his phone vibrate and he noticed it was from Jared.

    “Hey man, come on over. Jeni’s a little worried about you”

  29. As Jared got back to his house, he opened the door for Jeni and took her hand, helping her out of his vehicle. They held hands all the way up to the door. He opened it and they both walked in. Her heels clicked on the tiled floor beneath her feet as she looked around, “Nice house.”

    Jared put his keys on the table beside the door, “Thank you.” HE walked up behind her, pulled her hair back, leaned over, putting his arms around her and put his lips on her neck. Jeni put her hands on his arms and tilted her head, giving him better access.

    He whispered in her ear as he felt her body tense up, “Oh you are liking this.”

    She smiled and nodded, “Uh huh!!”

    She turned around to face him, looked up into his eyes, ran her fingers through his hair, pulling it back out of his face, leaned in and kissed him so softly on the lips. His lips were so silky, the scruff on his face was so soft as her fingers ran over each side. He opened his eyes as she pulled away from him, “I know we don’t know each other well, but there’s something about you. I’m falling in love with you.”

    She put her finger over his lips, “Shhhh.” She removed her finger and placed her lips on his again, this time, parting his lips, running her tongue on the inside of his mouth. He held her close and she felt him getting hard through his pants. Her hands ran over his back as the kiss deepened.

    He pulled away, “Okay we need to take this slow.”

    Jeni nodded as she wiped the lipstick that transfered to his lips, “Are you hungry?”

    He smiled down at her, leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips, then pulled away, “I’m starved. Pizza?”

    Jeni smiled, “Pizza sounds great.” She stepped into the living room as Jared went to the kitchen to grab some sodas and she spoke softly as she walked over and looked at the pictures of Jared and Jensen that were sitting on the mantle of the fireplace, “YOu and Jensen have known each other for a long time?”

    HE walked in from the kitchen, two glasses in his hand, “Yeah. We are like brothers.”

    He handed the glass to her and she took a sip and spoke again, “He seems so recluse. HE loves his daughter though doesn’t he?”

    “HE does. His ex wife Carrie is not all there. She’s a nice person..Always been nice with me. They had a falling out. Carrie cheated on him. She left without saying a word. He’s a strong guy. He’s been through a lot.”

    “Carrie was the one that was at the club tonight? I saw some girl eyeing Jensen.”

    He shrugged, “I don’t know. Wasn’t paying attention.”

    “Why don’t you text him. Tell him i’m worried about him and tell him to bring a pizza.”

    HE took out his phone and did just that and they both sat down on the couch and waited for the response.

  30. Dani was flipping through the channels, her right arm cradled in a sling. She sighed as she threw the remote on the bed, and tried to adjust her position. She let out a groan as pain shot through her shoulder to her fingers.

    “Need something for the pain?”

    Dani turned her head to see a man in green scrubs leaning up against the door, a smile on his handsome face. Her eyes swept along his muscular frame to see his name tag on the lapel of his white lab coat. “Hey Dr. Marks.”

    Dr. Marks walked into the hospital room, grabbing the folder that was in the slot at the end of the bed. He flipped it open, his smile still on his face. “How’s the pain? Scale of 1-10.”

    Dani ran her left hand along the black sling as she frowned. “An 8.”

    “Well,” He kept his dark eyes on hers as he took out his pen and jotted something down in the folder. “I can give you something for the pain and maybe something to help you sleep?”

    Dani was not liking the way he was looking at her, so she looked down at her hand. “Yeah that would be great.”

    Good,” He smiled at her as he shut the folder and placed it back into the slot. “I’ll have a nurse come in and give you those meds. If you need anything, just call me.” He winked at her as he walked out of the room.

    Dani let out a sigh and looked over at the nightstand to see her phone. She reached over, grabbed it and flipped it open to see she had no messages. She scrolled through her addresses as she found Jensen’s and quickly typed out. “Where are you?” She hit the send button and held it in her hands as she waited for the response.

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