And So It Begins

It was 1970 when two girls were born in the world who would change the face of the music industry for life. Jenifer Michele Mack, born May 15, 1970 had a beautiful shade of blonde for her hair, blue eyes that every boy wanted to swim in and a personality that was killer.

Jeni’s parents, Gloria and Earl Mack, live just on the outskirts of Boston, Worcester to be exact, one of the worst neighborhoods you could have gone into. Gloria stayed home and raised Jeni as Earl worked as a mechanic at Al’s Wrecks. The job was steady as was the pay, but they couldn’t live anywhere else but Worcester.

When Jeni got into junior high, she wanted to change her life. She was bussed with kids that were black, white, jamaican, puerto rican, but they were all pour like her. She always got teased on the bus from having her blonde hair in pig tails. She would close her eyes on the bus and wish for something to big. She needed out of this town, she needed her parents out of Worcester and she wanted to make a name for herself.

In her junior high class that year, changed her life forever. As they were rehearsing a play, she was lead as she could sing really well. The teacher took her to the side after the rehearsal and she shook the mans hand, “I’m Johnny Wright. You have an incredible voice.”

Jeni smiled, “Thanks. Just practicing though.”

He handed her his card, “I want you to come by my place on Friday. Bring your parents. I think you are going to like this.”

Jeni smiled, “Okay sure.”

The black man walked away and the teacher looked at Jeni, “Wow what an honor.”

“Who is that?” Jeni asked.

“The one and only. Wright Entertainment. HE’s always around here searching for some talent.” He put his hand on Jeni’s shoulder, “Convince your mom. You won’t be disappointed.”

That was when Atomic Kitten was formed. Three ladies, all with unique attitudes and personalities. Jenifer Mack, Skylar Harris and Heidi Miller would take the world by storm with their incredible singing, dancing and song writing.