The Coven Sisters Part Two


Missie Ellis. Rich girl, who’s real father died when she was just ten years old. Current Step father is abusive. Her mother is wrapped up in her own turmoil.


Dean Winchester. Old brother to Sam. Works in his Uncle’s Auto Body shop. Bad boy, loves his Scotch and his women.


Sam Winchester. Enrolls in school after having to live with his Uncle Bobby after their dad disappears. What their dad does, is secretly guarded.

enifer Michelle Mack  Researcher for the Winchester boys. Physic and harness the power of sight. Grew up with the boys, her parents former hunters. Little does she know, she harnesses Sam’s romantic interest

enifer Michelle Mack, lives on the wrong side of the tracks. Rumors at school that she is a witch.

After Missie is critically wounded, Castiel sends the foursome to a different time. Everything is not the same. WE find the girls in high school, in different circles. Missie is the rich popular girl, growing up in a horrible home life. Her step father is an abusive drunk, her mother could care less. Jeni comes from the other side of the tracks, being called a freak for who she is.

Dean and Sam are thrown into a school after their father takes off, leaving them with their uncle. Dean works in the car shop with his Uncle, Sam enrolls in school