The Heart Wants what It Wants

It is the Summer of 1997 and after her mother and father divorce, Bella Hunt finds herself in the town where her mother grew up. She is just about to start her senior year and meets a young girl named Jenifer Mack and they two strike up a great friendship. As they go to their senior year, both girls aren’t expecting what the year has in store for them.


160 thoughts on “The Heart Wants what It Wants

  1. Jensen wasn’t happy as he walked and the bodyguards followed behind him. He wanted Bella to go to Vegas, but she wasn’t even thinking about it. HE knew she had work and knew this was a long shot, but the amount of beef he gave her, he thought she couldn’t resist his charm.

    IT wouldn’t be too long till that frown turned upside down and he had an eternal smile on his face when he found out that Bella and Chloe were goign to be on the same flight as they were. As they boarded, Jeni stayed back to wait, only seeing Monica. JEni stopped her, “Where’s Bella and Chloe?”

    MOnica laughed, “They are running late. Don’t think she’s going to hit this flight.”

    Jeni smiled weakly, “Great just great.” She put her hand on Monica’s arm, “No this is just perfect.” She walked over to the person working the gate, “There are two passengers that won’t be on this flight. Can you please have them take the next one?” She handed the man her credit card, “Please take care of them. Precious cargo.”

    The man smiled, “Mrs. Padalecki, I love your husband on Supernatural. My favorite character. This ones on the house.” HE handed the credit card back.

    Jeni smiled, “Thank you. Chloe Ackles and Bella Hunt .”

    The man was very nice and smiled, “No problem Mrs. Padalecki. Have a safe flight to Vegas.”

    She smiled, “Thanks again.”

    She walked on the plane and got her seat next to Jared and Tom. Jared was holding Shep and he turned to her, “EVerythign okay?”

    JEni nodded and smiled, “absolutely.”

  2. Bella was out of breath when she reached the ticket counter and let out a ‘son of a bitch” when she noticed the ticket counter was closed and that the plane was taxing out of the gate. “Sir, I’m sorry..but I was supposed to be on that plane.”

    The man looked at her, than at Chloe who was standing behind her. “You wouldn’t happen to be Ms. Hunt would you?”

    “” Bella’s head was pounding and she was out of breath and people were giving her weird looks.

    The man smiled at her and handed over a ticket. “Just in luck. The next plane to Vegas leaves in 20 minutes. First class.”

    Bella was in shock as she took the ticket and thanked him as she walked over to Chloe and told her the good news. Ten minutes later, they were bored in first class and Chloe had a huge smile on her face as she looked out the window and watched the plane being loaded.

    Two hours later the plane landed in Vegas and Chloe, Bella and Logan were the first ones off. As they made their way to the baggage claim, Bella was surprised that a limo was waiting for them. The chauffeur took their bags to the black stretch limo and Chloe let out a excited giggle. “I feel like roality. This is so awesome mom! Thank you!”

    Bella mumbled out a your welcome, but she was just as shocked about the transportation. The car took them out of the airport and a few minutes later, came to a stop in front of the Rio. The concierge took their bags and Bella nd Chloe weaved their way through the casino to the hotel registration.

    “Oh mom, look! They must be doing the convention this weekend! I wish we had tickets.”

    Bella smiled at her daughter as she checked them into the hotel and then was given a map to where the towers were located. They wound their way down a long hallway that seemed deserted when they came to a pair of glass double doors. Bella took her key card and swiped it and followed Chloe to the elevators.

  3. As they got into Vegas, they were whisked away to the Rio. It was a grand hotel and the fans for the convention were all over the place. The concierge took their bags and headed them all up to their rooms. They were all suites and had a beautiful view of the Las Vegas Strip.

    Jared put his bag on the bed, “Mom, Dad and Megan are goign to be here. Probably tonight. Megan’s new book. She will be selling it in the Vendors area.”

    Jeni smiled, “That’s great. God I miss her. I haven’t seen her in ages.” She walked over to the phone and picked it up and dialed for the front desk, “Yes Hi. I was wondering if you could give me a call on the phone when Bella Hunt and Chloe Ackles checks in?”

    “Sure thing Mrs. Padalecki.”

    “Thank you.”

    She hung up the phone and Jared turned to her, “You are taking this to the extreme aren’t you?”

    JEni smiled as she picked up Shep, “YEs and I’m hungry. What’s for dinner?”

    HE laughed and pointed to the hotel card menu, “Pizza.”

    She laughed, “Smart ass!!!”

    “Better to be a smart ass than a dumb ass.”

  4. Jeni had gone down from her room with the boys and went to the small restaurant that was located inside the Rio. It was called the Hash house a go go. They got a booth and Jeni put Tom in a booster seat and Shep in a high chair. She looked at the menu, “Okay so what do we want?”

    Tom giggled, “Pancakes.”

    The waitress walked over and smiled, “Hi what can I get you to drink?”

    JEni smiled, “I think I’ll have coffee. And we will both have the pancake with a side of sausage.”

    The waitress smiled as she wrote everything down, “I am going to be honest with you. The pancakes are huge. The three of you could share one.”

    Jeni smiled, “Okay thanks. Then just one pancake and a side of sausage.”

    She smiled, “No problem.”

    Jeni smiled, “Apple juice for the boys please.”

    “No problem. I’ll bring that right out.”

    After the drinks were delivered, the concierge walked into the restaurant and up to Jeni’s table, “Mrs. Padalecki? I just wanted to let you know that Ms Hunt and Ms Ackles have arrived.”

    JEni smiled, “Thanks. What room are they in?”

    He handed her a piece of paper, “Not suppose to do this, but you are a preferred guest.”

    HE nodded and walked away. Jeni smiled and looked at the paper with a room number on it. They were on the same floor and after they ate the huge pancake that even all three of them couldn’t eat, she grabbed the boys, paid the bill and headed up to Bella’s room. She adjusted Shep on her hip and knocked on the door. She heard Chloe inside, “I’ll get it!!!”

    She was full of excitement and she opened the door and nearly yelled, “JENI!!!!!! HI!!!!” She hugged Jeni and looked down at Tom, “Thomas it’s sooo good to see you.”

  5. Bella was in the huge bathroom, splashing some water on her face, when she heard the knock on the hotel room. For a second, she had a heart stopping thought that it was Jensen. But, then she heard Jeni’s voice. She turned off the faucet as she heard the soft knock on the door.

    “Hey, mom, Aunt Jeni’s here.”

    Bella slowly opened the door and stepped out into the room to see Jeni and the boys. When Shep saw Bella, he grunted and opened and closed his hands as he stretched towards her. She smiled and took the boy in his hands as the small arms reached around her neck. “Hey there little man.” She smiled and moved her nose into his hair. “You smell like syrup.”

    Jeni laughed and watched as Thomas walked over to Chloe. “We just ate breakfast. So, I wanted to bring you this.” She reached into her jacket and took out a folded up piece of paper. “Schedule for this weekend. The guys aren’t supposed to be here till Sunday. They have to fly out in the morning and film till tomorrow evening. So, I was wondering if you wanted to do something tomorrow.”

    “Sure.” Bella smiled as Shep laid his head on her shoulder. “I might steal him. I miss having a baby around.”

    Jeni watched as Bella slowly rocked back and forth as she patted the little boy on the back. “Why don’t we go down to the pool? Nothing really exciting going on at the moment.”

    Bella smiled. “Sure, let me get dressed.”

  6. JEni took the boys back to their hotel room and she got them in their swim shorts as she got into her bikini, putting a tank top on and a pair of shorts along with her sandles. She smiled at the boys, “ARe you ready to go swim?”

    Tom clapped his hands, “Yeah!!!!”

    She picked up Shep and headed out of the hotel, along with a bag in case the boys had an accident and headed down to Bella’s room. She knocked on the door and Chloe opened it up wearing a cute pink bikini, “One second.”

    She waited as Bella and Chloe walked out and Bella looked at JEni, “Okay you have had two children. How can you look so good.”

    Jeni laughed, “Matabolism I guess.”

    Bella took Shep as Chloe had Tom’s hand and they walked down to the pool area which was right off Convention Way. It was set up in a beach form, with white sand. It was beautiful. It also had several waterfalls which were beautiful. It was a pretty hot day and Jeni put her sunglasses on as she found a spot to sit at and laid her towel down and put the bag next to the chair and took her shirt and shorts off and laid down on the chair. Bella sat next to her, “The weather couldn’t be any better for this trip.”

    Chloe had the boys in the shallow end of the pool and they were splashing around and Jeni turned to Bella, “So how long has it been since Chloe saw Jensen?”

    “It’s been a while. HE’s been busy.”

  7. Bella let out a sigh as she sat back in her chair and sipped on the frozen drink in her hand. She adjusted the sunglasses on her face as she watched her daughter playing with the two boys. She felt a little bad that she hadn’t given Chloe the opportunity to have another brother or sister, but Bella just couldn’t find anyone worth settling down with. She noticed Monica was on the other side of the pool with Logan and from the looks of things, it seemed they had hit if off. Which was just as well. Monica deserved someone like Logan. But dammit, what about her?

    “Hey, you OK?”

    Bella turned her head to see that Jeni was looking at her and managed a small smile. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

    “So, I was thinking that Chloe could watch the two boys while you and I check out the Karokee that’s tonight. I heard it’s supposed to be really good. Plus, we have good seats.”

    “Yeah, sure that sounds like fun.”

    Jeni bumped her and laughed. “Come on girl, we are in Vegas.”

    Jeni noticed that Bella’s gaze was on a woman that had entered the swimming pool area. She was tall, dark hair and a killer body. Jensen’s girlfriend. What the hell was she doing here? She grabbed her phone out of her diaper bag and selected Jared’s number. “What the hell is she doing here?” She quickly typed. Jeni could see the look Bella was giving Kim and if looks could kill, that woman was dead. She hear her phone beep and she looked at the text.

    “No idea. She wasn’t supposed to be here.”

    Kim Martin walked up to Jeni and she slid her sunglasses down and glared at Bella. With a fake smile, she looked at Jeni. “Jeni! Oh my god! Is this like awesome or what?”

    Bella looked at Kim, feeling her stomach swirl and churn. Kim had at one time been a client of hers and she was angered when she found out why she wanted to hire her. Apparently a few weeks back, her and Jensen had bought a home and she wanted it furnished. Despite her professionalism in the past, Bella had to turn her down flat.

  8. Bella gripped the rim of her glass, threatening to break if off in her hands. She wished that it would, because she would then stab that bitch in the neck and watch her bleed out. She was shocked at the violent thought in her head, but she couldn’t help it. This was the bitch that took Jensen from her.

    She got up from the chair and for a moment, she was pretty sure she was going to act on her impulses, but instead, she opened the doors and walked towards the bar. She adjusted the black strapless wrap and slid into an empty bar stool.

    “What can I get you sweetheart?” The bartender was pretty hot and Bella slid her eyes up and down his body. She leaned forward and squeezed her boobs together and got the desired effect.

    Bella smiled at him as she tossed her dark hair over her should. “Can I get a tumbler of Scotch please?”

    The bartender winked at her as he slid the glass to her. “Drinking someone of your mind?”

    “Yeah,” Bella frowned as she watched him pour the liquid into the glass. The way this conversation started, she knew she wasn’t going to be taking her back up to her room. “And I had the pleasure of meeting his bitch.”

    “Oh that’s rough.” He placed his hands on the bar and smiled at her. “But honey, he’s a fool if he chose her over you. If you were my type, I’d take you and show you a good time. Make you forget him.”

    Bella sighed and shook her head. “Just my fuckin luck.” She placed the drink to her lips and chugged half of the liquid.

    “Damn, I’ll have what she’s having and get her another one.”

    Bella sat the glass on the counter and turned her had to see Sam sitting next to her. She snorted. “Let me guess, you heard from Jeni.” She slammed the rest of the drink back and wrapped her hands around the new one. There was the buzz she was waiting for.

    “She wasn’t supposed to be here. Jensen didn’t tell her about the convention.”

    “And that makes it OK Jared? He left me for her. He made that choice. He thinks he can fuck me with out any consequences and you know what? He has shattered me each and everytime.”

    “Bella…it’s not like that with Kim.”

    “Then why can’t he be with me Jared?”

    Jared sighed and took a sip of his drink. “I can’t answer that for you Bella. But I know he cares for you and I think he might even love you.”

    Bella snorted and slammed the drink down, grimaced and slammed it down on the counter. “Fuck him. You know what? Fuck him. I’m gonna find some man tonight, I’m gonna take him back up to my room and fuck him. To hell with Jensen.” She slammed down her money and stumbled to her feet. “I’m going to the pool. Tell that bitch a piece of my mind.”

    Jared grabbed her arm and stopped her. “Bella..don’t you confront her..I’m begging you..”

    Bella smiled and patted him on the cheek. “ You are so cute. Too bad you’re with Jeni..I would fuck you too.” She giggled and swayed into him.

  9. JEni was walking with the boys towards the convention area of the hotel and several fans approached her. She smiled with them and talked, even took a few pictures, but Shep was starting to get tired. She smiled at the fans, “I’m sorry. I have to get going here.”

    The fans stepped back and let Jeni walk back down and into the room where the autographs were being signed. Jared was sitting there along with Jensen and were greeting the fans. The girls were googly eyed and out of the corner of her eye she saw Chloe standing in line. She walked over to her as Thomas put his arms up. Chloe picked him up, “What are you doing here?”

    Chloe smiled, “Getting Jared’s autograph. Then gonna surprise my dad.”

    Jeni put her hand out as Chloe took it, “Come with me.” Chloe followed as Jeni walked up to JEnsen and leaned over, “Look up!!”

    HE turned to her, “What?”

    She smiled, “Look up!!”

    HE looked up and his eyes got wide as Chloe smiled ear to ear, “Hi Dad!!”

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