And The Band Played On

Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Jeni Mack grew up together in a small town in Texas. After Supernatural takes off, the boys leave Jeni in Texas and go off with their careers. Jeni finds an audition and calls on Jensen for some help. While their, she meets up with another girl, Mikalea Ellington and put together the group Atomic Kitten. Mikalea’s father is James Ellington is the CEO of a major recording studio and sign the girls right away. This is a story filled with heart break, love and sorrow.


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  1. Miaklea Ellington was just shy of her 23rd birthday and she was no where she wanted to be in life She had wanted to be a dancer, a singer, maybe an actress. But instead, she was working in this crappy dinner, with crappy pay and an even crappier boss. After her mother’s death just a year ago, she shut down and fell into a deep depression. Her father tried everything in his power to help his daughter, but she was shut down. So he did what he knew best, he packed up their home in Phoenix Arizona and moved them to Austin Texas. There, he took a job as CEO of RCA and tried his best to move on with the grief.

    A pair of jade green eyes watched the girl as she moved from table to table, filling coffees, taking plates back to the kitchen and just chatting with the clientele. The way she moved dancer-like, smooth and graceful. As he sipped his coffee, he wondered, for just a brief second, if she was like that in bed.

    She had a very beautiful smile, light hair that was pulled back into a low pony tail, the ends grazed her collarbone. The pink apron she had on, highlighted a petite frame. He let out a sigh and returned to the papers that were strewn about the table.

    “So, Green Eyes, can I get you anything besides coffee?”

    Jensen Ackles looked up from the papers to see her standing near the table, her hand on her small hip and a pot of coffee in her left. He slid her a lust filled smile, one that made all the ladies swoon. Jensen knew he was a handsome fellow and it didn’t take much to get them in bed. “Well..that depends..uh..” His eyes moved from her face down to the tag that was pinned to her black shirt and took a moment to admire the swell of breasts. “What time you get off, Mikalea.?” He held up his empty cup so she could fill it.

    She chuckled and took the mug and poured the coffee. “I’m sorry, I kinda work a double shift.”

    “Well,” He winked at her, “Maybe I’ll come back tonight for dinner.”

    “The food isn’t that good here, let alone the dinner menu” She smile slid out the pad from the pocket of her apron and the pen from behind her ear. “So, can I get you some food?”

    Jensen shook his head and chuckled. “Two eggs, over easy, hash browns and toast.”

    She winked at him and slid the pen back behind her ear. She leaned forward a bit and whispered. “Maybe I’ll see you later.”

    “See you then.” He smiled at her as she turned from his table and walked to the counter to put in his order. He shook his head as he watched her hips swing back and forth and let out a low whistle. “Hot damn.”

  2. Jenifer Michele Mack, 23 years old, living just outside Austin, Texas with her parents, Gloria and Earl Mack. Gloria was a housewife and she had been since Jeni was born. Earl worked at John Deere, building tractors, working long hours, but it paid the bills.

    When Jeni was younger, she was in all sorts of plays, from Annie to the Sound of Music, she always had a knack for singing. If it was quiet, you could hear her in her room singing a new song she had just written or just something off the top of her head. Gloria had told her when she was about ten that she wouldn’t make it in the music business. They were in Texas and the Texans wanted country music. Jeni hated it. She loved Pop Rock.

    Growing up, she was very close with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalacki. Jensen was a bit older and Jared the same age. They were called the three stooges in high school, having a blast with each other and just spending time with each other. All three of them actually crashed the senior prom. They almost got kicked out of school that year, but somehow their moms worked something out with community service, so all summer long before they got their diplomas, they were out picking up garbage off the side of the streets and helping with the elderly at the local nursing home.

    The boys ended up getting a call asking for them to shoot a pilot in Los Angeles. A new show they were going to try to put out and the two jumped at the chance. Jeni was mad, they left her all alone in Texas, by herself. She hardly ever came out of her room, only to do chores and eat. She would take long rides on her horse at night to the creek about 5 miles from their house and watch as the sun went down under the water and the moon peaked over, glaring it’s beautiful smile.

    She was at breakfast that morning with Jared. The two boys had come back to Texas, waiting on the pilot of the show to air and the ratings. Everyone had their fingers crossed. She picked up the paper as she sipped her coffee, “So what are you going to do today?”

    “Not sure.”

    He took a breath as Jeni’s face grew the biggest smile he had ever seen. She looked up, “Auditions Jared. Holy shit.”

    “For what?” HE put a piece of bacon in his mouth.

    “RCA records looking for all girl group.” She looked up at him, “I have to do this. This is my chance.”

    “What if it’s country music?”

    She shrugged, “Then I’ll talk them out of it.” She folded the paper and looked at the clock, “Okay I have to go. I have class.”

    She got up and leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, “See you later.”

    She rushed out of the restaurant and headed to her class at Austin community college. She sat down in her math class, took out her work and took out a piece of paper and started to write. She smiled as throughout the whole class she wasn’t paying attention, she was writing this song that came to her head.

    As the class was over, she headed back home. HEr father not home from work yet and her mother sitting down reading the paper, Jeni sat in front of the piano. She turned to her mom, “So there are these auditions at RCA records. Week from tomorrow.”

    JEni started to play and sing the song she had just written. Gloria enjoyed hearing her daughter sing. She was angelic and had a large range of vocals. But she was afraid of the disappointment that Jeni would get if she didn’t get picked.

  3. “Go ahead and head on out Mikalea, doesn’t look like we’re not getting anyone else.”

    Mikalea turned from the window to see her boss and frowned. She knew she wasn’t going to get paid for the early release and her rent was due in a few days. As much as her father insisted on paying for her rent, she declined. She had grown up with a silver spoon in her mouth and she was teased and bullied about it. Just once, she would like to make it on her own, with out her father pulling the strings. Since the death of her mother, there was a huge rift between father and daughter.

    She fished out her keys from the pocket of her jacket as she quickly walked across the parking lot, causally glancing over her shoulder. What was it like to walk to your car with out having to look over your shoulder?

    She reached her dark blue Jeep Wrangler and slid behind the driver’s seat as she started up the engine and let out a breath as the engine fired over. Her Jeep was a few years old and it was iffy if it would start. One of these days, she was going to get a brand new car. She was about to shift into gear, when she felt her phone vibrate.

    She fished it out of her purse and a smile lit up her face. “Oh my god, you are just the person I wanted to hear from.”

    A female voice laughed on the other end. “I was thinking we can hit up Chicky’s tonight. Karakoee and there are gonna be some hot guys there.”

    Mikalea flipped down the visor and took a look at her reflection. “Just got off work. Let me swing home and change. Meet you there?”

  4. Gloria had insisted that Jeni not work while she was getting her education. She did get a full ride, but her prom disaster almost got it taken away. She had straightened up and going to college to do something with her life. She wanted to study everything, even maybe one day going to another country like Europe.

    She was up in her room that night going through her closet trying to chose what she wanted to wear for karaokee that night. She heard her mom, “Jared’s here!!”

    She yelled, “Send him up.”

    She heard his big feet coming up the stairs and she turned as he walked into the door, “This shirt with these jeans or this shirt with these jeans?”

    Jared laughed as he leaned up against the doorjam, “They look exactly alike.”

    Jeni tossed her head to the side, “Okay these jeans are gap, these are levi’s. This shirt is blue and this one is dark blue.”

    HE laughed again, “They still look exactly the same.”

    She closed her eyes, “Just pick one!!”

    HE walked in and took the jeans and shirt from her and she opened her eyes and smiled, “Great choice.”

    He sat on her bed and picked up a magazine as she undressed and put her jeans and tshirt on. She put on a pair of tennis shoes as he looked up from the magazine he was reading, “So what is the capital of the countries I can’t pronouce?”

    Jeni laughed and pulled the magazine from his hands, “IT’s something I’m learning in humanities class. I can’t pronounce them.” She put the magazine on her desk as she tied her shoes.

    Jared got up, “Are you sure you are going to wear those shoes?”

    She leaned up, her blonde hair in her eyes, “Why? What’s wrong with them?”

    HE laughed, “Nothing. Just messing around.”

    She glared at him, “Idiot!!!”

    JEni turned off the light in her room and the two of them headed out of the house. JEni giving her mom a kiss and hug and she gave Jeni a twenty dollar bill, “Don’t spend it all in one place.”

    Jeni smiled, “Just be at Chicky’s. If you need me.”

    “It’ll give your father and I some time along to rekindle our love.”

    Jeni glared at her mom, “Tell me no.” She gagged, “No don’t say no more.”

    Gloria laughed, “You kids have a good time.”

    The two of them walked out to Jared’s black Bronco that was newly restored, “Where’s Jensen?”

    Jared got into the drivers seat, “Picking him up on the way.”

    They buckled and headed out and a few streets away, Jared pulled into the driveway and honked the horn. Jensen ran out, wearing jeans and a tshirt, hugging his body like a second skin. Jeni hopped into the back seat as Jensen got in the front, “Hey gang.”

    “Nice shirt dingle.” JEni laughed. “You borrow that one from MEgan?”

    Jensen looked back at Jeni, “I’m picking up a girl tonight. She’s gonna rip this shirt right off my body.”

    JEni laughed, “OKay whatever.”

  5. Mikalea parked her Jeep across the street of the bar and her red cowboy boots raced across the street and she showed the bounder her ID. She gave him a smile as his eyes swept up her lean legs that ended in a very short black skirt, tight red blouse and her face that was made up with heavy eye liner and red lipstick.

    She thanked him and statshed the ID back into her purse as she walked inside the noisy bar, moving through the crowd that was dancing on the floor. Coming from Arizona, she was used to country music and she actually kind of liked it. She even sang some gigs at some country bars.

    She saw Heather sitting at the bar and the red head waved her over as Mikalea sat in the chair, she leaned over and hugged her friend. “So, where are these hot guys?” Mikalea shouted over the loud club music.

    “They haven’t gotten here yet. Megan said her brother and his friend were coming here tonight.”

    Miaklea signaled the bar tender over and leaned over the bar. “Can I get a Whiskey Sour and keep a tap open?” She slid her credit card over to him and winked at him. She just ended a very bad relationship and tonight was about letting go of all her vises.

    “Speak of the devil.”

    Mikalea craned her neck towards the door to see a woman walking over to her. She was very pretty with dark hair and behind her trailed a man that was much taller then her, but her eyes was on the one behind them. He was a little shorter, with dark spiked hair, a very tight tee shirt and jeans that seemed to be painted on him.

  6. Though Jeni was a regular, she always got stopped at the door. She didn’t look her age and everytime they went in, there was another bouncer working. The boys were let in along with Megan, Jared’s sister and Jeni was stopped and she had to show her ID. She rolled her eyes as she took her license out of her pocket and gave it to the bouncer. She popped her gum, “It’s me Sherrif of Nottingham.”

    He glared at her and she smiled at him. He handed it back, “I don’t like the sarcasm, you are good to go in.”

    She put it into the back pocket of her jeans and leaned over, whispering in his ear, “You can buy me a drink later sexy.”

    She walked into the door and headed where she saw Jared. She walked over, putting her gum into a napkin, “Those damn bouncers I tell you.” She turned to see that Megan was talking to a blonde girl. She was beautiful, perfect body, perfect teeth, she definately wasn’t a country girl. Jensen was circling the dance floor, looking for any type of girl that he would enjoy. Jared had a beer in his hand for Jeni, “Here drink up.”

    She smiled, “Thanks.”

    Megan turned, “Jeni, Jared, Heather, this is my friend Mikalea.”

    JEni smiled, “Nice to meet you.” She turned and walked over to the karaoke catalogs and picked a few songs. Jared smiled, raised his beer, took a sip and walked over by Jeni.

    Megan smiled, “Jared has been in love with Jeni for so long. I’m surprised they aren’t dating.”

    Mikalea pointed, “Who is that? I saw him at the diner today.” She was pointing right at Jensen who was dancing with some ugly girl with no teeth and a cowboy hat on.

  7. Megan smile and looked at Jensen, than at Miakeal. “That is Jensen.”

    Mikalea watched him for a moment than walked over to the Karokee table and looked through the booklet, selected a song than signed her name and went back over to the table where Jeni and Jared had set down. Heather and Mikalea ordered a round of beers for the table when her name was called up to the stage.

    She noticed that Jensen had finally noticed her as she walked to the stage and she tossed her hair back as she took the mic and waited for the music to cue up.

    Well I’m an eight ball shooting double fisted drinking son of a gun
    I wear My jeans a little tight
    Just to watch the little boys come undone
    Im here for the beer and the ball busting band
    Gonna get a little crazy just because I can


    You know im here for the party
    And i aint leavin til they throw me out
    Gonna have a little fun gonna get me some
    You know im here, im here for the party

    I may not be a ten but the boys say i clean up good
    And if i gave em half a chance for some rowdy romance you know they would
    Ive been waiting all week just to have a good time
    So bring on them cowboys and their pick up lines

  8. Jensen had taken a seat next to Jeni and leaned over, “She’s pretty good. Might give you a run for your money.”

    Jeni hit him, “Everyone knows I hate country. She’s got it downpat. They need a disco bar in this town.”

    Jeni’s name was called up after Mikalea walked off stage, nearly getting a standing ovation. Her voice was so crisp and clean, almost as if she was a professional singer. Jeni thought to herself, ‘probably voice lessons’.

    As Jeni took the mic from the guy in charge of karaokee the crowd went to its feet. They knew Jeni and they knew she could sing incredibly well. She spoke softly, “Country music isn’t my thing yall.”

    One of the regulars in the back yelled, “We know this!!!! Just sing for us hot cakes!!!”

    Jeni laughed as she looked at the guy in charge and he pressed play on the machine. The music started and Jeni started to sing, everyone clapping and getting on their feet as she took the song to new levels. Yes she didn’t sing country, but she could sing the hell out of any song, ”

    He was on his way home from Candletop
    Been two weeks gone and he thought he’d stop
    At Web’s and have him a drink for he went home to her
    Andy Wo-Lo said “hello”
    He said “Hi what’s a doing”
    Wo said “Sit down I got some bad news that’s gonna hurt”
    Said “I’m your best friend and you know that’s right
    But your young bride ain’t home tonight
    Since you been gone she’s been seeing that Amos boy Seth”
    He got mad and he saw red
    Andy said “boy don’t you lose your head
    ‘Cause to tell you the truth I’ve been with her myself”

    That’s the night the lights went out in Georgia
    That’s the night that they hung an innocent man
    Don’t trust your soul to no back woods Southern lawyer
    ‘Cause the judge in the town’s got bloodstains on his hand

    Andy got scared and left the bar
    Walking on home cause he didn’t live far you see
    Andy didn’t have many friends and he just lost him one
    Brother thought his wife must’ve left town
    So he went home and finally found the only thing
    Daddy had left him and that was a gun
    He went off to Andy’s house
    Slipping through the back woods quiet as a mouse
    Came upon some tracks too small for Andy to make
    He looked through the screen at the back porch door
    He saw Andy lying on the floor
    In a puddle of blood and he started to shake

    The Georgia patrol was making their rounds
    So he fired a shot just to flag em down
    And a big bellied sheriff grabbed his gun and said
    “Why’d you do it?”
    The judge said guilty in a make believe trial
    Slapped the sheriff on the back with a smile and said
    “Suppers waiting at home and I got to get to it”

    They hung my brother before I could say
    The tracks he saw while on his way
    To Andy’s house and back that night were mine
    And his cheatin wife had never left town
    And that’s one body that’ll never be found
    You see little sister don’t miss when she aims her gun

    After the song was over, the crowd went crazy, clapping yelling, whistling and Jeni bowed and walked off the stage. She sat next to Jared and grabbed her beer and chugged it. Mikalea leaned over, “You are incredible.”

    Jeni smiled, “Thanks.”

    Jensen leaned over, making eye contact with Mikaela, “So which song should I do?”

    Jeni laughed, “Spare us Jensen!!!!”

  9. Mikalea had to get her gaze off of Jensen, knowing what kind of guy he was. He was handsome and they way he was looking at her, he knew he was hot stuff. In fact, she be he probably had two or three women he was going to take home and she’d be damned if she was one of them. Her ex boyfriend was just like him.

    She took a swig of her beer as some more people got on stage and she excused herself and walked to the bar. As she was waiting for her drink, she felt someone sit next to her and she turned her head to see Jensen.

    “You’re pretty good.” He flagged down the bartender and ordered another beer as he smiled at her. “Voice lessons?”

    “Nope.” She fished the cherry out of her drink and placed it between her teeth.

    Jensen watched her for a minute than looked back over at the table. “So, how do you know Heather?”

    “Family friend. You?”

    “Jared dated her for a few.”

    Mikalea snorted and shook her head. “Doesn’t surprise me. Seems Heather’s dated the entire male population of Austin.”

    “Except me.”

    She studied him for a minute, before she took a swig of her drink. “Well, that’s saying a lot.” She placed her drink on the bar and extended her hand. “Mikalea Ellington.”

    Jensen looked at her hand and slowly took it in his. “Nice to meet you Mikalea. Jensen.”

    “Interesting name.” She smiled at him as she lifted up her empty drink.

    “Here’s to a night of fun.” He held up his glass and winked at her.

    Mikalea hesitated than clinked her glass to his. “Agreed.”

  10. Jeni drowned the rest of the night with beer and to drown out the horrible country music that was coming out of everyone’s mouth. It was nearly midnight and Jeni was nearly passed out on the table and Jared got up, “OKay time to go home.”

    Jeni waved to him, “Goodnight Moosey!!!” She giggled and took another sip of her beer.

    He yanked it out of her hand and picked her up, putting his long arm around her upper body. He looked at everyone at the bar, “Sorry guys, this one is gone for the night. I promised to get her home safely. Goodnight everyone.”

    Megan, Jared’s sister smiled as him and Jeni walked out of the bar, “They are so goign to get married one day.”

    Jeni slumped as her legs slid on the floor behind her, she was laughing as Jared rustled with her dead weight, “Good Lord. What did you have for dinner?”

    JEni put her hand over her mouth, “YOu are about to find out.”

    HE leg go of her and she fell to her knees as she threw up everything she had eaten, then threw up again, finally getting the dry heaves. She sat back on her legs, “Oh shit I feel better.”

    Jared walked over and picked her up by her arms, “Yeah you and beer don’t get along very well.” She put her arms around him and looked up into his eyes and smiled, “You certainly are cute.”

    He could have taken advantage of the situation. He had been in love with her for a long time, but didn’t want to do or say anything. He didn’t want to compromise their friendship.

    She slumped in his arms, passing out and he sighed, “Good Lord.” HE ended up picking up her small frame, pulled her legs up and her head laid on his chest. HE leaned over and smelled her sweet hair, “God you smell good.”


    Jeni woke up the next morning by the vacuum cleaner coming into her room. She leaned up as the curtain was pulled back and the voice that she didn’t want to hear, “Good morning sweetheart!!! Time to greet the day.”

    Jeni laid back down and put the pillow over her head, “I don’t remember how I got home.”

    Gloria turned the vaccuum off, “Jared brought you home. Your father nearly had to drag you up the stairs. It was quite comical.”

    Jeni pulled the pillow off her head and looked at her mom, “WHAT?”

    “Pretty drunk last night honey. Must have been some good karaoke.” She looked at her watch, “Don’t you have class today?”

  11. “So, how was your night? Did you pick up any hotties?”

    Mikalea let out a groan as she slid the coffee pot back into the warmer, tore off the order and slid it through the small gap where Pete the Cook was doing his work. “No.”

    “NO? Oh come on ‘Lea.” Heather scolded as she placed a hand on her small hip and tossed her red hair back from her shoulders. “That was my order.” She smiled and leaned in and whispered into her ear. “Well..hottie number one from last night just walked into the diner.”

    Miaklea craned her head to look at the door to see the man with the dark hair and gorgeous green eyes, take a seat near the window. Sliding in across from him, was a woman with long dark hair that was neatly styled into a low pony tail. “No… take this one.”

    Heather smiled and shook her head. “Sorry…I’m on break.”

    Mikalea took a breath, grabbed the coffee pot and slowly walked over to the table, where she could hear the tail end of the conversation.

    “So, I was thinking having the party at my house, tomorrow when the show airs. I know a great cater.” The woman stopped talking as she saw the look on Jensen’s face and turned to see the waitress coming to their table. A smile spread across her face as she saw the look on her brother’s face.

    Jensen licked his lips and smiled at her as Mikalea held up the coffee. “Uh…can I get you guys some coffee?”

    Jensen grabbed his white ceramic mug and turned it up and watched as Mikalea poured the coffee into his and then Mackenzie’s. “Thank you.”

    Mackenzie stuck her hand out and smiled. “Hi, I’m Kenzie. Jensen’s sister. You two seem to know each other.”

    Mikalea blushed as she brushed some hair from her face. “Uh..He comes in once or twice a week. Do you need some more time to order?”

    “Actually,” Kenzie flicked her eyes over to Jensen who’s attention was still on the pretty waitress. “Are you free tomorrow evening?”

    “Uh…I think so.” Damn those green eyes of his were so mesmerizing.

    “Good, I’m throwing a showing party at my house. .Tomorrow at seven.” Mackenzie reached into her purse and took out a notebook where she scribbled down an address. “See you then?”

    Mikalea took the paper and slid it into the pocket of her apron. “Sure.”

    MacKenzie took a sip of her coffee as she watched her brother looking at Mikalea as she tended to the other customers in the diner. “She’s pretty.”

    Jensen jumped and turned to look at his sister who was smiling at him. He shrugged and took a sip of his coffee. “She’s OK.”

    MacKenzie shook her head and looked down at the menu, forming a plan in her head.

  12. Jeni got up and got into the shower, dressed, grabbed her backpack and walked down the stairs. IT was nearly 10 and Gloria had put eggs and toast on the table for her, “Eat up honey. YOu need your strength.”

    The smell from the eggs nearly made her gag, but she sat and took the toast and ate a small piece. She got up quickly, “Okay thanks. I gotta go.”

    She walked out the door and got on her blue and white vespa and put her helmet on that included several smiley face stickers and started the engine. She put her backpack over her shoulders and kicked up the kick stand and headed to class.

    She parked in the parking lot of the diner and headed inside. She took her helmet off, carried it in her hands as she walked up to the counter. She turned to see Jensen and Mackenzie and waved. The waitress walked over, “What can I get you?”

    “Coffee to go please.” Jeni took out a dollar and gave it to her.

    The girl looked up, “You were at the bar last night.”

    Jeni looked up to see Mikalea and smiled, “Yes. I’m sure there are some crazy stories going around today.” She turned her head to look at Jensen who was smiling at her and she turned back, “Just coffee please. I’m rather late.”

    Mikalea smiled and handed Jeni the coffee, “Here ya go. Any cream or sugar?”

    “Black please.” She took the to go cup, turned her head and nodded and walked out of the diner. She walked to her motor bike, put her helmet on, started it up and headed to class. It was her humanities class and it was the most boring class she had ever taken in her life. But she wanted to learn everything.

    As the class ended, she walked out to see Jared waiting for her and she smiled, “Hey.”

    “Was wondering if you are hungry?”

    Jeni pointed to her bike, “Gonna leave little ole betty here?”

    HE opened the door to his bronco, “Yep. We’ll come back for her.”

  13. After her shift, Mikalea was counting out her tips when she heard hte phone buzzing in her purse. She found it in the very bottom and flipped it open, almost groaning as she saw her father’s number. She was tempted to not answer it, but she knew if she did, he would just keep calling her.

    “Dad, hey what’s up?”

    “I was wondering if you would meet me at the studio? There is something I want you to go over with me.”

    Mikalea sighed and looked at the watch on her wrist. “Dad…”

    “It’s not a question Mikalea. I expect you with in the hour.”

    She snapped her phone shut, yanked her purse off the counter and bolted for the door, almost mowing down the man that was walking in. She stumbled backwards as her phone clattered to the floor. “Son of bitch!”

    She heard a deep chuckle and bent down to grab the contents of her purse that had falling out, to see a pair of boots. She followed her eyes up to the very tight jeans to see Jensen holding her phone. “I’m so sorry..I should have been watching where I was going.”

    “Th..thank you.” Mikalea smiled as she took the phone from his hands. “ I was kinda in a rush and wasn’t looking.”

    “I can see that.”

    She tucked a piece of blonde hair behind her ear. “See you tomorrow night?”

    “I look forward to it.”

    She opened the door and looked back at him to see he was still looking at her and she blushed. She ran across the street, slid into her Jeep and made the twenty minute drive to where her father’s office was located in the heart of downtown Austin.

    She stepped off on the 20th floor to where the record company was located, to see a very handsome older man in an expensive blue suit. “You’re late.” James Ellington huffed as Mikalea rushed through the door.

    Mikalea felt her insides boil as her dad turned from her and ushere in past the glass double doors, wondering why in the hell she was here. That question was answered for her as she walked into a conference room to see a man sitting at one of the tables. His hair was long, touching the collar of his shirt, his eyes blue and a smug look was on his face.

    She looked at her dad who had shut the door and walked over to the head of the table. “What the hell is this?”

    “Language Mikalea Ann..this is JC..he’s going..”

    “I know who the hell he is!” Mikalea snapped. “What the hell is he doing here?”

    James face grew red as he glared at his daughter and pointed to a seat. “I’m putting him in charge of a new group. And you, Mikalea…are the first pick. You are going to be in charge of finding the other two members.”

    “Just like that?” Mikalea snapped. “I don’t have to audition?”

    “I said sit…” James pointed to the seat again and tossed her a folder. “First audition is in ten minutes.”

    Mikalea was stunned as she watched her dad walk out of the conference room and she hated the thought of being in the room alone with this man. She heard him chuckle as the door shut.

    “Who would have thought we’d ever been in the same room again?”

  14. JEni got into the Bronco and Jared shut the door. HE got into the drivers seat and started up the vehicle, “So I have a surprise for you.”

    JEni pulled her seat belt on and he hit the gas, going into the city of Austin. JEni looked out the window, “You know how long it’s been since I saw Downtown Austin.”

    Jared smiled as he pulled into the large parking lot and parked the Bronco. Jeni looked up to see Jensen and he waved. Jeni turned to Jared, “What is this?”

    HE got out of the Bronco, “Your surprise. Come on!!”

    HE took her hand and walked towards JEnsen. HE greeted them, “You ready?”

    Jared shook his head, “I didn’t tell her yet.”

    Jensen looked at JEni who had sorta of a scared look on her face. HE put out his hand and she took it and he whipped her up and put her over his shoulder, “NOw you cant’ escape.”

    JEni kicked as the two of them walked towards the front door of the large glass business building, “Put me down.”

    Jensen slapped her on the ass, “You are more trouble than a monkey. Settle down.” HE laughed and looked at Jared, “She would totally freak if Jordan KNight was up waiting for her in one of those offices.”

    Jared laughed, “Perhaps he is.”

    JEni slapped Jensen on the back, “Boy put me down or I’m gonna dot your eye.”

    The elevator opened and the three of them got on. Jeni still over JEnsens’s shoulder, Jared pressed the 20 button and the doors shut and the elevator music was all much too entertaining. Jensen started to sing, “Oh Say can you see. By the dawns early light.”

    JEni finally calmed down as he started to sing and she rolled her eyes, “You do realize the blood is rushing to my tiny brain.”

    The elevator dinged and the doors opened and they walked out. They walked to the secretary’s desk, “Hi. JEnifer Mack.”

    The secretary laughed a little as Jeni was still over JEnsen’s shoulder, “You are right on time. Go on back to door number 2.”

    Jensen smiled at the middle aged lady, “Thank you Mam.”

  15. “You don’t look too happy to see me.” JC watched as Mikalea paced back and forth in front of the tables. She had been doing this for the past ten minutes.

    “Why should I be? Huh?” Mikalea stopped long enough to glare at him, than continued. “You were the dumb ass who walked out on us.”

    “I did no such thing.”

    “Oh really?” Mikalea glared at him from over the table. “And what was her name again? Hmm?” She placed a finger on her chin. “Oh yes..Tara…walked in on you and here going at it.”

    JC laughed and shook his head. “Hey, I told you to join in. Thought you might like that.”

    “You are a pig.” Mikalea glared at him.

    “You love it.”

    Mikalea jumped as the intercom buzzed and the receptionist came over the line. “’re first audition is here.”

    “Send her in.” JC winked, “Maybe she’s cute.”

    Mikalea grabbed the first weapon that was with in reach, a dry eraser that was placed on the table in front of her. With her aim, she threw it at JC, but he ducked at the last minute and the door behind him opened.

    It happened in slow motion and Mikalea’s hand flew to her mouth as she saw Jensen walk into the room with Jeni slung over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. The eraser whizzed past JC’s head and made contact with Jensen’s forehead. He let out a roar of pain as he dropped Jeni onto the floor and grabbed his head.

  16. JEni grunted as she hit the floor and Jared put his hand over his mouth chuckling, “Man you should play for the 49ers.”

    JC looked up, “Yeah she’s pretty good at throwing things.”

    Mikalea glared at him and then walked over as Jensen got up on his feet, his hand over his head, “ARe you okay? Sorry about that.”

    “Good thing it wasn’t a knife.” he joked.

    Jeni got up from the floor, “Please I’m okay. Nobody fuss.” she looked at Jared and then at Jensen who had taken his hand off his forehead and she started to laugh. She laughed so hard she could hardly breath.

    Jared was laughing as well and Jensen turned to Mikalea who busted out laughing. HE looked down at the dry erase marker on the ground, red in color with no cap on. He rolled his eyes, “I have a dot don’t I?”

    JC nodded and walked over to him with a kleenex, “It’s cool man. They come off in time.”

    HE rubbed the mark, but it only spread across his forehead and the other door opened up and Jim Ellington walked in, “What is going on in here? I can hear the laughter coming from down the hall. Let’s get this audition over and done with. You have three more today. I’m not paying you to play around. Chop Chop.”

    JEni looked over at JC and her heart stopped. She hadn’t noticed him as she walked in and he walked over to her, putting his hand out, “JC Chasez.”

    She could hardly speak as she took his hand. HIs hands were smooth, soft, his smile was brilliant and Jared leaned over, “Your name is Jeni Mack….”

    She smiled, swallowed hard and nodded. JC smiled, “Okay let’s see what you got Ms. Mack.”

    Jensen took her hand and they walked to the other side of the room and he pulled out two seats. HE pointed, “Sit.” HE picked up the acoustic guitar and sat down next to her, “Just like we practiced okay.”

    “Uh huh.”

    HE started to play and she just went blank. Her eyes went blank. Jared watched from the door and he put his hand to his mouth, talking to himself, “Come on Jeni. Get it together.”

    JC smiled, “Jeni relax. This is not the end of the world. Just picture me naked.”

    Mikalea laughed, “One Inch Wonder! Micro Penis!!!”

    HE turned to her, “You never complained.”

    JEnsen sighed and got up from his chair, “Okay. I think this is an audition and if it’s okay with everyone, my friend Jeni would like to sing for you.” He turned to Jeni, “Come on you can do this. This is what you have always wanted. Do this for Jordan!!!” He smiled.

    Jeni smiled and took a breath as Jensen sat back down and JC smiled, “Jordan Knight? He’s a great guy.”

    Jeni smiled again as Jensen started to play again and she started off quiet and then closed her eyes and finished the song brilliantly. JEnsen doing backup vocals for her and the song came out great.

  17. Mikalea knew she had to concentrate on Jeni, but she just couldn’t keep her eyes off of Jensen. She was a sucker for men who knew how to play guitar and it didn’t help that he was pretty darn cute at that. While he was playing, he would look up to see her looking at her and wink. She felt her face blush and then she noticed that JC was glaring at her.

    Jensen could tell there was a little tension between JC and Mikalea and he wondered if maybe they had been an item at one time. He knew they were no longer together, because he could see her anger towards him. He was very attracted to Mikalea and hoped, maybe just a little bit, that they could start something. But he knew his career was just about to take off and he wasn’t sure how she would feel about that. Or if she was even wanting to date. He wasn’t sure how she felt at him, aside from the blushes here and there.

    “OK, thank you Ms. Mack. We will be finishing up the auditions tomorrow and will be getting in touch with the ones who made it. We will do call backs and do a group audition.”

    Jeni stood up from the chair and shook Jim’s hand. “Thank you Mr. Ellington.”

    Mikalea grabbed her purse and was out of the door before her father could stop her. She felt hot angry tears sting her eyes and she frantically mashed the hell out of the elevator button. She was angry at her father for springing this on her. He knew what hell JC had put her through and to even set her up like this, was a betrayal in her book.

    “Remind me to never get on your bad side.”

    Mikalea turned from the elevator to see Jensen and she lightly smiled. “I’m sorry about that. I was aiming for someone else. You play the guitar pretty good.”

    Jensen shrugged and winked at her. “I’m OK. Listen, Jared, Jeni and I are gonna head to get something to eat. If your free, would you like to join us?”

    Mikalea looked past Jensen to JC walking down the hall way, talking ot her father. “I would love to.”

  18. Jeni was nearly shaking as she walked to Jared. He put his arms around her and hugged her tightly, “Hey you did great.”

    She looked up at him, “You should have warned me.”

    “Why you wouldn’t have come. This was way better.”

    JC smiled, “So I think you might have a pretty good chance Ms. Mack. Your boyfriend was right to bring you here.”

    JEni pulled from Jared, “He’s just my friend. My best friend. They both are. WE aren’t together.”

    Jared put his hand out, “Thank you for this. WE are going to get a bite to eat. Would you be interested in going with us?”

    JC smiled, “Sure I could use some food.” He turned to see Mikalea talking to Jensen, “Where are you going? I’ll meet you there.”

    Jared smiled, “Red Lobster.”

    JC nodded, “Thanks. I’ll see you there.”

    JC walked out with Jim as Jeni and Jared walked out to the elevator where Jensen and Mikalea were standing. Jensen looked up, “Did you decide?”

    JEni nodded as she put her hand in Jared’s, “Red Lobster!”

  19. “I have an idea,” Jensen said as the door opened to the parking garage. “Why don’t I ride with Mikalea and you two ride together.”

    Mikalea was a little nervous as she opened the door to her Jeep Wrangler and waited for Jensen to hope in through the open door. “This is a sweet ride.”

    Mikalea smiled at him as she started up the engine. “Thanks. I’ve had her since I was 16.” She shifted the car into Reverse as she pulled out of the garage.

    Jensen fiddled with the radio for a minute, until he found a classic rock station. “Oh! I love this station.” He cranked it up and began to bob his head back and forth as he belted out the lyrics. “Risin’ up, back on the street, Did my time, took my chances.”

    Mikalea looked over at him and laughed as he began to lip synch to the music. “Are you always like this?”

    “All the time.’ He winked at her. He turned down the radio as the song changed. “So, I couldn’t help notice a little tension in that room back there.”

    Mikalea frowned as she shifted to a stop at the red light and looked over at Jensen. “With JC? Hey, we kinda have some history there.”

    “Didn’t seem to be very good history.”

    Miaklea sighed and looked in her rear view mirror at Jared’s Bronco. “No. He..uh..cheated on me..a few times…I caught him at least twice, not sure if how many others were there.”

    “I’m sorry, but a man who cheats on you is an idiot. You are a very pretty woman.”

    Mikalea smiled at him and shifted into drive. “Thank you.”

  20. Mikalea turned to Jensen, “So are Jeni and Jared a couple.”

    “He wants more, but he doesn’t want to press the issue. She loves him, she just won’t admit it. I learned years ago to stay out of both their lives.”


    He put on that smile of his, “Well, I’m sorta a matchmaker.”

    Mikalea laughed, “Really? More like a game show host.”

    She pulled up into the parking lot of Red Lobster and the Bronco parked next to her and they all four got out. JEni walked over and took Jared’s hand again, “I’m starving and I want a steak.”

    JEnsen sighed, “Then why didn’t we just go to Ponderosa?”

    “There steak here is fantastic.”

    They walked to the door and Jensen held it open as Jeni, Jared and Mikalea went through. HE smiled as he walked past her, “Beauty before age.”

    She blushed as Jeni got the table and thye walked to the back of the restaurant. They sat down with an extra chair and Mikalea’s smile fell from her face, “Tell me you didn’t.”

    She turned her head as he walked up to the table and sat down. JEni smiled, “I can’t believe I’m having a meal with the famous JC Chasez from NSync. Dream come true.”

    Mikalea, who was sitting next to him, moved her chair further towards Jensen and the waitress walked over, “What can I get yall to drink?”

    They all ordered their drinks and Jensen leaned back in his chair, “So JC. What does that stand for? Just Cheesy?”

    Jeni looked at JEnsen, “Stop Jensen.”

    Jensen continued, “So what Mikalea was talking about earlier. ARe you a minute man with your small pecker?”

    JEni glared at him again, “Jensen!!!”

    HE looked at JC, “Well a man that cheats on a woman is no man in my book.” HE smiled at him and continued, “I don’t care how much money you make or how famous you are. You don’t treat woman like that!!!”

  21. Jensen could see the anger on Mikalea’s face as she sat there as JC berated her. “Well if she was a decent lover, maybe I wouldn’t have had to stray.”

    Mikalea let out a breath as she slid back her chair, her voice thick with her emotions. “I’m sorry.” She swallowed hard as she flicked her eyes over to Jensen and then back down at the table, feeling embarrassment creep up along her cheeks. “Thank you for the invite, but I think I better go.” Before anyone else could say anything, she turned from the table and hurried out into the parking lot. With shaking hands, she started up the engine and peeled out of the parking lot.

    When she got to her apartment, Miaklae threw her purse on the recliner, not caring that it fell to the floor and tumbled to the ground. With a sob, she threw herself onto the couch and began to cry. She wasn’t sure how long she lay there, with her head buried into the cushions, but when she raised her head, she realized someone was knocking at her door.

    She glanced over at the clock that was mounted on the mantle of the fireplace, shocked to see it was past seven. Her eyes felt hot and puffy and her hair was matted around her head. She took a finger and smoothed out the tresses as best as she could. With sniffed as she looked through the peep hole, taking a minute to register who was standing on the other side.

    She let out a breath and opened the door to see Jensen standing on the other side, a very concerned look on his face. ‘Hey, you OK? I’ve been trying to call you for hours.”

    “I’m fine.” Mikalea crossed her arms over her chest. “W..what are you doing here?”

    “Did you forget about tonight? The viewing party? Mackenzie was concerned that you didn’t show up and when I told her what happened about lunch…”

    “I’m fine Jensen, OK? I’m sorry. But I’m not feeling very good…”

    He gave her a small smile. “Can you come please? For me? I was kinda hoping you would be there. I would love your opinion more than anyone else’s.”

    Mikalea studied him for a moment, than let out a sigh. “Give me ten minutes to freshen up.” She opened the door a little wider and let him inside her apartment. “Make yourself at home.”

    Jensen stood in the middle of the apartment living room, unsure what to do. He heard the bathroom door click shut, so he slowly turned around in a circle and took in his surrondings.

    It was lavishly furnished. A simple red sofa was placed in the middle of the room and faced a modest entertainment centre that was crammed with candles, some books and a few photos. A black recliner stood to his right, where her purse was now occupied. A fireplace was across the room and he notices several more candles and some photos.

    He slowly walked over to the mantle and picked up the first picture he could see. It was a of a little girl, he had to assume was around five-years old and in a pink ballet costume. From the age of the picture, he was guessing that the litlte girl was Mikalea. He carefully put the picture back on the mantle and looked at the others. One was of an older beautiful woman who had Mikalea’s smile. He hadn’t heard her speak of her mother, so he wondered if this was her in the picture. He heard footsteps behind him and placed the picture back and slowly turned around.
    A smile slowly crept onto his face as he saw her standing near the couch, look beautiful in a short, dark blue sun-dress.

    “I’m ready.” She reached for her purse as Jensen joined her at the door.

    She was silent as she followed him down the stairs to where the parking lot was located and came to a dark blue Mustang. She waited as he opened her door and as she slid into the seat, she closed her eyes as she took in his smell. This was going to be a long night.

  22. After Mikalea left the restaurant, Jensen got up, threw his napkin on the table, “I’ve lost my appetite.”

    He turned and walked out of the restaurant. JC smiled at Jeni and Jared, “So it’s just the three of us now.”

    Jeni turned to Jared and then back at JC, “A celebrity of your nature should never open your mouth like that about any type of situation.” She got up from her chair, “I’m sorry JC, you aren’t as smart as I thought you were.”

    She walked out of the restaurant, Jared followed. They got into the Bronco and headed back to Jeni’s house. As he parked, they got out and walked to the glider that was on the porch. Jeni pulled her knees up to her chest, put her head on her legs and looked at Jared who was swinging the chair, “Thank you for the opportunity Jar. I can now kiss my singing career goodbye.” She smiled at him.

    He put his arm around her and she leaned into him, “Hey don’t say that. JC is an asshole.”


    The day went by and Jeni and Jared stayed the day together. They never got tired of each others company. IT was nearly the time for the show to start. It was very exciting. They all traveled to Jensen’s house and Jensen looked around to see no Mikalea. HE walked to Jeni and Jared, “Okay listen I’ll be back. I have to get more beer.”

    He walked out and got into his car and headed out. Jared, Jeni and a couple of their friends sat on the couch watching the bigscreen Tv. The show was about to start and the door opened, “Okay the party can start now!!!”

    Jeni turned her head to see Jensen and Mikalea walk in the door. HIs hands were empty and she held up her empty beer bottle, “I thought you were getting more beer.”

    HE smiled as he shut the door behind him, “This was more important.”

    Mikalea turned to him, giving him a sweet smile, his smile melted her heart and butterflies started to turn in her stomach.

  23. While they were waiting for the show to start, Mackenzie decided to go ahead to the store and grab some more beer because the natives were going to start getting restless pretty soon.

    Mikalea felt a little awkward as she sat on the couch, watching everyone interact with each other, she was sure most of them were family. That got her a little sad as she realized that after her mother died, her relationship with her father evaporated. He never came out and really said it, but Mikalea was certain he blamed her for her mother’s death.

    “Hey, you OK?”

    Mikalea looked up to see Jensen holding out a plate of appetizers to her and she slowly took the plate as he sat down next to her. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

    “That JC dick..he was your boyfriend?”

    Mikalea looked at her plate and selected a bacon wrapped shrimp. “ Yeah..was…we all make mistakes.” She turned her head and looked at him as he thoughtfully chewed his food. “He was using me because of my father. Thought if he’d date me, he’d get all the perks.”

    “Well…there are plently of men out there who’d love to date you for more than that.”

    Mikalea shrugged and popped the shrimp into her mouth and shurgged. “Yeah..I guess.”

    The door opened and Mackenzie walked into the living room with the several cases of beer and everyone gathered around the TV as Jensen and Jared got up in front of the crowd and announced the pilot epsidoe had been picked up and what they were about to see, was the first episode of season one. As Jensen spoke, Mikalea watched him, wondering what he meant by that statement. Did he mean her?

  24. Jeni was happy for them, she got up from the couch and hugged both of them and then excused herself. She walked out the back door to the porch. She sat on Jensen’s gliding chair outside with her beer in her hand and rocked as she looked up at the stars in the sky.

    She heard the sliding glass open and she just sipped her beer and she heard the voice, “Upset?”

    Jeni turned her head to see Mikalea walking towards her, a beer in her hand, “A little.”

    “You should be happy for them.” She sat next to Jeni on the glider.

    Jeni had water forming in her eyes, “I am. Don’t get me wrong. They deserve everything, but now it’s time for them to leave me again. For good this time.” A tear slipped from her eye, “I knew this day would come, but I wasn’t expecting it.”

    Mikalea nodded, “You and Jared are so close.”

    “The three of us are.” She turned to Mikalea, “I care for them so much. We grew up together and I know that Jensen hasn’t been the same since you came into the picture.” She smiled, “HE really likes you.”

    Mikalea smiled, “Jared is in love with you.”

    JEni shook her head, “No he’s not. Just my friend and we will stay friends.”

    Mikalea laughed and then turned to Jeni, “Well how about you traveling the world?”

    Jeni turned to her, “Yeah not going to happen. I wasn’t very nice to JC. I can kiss that one goodbye.”

    “He doesn’t make the choices. I make the choices.” She smiled and put her hand on Jeni’s leg, “I can officially say you are in.”

  25. Jeni looked at Mikalea who was glancing up at the stars. “You and your dad don’t seem very close. I don’t know what I would do without my parents.”

    Mikalea let out a sigh. “My dad..he’s..I don’t know how to describe him. He means well and all, but he has a shitty way of showing it. My mom passed away a year ago. Acutally it will be a year next month.”

    “Oh, that must have been hard. Were you two close?”

    “Very. When she died…she was on her way to my dance recital. Something I had begged and begged them both to do. Dad finally caved but he never went to them. Well, my recital was at night and my mom…was killed on the way. My dad fell apart when she was killed. In a way, I think he kinda blames me.”

    “Mikalea, you can’t say that. I’m sure he doesn’t. He’s just dealing with a loss so profound.”

    Mikalea turned her head and looked in through the patio door to see Jensen talking to his sister and brother. “I want that kind of love, ya know.? Someone who loves you for you and not for who your father is.”

    Jeni smiled and patted her leg and stood up from the rocker. “Well…I’m sure he’s right under your nose. I’m getting some beer, want some?”

    Mikalea nodded and handed her the empty bottle and laid her head back on the swing. She closed her eyes and took in the scent of Jasmine and orange blossoms. She heard the patio door swish open and then closed, but she kept her eyes closed. She felt a bottle being passed into her head and she opened one eye and saw Jensen standing before her, a smile on his face.

    “you looked so peaceful. Wasn’t sure if I should wake you.” He winked at her as he took a sip off his bottle and sat down next to her.

    She clasped her hand around the bottle and started to peel off the label. “That show is fantastic Jensen. I have a good feeling about this one.”

    Jensen laughed. “Yeah the networks think so too. So..uh…got word that they are filming in Vancouver and uh…we have to leave.”

    Mikalea turned her head to see that he was looking at her. “W…when?”

    “Uh…tomorrow afternoon.”

    Mikalea sucked in her breath and slowly let it out and looked back towards the yard. “…for…for how long?”

    “Six months. But we get a break in two months and we can come back. So..I..uh have a question for you?”

    Mikalea turned her head to see that Jensen had leaned a little closer to her and she blinked as she noticed the freckles across his nose and cheek. “Yeah?” her voice was just a whispher as he moved in a little closer. Her eyes closed as she felt his soft lips press lightly against hers, than he pulled away.

    “Will you still be here?”

    She stared at his lips as his tongue slid across the bottom and she slowly nodded as she slid her hand to the back of his neck, drawing him back in. “Yes.”

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