And So It Begins

It was 1970 when two girls were born in the world who would change the face of the music industry for life. Jenifer Michele Mack, born May 15, 1970 had a beautiful shade of blonde for her hair, blue eyes that every boy wanted to swim in and a personality that was killer.

Jeni’s parents, Gloria and Earl Mack, live just on the outskirts of Boston, Worcester to be exact, one of the worst neighborhoods you could have gone into. Gloria stayed home and raised Jeni as Earl worked as a mechanic at Al’s Wrecks. The job was steady as was the pay, but they couldn’t live anywhere else but Worcester.

When Jeni got into junior high, she wanted to change her life. She was bussed with kids that were black, white, jamaican, puerto rican, but they were all pour like her. She always got teased on the bus from having her blonde hair in pig tails. She would close her eyes on the bus and wish for something to big. She needed out of this town, she needed her parents out of Worcester and she wanted to make a name for herself.

In her junior high class that year, changed her life forever. As they were rehearsing a play, she was lead as she could sing really well. The teacher took her to the side after the rehearsal and she shook the mans hand, “I’m Johnny Wright. You have an incredible voice.”

Jeni smiled, “Thanks. Just practicing though.”

He handed her his card, “I want you to come by my place on Friday. Bring your parents. I think you are going to like this.”

Jeni smiled, “Okay sure.”

The black man walked away and the teacher looked at Jeni, “Wow what an honor.”

“Who is that?” Jeni asked.

“The one and only. Wright Entertainment. HE’s always around here searching for some talent.” He put his hand on Jeni’s shoulder, “Convince your mom. You won’t be disappointed.”

That was when Atomic Kitten was formed. Three ladies, all with unique attitudes and personalities. Jenifer Mack, Skylar Harris and Heidi Miller would take the world by storm with their incredible singing, dancing and song writing.


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  1. Skylar Harris was just shy of her 15th birthday when she was first discovered by Maurice Starr. He had found her at one of her dance recitals and asked if she could sing as well. At first, Skylar was hesitant, wondering if he knew her father.

    Skylar was born on April 16th, 1973 to a Katherine and James Ellis. Her father was a up and coming record producer, with several well known groups to his list. She lived much different from Jeni. Skylar went to the best private school money could buy and she hated every part of it.

    When she befriends a boy her age by the name of Joesph McIntyre, she discovers a new passion in her life. Music. She loved to just sit in front of a piano, close her eyes and let it take her away from her life. It was true what people would always tell her, money doesn’t always buy you happiness. When she was 15, her parents divorced and Skylar was forced to live with her father. She had to watch her mother pack her things and fly out to California. Skylar saw her once a month. Then it dwindled to once every two months and then to just once a year.

    So when Skylar is confronted by Maurice, she jumped at the chance. This would be her key to show people how talented she truly was.

  2. Heidi was the third to join the group. Johnny found her inside Boston, working the talent circuit. She was the same age as Jeni and with her in the group, it was complete. The girls got along very well, Jeni and Skylar wrote some music while Johnny looked it over. It took them almost two years to record their album, but when it was done, it was contagious.

    Ladies night was the name of the album and the first released track that was picked up by the radio stations was See ya. IT was catchy and a lot of people requested it over and over again.

    The three girls were living in a three bedroom house, all expenses paid by Johnny and Jeni walked out of the bathroom, “Oh I did something funky as hell.”

    Heidi and Skylar looked up, “What?”

    She tore the towel from her head and shook her hair and then looked up, “So cool right.”

    The girls loved what she had done to her hair. She had cut it into a bob and dyed it brown. IT was different for her to look like that, but it was awesome.

    Skylar looked at her magazine, “I wish I could do that. I need something different.”

    Heidi played with her eyebrow ring, “Tattoo? nose ring? Eyebrown ring?”

    Skylar laughed, “Maybe one day!!!”

  3. Atomic Kitten had exploded and at 17 years of age, Skylar was in a well known group. Having come out of her shell, she cherished the attention she was getting from men. She was tall, blonde hair, long legs and a chest she was very nice to look at. She loved the travel and the money that came with it.

    She and Joe remained close even when she was on tour and both the girls ribbed her about him. Skylar knew nothing would happen with Joe. He was more of a brother to her than anything and the very thought of kissing him, made her a little ill.

    She was working on her English homework, when Jeni walked into the dressing room a smile on her lips. “So, I just heard from Johny that he has this group coming to meet us! They want us to check them o ut.”

    Skylar let out a sigh as she looked up from her notebook. “What a bunch of bitches? Not interested.”

    Jeni sighed and grabbed Sklyar from the chair and yanked her to her feet. “Just come on!”

    Skylar didn’t have no choice as Jeni dragged her down the hall, past a few security personal and down a long hallway that led to the catering room. “Jeni, slow down! What the hell?”

    Skylar was pushed through the double doors and she almost tripped on the rug. As she stumbled into the room, she noticed five guys all standing around the tables, looking scared and intimated. Her eyes shifted over each and everyone of them, until they landed on Joe.

    Johnny smiled at the girls as they walked to the long metal tables and take a seat. “Skylar, Jeni, Hedi..I would like you to meet the New Kids on the Block. They are going to be your opening act.”

  4. The girls smiled and waved and Jeni left quietly out the door. With her bodyguard, she walked into the quiet room, “Need some time alone CC.”

    He nodded and closed the door as she sat behind the piano she had requested for every stop on the tour. She took out her pencil and started to write on the paper and then played some notes on the piano. All in all the song was coming together quite perfectly. She heard the door open, “CC I said I need to be.” She turned as the young New Kid walked through the door. The one with the pierced ear and dark hair and the beautiful chocolate covered eyes.

    HE put his hands up, “Sorry just heard you playin.”

    She smiled, “IT’s cool. Just finishing up.” She lowered the cover over the keys and he sat down on the chair, crossing his leg over the other one. She turned and looked at him, “Making yourself comfy I see?”

    He looked at her, “YOu look so familiar.”

    She shrugged, “I remind a lot of people of others.”

    HE leaned forward, his elbows on his knees and squinted his eyes, “Roxbury Elementery. Your mom brought yellow cupcakes. My mom brought chocolate cupcakes.”

    She smiled, “Your birthday is one day after mine.” She laughed, “Wow. You have an incredible memory.”

    He stood up and put his hand out, “JOrdan Knight.”

    She smiled and took his hand, looking up at him, “JEni Mack.”

    HE smiled, “I know!!” He heard the yelling coming from his brother in the hallway, then turned his head back to Jeni, “Gotta go.”

    Jeni smiled, “Have a good show.”

    He turned to her, fear in his eyes, “Sure.”

    “Just relax J. IT’s going to be okay.”

  5. Joe had noticed her the moment she had walked into that conference room. It had been a year since he last saw her and they occasionally talked on the phone. None of that prepared him for how she looked.

    Her blonde curly hair was piled up on top of her head and a few tendrils framed her face. Her green eyes were lined with black eye liner and the black lace baby doll dress and black pants fit her frame nicely. What made matters worse, he could hear the lewd whispers his band mate, Donnie, was saying about her. Skylar had always been beautiful and the had the attention of boys where ever they went. But he knew how Donnie could be and the fact he was talking about his friend was enough to make him want to punch him.

    She hardly looked at him, a few glanced here and there, but her gaze was on an older gentlemen. He was sharply dressed in a blue suit and tie and Joe knew who he was. Skylar’s father. There were rumors that he was the one that funded Johnny Wright to help start up this group and from the looks Skylar was giving him, he knew it had to been true.

    Joe wanted to talk to Skylar, but the moment he started walking to her, Johnny was telling the boys that they needed to get on with their act. They were all nervous and they messed up a few times. Joe had never been more embarrassed in his life. He had given up a lot to be in this group and it was about to be over in a heart beat.

    When they finished performing, Skylar got up from her seat and walked out of the conference room, with her father in hot pursuit. Joe wished he could be a fly on that wall, to hear what was being said. Skylar wasn’t very open about her home life. When Joe would bring it up, he could hear the pain in her voice as she kindly asked him to just not bring it up anymore. Her mother had been gone years before Joe and Skylar became friends and he knew the tension between Skylar and James was because of that.

    When Joe walked out into the hallway, he had caught the tail end of the conversation and James angirly walked down the hallway and slammed his office door. Skylar had her back turned to him and her shoulders were shaking.

    “ OK?”

    “I’m…fine..” She kept her head turned away from him as she brushed her face. When she turned to him, a smile was on her face, but Joe could see how fake it was. “Congratulations.”

    Joe watched her as she walked past him and down the hallway.

  6. The girls had a really good run with the New Kids opening for them, the fan base trippled. They were racking in the money, but it would soon go sour.

    A year after the New Kids started to tour with Atomic Kitten, the girls that came to the shows wanted the boys more. It changed to Atomic Kitten being the opening act and New Kids taking center stage making the crowds go crazy.

    Not knowing this was the last show they would play in Los Angeles for at least 10 years, the girls were sitting in the green room, waiting for curtain call when Jeni picked up the paper. She looked at the picture on the front, New kids on one side and Atomic Kitten on the other. She read it outloud, “Hey girls listen to this.”

    ‘New Kids on the Block take over the world.’

    New Kids on the block, members consisting of Joey McIntyre, Jonathan and Jordan Knight, Danny Wood and Donnie Wahlberg have swept the world by storm. Just last year these Kids weren’t even heard of, but now are planning a world tour starting in Los Angeles, heading to China, Russia, England and finishing it up in their hometown of Boston.

    The Kids got their start as opening acts for the famous trio Atomic Kitten. These New Kids have knocked the Kittens right off their litter box. Wahlberg states, “We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for these terrific girls They gave us a chance and we are sincerely thankful.”

    Coca cola has picked up the Kids as their sponsor, a commercial is soon in the works. Meanwhile as the Kids are riding the wave, the Kittens have slumped into the dark hole, with record sales being minimum. I think we can all say that Atomic Kitten is really ready to explode and we have to roll the red carpet out for the New Kids on the Block.’

    Jeni looked up from the paper, “Are these people serious?”

    The door opened and Johnny came in, “I’m afraid so. You aren’t on the ticket to tour with the boys this summer.”

    Jeni got up from her chair and looked Johnny in the face, “Bullshit. This is just bullshit.”

  7. When Atomic Kitten disbanded shortly after New Kids hit it big, Skylar didn’t know what to do with herself. For several years, the band was her everything and for once in her life, she had no clue what to do.

    So, she did the only thing she could think of, move to Austin Texas of all places. Her father had a office downtown and was catering to all types of music bands and he had persuaded her to make the leap, so she packed up her house in Boston and made the trek out west.

    Eight years ago, her and Joe had a fling. It was a horrible mistake on her part, that’s what a night of drinking would get you. Despite her feelings for him, whenever he would call her, they would meet.

    When she made the decision to move, she didn’t let him know. For six months she avoided his calls, not wanting him to know where she was located.

    In Austin for a few days for concert. J

    Those four words sent a chill along her spine as she read the text come through to her phone. She stood frozen in the line of the small coffee shop, not sure if she should respond.

    “Excuse me, Mis, but the line’s moving.”

    She felt the tap on her shoulder and the husky voice and she wanted to tell this man off, but that all changed when she turned around to see the man in the baseball cap.

    It was set low on his head so she wasn’t able to see his hair color, but his eyes were stunning. Light green eyes were framed by a pair of dark eyelashes, his nose and cheeks splashed with freckles. He was a few inches taller than her, she guessed about six foot one and full of muscles. That black shirt and blue jeans he was wearing, didn’t leave anything to the imagination.

    “I’m sorry,” She snapped her phone shut and dropped it into her purse and slid out her wallet. She turned from him, placed her order, handed the cashier her card and glanced to her left. He was standing next to her giving his order and she had to smile. He ordered the same things as her.

    “Have a great day,” he winked at her as he took his coffee and his credit card and walked to the back of the shop where a man with long, brown hair was sitting.

    She took her coffee and walked over to a table in the corner and sat her purse on the table. She opened it up and found the small book and placed it in front of her. With a sigh, she flipped open the first page, took her pen and began looking. She was half way in, when she felt rather than heard him approach her table. She looked up to see him standing near the chair across from her, his hands slid into the front pocket of his jeans.

    “Sorry to bother you, but is this chair free?”

    Skylar looked up from the housing brochure to see the man in the ball cap. She slid him a smile and nodded. “Yeah..”

    “You sure?” He winked at her, “Not saving it for a boyfriend?”

    “No, no. Just me.” She looked down back at the booklet in her hand and took sip of her coffee.

    “Apartment hunting?”

    Skylar sighed inwardly and looked up from the book. “Trying too.”

    “Try San Jacinto Boulevard. Nice condos that way. I know several are for sale.”

    “Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind.”

    He placed his hands around the back of the chair and lifted it up, letting Skylar see those bulging muscles of his. “Well, have a great rest of your day and good luck.”

    “You too.” She looked back down at the booklet but she glanced up every minute or two to see him still chatting with the other guy. After about the tenth time, he caught her gaze and she felt herself blush. No, she wouldn’t answer that text. Not yet at least.

  8. She let out a tired sigh and plopped onto the new couch and threw an arm over her eyes. She turned her head and looked out the huge window that extended from floor to ceiling. From outside this window, Skylar could see the skyline of downtown Austin.

    This condo had been more than she would ever have spent on one place, but the view was tantalizing. Every wall in the living area and kitchen was glass, letting her see the buildings from every vantage point.

    She let out a loud groan as she heard the shrill of the doorbell. No one knew where she had moved to, making it a point to not tell Joe. She never returned that text message or the several voice mails. For some reason, she was growing tired of him. She was tired of the late night booty calls, the visits to certain cities where he was performing. She was tired of being his mistress. Security had made it a point to make their “relationship” hush hush, but Skylar knew it was only a matter of time before someone found out about the affair.

    He was married man and it pained her that he gave the title of Mrs. Joe McIntyre, to some other woman. There had been a time that Skylar had loved Joe and she was too blinded to see that he was using those feelings to get what he wanted: sex. The night before he was to get married, Joe approached Skylar and like a fool she slept with him. Afterwards, she forbade Joe to ever contact her again and they parted ways for a few years when she ran into him at a concert.

    It had been an accident on Heidi’s part. She had won some tickets to a music festival and the tickets she just happened to win, were meet and greet for Joe. Skylar wasn’t sure who was more shocked, her or Joe. As soon as she saw him, the feelings came rushing back and they had sex. After that, she received phone calls from him at least three times a month. At first, she was a little disappointed that the only called to have sex. When he told her that his wife was horrible in the sack, Skylar felt a little bit of pride.

    The second chime of the doorbell knocked her out of her thoughts and she slowly got up from the couch, feeling that days moving along her neck and back. She placed a hand on her lower back and moved through the living room to where the foyer was located. She prepared herself to stare into a pair of blue eyes as she opened the door. So when she found herself staring into an unfamilar pair of green ones, it confused her a little.

    “Can I help you?”

    “Hi.” A smile spread across his strong features, making his green eyes shimmer.

    It hit Sklyar like a ton of bricks as she realized who this man was, the one from the coffee shop. “Oh..hey..sorry…I don’t have any extra chairs for you.”

    He let out a laugh and lifted his hand up so Skylar could see the case of beer in her hands. “I live just a few doors down and I couldn’t help but notice that you moved in today? Take it you like it here?”

    “I do,” Her eyes moved down tot he beer and smiled. “Is that for me?”

    He looked at the beer than extended his hand. “Jensen Ackles.”

    She looked down at his hand for a minute than slid her smaller one into his. The touch was brief but Skylar still felt the little jolt along her arm. “Skylar Harris. Come on in, Mi casa es su casa.”

  9. “So, uh, this is some spread.”

    Skylar placed the can of beer on the table and took two out, when she turned around, she felt her heart beat just a little faster. He placed his ballcap lower over his brow and leaned up against the door jamb, watching her. She quickly handed him the beer, careful not to touch his hand.

    “Thanks. And thank you for the suggestion.”

    He smiled and lifted the beer can in a salute. “So, to good neighbors, I promise not to throw any loud parties.”

    Skylar laughed, a sound she hadn’t heard come out of her own mouth in some time. How long had it been since she laughed like this? Too long. “Hey, if you do, just invite me and I won’t call the cops on you.” She winked at him as she popped the top off her beer with a hiss.

    He watched as she placed the can to her full, pink lips and take a long swallow. She was very beautiful. Her long, honey blonde hair brushed her bra line, her eyes were dark green with thick dark lashes. Her skin was creamy and what ever make-up she had on, was minimal. He was so used to the women who tried to impress him with their painted on faces. They wanted his attention, but the more crap they put on their faces, turned him off. She looked familar to him and he was wondering where he had seen her before. From what he heard around the condo rumor line, was that she was from Boston. Her father was some well know music producer and Jensen had heard of him. He had been toying with the idea of putting out some music and he had looked up James Harris more than once.

    The funny thing was, Jensen got the sense she had no clue who he was. The moment she laid her eyes on him, he didn’t see the instant recognition. To be honest, Jensen was relieved about that. He could finally be himself.

    “As long as you bring your hot friends. I got this buddy that needs to get laid.” Jensen chuckled as he took a swig of his beer and then realized how stuipd that sounded. It sounded so much better in his head. “I’m sorry..that…that wasn’t what I meant.”

    Skylar chuckled and leaned up against the table. She watched as he took the can to his lips and take a long swallow. She watched as his Adam apple bobbed up and down as the liquid moved. His tongue snaked out and collected the stray drops from his full lips and he gave her a wink.

    “Don’t worry..most of my friends are a little easy.”

    Jensen looked around the kitchen that was open to the living room and the hall that led to the two bedrooms. “So, just you?”

    Skylar nodded and drank some more of her beer, trying to collect her thoughts. Was he asking because he was wondering if she had a boyfriend? And then a unsettling thought occurred to her. What if he was some kind of rapist and he was wondering if she was alone to see if she was easy target? “Uh…yeah.”

    “So, no boyfriend? That’s surprising.”

    “ I have a complicated relationship with someone,” Skylar looked down and played with the tab on her beer. Why was she telling him all of this?

    “Complicated huh? Who won’t commit, him or you?”

    Skylar opened her mouth to answer him, but she had nothing. Honestly, Joe and her never discussed their future and she was honestly believing that he had no intentions of making them exclusive. Skylar knew Joe would never leave his wife for her. “What is this twenty questions?”

    Jensen raised his hand. “I’m sorry. It’s just that someone beautiful as you, shouldn’t be single.” He noticed the flush in her cheeks and then her green eyes darkened with anger. He was about to diffuse the situation when he heard his phone chime. “I’m sorry, it’s my friend. He’s at my aparment.”

    “Why don’t you have him come over? I just set up the BBQ out on the patio and I”m dying to try it out. “ The words flew out of Skylar’s mouth before she could even stop them. Now she was inviting his friend over to her place? She was really asking for trouble.

    The shock was evident on his face as his green eyes grew wide. “Uh…”

    “Listen, if you have a girlfriend, you can invite her as well. I mean, it was kind of last minute and all and I understand if you say no…” She stopped as Jensen held up his hand. She felt her cheeks grow hot.

    “It’s not that I don’t want too, but we kinda have some where to be. Rain check?”

    Skylar nodded feeling embarrassed and rejected as she led him to the door. “Yes..of course…and thank you for the beer.”

    Jensen opened the door and smiled at her. “You’re welcome and I’ll be looking forward to that invite.”

    “You can count on it.” She smiled at him as she slowly shut the door and let out a small groan.

  10. Between the time that the girls weren’t invited on that summer tour and the time that was now, Jeni had gotten an apartment just inside Boston, in the good neighborhood. This was her home and she wasn’t going to leave it. She had given birth to a beauiful baby boy whom she name Donny Nathaniel and he was her world. He had just turned 10 and was smart as a whip.

    She didn’t stay with the father of her child. They had a mutual attraction in the beginning, spending all their time together, but he cheated and he cheated a lot. Not to mention all the drugs they were taking when on tour. She wasn’t going to bring a child into this world with that around him, so she decided to raise him herself.

    When Donny’s dad finally came to his senses, he had put out a solo album and was on the way up the ropes, but his alcoholism took him to the ground. HE went into rehab, coming out a better man. HE had planned to spend every weekend with Donny that he could, but the woman were still in his every minute. Plus after going on tour with his solo albums, he would break promises and that led to Jeni completely hating him for treating their son so badly.

    Jeni chose to work everyday. She wrote songs and produced a little for some artists, but she was also working on her solo album. She hadn’t heard from Skylar in a while, so that night as she put the television on, she turned it to the CW station to see that her favorite show was on, Supernatural. She muted it and picked up the phone and dialed the number. Skylar picked up right away, “Hello.”

    “Hey it’s Jeni. I just want you to do something for me.”

    “What’s that?”

    “Turn your television on to the CW. I want you to see this tv show. It’s incredible. I may marry Sam Winchester one day!!!!”

    Jeni waited as Skylar turned on the television and then there was silence and all Jeni heard was, “Holy shit!!!”

  11. Skylar didn’t know what to say as she sat there on that couch looking at the screen. She had heard about this show, but she never really got on the bandwagon. Now, she wish she had.


    “I…I’m sorry Jeni, I have to go. Call me tomorrow?”

    Before she could give Jeni a chance to answer, Skylar muted the T.V and got up from the couch. She had to have some kind of game plane. She heard Jensen come home just an hour ago, so she needed some kind of excuse to go over there.

    Ten minutes later, she had her answer. It was when she was sorting through the mail on the counter that she had her answer. Some of his mail had been delivered to her place.

    She grabbed the two envelopes and made her way down the hall, feeling so stupid. Skylar wanted to chicken out, but found herself lightly knocking on the door. She waited for a few seconds before she knocked a little harder. This time, she heard the locks click open and the door swing open.

    “Hey.” The smile he presented for her made her insides tingle just a bit.

    She lifted up her hand to show him the mail. “These, uh, came in my mail and they looked kinda important so I thought I’d bring them over.”

    Jensen looked down at her hands and took the letters from her. “Thank you. Oh…just a second.” He disappeared from the door and when he came back, he handed her a small envelope. “I’m throwing this party on Saturday and this is your invite.”

    Skylar looked at him for a second and blushed. “Thank you.”

    “Bring a friend, if you’d like.”

    Skylar bit her lower lip wondering who she could bring. The only person from Atomic Kitten that she sorta talked to was Jeni. But she couldn’t see Jeni flying out here for a party. “Thank you.”

    “Hope to see you then.”

  12. After watching Supernatural, she fell asleep in her big bed covered in pillows and blankets, just the way she liked it. She heard the tap on the door and she leaned up as he son walked in, “Storms coming in. Can I come sleep with you?” He rubbed his eyes.

    Jeni smiled and pulled the blanket out, “Jump on it. MOre than enough room.”

    He jumped in the bed as the thundar rolled outside and the lightning lit up the room. She leaned over and pulled his dark hair from his face, “So excited about the trip this weekend with your dad?”

    He nodded and smiled, “YEs I love the Cape. It’s been forever since I have been there.”

    She leaned over and kissed him, “Nite sweetheart. Get some rest.”

    The both of them nestled in the pillows and fell asleep. Jeni was up at the crack of dawn, making her coffee and going over some work she had brought home with her. She heard the toilet flush and she looked up as Donny walked into the kitchen, “Morning. How did you sleep?”

    “I want your bed so badly.”

    Jeni laughed and she heard the phone chime on the counter. She walked over and picked it up and put it to her ear, “Hi.”

    Donny got the milk from the fridge and a bowl along with the cereal in the cupboard and he sat down as Jeni spoke on the phone. Jordan spoke softly in her ear, “Hey Jen.”

    “Oh no. YOu aren’t doing this to me this weekend.”

    “I haven’t even said anything yet.”

    “I know that voice. God Jordan. When are you going to start taking responsiblity.”

    “Dammit Jeni. I have to fly to Los Angeles this weekend.”

    “What about your trip to the Cape with your son? Huh? Isn’t that important to you?”

    There was silence and she just hung up the phone, putting it down on the counter and sipped her coffee and walked back to the table, “Baby?”

    Donny said softly, “DAd canceled again didn’t he?”

    She leaned over and kissed him on the top of his head, “Yeah he has business.” She sat next to him, “So I guess you are going to have to stay with me. We’ll stay up late, eat bad things, watch some movies. Sound good?”

    He nodded as he tossed his spoon in the bowl, “I guess.”

    Jeni ran her hand on his back, “Hey it’s going to be okay. I promise.”

    Her phone rang again and she got up and picked it off the counter and put it to her ear, “Jeni Mack.”

    “Jeni it’s Skylar.”

    “Hey Good morning.”

    “Sorry that I hung up on you last night. Listen this weekend, my neighbor is having a party and he said I could bring my girlfriends. Would you be interested?”

    Jeni laughed as she looked into the dining room where Donny was sitting at the table, “Well I have Donny.”

    “Sure hey that’s perfect.”

    “What kind of party?”

    “Just a small party. It’ll be fine. So can I cound on you to come?”

    “I guess. Just need the address where you are staying.”

    Skylar gave her the address and Jeni got on the phone and made the reservations. She walked out into the dining room, “So Texas this weekend. Sound like fun?”

    Donny nodded, “Sure.” He got up from the table and walked to his bedroom and closed the door. JEni sat down and looked at her phone, “Damn you Jordan.”

  13. The invitation mocked her all afternoon, the RVSP seemed to call to her. She wanted to go to this party, but she was curious as to why Jensen was inviting her. After the phone call with Jeni, Skylar did a little research on her famous neighbor and was shocked to learn he had a girlfriend. Who he didn’t seem to mention, so maybe it wasn’t that serious.

    With a sigh, she grabbed the pen out of the drawer and circled yes than next to it, plus one.

    With her heart pounding loudly, she knocked on the door and waited. The person who answered was not Jensen, he was a little taller.

    “I’m sorry, Jensen available?”

    The man gave her a huge smile as he extended his hand. “you must be Skylar. Hi, I’m Jared.”

    It clicked who this man was as Skylar recognized the man. “So very nice to meet you. I uh have this invitation I wanted to give you.”

    “I’ll make sure he gets it. See you then!”

  14. The next day which was Friday, Jeni packed her stuff and Donny walked into her bedroom, “Can I stay here?”

    “Not by yourself. No No No.”

    “What about grandma and grandpa?”

    Jeni new that her father was suffering from cancer and he was on an IV 24 hours a day and smoked a lot of weed. She rolled up her jeans and put them into the suitcase, “I’ll have to call them.”

    Donny pulled the phone from his pocket and handed it to her, “Call now!!! I don’t want to go to Texas. Too many bugs.”

    Jeni laughed as she took the phone and dialed the number. She sat on the edge of her bed as her mother answered the phone, “Hello.”

    “Mom Hi.”

    “Jeni it’s so good to hear your voice.”

    “I called to ask you a favor.”

    “What’s that honey?” She heard her dad in the background, “Who is it Gloria?”

    Gloria yelled, “IT’s Jeni!!”

    Jeni smiled into the phone, “How’s daddy doing?”

    “He’s good. The chemo is going really good. The pot is even better. Thank you for the supply.”

    Jeni laughed, “Your welcome. LIsten, I have a meeting down in Texas this weekend and Jordan was suppose to take Donny to the Cape, but he has something to do as well. Would there be a possibilty.”

    Before she could answer her mother said softly, “Of course. Donny is more than welcome to come over with us for the weekend. IT’s been forever since we saw our grandson.”

    “Fantastic. So tonight will be okay to bring him over. My flight leaves at 9pm.”


    “Okay mom. I’ll bring him over shortly. Love you and Dad.”

    “Love you too honey. See you soon.”

    She hung up the phone and looked at Donny, “Go pack your back for Grandma and Grandpas.”

    HE smiled and put his hands up, “Yes!!!!”

    Jeni laughed as he walked out and she finished packing. She brought her luggage down and put it by the door and walked to get her charger from the kitchen and some paper and pen for the plane ride. This was a little bit of a reunion with Skylar, but this party was something she wasn’t really into, but she would give her friend some comfort. She should have asked Skylar whose party it was, but she didn’t want to pry. Donny was ready and Jeni drove him over to her parents house, said her hello’s and goodbyes and headed to the airport.

    She parked her car in the long term parking lot and headed into the airport. She got her ticket, checked her bag, put her carry on over her shoulder and went through security. She found her gate and waited for a short minute, then boarded the plane. Three hours later, she landed in Austin, Texas.

  15. Skylar almost canceled at the last minute. She had the phone to her ear and it was ringing and she wanted to tell Jensen that she wasn’t coming. What saved her, was the doorbell ringing.

    She placed her cell phone on the counter and walked through the foyer and placed her eye to the hole in the door and smiled. Standing on the other side of the door was a beautiful blond.

    Skylar threw open the door and instantly hugging the woman, knocking the purse onto the floor. “Oh Jeni..I’m so glad you could make it!” She leaned back to look behind her. “Where’s Donny?”

    Jeni stepped into the condo and marveled at the huge glass window that made up the living room and kitchen. From this vantage point, she could see the entire down town of Austin. “He’s at my mom and dad’s…man this is some joint.”

    “It’s OK.” Skylar put the suitcases near the couch and put her hands on her hips. “Thank you for coming.”

    “So, I fly down here for just a party? What’s so special about this party?” Jeni ran her hand along the black granite counter top.

    “It’s just not the party.’s been too long.”

    Jeni nodded and sat on the edge of the couch. “Yeah. Not since Donny was six. Why the sudden move to Austin?”

    Skylar shrugged and looked past Jeni to the skyline, noticing a huge thunderhead slowly making its way. “I don’t really want to get into it right now.” She half smiled and looked at Jeni. “So, why don’t we go shopping for tonight? My treat?”

  16. Jeni looked at Skylar, “What kind of party is this? You are avoiding my questions.”

    Skylar grabbed her purse, “I just need something nice to wear. It’s my neighbor. He’s cute. I just want us both to make a good impression.” She looked at Jeni, “LIsten you needed to get out of Boston anyway.”

    “So true. I was working like a hog.” She picked up her purse and put it over her shoulder, “Okay let’s go get dressed up.”

    Skylar smiled, grabbed her keys and the two girls headed out, Skylar hoping the man that was her neighbor wouldn’t come out of his apartment. Jeni was going to be so geeked to find out it was the actor that was in her favorite television show.

    They walked to the parking garage and Skylar hit her keyfab and the lights went off on the Gold Lexus in the corner spot. Jeni smiled, “Nice Sky. Nice. New Lexus, new apartment, new neighbors. You aren’t doing too bad for yourself.”

    The two girls got in and Skylar drove out of the parking structure and she nearly clipped the Blue Mustang comeing into the parking structure. She lifted her finger as she drove past, beeping her horn as she did. Jeni laughed, “Wow not very curteous here.”

    Skylar turned onto the main road and headed for the mall. Skylar laughed, “Don’t fuck with someone from Boston!!!”

  17. IT took Skylar all afternoon to find the perfect dress, much to the annoyance of Jeni. Jeni was the kind of girl that jeans and a nice shirt pretty much made up her wardrobe. Her and Skylar were from two different spectrum of the pay grade.

    Skylar grew up with money coming out of her ears. It was rumored that Skylar was sitting on a 8 million trust fund that was hers once she turned 30. Jeni didn’t know if that was true or not, but she did noticed it seemed to attract the wrong type of men to her friend. She hoped that this neighbor wasn’t some money and fame loving freak.

    Skylar was a little bummed that she couldn’t talk Jeni into a beautiful red dress and instead bought it for herself.

    With just an hour till the party, the two girls went back to her condo and got dressed. It didn’t take Jeni very long and once again she was waiting for Skylar. But when Skye did emerge from that bathroom looking stunning, Jeni wasn’t mad any longer. She wished the best for her friend. Maybe this hot guy would get her mind off of Joe.

    At a quarter after nine, the two girls walked down the hallway, Skylar wanting to run back to her place. But instead, she pressed the buzzer and waited.

    A man with dark hair and a familiar smile opened the door and looked at Jeni and then at Skylar. “Invitations?”

    Skylar reached into her clutch purse and took out the invitation and handed it to the man. “She’s my plus one.”

    “All good.” He smiled at Jeni and then winked at Skylar as he opened the door a little further, letting them into the condo. “Can’t be too careful. Been some fans trying to sneak in. The guys are on the patio, go on out and say hello.”

  18. Jeni walked behind Skylar as they walked through the living room of the condo that looked just like Skylar’s. JEni put her hand on Skylar, “Who are we talking about here?” She stopped in her tracks and her mouth flew open as she saw him stand up, laughing and walked over to the cooler and grabbed another beer. Jeni blinked, “Holy shit!!!”

    Jensen looked into the windows and met eyes with Skylar and smiled and waved, waving both the girls outside. Skylar turned towards Jeni, who was just staring and grabbed her hand, “Come on.”

    “Fuck you. I’m not going out there. THat’s Dean Winchester. Holy shit.”

    Skylar laughed, feeling a little better that she wasn’t the one star struck, “Listen you never get star struck. Come on.”

    Jeni shook her head, “No No No.”

    A voice was heard behind her and a hand made it onto her shoulder, “Come on. Beers on Jensen tonight!!!”

    Jeni turned around, swallowed hard and blinked her eyes, “Holy shit.”

    He looked at Skylar and put his hand out, “Jared Padalecki.”

    Skylar took his hand, “Skylar Harris. NIce to meet you.”

    Skylar pointed to Jeni, “This is my very good friend Jeni Mack.”

    He smiled at Jeni as she gave him a small smile, “Nice to meet you. You look so familiar to me.”

    Jeni smiled, “You are my biggest fan.”

  19. Jared glanced over Jeni’s shoulder to see Skylar and extended his hand. “Jared Padalecki. You must be Skylar?”

    She slid her hand into his and smiled. “Didn’t ou just tell me last night Jeni how you wanted to marry Sam Winchester?”

    Jeni felt her cheeks grow red and moved out of Jared’s embrace. “I need some liquid courage.”

    Skylar smiled as she slid open the patio door and stepped outside, feeling the hot, muggy air caress her skin. Jensen was leaning up against the railing, beer in his hand and smiling at her.

    “I didn’t think you’d be coming.” He winked at her as he put the bottle to is lips and took a long swallow.

    Skylar watched as he placed his lips around the rim of the bottle, imagining just for a second them on her body, than watched his Adams apple bob up and down.

    “Well, I couldn’t let Jeni down. She’s a huge Supernatural fan.” Skylar joined him on the railing placing her back just within inches of him. From behind her, she could see the flashes of light refllect into the patio glass. The strom seemed to be getting stronger.

    “And what about you?”

    Skylar couldn’t get over how beautiful this man was. From his light green eyes, his full lips to his deep voice, he was perfection. “I..uh..have to be honest..I never heard of you. I just found your show last night.”

    “And what do you think?”

    She flicked her eyes to him and then to the patio door, watching the party goers. “It’s..uh..pretty good.”

    Jensen smiled at her as he placed his beer bottle next to hers and lightly clinked them together. “’s to a new fan.”

    Skylar looked into his eyes for a heartbeat until she heard the patio door slid open and Jared’s voice. “I knew I recognized you! Skylar Harris of Atomic Kitten?”

  20. Jared had watched as Jeni walked over to the bar in the kitchen and pulled out the first bottle she saw. It was the Tequila and he rolled his eyes, “JEnsen was saving that bottle.”

    Jeni took the sips straight from the bottle, “Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

    “Why is it that I feel like I now you?”

    “I do watch your show.”

    He walked over to her, took the bottle from her and took a huge swig. He looked down at the inside of her wrist to see the tattoo. He put the bottle down, “Heaven’s Angels!!”

    JEni looked up at him, “excuse me?”

    HE put his hand on her wrist and turned it over, “All three of you got the same tattoo. IT’s the AK Heaven’s Angels album.” He smiled, “I knew that I knew you.” HE looked into her eyes again, “I guess you were right. I am your biggest fan. I am a huge Atomic Kitten Fan.”

    Jeni felt a little bit more comfortable around him, he was tall, handsome and the tv did him no justice. HE let go of her wrist, “It is truly great to meet you. I never thought in a million years.”

    Jeni smiled, “Touche.”

    HE smiled at her, “So should we go join the party outside?”

    Jeni nodded and headed out to the porch just outside the sliding glass doors and she put her hand out, “Jensen great to meet you. Thanks for the invite.”

    The lightning lit up the sky and some of the people put their glasses on the table, “Sorry dude. We gotta go. Storm coming and it looks bad.”

    Jensen put his hands up, “Come on. It’s just starting. Can’t let a little lightning scare you away. Come on!!!!”

  21. Jensen said good bye to the rest of the party goers, leaving just Skylar and Jeni. He hadn’t prepared for this, being all alone with her. It was fun to flirt with her in front of everyone, loving the way her cheeks blushed and her green eyes seemed to shine with her laughter.

    She was a breath of fresh air. She was funny, smart, hella sexy and easy to talk to. He knew she was from money, but she didn’t seem to act like it. He watched her as she had walked through the living room, chatting with anyone that gave her a smile. Jensen paid attention to all the males in the room, noticing how they would sneak glances over in her direction. For the first time in a long time, he didn’t’ think of his shitty relationship.

    Her name was Dani Morris, an actress he had met on set of a small film that he had did. The relationship had started off with a bang and then several months later, it seemed to fizzle. Dani, as hot as she was, was very dull. She had no sense of humor and Jensen was begging to tire of her. No matter how great the sex was, he was bored. Just by looking at Skylar, Jensen knew there was no way that woman would ever bore him.

    Jeni and Jared retired to the couch and Jensen had to chuckle at his friends star struck behavior. He opened the door to the patio and noticed Skylar was leaning against the railing, her back to him. And what a fine back end it was. The dress was blowing against the wind showing off her shapely legs.

    She turned her head when she heard the click of the patio door as it shut. “Everyone go home?” She moved her head back to the storm that was just a few miles away from them. The wind was picking up and it was a little cold, bringing on the scent of rain.


    “Chickens.” Skylar chuckled as she flicked her eyes over to watch him lean against the railing, his hand just an inch away from her arm. Never before in her life, did she crave a touch more than she did right now. She wasn’t big into affection. When her and Joe made love, there was no kissing involved, no passion. It was more to satisfy himself than her and her rarely touched her. There was no cuddling. Joe had his pants off the moment he came, leaving her alone in her own bed, feeling like a fool. “I’m a Boston girl. When storms would roll in, my dad would take me down to the harbor and we’d sit in the car and watch it come over the ocean.”

    Jensen watched her face as she talked about her father. He had heard a lot about James Harris, how he was difficult to work with. He expected perfection and Jensen wondered if it had been like that for Skylar growing up. She went from happy to sad in a matter of seconds.

    He was about to ask her about her her father, when a huge flash of lighting lit up the sky. Within seconds a loud clap of thunder sounded over head, making the windows on the condo rattle.

    Skylar let out a scream and tumbled backwards, her arms wind milling as she tried to gain her balance. The lights flickered off and they were both bathed in darkness as the entire block lost power. Skylar’s foot hit the bottom of the table and fell forward. Her scream was cut short as she felt a pair of arms slid around her waist and yank her back from the railing.

    When Skylar had pitched foward over the railing, her life briefly flashed before her eyes. She was just 25 years old and she hadn’t done her life dreams. She wanted to be a dancer outside of Atomic Kitten. She dreamed of opening her own studio and teach dance.

    She wanted to fall in love with someone and get married. But there was one person preventing her from doing just that very thing.

    All of this flashed through her mind as she pitched over, seeing the sidewalk 20 stories down. Would it hurt? Would she pass out from the shock, or would she see the sidewalk coming towards her. But that never happened, because of a pair of arms that wrapped around her waist and brought her from her death.

    She spun around and came face to face with a pair of intoxicating green eyes which were wide with shock. Being this close to him, she noticed the light freckles that were splashed across his nose and cheeks. The stubble on his sharp jawline were touched with just a light dusting of ginger. His full lips were open as he pulled her up against him.

    Jensen hadn’t meant to pull that hard and was shocked when Skylar spun around and fell into him. His hands were still on her waist as she tried to straighten herself up, but her heel was stuck in the metal rung of the bar stool.

    “Are you OK?”

    Skylar felt her body shaking as the realization of what just about happened kicked in. “I..I think…so…” She put her hand against his hard chest and pushed her self backwards. “I…wow..” She turned her head and looked behind her to see the drop and shivered. “That..was close.”

    “It’s OK,” the right side of his mouth and his eyebrow cocked upwards as he smiled. “I gotcha.”

    Sklar moved her eyes upwards and caught his smirk and felt her stomach clench and tingle. “Uh…”

    “Hey J,” the patio door opened and when Jensen turned his head to see Jared, Skylar moved out of his arms. “Your door won’t open.”

    “What do you mean my door won’t open?” Jensen moved through the patio door to see Jeni was standing up from the couch, a worried look on her face. He walked over to the security system that was mounted onto the wall and flipped the bracket down. He frowned as he noticed it was blinking and hit a few buttons. “Son of a bitch.”

  22. Jeni took her cell phone out and put the flashlight on. Jared did it the same time and they both laughed and said at the same time, “Great App.”

    They both laughed as Jensen did some more numbers on the keypad and nothing was working, “What the hell?” He took out his phone and dialed the number that was programmed in his phone and put it to his ear. He turned towards everyone as the operator came on asking for his password. He said softly, “Asstastic.”

    JEni laughed, “ARe you serious?”

    Jensen put his finger up, “Yes Asstastic. My power went out and can’t get out of my door. What the hell is going on?” He paused, “I see. Are you serious? The upgraded version. Oh ok this is just great. So what if I didn’t have food or water here. I would just have to jump from the 9th story of my apartment to freedom. If you take that feature off, will the doors open? No?” HE was getting upset, “Are you serious? You can’t take that feature off. OKay then you can cancel everything that I have. Jesus it’s like being in a jail here. Whatever.”

    He pulled the phone from his ear and looked up at JEni, Skye and Jared, “We are kinda stuck in here.”

    Jeni got up, “Got any candles?”

    JEnsen sat down, “Nope. I’m not that kind of romantic.” He put his head back on the chair and he heard his guitar being played. HE looked up as Skye had her arms wrapped around the brown acoustic guitar, “What are you doing?”

    Skye smiled, “Got any better ideas?”

  23. Skye smiled up at Jensen as she held the guitar in her hand. She was very impressed by his choice of intsturment, it was the top of the top and she was a little bit jealous.

    “So,” She smiled as she went through the chords and winked at Jared. “Any requests?”

    Jared almost jumped out of his seat as Skye looked at him and a huge smile spread across his face. “I love Whole Again.”

    Skye smiled and began to strum the introduction into the song, focusing on her fingers and not at the man with the green eyes. She couldn’t look at him any longer. He made her feel like she was cresting the hill of a large roller coaster looking down at the dizzying heights.

    She hummed the few bars and then sang teh rest of the chorus. “Looking back on when we first met,I can not escape and I can not forget,Baby, you are the oneYou still turn me on,You can make me whole again.”

    When she finished the chord, Jared, Jeni and then finally Jensen applauded. Skye placed the guitar in her hand and brought it across the couch to him. “So, show me what you got.”

    He slid her a smirk and took the guitar in his hands and played a few chords. Skye was just expecting him to play a few chords to let her know he could play when he closed his eyes and out of his mouth came a voice she didn’t think he could possess. His deep voice vibrated the air and made the air crackle between him and Skye.

    I can hear her heart beat for a thousand miles
    And the heavens open up every time she smiles
    And when I come to her that’s just where I belong
    Yet I’m running to her like a rivers song
    She givesss me love, love, love, love, crazy love
    She givesss me love, love, love, love, crazy love
    She’s got a fine sense of humor when I’m feeling low down
    And when I come to her when the sun goes down
    Takes away my trouble, takes away my grief
    Takes away all of my heartache, in the night like a thief
    She givess me love, love, love, love, crazy love
    She givess me love, love, love, love, crazy love
    Crazy love, she givess me love, love, love, love, crazy love, mm
    Yes I need her in the daytime
    Oh, but I need her in the night
    Yes I want to throw my arms around her
    Kiss her

    She wanted to say something when he finished playing but she was at a loss for words.

    Jeni sat on the couch and watched the interaction between Jensen and the tension in the air. “So, I’m starving. Whatcha got to eat here?”

  24. JEni got up and pointed her phone in the direction of the kitchen. Jared got up, “I’ll go with you.”

    “Great!!” She smiled.

    They walked in and opened the fridge to see an half empty chinese food carton, spoiled milk and some cheese that didn’t look very healthy. Jeni laughed as she opened up the cupboards and nothing was there. NOt even a plate, “Are you serious?”

    “WE don’t stay home very long. We usually eat out.”

    “That doesn’t help our situation here.” She felt her phone vibrate and she looked to see it was her mom. She excused herself and walked into the hallway, “Hi ma.”

    “Jeni your father was rushed to the hospital. I think you need to come home.”

    Jeni took a breath, “What happened?”

    “HE passed out. They have him on a breathing machine.” She sounded as if she had been crying, “Donny won’t stop crying either. He can’t see Papa. He’s very upset.”

    JEni put her head on the wall, “Okay. There is a horrible storm here right now and we are locked inside an apartment of one of Skye’s friends. I’ll book my flight for tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can get out. Give DAddy a kiss for me and Donny too.”

    “I will baby. Please hurry.”

    She hung up the phone and walked back into the kitchen and Jared looked at her with his phone up in the air, the light shining on her face, “Everything okay?”

    “My dad was rushed to the hospital. As soon as I can get out of here the better.”

    She pulled open the sliding glass door and walked out to see the bag of chips that were lying on the table. She picked them up and ran back in out of the rain, “Okay they seem okay.”

    Jared laughed, “Sour cream and onion. My favorite.”

    JEni smiled at him, “Mine too.”

  25. Jensen got up from the couch and walked his guitar over to the stand and turned around to see Skye looking at her phone, her confused face was lit up by the blue screen.

    “Everything OK?”

    Skye blinked out of her trance and looked up to see Jensen standing near the fireplace. “I..uh..have to make a phone call. E..Excuse me.”

    She walked to the patio door and slid the door closed. She pressed the phone to her ear and pressed a few buttons and listened to the greeting of her phone. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as she heard the thick Boston accent.

    “’ Joe..(blows out breath)..I know I’ve left several of these things and you’ve never called me back. (Low Chuckle)..but..I hope you call me back. Skye, Earl’s pretty sick. Jeni’s going to need you up here…and…dammit Skye…I need you.”

    She felt her stomach drop as she heard the last part of the message. It shocked her to the core, so much that she had to replay the message.

    She looked at the screen on her phone and the big buttons. One was to access the caller that last called you and the other one was to delete the entire message. Her finger hovered over the delete button and she almost pressed it. Before she could, she quickly hit the dial back button.

    After a few rings, Skye panicked and hit the end call button and sat down on the patio chair. She looked up to see a few flickers of candle light and the shadowy figure of Jensen. Seh could never give up Joe, no matter how dysfunctional their relationship truly was. She convinced herself that Joe did love her.

    She jumped as her phone vibrated in her hand and she quickly put the phone to her ear. “Hi.”

    “It’s good to hear your voice Skylar. I was starting to get concerned.” The deep voice barked at her.

    Skylar let out a sigh and shook her head. “I’m sorry Joe…I..I needed some time to myself. To sort this shit out.”

    “You mean sort us out?”

    “That’s exactly what I mean.” Skylar turned her head to look at the darkened skyline of Austin. Off in the distance, the thunder and lighting traveled farther north. What it left in its wake was a mugginess so thick it made her gag.

    “Listen, I didn’t call to start a fight..I wanted to ask you to come to Boston. Earl’s sick. I’ll pay for your flight.”

    Skylar noticed a flicker of light in the condo and Jensen’s son of a bitch moments later when they went out. “It’s not a matter of money..can I call you back?” Before she could answer, she quickly shut the phone as she heard the patio door open and Jeni smile at her.

    “Got a minutue?”

  26. Skylar nodded, “Sure. I think the storms is passing. It’s getting thick out here.”

    Jeni sat down on a chair and turned her attention to skylar, “LIsten I have to leave in hte morning. Dad is in the hospital.”

    Skye nodded, “I know! Joe just called me.”

    “When are you going to give up on him? HE’s not healthy for you Skye. Maybe back in the day, but now he’s married and when he gets bored, he goes to you. HOw many other woman do you think he goes to when he needs a little loving?”

    Skye looked at Jeni, “Well you are right, but it’s none of your business.”

    Jeni nodded, “Your right it isn’t. You are my friend. We have been friends for a long time or have you forgotten that. You saw me through Jordan and Donny. Gave me a beautiful baby shower for my son. I’m just trying to help you out now.”

    Skye looked over, “There’s nothing to help me out with. That part of my life is over.” She popped open a beer and drank half of it down, “I’ll go to Boston. NOt because of Joe, but because of your dad. He helped us through a lot in the beginning and I wanna be there for him.”

    The lights on the inside of the house flickered on and the alarm started to go off. The phone rang just inside the door and the girls looked just as JEnsen was turning from the glass and put the phone to his ear, “Yes Asstastic. That’s the code.” As he said that the alarm stopped beeping.

    Jeni turned to Skye, “I think you got some competition.”

  27. Skye tore her gaze from the patio to see that Jensen was pacing back and forth. Did he hear the whole conversation? Her heart pounded in her chest as the thought of Jensen being disgusted for what she was doing flashed through her mind.

    “Looks like you got some competition.”

    She turned her attention to Jeni to see the mischievous gleam in her friends eyes. “Oh no..Jeni…don’t you dare do what I think you’re doing?” She leaned forward and hissed out the next statement. “Do I have to remind you of bird man and that hideous cat sweat of his.” Skye paused as she let out a shiver.

    Jeni let out a chuckle as she shook her head. “Joe’s poison Skye.”

    “I don’t want to hear it.” With a loud scrap of metal against Spanish style stucco. “It’s my life Jeni. OK? I appreciate your concern, but we aren’t hurting anyone.”

    “Like hell you aren’t!” Jeni raised er voice as se moved from the chair. “When, not if, this affair gets out, and I have a feeling it will very soon, shit will hit the fan. Are you going to stand there and tell me that Joe will choose you?”

    “Yes!” Skye fired back as she turned to face Jeni.

    Jeni snorted and shook her head. “No Skye. He’s fucked around with yoyu for tihs long and hasn’t left her, what in the hell makes you think he’d choose you when this storm rains down upon us! And yes I say us Skye, because we are the ones who love you.”

    Skye closed her mouth and turned from Jeni. “I’m going to go pack.” She slid open the door just as Jensen ended his phone call. “Everything back on track?”

    Jensen looked up from his phone to see Skye and he suddenly felt awkward. He hadn’t meant to eavesdrop, but when he heard Joe’s named, he couldn’t help but listen. From the circle of friends that he had, he had met Joe once upon a time. Everything about the man irked Jensen.

    From what he could gather, Joe had once been in a popular boy band (Jensen could care less what the name was). It was rumored, later confirmed by Joe himself, that he kept this girl around him when ever he was on tour.

    Jensen wanted to punch him in the jaw as he listened to Joe talk about this woman. What she was good at and why he kept her around, to statisfy himself.

    It all clicked in that one second. That woman was Skye. He craned is head to look at the panel on the wall, confirming the steady green pulse. “Yeah.” He scratched the back of his head as he struggled to find some words. “They are coming back to install a newer model. So this won’t happen again. Sorry my party tanked.”

    “Are you kidding! IT was kind of refreshing. I just have to figure out how yo u managed to sabotage the power.”

    Jensen looked at for a second than chuckled. “You got me.”

    Skye slid her purse strap over her shoulder and extended her right hand. “Thank you Jensen for having me over. Such a pleasure to meet you.”

    “The pleasure was all mine,” He opened the door and frowned. “Damn…seems to be working.”

    “Thank you again. Don’t be a stranger.” she turned from the door before she could see that damn look on his face again. IT bothered her that Jeni just might be right. For once.

  28. Jeni said her goodbyes and hugged both of the boys, “I don’t live here, so..” she tore a piece of paper out of one of the magazines on JEnsen’s coffee table and wrote her number down and gave it to Jared, “I’m just a phone call away.” She smiled and walked out the door. She put the phone to her ear, “Yes I need a straight flight to Boston tonight.”

    JEnsen closed the door and he looked at Jared who was giving him weird eyes, “What?”

    Jared shrugged, “You like her. I can tell in those little green eyes of yours. You couldn’t keep your eyes off her. Particularly when she was bending over.”

    Jensen sighed, “Not gonna happen. High maintenance. Can’t handle it.”

    Jared took his phone and put JEni’s phone number in it, “Well, let me tell you that I am in love.”


    He nodded, “Yes. I have been in love with her for so long. I love AK. I did see a show once back in the day.”

    JEnse sat down and picked up his beer and put it to his lips, “Pussy!!!”

    Jared sat down and sipped his beer, “Why am I the pussy? You are the one that won’t go after the girl that may or may not be the girl of your dreams. The one you want to settle down with.”

    Jensen glared at Jared, “Just drop it okay.”

    Jared got up, “Okay sorry man. Just telling you like it is. See you tomorrow.” He walked out the door leaving Jensen alone.

    Jensen sat in the chair for the rest of the night thinking of what he wanted to do. She was with someone. HE couldn’t compete with that. IT was nearly midnight and the apartment complex was quiet as everyone went to their slumber, he was wide awake.

    He got up from his chair, opened the door and walked down to her apartment. HE put his hand up and knocked three times. He heard some rustling on the other side and her voice, “ONe second.”

    The locks disengaged and the door opened slowly. HE took one look at her in her short shorts and her tank top and took one step towards her. She didn’t back away and he leaned over and put his lips on her. She didn’t pull away. The kiss deepened and she felt like putty in his hands. HE pulled back, Skye nearly falling to the floor as her legs were so weak from the kiss and he looked at her. He smiled, “That’s what I thought.” HE turned and walked back to his apartment and closed the door leaving Skye in suspense.

  29. Skye slowly shut the door to her condo and when it clicked shut, she leaned against the wood and put a hand over her beating heart. She then reached up and touched her lips, feeling they were still wet from his. A shiver ran from her body, leaving goosebumps in its wake. He gave her damn goosebumps.

    Her teeth snagged out and captured her bottom lip as she closed her eyes, remembering every little detail. The way he smelled as he leaned into her, the way his hand felt on her upper arm, the touch of his full lips on hers, the taste of his kiss.

    She kept a hand over her still beating heart as she walked over to where her lap top was sitting on the couch. She tucked her legs underneath her as she balanced the computer on her lap and flipped open the lid. She frowned a she noticed the wallpaper plastered on the desktop. It was a picture of her and Joe taken a few months back. He had sent her VIP tickets for the meet and greet and she was passed off as a fan. What she didn’t realize, that after the concert, she was escorted by a huge bodyguard to a waiting limo that whisked her off to a hotel. As she looked as his picture, she realized that was all she would ever be to him, a trophy.

    She accessed her browser and looked at the mouse that was hovering in the address bar. She let out a sigh and typed Jensen Ackles. She quickly pressed enter and was amazed at the countless images that filled her page. This was going to take a while. She hit enter on the first image and a smile played across her lips. This man was hot.

    She was buzzed out of her daydream but her phone chirping next to her. She noticed the number was from Joe and she sighed as she read the text. He wasn’t taking no for an answer.

    Booked you on American Flight 765. First class. Limo will be waiting for you. You have a room at the Hilton under Jane Smith.

    Skylar tossed the phone on the couch feeling frustrated. She wanted to text him back and tell him to go screw himself, that she was done being his puppet. But when she saw the next picture, she felt a sharp stab of jealousy. It was a picture of him locked in a kiss with a dark haired woman. She let out a breath, loaded up the article that the picture was linked too and began to read her fate.

    Jensen hadn’t meant to kiss her. He had just walked over there to wish her luck on her trip. But the moment that she opened that door wearing those tight little boy shorts and that tank top that hugged every curve on her body, he lost all sense of anything. The only thing he had been aware of, was how her lips felt against his, soft and full. She was a fantastic kisser and she didn’t seem to hesitate to kiss him back. There was on denying there was an attraction between the both of them.

    “Who are you Skylar Harris?” Jensen said out loud as he closed the door to his condo. He walked over to the glass wall and pressed a button. Two huge red curtains slid over the glass, blocking out the Austin skyline.

    He walked over to the desk where his lap top was sitting and flipped open the top. As it was loading, he walked to the kitchen and grabbed the bottle of Scotch and a glass and walked back to the desk and sat down.

    He took a sip of the scotch, sat it on the desk and rubbed his hands together. He typed in her name and hit enter and sat back while his computer generated the results.

    He read through the Atomic Kitten bio page and flipped through Skylar’s history. She was the daughter of billionaire recording executive, James Harris. Her mother was located in Los Angeles and Jensen didn’t see any other mention of her.

    He smiled as he saw the tab for the galleries and he noticed Skylar, Jeni and Heidi’s names. He selected Skylar’s and let out a low whistle as the first image appeared to him and blew him away.

    Skylar Harris

    Each picture he selected him, showed him the flirty side, the playful side and the private side of her. Each papazzari shot of her, she was hiding her face or had on sunglasses and a hat.

    Then as if it was a slap in the face, Jensen remembered Carrie. His girlfriend of 2 years. He let out a sigh, rubbed his face and slammed the lap top shut. “Sorry baby girl, ain’t meant to be.”

  30. Jeni had her stuff packed after she walked into Skye’s apartment. The only thing that was on her mind was getting back home to her son and her parents. According to the phone call from her mother, her father was in the hospital and wasn’t doing very well. She had to get back home.

    She walked out of the room and Skye was sitting on the couch, the laptop on her lap, “Hey sorry to just come in and run. Did you want any money for letting me stay the few hours I did?”

    Skye looked up, “You are leaving tonight?”

    “Yeah.” She put her suitcase by the door, “According to my mother, my dad isn’t doing good. So I’m on the flight that leaves in about an hour.” She walked over and sat next to her friend, “Joe texted me, said you would be coming with me, but leaving tomorrow. You do realize you don’t have too. My dad and Joe weren’t very close.”

    She nodded, “Yeah He booked me on a flight already and has me in a hotel.”

    Jeni leaned over and hugged her friend, “Please just think about what I said. YOu came here for a new start. Fuck Joe. Fuck that whole group. WE gave them an opportunity and then just used and abused us. Time to get on with our life.” She kissed Skye on the cheek, “I have to go, the cab is waiting. Call me please.”

    Jeni got up and got her suitcase and headed out the door, walked down the hallway nad out the front door. The cab hadn’t came yet and she waited just outside the complex and the SUV pulled up next to her, “Hey need a ride?”

    She turned, putting her phone into her back pocket and saw Jared behind the wheel and she smiled, “No I called a cab, but thank you. It was great meeting you.”

    The cab finally arrived and she waved to him and got in. He saw the cab drive away and took a breath, “I’m in love.”


    Jeni got to the airport and headed inside, checked her bag and headed to the terminal. Thirty minutes later, she was on her way back to Boston.

    She landed Three hours later at Logan and headed to get her bag from the carousel and as she walked to grab a cab, her phone went off. She put it to her ear, “Hey ma.”

    “Honey.” There was silence and some crying, “Your Dad didn’t make it.”

    Tears coursed her eyes as the cab pulled up, “I’m on my way mom. I’m on my way.”

    She told the cab where to take her and she had tears coming from her eyes as the cab pulled up to the hospital and she paid him, got her luggage and walked into the hospital. Donny and Jordan were sitting in the waiting room. Donny saw Jeni and he ran out of the room and into her arms, “Mommy!!!!!!” She held him as he wrapped his legs and arms around her. She kissed him, “I missed you baby.”

    Jordan walked over, “I heard what happened and came right down.”

    Jeni looked at him, “Where’s my mom?”

    “Up talking to the doctors.”

    “So the only reason you need to come and see your son is when his grandfather dies.”

    He put his head down, “JEni that’s not fair.”

    “What’s not fair.” She started to walk with her son in her arms, “YOu are a pathetic father.”

    HE stopped following her as she walked to the elevators and he took a seat in the waiting room. He put his elbows on his knees and put his face into his hands. He knew that he had hit rock bottom and he needed to change. HE finally got his composure, lifted his head, got up from the chair and walked out the door.

  31. Her bags were packed and she was waiting for the cab that would take her to the airport. She was pacing back and forth, her fingernail in her mouth and her mind on if she should go or cancel.

    She heard a doorshut and she quickly ran to the peep hole to see that Jensen was about to walk past her door. She panicked for a minute trying to think of a way to talk to him. If she just opened her door and said hi, it would seem that she was waiting for him. Then she saw the answer. Her car.

    She threw open the door and saw him at the elevator. “Hey, I’m glad I caught you.” She groaned as she realized how needy that sounded. “I’m about to head to Boston and I know you have a space next to mine. “Take a deep breath, you’re babbling. “So I was wondering if you could like watch my car.”

    Jensen looked at her, a puzzled smile on his face. “Watch your car?”

    Skylar smiled at him as she extended the keys between them. “ case someone steals it.”

    “Right..” He took the keys from her and smiled as the door slid open. “Have a great trip.”

    “Thanks I will!” Skylar waved her hand as the door slid shut and let out a huge sigh.

  32. Jeni walked to the elevator and took it up to the ICU wing. As she got off, the nurse approached her, “There’s no children on this wing mam.”

    Jeni glared at her, “My father just passed away. Show a little respect okay.” She backed off a bit and Jeni looked at her again, “Earl Mack?”

    The lady nodded, “I’m sorry about your father. Down the hall to the left, your mother is still in with him.”

    Jeni walked down the hallway, her son still in her arms, his head on her shoulder and she turned the corner and heard her mother inside the room talkign with the doctor, “What went wrong? Tell me what went wrong?”

    The doctor was talking softly, trying to calm Gloria down, “Mrs. Mack, nothing went wrong. We weren’t sure the Chemotherapy was going to work. He was lung cancer and it spread like wild fire into his colon. I’m so sorry for your loss.”

    Gloria broke down as Jeni entered the room, “Mom?”

    Gloria turned her head upwards, tears coming down her eyes, her hair messed up as if she just woke up from her sleep and she ran to Jeni with her arms out, “BAby I’m so glad you are here.”

    They hugged tightly and Jeni put Donny down and he walked out into the hallway and took a seat. A nice nurse walked over with a sucker for him and he sat there quietly. Back in the room, the curtain was closed and the doctor signed some papers, “Again, I’m so sorry for your loss.”
    He walked out of the room and Gloria put her arm in Jeni’s, “We went peacefully honey. He was in a coma and his vitals just went down from there.”

    Jeni pulled back the curtain and tears came to her eyes. She walked over to the side of the bed and took her fathers hand. She sat down on the chair and kissed his cold hand, “I’m so sorry Daddy that I wasn’t here to say goodbye.” She leaned over and put her head on the bed. Gloria put her hand on Jeni’s shoulders, “DAddy I’m so sorry.” She said through her sobs.

    Gloria ran her hand up and down Jeni’s back, “He loved you so much honey. We are both so proud of you.”

    JEni leaned back as her mother placed her arms around her and Jeni laid her head back on Gloria’s chest, “I shouldn’t have left.” She sniffed the tears, “I’m so sorry that I left.”

  33. With a huge sigh, she stepped off the elevator and took a moment to adjust her carry on back on her shoulder. She wasn’t planning to stay here long in Boston. Jeni had texted her and told her that Earl passed away and she wanted to stay for the funeral at least.

    “Hi, I believe I have a room waiting for me.” Skylar slid up to the desk and looked around her, making sure no one had noticed her. She took her sunglasses and slid them on top of her head.

    “Name?” The woman didn’t even look up at her as Skylar approached the desk. Her long fingernails tapped out her annoyance as she waited for Skylar to answer her.


    The woman had glasses perched on her nose and she looked up at Skylar, a frown creasing her mouth. “Yes, Ms. Smith. You are in the one bed room suite, on the 10th floor.” She slid the key over to Skylar along with a map. “Here is your key and a map. Would you require a wake up call.”

    “No that won’t be necessary.” She reached down and grabbed her carry on and was about to head toward the elevator, when the woman called her name. When she turned around, the woman had a small envelope in her hand.

    “This was left for you.”

    Skylar thanked her and took the envelope and walked inside the elevator. When the door shut, she ripped open the envelope to see there was a letter.

    Skylar. When you enter your room, you will find an eveing gown. Please put it on. I will have car arrive for you around seven. J

    She felt a little glimmer of hope. Joe was going ot take her to dinner it sounded like. Which was a first. They only met to have sex, Joe telling her that going out would be a risk. Maybe he was going to tell her that he was leaving his wife. Finally.


    He shut the door with the heel of his boot and took a look at the surroundings. He hadn’t meant to walk inside her condo, but the temptation was too great. After all, she did give him her keys. He could come up with some excuse if it got back to her that he had been in her apartment. Suspected gas leak, power went out or someone tried to break into her place.

    He walked through the dark foyer, his hand sliding along the wall trying to find the light switch. Her apartment was layed out just like his, so he knew exactly where it would be located. When the lights finally came on, Jensen let out a gasp.

    His current girlfriend, Jensen swore she boarded on OCD. She was a clean freak and it irritated Jensen beyond belief. He was all for a little disarray and liked his place a little “lived in”. The scene that lay before his eyes put a smile on his face.

    The glass coffee table was covered with countless magazine and a had slid off onto the white shag area rug. The kitchen was spotless, a few wine glasses were in the sink, but other wise very clean. He was about to turn off the lights, when he heard a thump come from the back of the condo where the bedrooms were located.

    “Hello?” Jensen called out as he slowly walked down the hallway, feeling his heart thumping in his chest. He chuckled to himself as he realized that the character he played would have charged in there, guns blazing.

    He pushed open the first door he encountered to see the spare bedroom. Instead of the usual bed and dressers, the room was empty. Jensen shut the door and located the bathroom. It had looked like her hamper exploded. Skirts, panty hose and bras hung from the shower curtain and towels littered the floor.

    When he shut the bathroom door he heard the sound, this time he could pin point it at the last door. When he opened the door, he was confronted with a scene that had been much different than the living room and the bathroom.

    Just like the kitchen, her bedroom was spotless. A king sized sleigh bed was placed in the middle of the room. Soft lilac drapes hung off the bed and a matching comforter completed the bed.

    The walls were painted with the same color and Jensen noticed several photos line her pink dresser. Realizing he was already crossing the line, Jensen picked up the first photo.

    A little girl with a pink dress had her arms wrapped around a beautiful woman who was smiling at the camera. Jensen instantly recognized the smile on that woman’ face and knew the little girl was Skylar. He turned the frame over to see that a woman’s handwriting was on the back. Skylar Blu and Katherine Skye 1982.

    The next pictures were various pictures of her friends. Jeni was in most of them, but the last one completely floored Jensen. Skylar had her arms around another woman and they were both mugging for the camera, drinks in their hands.

    A huge thump came from the closet and Jensen put the picture back on the dresser and walked to where the door was located. He put his hand on the knob, counted to three and yanked open the door. As soon as he did, something jumped out at him, hitting him in the chest. Jensen let out a scream as it bounced off his chest and run underneath the bed. He put a hand to his heart as he saw the tail of the cat disappear under the bed.

    “Son of a bitch,” he muttered as he took out his phone. Skylar was going to get an earful from him.


    She had just put in her ear rings when she heard the phone ring on the night stand. She walked over ot it and put it to her ear.


    “Ms. Smith. Your car is downstairs.”

    Skylar hung up the phone and grabbed her clutch purse as she slid into her black high heels. She straightened the hem of the black strapless dress, taking a bit to admire her reflection in the mirror. Joe did have great taste.0

    When she stepped out of the elevator, she could see the black car parked on the side of the street. It was black Lincoln Town Car and the driver opened the back door as she slid into the leather.

    “Excuse me,” Skylar leaned forward and put her hand on the back of the seat as the driver pulled into traffic. “Where am I going?”

    “The Hyatt Boston Harbor.”

    Skylar sat back in the seat and watched the scenery change, confused as to why Joe was taking her so far away from Boston. She had stayed at this particular hotel. From what she could remember, there was no resturant. So, there was only one reason why Joe was taking her all the way there. Sex.

    Since she was 17, it had been Joe. Joe had been her first kiss and her first time. They never really put a pin on what they had. They hardly talked and Joe didn’t really know much about Skylar, nor did he seem to care. All that mattered to him, was getting laid. She never dated anyone else, because she had Joe to fall onto. But, after that kiss from her sexy neighbor, she was starting to rethink what she was doing. It was apparent that the talk she was waiting for, was never going to happen. She was always going to be Joe’s puppet and she was dying to cut the strings.

    Waiting for at the front desk was a key and another note. Joe was waiting for her in Room 1234. With a sigh, Skylar walked to the elevators, feeling nothing but dread.

    As the hotel went higher, so did her confindence. She was finally going ot stand up to him and tell him he had a choice to make.

    When Skylar opened the motel room, he was sitting at the table with a bottle of Champagne. Everything she was going ot say to him, left her as he flashed her a smile.

    “That dress looks fantastic on you.” He slid back the chair and stood up as hewalked towards her.

    Skylar took a couple of steps back and put her hands out in front of her. “Joe..we need to…talk.”

    “Later.” He smiled as he kissed her cheek, his hand grabbing her left breast.

    Skylar pushed him backwards and shook her head. “Dammit Joe! Aren’t you tired of this! I am! I’m tired of meeting in hotel rooms.”

    “Baby,” Joe sighed as he pushed her against the wall and kissed her neck. “I told you…I can’t be seen with you.”

    “Dammit Joe!” Skylar stepped out of his embrace and walked around him. “It’s me or her, Joe.”

    “I told you Skylar..I can’t…”

    “Then neither can I!” Skylar yanked open the motel room and slammed the door shut. She felt the sobs overtake her as she pushed open the stairwell door and began to run down the stairs. When she got a few floors down, she took out her phone and sat down on the step. She pressed in a number and waited for the voice. “Kenzie…I..I need to see you…”

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