Love thy Will be Done



Skyler’ Morris’ life was turned upside down when her parents die suddenly in a car accident, leaving her alone. Her only grandmother is in a nursing home, so Skyler is turned into the child care system. She is bounced from home to home when her behavior rockets out of control. She is then sent to Boston to live in a foster care home. There she meets Jeni Mack and they become good friends.




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  1. Sam and JEni walked down to the nursery after Mary had told them about the baby and Sam put his arm around her as they looked in the glass to see all the babies. JEni smiled ,”They are so cute.”

    HE leaned over into her ear, “You want babies one day?”

    She smiled, “Yes. One day.” She leaned up to him and kissed him, “LIttle Winchester babies.”

    Sam smiled and kissed her hair, “I can’t wait.”

    Mary walked up and put her arm around Sam’s waiste, “She’s a cute little girl.” She looked up and smiled, “My granddaughter is a beautiful little girl who doesn’t have a name yet.”

    They heard a voice behind them, “Samantha Amelia Winchester.”

    They turned to see Dean. His blue tshirt was rolled up and he had his hands in his pockets and Mary walked to him and hugged him, giving him a kiss on the cheek, “That is such a beautiful name sweetheart.”

    Jeni smiled, “How’s Skye doing?”

    Mary turned, her arm in Dean’s, “She’s going to be okay. SHe’s stable.”

    JEni smiled, “Fantastic.” She grabbed Sam’s hand, “Let’s go see her.”

    Jeni and Sam left and Mary turned to Dean and put her hand on his cheek, “I’m so proud of you.”

  2. Dean kept his hands in his pockets as he looked in through the glass at the little baby wrapped up in a pink blanket. His eyes looked at the card placed on the front: Baby Girl Winchester. He was a father. Just yesterday he found out about Skye’s pregnancy and now here the baby was. It was too much to take in all at once.

    Mary smiled and slid her arms around his waist. “Never thought I’d see the day that you would have a little one.” She turned to look at Dean. “Listen. Skye thought you were out of the picture, OK? She grew up in the foster system, so she knew that was the only option. Go with your heart son. Don’t let that little baby get out of your sight, OK?”

    Dean let out a sigh and nodded. “Yeah.” He turned from the window and walked down the hallway.

    Jeni knocked on the door and walked inside the room, stepping around the curtain. Skye was propped up in bed, several IVs in her hand. Her head was turned and she was looking out the window watching the rain falling.

    “Hey, Skye. Just saw your baby, she’s gorgeous. The nurses said that if you want, they can bring her up. She’s early, but she’s doing really fantastic.” Jeni paused, waiting for Skye to answer her, but she kept her eyes on the window. “Um..>Dean is absolutely glowing. She’s gorgeous. If you want me to..I can tell the nurses to bring her up..”


    Her voice was so soft that Jeni had to lean in to hear what she said. “Skye. Don’t do this. Don’t give that baby up..”

    “You have no say in it.” Skye finally turned her head and locked her green eyes on Jeni. They were full of hatred and anger. “It’s my baby..”

    “And Dean’s…he is the father.” Jeni fired back.

    “All he is to a sperm donor. Got that?” Skye turned her head back to the window. “Can you please leave, I’m tired.”

    “No..not until you hear me out!”

    Skye fumbled for the button and she pressed it. A buzzing filled the room and a voice came over the speakers. “Can I help you?”

    “Can you please show Ms. Mack out? I’m tired and I don’t want any more visitors.”

    Jeni sighed and scooted the chair back. “You are making a mistake.”

    Skye shrugged. “Not my problem.” She turned her head away from Jeni and continued to look out the window.

  3. Jeni walked out of the room and Sam drove her back to her apartment. She sat on the couch as Sam walked into the kitchen and grabbed them both a beer. He handed her the beer and sat next to her, “Tell me what’s on your mind?”

    Jeni turned to him, “She’s making a mistake. She’s gonna try to keep Dean away from his daughter.” She sipped her beer, “YOu have to make sure his name gets on that birth certificate.”

    HE smiled, “Done.”

    Jeni took a breath, “Good. I hope he fights her. I think he’s ready to settle down and be a daddy.” She put the beer down and got up from the couch, pulling him up, “So let’s lock the doors, turn the radio on and make love all night long.”

    HE put his beer down on the table, “Don’t have to ask me twice.”


    JEni got up the next morning and got in the shower, dressed for work and headed out as Sam handed her the cup of coffee, “YOu need a ride to work?”

    JEni shook her head, “No baby. Taking the subway today.” She smiled and kissed him on the lips, “I’ll be home around 5ish.”

    She walked out and headed to the subway. SHe waited for her train and got off on her exit. She walked the rest of the way to her office and saw the limo outside, but didn’t think anything of it. She walked in and her boss was waiting for her, “I need you in the conference room right now Ms. Mack.”

    JEni nodded, “Sure.”

    She followed him to the conference room and he opened the door and they both walked in. Sitting at the long table was a large black man, sitting next to a guy she had seen before. Her boss closed the doors, “Jenifer Mack this is JC Chasez. JC this is Jeni.”

    JEni smiled and pointed, “NSync.”

    JC smiled, “very good.”

    Her boss cleared his throat, “Okay JEni you have done such a great job at the company since you have been here, we are putting you in charge of Mr. Chasez’s account.”

    Jeni crossed her arms in front of her, “Are you serious?”

    JC got up and walked over to her and put his hand out, “It’s gonna be nice working with you.” She shook his hand and he looked at her, “I’ll see you at my house later tonight. Good Day Ms. Mack.”

  4. The weeks flew by and Skye was falling in love with her daughter, Amelia. It took some persauding on Mary’s part, but she was persistant. Dean had custody of her every other week and that week had just came.

    They were civil with each other, but Dean would try to ask her out every chance she got, but she always turned him down. She just couldn’t put herself in that position again. NOt for her daughter.

    She was packing the suitcase when her cell phone rang on the dresser. She placed the phone against her ear as she folded a blanket. “Hey Jeni, what’s up?”

    “Hey, listen. Do you think you can stop by the office in an hour? I have something I want to ask you.”

    “Uh..yeah sure…Dean’s picking up Amelia.” She paused as she heard the door bell ring. “That’s him right now. I’ll meet you then.”

    She tucked the phone into her pocket of her hoodie and walked down the stairs to see Dean bending over the car seat. He was smiling at Amelia, tucking the blanket around her tiny body. “I just got her to sleep. So she’s gonna be out for a few hours.”

    Dean turned his head as he heard Amelia speak and smiled at her. “Thanks. I got it from here.”

    Skye walked over to the couch and grabbed the diaper bag and put it in front of her. “She has a new binkie. She likes that before bedtime.”

    Dean hoisted the car seat up and hooked in the crook of his arm. “I got it Skye.”

    She nodded and walked him to the door, holding it open for him. “Give me a call..if anything..”

    Dean smiled at her. “I got it Skye.”

    She sighed and shut the door and raced up stairs to get ready to meet Jeni at her office, in the back of her mind wondering what this was all about.

  5. It had been a couple good weeks while Jeni helped JC out with his legal activities. HE had made a comment of getting an assistant and the first person that came to Jeni’s mind was Skye. She was unemployed and taking care of a little girl.

    She had called Skye that morning and got her information together. She had her car ready to go and she sat at her desk as her boss came in, “Good morning Ms. Mack.”
    JEni looked up, “Good morning Mr. Brown.”

    “I just want to say that Mr. Chasez is very happy with the work you are doing.”

    “Thank you sir.”

    HE smiled at her, “Thank you for being such a good employee. Keep up the good work.”

    He handed her and envelope and she smiled, “Thanks again sir.”

    Her phone went off and she put it to her ear, “Jeni Mack.”

    “Ms. Mack, Skye Morris is here to see you.”

    “Sure thank you Rita. Send her in please.”

    JEni got her stuff into her briefcase as Skye walked in the door. JEni loked up, “Hey there.”

    Skye smiled, “Hey. Wow great office.”

    JEni smiled, “Thanks. ARe you ready?”

    Skye looked at her, “Where are we going?”

    JEni smiled, “Hollywood Hills.” She grabbed her keys, “Let’s go.”

  6. Skye was quiet as the towncar moved along the freeway. SHe wasn’t sure what to think or where they were going. She had too much on her mind already. So she sat back in the leather seats and enjoyed the view.

    20 minutes later, the towncar moved off the freeway and began to maket he climbs through the hills. Skye marveled at the huge mansion, wishing someday she could live in one of these. This was a life she would kill to have. For her and her daughter.

    The towncar moved down a tree lined street and pulled up to a house that was a few feet from the curb. A wraught iron gate surronded the property, securing in a beautiful two story home that was tucked up into the hill. Skye imagined that the back patio would have a fantastic view of the city.

    There was a buzz and the gates slid open and the car moved its way around a circular driveway, stopping in front of porch that had two huge white pillars supporting the porch.

    Jeni thank the driver and instructed to come pick them up in a few hours. Skye shut the doro and looked at the house than at Jeni.

    “Who’s house is this?”

    Jeni smiled and walked up to the porch and rang the doorbell. “You shall see.”

    There was a click as the door opened and a short Mexican woman stood just on the other side. Her dakr hair was peppered with black and white and was pulled back into a bun. She had on crips grey slacks and a white shirt. Her face lit up in a smile. “Oh so good of you to come. Mr. Chasez is waiting out by the pool. Please..please come inside. I will bring out drinks and refreshmens in just a few minutes.”

    Skye slowly followed Jeni through the massive house, taking note the different plaques on the wall. Gold records, platinum all over the walls. Jeni slid open the patio door and Skye stepped outside and was amazed.

    She was right about the view and she bet that when it was night time, it was breathtaking. As she moved her eyes from the view, that’s when she noticed him talking to Jeni.

    It took her second to place where she had seen him before, it had been years before and he looked much younger. Now, he was very handsome. His eyes flicked over ot her and she noticed how blue they were.

    Jeni led him over to her and smiled. “JC..this is Skye Morris…your new P.A.”

  7. Skye’s eyes opened up a little wider, “His what?”

    JC walked over to her, his longer hair blowing in the breeze coming off the hills. He put his hand out, “Hi I’m JC Chasez.”

    She was a bit star struck and Jeni walked over to them and handed Skye a manilla envelope, “Here this is for you. Tally O.” She smiled at JC, “Have a good day JC. Call me if you need anything.”

    JEni walked out of the house, saying goodbye to the housekeeper and got back into the towncar. She shut the door, “Back to the office Jim please.”

  8. While Jeni was introducing Skye to him, JC couldn’t keep his eyes off this woman, even though hers were everywhere but him.

    The first thing he noticed about her, her eyes. They were so green, they almost glowed. Long, black lashes framed her eyes, her nose small, her lips full and stained pink. She had very little makeup on, but she didn’t really need it. Her body was petite, he guessed she only was about 5 foot three, but she was curvy. She wasn’t the typical women he went for. Something about her intrigued him.

    He smiled and extended his hand. “JC Chasez..very nice to meet you Skye.’

    She shyly offered her hand and gave a small smile. “Thank you.”

    Jeni turned to JC. “I’m sorry, but I do have to get back to the office.” She noticed the look of fear Skye was giving her.

    JC turned to Skye. “Give me a minute to say my goodbyes? Make yourself at home.”

    Skye nodded and slowly walked back into the living room, marveling at the furniture. Leather couches, a huge entertainment center complete with big screen T.V. A fireplace was situated in the corner of the room and the other side was open to the balcony.

    She left the living room and walked down the hallway and noticed several photos up on the wall and several more records behind glass. She ran her hand along the wall as she slowly moved down the hallway until she found where the bedrooms were situated.

    They were all guest room, she figured. Nothing looked like a master bed room to her. She left the hallway and walked back into the living room, where the Mexican woman was setting up a cheese plate on the coffee table.

    “Would you like a drink?” The woman asked Skye in broken English. “Beer? Wine? Iced Tea?”

    “Iced Tea please.”

    Skye awkwardly sat on the leather couch, her back rigid. What the hell was she doing here? She sighed and looked at the watch on her wrist.

    “I’m sorry about that…but you know Jeni.”

    Skye looked up when JC walked back in and she quickly sat up from the couch. “Oh…it’s OK.”

    JC laughed and pointed to the couch. “Please..sit…Jeni didn’t tell me much about you.”

    Skye paused long enough as the woman returned and sat two glasses down on the table. “Uh..not really much to say..” She sighed. “Listen..Mr. Chasez…”

    She stopped when JC raised his hand. “Please…just call me JC.”

    She reached over and took the iced tea and wrapped her hands around the glass. She looked down at the ice. “I have on qualifications for this job.”

    “Don’t really need any. I just need someone to be my assitant. Keep up interviews, schedule them, tell me when I have them. Bascially keep me informed. That’s it.”

    Skye bit her bottom lip. “I have a one month old at home.”

    JC was taken back a minute, than quickly looked at her hands. No rings. “Well…will this be an issue for your boyfriend?”

    Skye nervously chuckled. “ baby’s father and I..are not together…”

    JC smiled at her. “Great. So? Start tomorrow? I can have a car come get you.”

  9. Jeni left JC’s house. The driver looked back, “Where too Ms. Mack?”

    “BAck to the office Stan. I need to get some things done.”

    “Yes Mam.”

    HE drove her back to the building and she got out. Her heels clicked on the cement as she walked into the building. There was a huge display of roses on the secretaries desk and she was holding the card, “This came for you Ms. Mack.”

    Jeni took the card from the secretary and opened it up. She opened the card, “My sweet, I love you with all my heart and hope you will meet me for dinner tonight. Meet me at WolfGang Pucks at 7:30. Sam.”

    JEni closed the note and put it back into the envelope. SHe had a smile on her face as the secretary looked at her, “Who’s it from? A client?”

    Jeni walked over and spelled the red roses, “Sam.” She turned to Tracy, “HE’s taking me to dinner tonight.”

    “Where?” Tracy asked.

    “Not sure. somewhere called Wolfgang Pucks.”

    Tracy put her hand over her mouth, “How much money does that man make? DAmn girl.”

    JEni looked at her, “What do you mean? Just a restaurant right?”

    “Yeah a restaurant that you have to wear black tie too. Good Lord Ms. Mack. Perhaps you need to leave early and go shopping.”

    “Yeah right.” She walked to her office and got on the phone and dialed the number. HE picked up right away, “You making sure that I’m not laying hands on your friend?” He laughed.

    “JC, I have a question.”

    “Shoot kiddo.”

    “Wolfgang Pucks restaurant. dressy?”

    “Very. Black tie. HE’s a good friend of mine.”

    “Really? So jeans are out of the question?”

    “Yes.” HE laughed, “You need a dress?”

    “I think I have something at home.” She took a breath, “Thank you JC.”

    “Welcome. See you later. Tell Skye I would really love to have her as my assistant.”

    “She didn’t take the job?”

    “She said she was going to think on it, so put in a good word for me.”

    Jeni laughed, “OKay I will.”

    She hung up the phone and went back to her work. Before she knew it, two hours had gone by and her buzzer went off, “Ms. Mack?”


    “Package just arrived for you.”

    “Okay. I’ll be right there.” She finished up what she was writing and she walked out of her office. There was a huge box sitting on Tracy’s desk, a blue ribbon around it, “What is this?”

    Tracy smiled, “Just arrived for you.”

    She opened the card, “Wolfgang knows you are coming. YOu will look great in this.”

    SHe opened the box and pulled out the dress. It was blue in color. A floor length dress, a slit to the knee with spaghetti straps. Blue heels and diamonds accented the dress. Tracy looked at it, “Good Lord. From Sam?”

    “No someone else.” She put the dress in the box, “I can’t wear this.”

    Tracy smiled, “Sure you can. You are going to be taking Sam’s beathe away in that dress.”

  10. Her alarm went off, but she had been up long before that. She sat up and slapped the button and threw the covers off of her body. She walked over to her closet and with a sigh slid it open. She put a hand on her hips, her finger to her lips, trying to make a choice.

    This job was a lot more money than she could imagine. She told JC that she had to think on that, but that was before she she opened the envelope. Five thousand dollars was a lot of money, more than she could ever make by flipping burgers.

    She took out a pair of black slim trouser pants and a hot pink camie and a black jacket. She took a quick shower and accented her outfit with a silver necklace and black heels.

    She closed up her apartment and headed to where her Jeep was located, keeping her eyes around her surroundings. This was not a very well to do neighborhood and it made her nervous. The first thing she was going to do, get a new place.

    She opened the door to her older Jeep and threw her purse into the passenger seat. She put the key into the ignition and started it up and frowned when she heard a click. She pumped the gas a few times and started it up again, but no luck.

    She rubbed the steering wheel. “Come on Daisy…don’t do this..not today of all days.”

    She let out a breath as the engine turned over and she popped the clutch and took out the directions in her purse. Several minutes later, she arrived at the studio.

    She parked under a tree and opened the door to the lobby and stepped inside. She walked up to the receptionist, feeling her eyes on her. She pasted on a smile.

    “Hi, I was wondering if you could page Jeni Mack for me?”

    The receptionist glared at her. “And you are?”

    “Skye Morris.”

    She let out a huge sigh and picked the phone up and pressed a button. “Yes..Ms. Mack, there is a Skye Morris here..yes…OK.” She hung up the phone and sneered at Skye. “Take a seat. She will be right with you?”

  11. JEni walked out of the bathroom wearing the dress that JC had gotten her and her heels clicked on the tile. Tracy looked up from her desk as Jeni circled in the middle of the floor, the dress swaying with her movement, “So what do you think?”

    JEni had the biggest look on her face as Tracy smiled at her, “You look so beautiful. I bet you that Sam proposes tonight.”

    JEni shook her head, “No, no.” She walked to her office and grabbed her bag and her coat, putting it over her arm and walked back out, “Okay have a good night Tracy.”

    “God it’s so romantic how Sam is with you. One day I want a guy like that.”

    Jeni smiled, “I’ll see you in the afternoon. Going to the studio with Mr. Chasez in the morning.”

    “Okay. Have a good dinner.”

    JEni walked out and hailed a cab and told him the restaurant. HE nodded and headed into LA. HE stopped in front of the restaurant to see people everywhere, waiting for a table to open up and just chatting outside the doors. She opened the door and got out. She adjusted her dress as she walked into the restaurant. She walked up to the front desk, “I’m meeting somewhere here.”

    “Mr. Winchester yes. HE said you would arrive at this time.” The lady grabbed a menu, “Right this way Mam.”

    They walked to the back of the restaurant and she opened the door and she saw him, the back of his hair grazing the back of his suit coat and he got out of his chair. He turned and his smiled brightened as she walked in, the lady laid the menu on the table and grabbed JEni’s coat and briefcase. HE walked over and took her into his arms and kissed her, his hands on each side of her face, “God you look radiant.”

    She smiled up into his eyes and put her hands into his hair behind his head, “Why have you brought me to this extremely expensive restaurant?”

    HE pulled back from her and pulled the champagne glasses from the table and handed one to her and he put his up in the air, “This is to us tonight?”

    She smiled, clinged his wine glass and drank some of the champagne. She felt something clink her teeth and she pulled up to see him on one knee in front of her, “Jenifer, I love you. I have loved you for so long. I want to make you the happiest woman in the world. Will you marry me?”

    JEni was nearly in tears as he took the champagne glass, drank the rest of it down, took the ring from his teeth and slipped it on her finger, “Jeni you are my one and only. I love you.”

    JEni smiled up at him, then looked down at the ring and her smile went away. Sam looked at her, “What’s wrong?”

    She looked up at him, “My ring is bent.”

    He looked down at her finger and he took his fingers and bent the ring back. HE looked up, “I’m sorry. When I can afford a very beautiful one for you.”

    She put her finger over his lips and leaned up and kissed him, “You make me so happy Sam Winchester. YEs I’ll marry you.”

  12. Skye sat down and nervously moved her knee up and down. She let out a sigh and got up again and began to pace. She noticed the receptionst was starting at her, but she couldn’t care less.

    She jumped when she heard the buzz of the doro and turned her head as she saw it open. Jeni walked through wearing a crisp pair of tan slacks and a blue blouse. “Hey! You maded it. Didn’t think you would come.”

    “I..I hope I’m not late.” Skye let out a nervous breath.

    “Not at all. He’s in teh studio right now, so perfect time.” She handed Skye a badge. “To get in the building.”

    Skye nodded and clipped the badge to the front of her blouse and followed Jeni down the small hallway. She was surprised to see that the building wasn’t very big, just a few small rooms. SHe noticed one room that had see through glass and she stopped. Several dancers were inside, hashign out some details.

    She noticed Jeni had stopped at a door and she slid her badge and pushed the door open. Skye stepped in behind her and stopped.

    JC was on the other side of the stage, headphones over one ear. The red light was on and she folded her arms arcross her chest as she heard him sing.

  13. JEni smiled as she sat down and started to go over some paperwork. She finally got up and looked at Skye, “I have to get back to the office. I’m sorry I can’t stay longer.” She looked at her watch, “Dinner tonight? Sam and I want to take you, Dean and Mary out if that’s okay.”

    Skye nodded, “Sure. What’s the occasion?”

    JEni shrugged, “Just a nice family dinner. We have an announcement.” She smiled, “See you later. Take care of JC will ya. HE’s a good friend.”

    Skye nodded, “Sure thing.”

    JEni left and headed out of the building and got into her car and headed back to the office. She walked in to see more roses and she sighed, “Good Lord. My office is gonna be filled full of these.”

    Tracy, her secretary smiled, “He’s a romantic. So how was your dinner last night?”

    JEni lifted her finger and laughed, “He proposed.”

    Tracy giggled and got up, “LEt me look.” She took JEni’s finger and looked at the ring, “Why is it bent?”

    JEni pulled her hand away, “It doesn’t matter.”

    “HE’s sending you roses, taking you to expensive restaurants, but your engagement ring is bent. Something is wrong with that picture.”

    JEni glared at her, “Um, none of your business.”

    Tracy walked back to her desk, “I’m sorry.”

    JEni walked into her office and shut the door and ran her finger over the ring on her finger. It might have been cheap, it might have been bent, but it meant something to her. IT was his love that she wanted and nothing was going to ruin that for her.

  14. Skye stayed rooted to the spot, right next to the technician who was at the control board. He hit a button and touched the microphone.

    “OK..JC..can we can it one more from the top and that should be it.”

    JC looked up from the music stand to see Skye standing next to George and a huge smile overcame his face. “Sounds good George.”

    George turned to look at Skye and smiled. “So you must be the new P.A.” He turned his chair and extended his hand. “George. I run things around here.”

    “Don’t let him bullshit ya,” JC laughed, “He lives in a fantasy world. Glad to see you are here Skye.”

    She smiled at him and nervously pushed a hair behind her ear, feeling her cheeks redden.” Thanks.”

    George slid a knob and music came over the speakers and Skye turned her attention back in the glass to see JC had closed his eyes.

    Yeah, yeah-yeah

    She loves Daffodils, and
    She keeps ’em on her window sill
    When the wind blows her smell fills the room

    She dreams in color
    But does she know that I love her?
    I’m swimming in my abyss of insecure blue, yeah

    And I’m losing my head
    And I can’t get no sleep
    (No sleep)
    But if I reached out
    (Reached out)
    Would you reach out for me, yeah

    Knocked unconscious, walking on water
    Cause I’m thinking of you
    (Thinking of you, thinking of you)
    And don’t you know that love’s intoxicating and I need the abuse
    (Need the abuse)
    Because I’m endlessly falling
    And we’re destiny calling what you’re making me do
    (Destiny calling what you’re making me do)
    It’s all because I lose myself in you
    All because I lose myself in you

    I don’t wanna be invisible
    I just wanna be compatible
    Longing for something that can only be filled by you, yeah

    Skye was sitting at the desk, the lap top flipped open and she let out a huge sigh. She placed her hands on the small of her back and arched it, feeling the pop of her spine.

    She jumped when she heard the knock on the door and lifted her head and peered over the screen. JC was leaning against the doorjamb, his arms crossed. “Hey…you’ve been working pretty hard.”

    Skye sighed and slid the glasses off her face and closed the lap top. “Yeah..just finishing up.”

    JC smiled and walked into the small office and sat down in the the chair in front of her desk. “Well..I’m impressed. You seemed to pick things up pretty quickly.”

    Skye chuckled. “Ain’t so hard. You’re pretty easy.”

    JC looked at the watch on his wrist. “Listen…why don’t I take you out to dinner tonight? Just to say thanks.”

    Skye almost said yes. Something about this man made her laugh, made her smile. True this was her first day, but JC was easy to get along with. She loved the way he made her laugh, made her smile. Her face hurt from the mere fact. “I…I’m sorry. But I have plans.”

    JC nodded. “ was last minute anyway.”

    “Rain check?” Skye slid the lap top into the bag and zipped it up.

    “You bet.” He got up from the chair. “See you tomorrow.”

    Skye let out a breath and drummed her fingers on the wood, wondering if she should just skip this dinner. She didn’t want to be around Dean, she’d rather have JC’s company. She almost told him never mind, she changed her mind. But instead, she let him walk out the door.

    • JEni left for the day and as she was on her way back to her house, her phone rang. She picked it out of her bag and put it to her ear, “Jeni Mack.”

      “Hey gorgeous.”

      JEni smiled, “JC. Hey how are you doing?”

      “I’m good. Hey did you wanna meet up for coffee tonight?”

      “Why? Something wrong?”

      “No I actually have to talk to you about something.”

      “About Skye?”

      JC laughed, “NOt at all. It’s about you. Please. Meet you at the Starbucks on Hollywood in about an hour?”

      “Sure.” She was hesitant. She didn’t like secrets and people keeping things from her, “I’ll go home, change my clothes and head over there. See you there.”

      “Okay beautiful. See you there.”



      “Is it bad?”

      He laughed again, “Absolutely not. Don’t worry blondie.”

      “Okay Okay.” She nervously laughed, “See you in an hour.”

      She hung up the phone and drove into the driveway of her condo and got out. She walked to the door and unlocked it and walked in. She walked to the kitchen where Sam was cooking up some eggs and he turned to her, “Hey.”

      SHe walked over to him and pulled him away from the stove, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him softly on the lips. She pulled away, “Whatever happens or what is said, remember I love you with all my heart.” She kissed him again.

      he pulled from her and looked down at her, “What is that for?”

      She smiled at him, “Nothing at all. I just love you so much.” She leaned up and kissed him again, “I have to go meet JC at Starbucks. HE’s got news or something. Then when I get back home, I’m gonna make love to you all night long.”

      Sam smiled, “I can’t wait for that.”

      She walked to the bedroom, changed her clothes and headed out and towards Starbucks. It was a bit late, but on HOllywood Blvd, it was always jumping with people. She parked valet and headed into Starbucks. HE got up, two large bodyguards next to him and he waved her over.

  15. Skye walked into her apartment to hear the beeping of her message machine. She threw the key on the coffee table and pressed the button.

    “Skye, hey it’s Dean..listen Mary had to work so we are gonna have to take a rain check. Call me.”

    Skye pressed the erase button, a smile on her face. She walked into her bedroom and threw on a pair of shorts and a tank top and grabbed her keys once again. She was going to treat her self to a nice coffee and maybe some pie.

    SHe drove a few blocks to a coffee shop she had seen earlier. She parked the Jeep next to the curb and noticed a red Viper just a few cars up from hers. She walked inside the coffee shop, hearing the bell ring above her head. A few people were standing in line ahead of her, so she took the opportunity to look at the menu.

    “Hi Welcome to Java Hut..what can I get you?”

    Skye smiled. “Umm…this is my first time.”

    The man smiled at her. “’ve come to the right place…you look like a Latte kinda girl. White chocolate mocca?”

    “Sounds awesome..and that..” She pointed to a blueberry muffin. She handed hte man her money and turned, her coffee in hand. That’s when she spotted them.

    JC was sitting at a few tables away from her talking to some blonde, she couldn’t see her face. She watched as JC laughed at something the blonde said and then he looked up to see her looking at him.

  16. JEni walked over to where JC was and hugged him, “Good to see you.”

    She sat down and a waitress walked over and handed Jeni the coffee, “Triple Non Fat Vanilla Latte, no foam.”

    JEni took the cup, “Thanks.” SHe looked at JC, “YOu remembered.”

    HE smiled at her, “Of course. You have done so much for me JEni, I want to thank you.”

    She put the cup down on the table and crossed her leg over her left one, “So what is this news you want to talk to me about? I’m dying and anxious to know.”

    JC smiled, “Well I wanted to offer you a job opportunity.”

    JEni laughed, “What do you need now a masseuse? Someone to do your nails and toes?” She laughed, “I’m not qualified for either JC.”

    HE laughed and turned his head as his eyes met hers. The look in her eyes told him everything he needed to know. He turned to JEni, “Be right back.” He got up and walked towards her, “Skye? Hi.”

  17. Skye nervously tucked her hair behind her ear and gave JC a shy smile. “OH..hey.”

    “SO…” JC looked behind her, than at her again. “Dinner plans fall through?”

    “ did…” She held up her muffin. “This is my dinner.”

    “Not much of a dinner.”

    Skye shrugged. “Well..I’m single…baby is with her free time.”

    JC smiled and looked back at Jeni and flashed her a smile, than turned back to Skye. “Why don’t you join us?”

    “OH..” Skye noticed Jeni. “I don’t want to intrude.”

    JC smiled. “Just business stuff. Almost done…and maybe after…we could grab something to eat…besides a muffin.”

    Skye opened her mouth than quickly shut it, feeling the heat on her cheeks. “Oh…..I don’t know..”

    JC smiled and slid the seat out for Skye and smiled over at Jeni. “So..I need your help here. I’m trying to get this gorgeous woman out to eat.” He picked up the muffin from Skye’s hand. “Don’t you agree this isn’t a dinner?”

  18. Jeni shook her head, “Yeah that’s not a dinner.” She got up and walked to JC, “I’ll leave you two alone. We can talk tomorrow.” She looked at Skye, “Just go to dinner. Harmless fun right?”

    She kissed JC on the cheek and headed out the door. She walked to her car and got in. She started it up and looked into Starbucks to see Skye had sat down with JC and they were talking. She smiled and put the car in gear and headed back to her condo.

    She walked up the steps to her condo and opened the door and the lights were out accept a candle. She walked up to the candle to see the note. She read it outloud, “Find the other candle.” She laughed and walked into the living room to see the other candle burning. Another note was placed next to it. She picked it up, “Go to the bedroom and put on something more comfortable.” SHe put the note down and walked into the bedroom and put on a pair of shorts and a tank top. She walked back out and looked around, ‘OKay I’m in something more comfortable.”

    Sam walked from the kitchen with two plates in his hand, “Dinner is served Ms. Mack.”

    JEni smiled as she walked in to see the chicken parm on the plates, “Smells delicious.”

    Sam kissed her, “Learned it from my mom.” HE smiled as they both sat down. Sam’s phone went off and he picked it up, “Hey Dean. What? ARe you sure? Okay. Yeah.” HE hung up the phone and looked at JEni, “I had this whole night planned out for us, but there is word that my dad got arrested. dean is coming to pick me up.”

    JEni put her fork down, “Your family comes first Sam.” She leaned over and kissed him, “I love you, but your Dad is one of the most important people in your life. Go get him. Bring him home.”

    Sam smiled, “What am I going to do with you?”

    She smiled, “Just make it home safe to me Sammy.” She kissed him as he got up and packed his bag as he heard the horn. HE hugged JEni tightly and kissed her again, “I love you baby. I love you so much.”

  19. JC chuckled and watched as Jeni disappeared out of the door. “She’s always doing that.” He looked over at Skye who was sipping her coffee. “So? How about that dinner?”

    She looked over at him, seeing how blue his eyes really were. She was awestruck at how gorgeous he really was. She felt her heart beat as he flashed her that crooked smile of his, the way he would wink at her. But dammit. He was her boss. “You aren’t going to back down are you?”

    “Stick with me long enough and you will know that I don’t give up that easily. You are a tough nut Skye Morris.” He slid back his chair and stood up. Skye then noticed the two huge black men behind him, do the same. “I know this awesome burger joint just down the block. Casual.”

    She let out a sigh. “OK…you won me over.”

    JC threw his empty coffee cup into the trash and held the door open fro Skye as she stepped out onto the sidewalk. He led her to where the Viper was and smiled. “Don’t worry…your car will be fine.” He unlocked the door and opened the passenger door for her.

    Skye slid into the leather seats, taking in the new car smell and smiled. This was one fine piece of machinery. She felt her phone vibrate in her purse, so she opened it up and frowned at the number.

    “Need to get that?”

    Skye turned from her phone to see that JC had slid into the driver’s seat, the car was permeated with his cologne. “” She tucked the phone back into her purse.

    JC smiled at her again and turned on the engine and noticed the smile on her face as the car roared to life. He peeled out of the parking spot and headed South on Hollywood Boulevard. “So..tell me something about you Skye? How did you and Jeni become friends…you two are so…opposite.”

    Skye shook her head and looked out the passenger side. “That..I’m afraid is a tale for another day.”

    JC looked over at her and noticed the look on her face. “Umm..yeah sure.”

    Skye bit her bottom lip and tore her gaze away from JC, feeling her heart pounding so hard in her chest. She was certain he could hear it. She rubbed her palms on her legs, wondering why she was so nervous around him.

  20. JEni closed the door and walked over and finished her dinner and picked up her wine glass, “Love you Sammy. Be safe.” She drank and walked over to the couch and sat down and started to watch some television. She ended up falling asleep on the couch, waking up to a pounding on the door.

    She got up from the couch and walked to the door and opened it up. HE held up the coffee mug, “Fresh coffee. We need to talk.”

    JEni grabbed the Starbucks cup as he walked in, “JC you are too good to me.”

    HE walked in and put his hands into his pants pockets and looked around, “NIce place.”

    “What’s up?”

    The two of them sat on the couch, “What is her story?”

    “Who?” Jeni asked.

    JC smiled, “Skye.”

    JEni sipped her coffee, “Are you serious? I knew it.” SHe leaned back and smiled, “YOu aren’t a very hard man to figure out JC.”

    HE smiled, “So anyways, the reason I wanted to talk to you is I want you to leave the firm.”

    Jeni leaned up, a confused look on her face, “What?”

    “Leave the firm. I want you to come on board my team at Club Chasez.”

    HE laughed and JEni laughed at him, “Are you serious? I’m not even a lawyer yet. I’m just an assistant.”

    “A damn good assistant. I’ll pay you double what you are making now?”

    She glared at him and put her hand out, “You got yourself a lawyer.”

  21. “So…Skye Morris…you have been working for me for a week now and I don’t know a thing about you.”

    Skye smiled and leaned back in her chair and dipped a fry in her ketchup. “Hmm…what do you want to know..Mr. Chasez?”

    JC swept his tongue over his teeth and placed his elbows on the table and leaned forward. “Well..for one..where do you hail from? That’s..what?…A New England accent i hear.”


    “Ahh BeanTown.” JC nodded and took a sip of his soda. “Gregorius town…so.what brought you out here to L.A?”

    Skye bit off the tip of her fry “Well..long story short…I dated this guy for like a month, got pregnant..he dumped me pretty much right after Jeni was coming out here for school, so I followed her out here. New life. New start.”

    “ guy..are you two like together anymore?”

    Skye shook her head. “OH…not at all…we share custody of Amelia…wait.” She reached into her purse and pulled out her billfold and slid out a picture. She turned it around on the table so JC could see. “Amelia Katherine.”

    JC looked down at the picture to see a little girl about two months old with dark hair and blue eyes. “OH…she is beautiful.”

    “Thank you. She’s the best thing that came out of that relationship.’ She took the picture and slid it back into her wallet.

    JC raised his beer and smiled. “’s to families.”

    Skye lifted her beer and clinked it with his. “Thank you.”

    “Does..uh..he know about this job? Does he know that you will have to travel? Is he going to OK with that?”

    Skye shrugged and took a sip of her beer. “I haven’t told him yet. I’m working up to it.”

    “Well..if you need some help, I am here. I can’t let you go…your too damn good for me.”

    She looked up and met his gaze, seeing something reflecting in his blue eyes. Her heart stopped for just a moment and she felt chills tingle along the back of her skull, making her shiver for just a moment. Just what did he mean by that remark? Was he talking about her professionally or something else? She knew he was experienced, the way he flirted with Jeni. Skye had only been with one other person and that didn’t end very well. Would he be satisfied with her? Would she with him? Why the hell was she thinking about all of this. She noticed it was quiet in the coffee shop and she looked up from her cup to see JC was staring at her. For one heart beating second, she thought she had mouthed all of his out loud.

    She felt her cheeks burn as he smiled at her. “Did I loose you there? Seemed like you were off in space.”

    She tucked her head down, feeling her ears burning. God dammit, this man made her so nervous. “I’m sorry..I..I got lost in thought.”

    JC sighed and looked at his watch on his wrist. “’s already one am. We have a long day tomorrow. I think I should take you back.”

    “Umm…yeah.” She wadded up her burger wrapper and sat it on the tray the same time JC did. His finger brushed hers and she felt a jolt snake along her arm, down her chest, feeling her stomach lurch, her loins aching.

    JC noticed the blush spread across her cheeks and he couldn’t help notice how gorgeous it made her. Her green eyes were sparkling, her full lips wet from the beer. He had a instant urge to reach over that table and clean that off her lips with his.

    He scooted back in his chair and he and Skye walked to his car, feeling something awkward between them. Without a word, he opened her side and waited till she slid into the leather seats. He took a minute to see her sitting in this chair, how it seemed to have fit her.

    He pulled up behind her Jeep and slid the car in park and opened his door as she got out of her side. She dug into her purse and found her keys and looked up to see JC standing by the hood of his Viper.

    “Thank you again for dinner.”

    JC smiled. “I’m glad you finally agreed to it.” He hesitated for a moment than walked over to her, sliding his hands around her lower back.

    Skye stiffened for a moment, not sure what he was doing. He pulled her into an embrace and she almost groaned at how hard his body was. He pulled back just a bit and gazed into her eyes. Her heart stopped for just a moment as his head lowered a bit and his lips grazed the side of her mouth. God, they were so soft and he smelled so damn good. He left her mouth and whispered in her ear. “Goodnight Skye.”

    Her body was shaking as he stepped back from her and flashed her a smile as he got into the driver’s seat of his Viper. As he sped off, her phone vibrated in her purse and she sighed as she saw his number. This was the tenth time he had called her.

    Damn him for spoiling her good mood. As soon as she hit answer, she heard his gruff voice on the other line.

  22. With a frustrated sigh, Skye threw her purse on the couch and sat down, propping her feet up on the coffee table. She laid her head back on the couch and covered her face with her hands. One week of an incredible job and she had to quit. Dean would no longer be watching for Amelia, at least for a while. He and Sam were off to find his father. Because she didn’t answer her phone, her daughter was staying the night with Mary. She arranged for Mary to drop Amelia off at the studio, knowing she had to quit her job. How could she juggle and a baby and a full time job?

    She raised her head to see her lap top sitting on the bar, so she moved her feet off the table and walked over to it. She placed it under her arm, grabbed a beer and walked to her bedroom. She sat the laptop on the bed while she quickly changed into a pair of short boy shorts and a blue camisole top. She took out her hair from the pony tail and shook it loose with her fingers.

    She pulled back her purple bedspread and crawled underneath the covers, propping herself up with the pillows. She twisted off the beer cap and took a sip.

    “OK…let’s see who the hell I am working for.” She crossed her legs and typed in JC Chasez and noticed right away the word Nsync. He had mentioned that was the group he was in before.

    She searched the videos, getting a feel for this man, marveling at how truly talented he was. The beer was poised to her lips, when she heard a thump coming from her front door.

    She paused, the bottle halfway to her mouth when she heard it again, than seconds later, the sound of breaking glass. She quickly sat the beer down on the nightstand and slowly slid out of bed, creeping to the door. She put her hand on the knob and slowly moved it open and peered into the hallway. Right away she saw two men moving through the apartment and bile crept up into her throat.

    SHe quickly grabbed the phone off hte nightstand and went into the closet and slid inside, tucking her self behind her clothes. Her hands shook as she dialed 911, whisperhing to the dispatcher that two men were inside her apartment.

    She gasped as she heard her bedroom door squeek open and then the footsteps of one of the men. She opened her phone again and scrolled through the numbers and landed on his number.

    She hit send and the phone rang, but before she could answer, the closet door was yanked open. Skye let out a scream as one of the men grabbed her leg, dragging her out. She tried to grab onto something, but the man was so much stronger than her. In the struggle, she had dropped her phone.

    When he answered, JC heard the blood curdling scream coming from the other end and what sounded like a struggle.

    Skye was thrown to the ground as the man tackled her, the breath whoosed out of her lungs. She was yanked over on her back and she kicked out with her feet. Her aim was off and she just grazed his arm. THe man sat on her thighs, raised his hand back and slapped her. The hit was so hard, she felt her ears ring, stars exploded behind her eyes and she tasted blood.

    Her arms were yanked above her head with one hand as the other ripped the straps from her tank top. That’s when her flight or fight kicked inside of her. She heard enough of these stories, she knew how the all ended. The cops find the woman dead. She had a daughter she had to think of.

    She reached under the bed and almost cried out as she felt the metal handle of the object. She had placed it under her bed for just this very reason. With a cry from her lips she wrapped her fingers around it and slid it out from under the bed. She slammed the bat into the man’s head, knocking him off of her.

    She slipped in the blood, twisting her ankle as she fell. Her feet tried to get traction, but she was too hysterical. She let out a scream as she felt a hand grabbed her ankle and she turned her head. The man was lying on the floor, bleeding from his head and he weakly reached out to her. There was no strength in his grip and she easily knocked his hand away.

    She grabbed the bat from the floor and ran into the hallway, completly forgetting that there was another one of them. She caught him off gaurd when she came running down the hall. He quickly stuck his arm up, catching her in the throat. With a loud thump she hit the floor, feeling a rib crack. She screamed as the man grabbed the bat from her hands, raising it abouve his head. She quickly brought her right arm over her head and felt the bat crash down. Excrucitating pain snaked up her arm and the man raised the bat again.

    Before he could strike, the door was smashed in and uniformed officers swarmed into the apartment, taking the man down with several shots.

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