The Coven Sisters Part Two


Missie Ellis. Rich girl, who’s real father died when she was just ten years old. Current Step father is abusive. Her mother is wrapped up in her own turmoil.


Dean Winchester. Old brother to Sam. Works in his Uncle’s Auto Body shop. Bad boy, loves his Scotch and his women.


Sam Winchester. Enrolls in school after having to live with his Uncle Bobby after their dad disappears. What their dad does, is secretly guarded.

enifer Michelle Mack  Researcher for the Winchester boys. Physic and harness the power of sight. Grew up with the boys, her parents former hunters. Little does she know, she harnesses Sam’s romantic interest

enifer Michelle Mack, lives on the wrong side of the tracks. Rumors at school that she is a witch.

After Missie is critically wounded, Castiel sends the foursome to a different time. Everything is not the same. WE find the girls in high school, in different circles. Missie is the rich popular girl, growing up in a horrible home life. Her step father is an abusive drunk, her mother could care less. Jeni comes from the other side of the tracks, being called a freak for who she is.

Dean and Sam are thrown into a school after their father takes off, leaving them with their uncle. Dean works in the car shop with his Uncle, Sam enrolls in school


5 thoughts on “The Coven Sisters Part Two

  1. She stood on the porch step, her knees up to her chest, her chin resting on them. This was only her second day in this city and it sucked. Coming from a big city like Boston, Sioux City South Dakota was just a hick town. Tomorrow was her first day at school and she was not looking forward to it.

    Missie Ellis had just turned 16 and she was considered to be beautiful. She hard large, green eyes, long honey blond hair that fell in natural curls. She came from money and the large house behind her, screamed it. She was not looking forward to making friends with these new kids, she knew she could be teased relentless.

    She heard the screen door creak open and heard the footsteps of her mom’s feet. Missie didn’t turn her head. “Missie..I have to go to work. There’s pot roast in the crock pot. Make sure you take it out around seven, got it? That’s when Mark gets home.”


    Kathy Forrester sighed and put her purse over her shoulder. “Honey. Why don’t you go out or something? You’ve been cooped up in this house for a day now. Take the BMW.”

    Missie sighed and stood up from the porch step, brushing off the dirt from her pants. “Don’t feel like it.”

    “Then go shopping for tomorrow, OK?” Kathy reached into her billfold and took out the credit card. “Get some new clothes. Do something.”

    Missie sighed and took the credit card from her mother, not saying anything else to her mom. She was pissed at her for moving her out here, from her friends. Just to be with this loser Mark.

  2. Jeni was a small town girl. Growing up in a small town like Sioux City, South Dakota. Everyone knew everyone else and when she heard that there was a new family coming in to town, she was very curious. She lived on the East side of the train tracks, more so for farmers and poorer families and the West side of the tracks were the upper class. The upper class didn’t go into the lower class and vice versa.

    Jeni was wearing jeans, her boots and a tank top, sweat poured off her body as she hoed the garden, ready for the pumpkins to come in and the squash. She wiped her forehead with her forearm as she heard the rustle come down the road. She had the wooden hoe in her hand as she looked up to see the Black Impala driving down the road. She had never seen a car like that before, she had never been out of this poor city.

    As she finished up for the night, her mother called her in. She had lost her father years before when she was just a toddler and if she brought up her father, her mother would say that it was just too long ago, but he was a good man.

    Jeni walked into the house as her mother was putting dinner on the table. Jeni washed up as Gloria sat down, “Are you excited for school?”

    “Not really.” Jeni sat down.

    “Why not?”

    “I don’t know. School is school.”

    “Well listen. A friend of mine has just moved back here and her daughter is your age. I think you two will click very well. I want you to stay away from her husband though okay. He’s pure evil.”

    Jeni nodded, “Okay. I guess.”

  3. The annoying sound of her alarm sounded its warning and Missie reached from under the covers and slapped the button. It was pointless anyway, she had been up at least an hour, dreading this day. She just wished she could run away and go back to Boston.

    She heard the arguing coming from downstairs and Missie pulled the covers over her head. Her fingers clasped around a small cross that laid on her chest, the edges worn from where she would constantly rub it. It had been her fathers, the only thing she had left of him. For some reason, her mother gave away anything that had to do with him. After his death, it was like her mother was sweeping his memory away from Missie.

    She heard a knock on the door and her mother’s voice. “’s time to get up.”

    Missie threw the covers off of her and shivered as she walked to her closet. She selected a pair of jeans and a blue sweater. She showered and dressed and bounded down the stairs.

    Her mother was at the stove making breakfast and Missie grabbed a waffle. “I’m late.”

    Mark was sitting at the table reading a newspaper. With a crinkle he moved the paper down and glared at Missie. “You will sit down and eat. Your mother went out of her way to make this breakfast.”

    Missie let out a sigh and sat down at the table, slowly eating her waffle. She never hated anyone more than she did her step father. She didn’t see what her mother saw in this man. He was the ugliest person she had laid eyes on. He shaved his head, showing several scars across the top. He had a gash near his eyebrow, probably from a fight at the bar. His knuckles were cut and misshappened from several fights.

    Missie parked her BMW in the parking lot, feeling embarrassed as she placed it between several pick up trucks. She was truly out of her league. She walked into the school office to see a boy standing in front of her.

    He was very tall, his hair flipping out below his ears and when he turned to her he flashed her a smile. “First day?”


    “Mine too.” He extended his hand. “Sam Winchester. Just moved here. You?”

    Missie nodded. “Yeah.”

    Sam took the slip of paper from the seceratary and waited by the door. “So, what class you got first?”

    Missie looked at the slip of paper. “English.”

    “Alright! Sounds like we have the same class. Mind walking with me?”

    Missie paused for a second, wondering why this boy was so nice to her. She nodded and followed in his footsteps.

  4. Jeni got to school early that morning, she had a few friends she hung out with, more of the poorer crowd. She lit up a cigarette as she was talking and saw the Impala pull up and a young kid about her age got out. He was tall and very cute and her friend Jeanie nudged Jeni, “Wow he’s a looker. Which side of the tracks do you think he’s from?”

    Jeni turned to her, “The wrong side.”

    Jeanie smiled, “One day Jenifer. You are going to have Mr. Right on your arm, marry him and have his babies.”

    Jeni snickered, “Yeah okay.”

    She heard laughing coming from the side of her by the parking lot and her friend poined, “New high class meat coming in. Beemer alert.”

    Jeni laughed as she hit her cigarette and threw it in the grass, “Yep new meat.” The bell rang and she waved to her hand, “See you at lunch.”

    She walked in and into her first class which was English. She sat in the back of the room and waited for everyone to roll in. She saw the new girl and the guy that was in the Impala come in. They sat next to each other and Jeni started at them. Jeni wore thick black mascara and eye liner which brought out her blue eyes and blonde hair. Missie looked over at her and Jeni smiled, “Hi new girl.”

  5. Missie kept her eyes on the floor as Mr. Wood introduced her and Sam to the class. She could hear the snickers and the whisphers as she found her seat next to a girl with blonde hair. Missie opened her English book.

    The girl leaned over. “Hi new girl.”

    Missie turned her head, than looked back at her book. “Hi.”

    Jeni looked at the braclet on her wrist. “Wow..that looks expensive.”

    Missie pushed the sleeve of her sweater down over her wrist and not a word was said after that.

    The afternoon wore on and Missie walked into History to see the same girl sitting in the last row. Missie chose a seat in the middle, sitting next to a girl with dark hair. The girl leaned over and smiled. “Hi. You new here?”

    “Yeah.” She looked up as Sam came into the class room, met eyes with Missie and flashed her as smile.

    He slid in across from her and smiled. “We seem to keep running into each other.’

    “OK people!” a teacher walked into the classroom setting his books on the desk. “My name is Mr. Knight.” He had dark hair that was slicked back and he took off his glasses, placing them in the pocket of his sweater. “This may be the first day of class, but that doesn’t mean we get to goof off!” He held up his hand as the class let out a selective groan. He walked over to the chalkboard and wrote. “Give examples of how the digital age as improved society.” He picked up a piece of paper and put his glasses back on. “I want a group of three to come up with three examples.” He cleared his throat. “First group..Mack..” He looked up and pointed to Jeni in the back and then pointed at Missie and Sam. “Winchester and Ellis. Papers are due on Friday.” He pointed to the ceiling. “Come on people. Pair up. Let’s go, let’s go!”

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